September 2009 Tweets

Wed Sep 30 11:15:22

Can I criticise Israel without being labelled anti-semtic? Apparently not. Great LA Times article treads warily

Wed Sep 30 10:10:10

Can councils’ grasp digital technologies to benefit us Not them? RU listening Cardiff???

Wed Sep 30 09:41:37

@jamieandlouise nearly died– not for my show on hospital radio methinks!!

Wed Sep 30 08:55:10

Microsoft cuts executive salaries (hooray) but can still afford $4M bonuses (boo): it’s a strange world

Wed Sep 30 07:57:52

@rianpeters yes checked myspace, hence request. Need best quality mp3 at least – drop box or email plus biog etc

Wed Sep 30 07:41:35

RT @aliguana: Here’s Carol with the weather: Scotland, Scotland, Midlands, and also Wales, Scotland>> and Ireland, Republic doesn’t exist!!

Tue Sep 29 18:42:20

I’m beginning to suspect that Microsoft pays people to tweet stupid remarks about Lotus Notes. Exchange must be feeling the competition.

Tue Sep 29 17:42:42

@rianpeters Friday radio programme welcomes new music

Tue Sep 29 17:30:05

@rianpeters want to drop me some tracks on SoundCloud? | Enjoy Cardiff

Tue Sep 29 16:48:02

V flawed research (IMHO) says we’d steal less music if it was cheaper – D’Oh! Welsh (and men) are biggest thieves. Ouch!

Tue Sep 29 11:54:59

Local councils warned about trustee responsibilities involved in la run charities: | Timely warning for Cardiff perhaps?

Mon Sep 28 18:03:56

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf #tl 9/28

Mon Sep 28 16:50:33

@Claire_S Try this for party

Mon Sep 28 16:47:53

@spam ana_a_diaz

Mon Sep 28 16:47:23

@alvin_lai | Notes for iPhone –

Mon Sep 28 16:35:40

RT @guardiantech: Would this advert stop you filesharing? | I don’t, but no. I hope the music moguls paid the artist!!

Mon Sep 28 16:29:17

Worse than prison? Council bans unsociable people from shopping. How do they live?

Mon Sep 28 13:41:26

New Blog: The phenomena of Simonova – In writing about the new YouTube phenomena that is Kseniya Simonova there hav…

Mon Sep 28 13:13:50

@aliguana 3UK wd be gd: I already have a mostly unused sim card and modem because I can’t tether an iPhone!!

Mon Sep 28 12:45:34

RT @aliguana:  Great, but we left Orange ‘cos it doesn’t work!! Still might enable us to haggle with 02!!!

Mon Sep 28 11:46:41

Charity watchdog clears Prince Charles of undue influence over architecture charity | So what’s his purpose then?

Mon Sep 28 09:30:22

What cost heritage in the Uk’s nations as Scotland’s National Trust faces crisis?

Mon Sep 28 08:50:25

Guardian writer admits he hates Windoze and wouldn’t recommend it – ever. He just hates Macs more. D’oh!

Mon Sep 28 07:36:34

Spot the Welsh celebs as Diversions becomes the National Dance Company of Wales:

Sun Sep 27 12:15:18

RT @aliguana: English miffed because they have to show passports when landing in Scotland –  convert Severn toll now?

Sun Sep 27 11:00:51

Strictly in case anyone’s interested: it lasted about 8 mins Saturday: next week zero!

Sun Sep 27 10:30:13

Laurie and Fry on a privatised police force: a Sunday laugh (and warning?). The gag about high streets already true btw!

Sun Sep 27 09:30:14

Common sense info on music (and other) copyright issues | 5 year renewable limit seems an idea – I use

Sun Sep 27 08:45:38

A story in sand reduces a whole nation to tears (and wins Have you got Talent: has she!) Simon Cowell eat your heart out.

Sun Sep 27 07:49:52

Gut worms or asthma? OMG what a choice?

Sat Sep 26 10:30:01

Fined £472 for hospital parking | now paranoid about my Blue Badge being upside down – what next?

Fri Sep 25 15:43:01

New Blog: Music industry: change or die – Contributing to a Guardian debate: Ive been meaning to think about and bl…

Fri Sep 25 14:31:24

Boots Cardiff oppose plastic bag tax | Shame on you! Somewhere else to NOT shop.

Fri Sep 25 14:06:41

Beat the 0870 sharks (Government included) Now iPhone users can use an app to finds alternatives.  Or go

Fri Sep 25 13:10:44

RT @anix86: Lotus Notes Going Cloud with LotusLive….chk out | But minimum sign up 1000 seats – wrong IBM

Fri Sep 25 10:17:12

@jamieandlouise having been headhunted for university post viceChancellor asks: why didn’t u go to university then? Got the job though

Fri Sep 25 10:15:17

St Athan defence PFI gets planning consent – – but will it ever get built? I doubt it.

Fri Sep 25 09:59:01

@dannybaggs you didn’t know a good thing when you had it! Lotus Notes has deep qualities.

Fri Sep 25 09:18:44

@SionTudur thought they were particularly poetic and that u were trying to be inventive and original. How wrong can I be????

Fri Sep 25 09:12:33

@llef plenty of Macs about

Fri Sep 25 09:07:41

RT @guardiantech: The worst Microsoft ads of all time | OMG not at breakfast time

Thu Sep 24 16:11:08

@jamieandlouise if you’re a bloke and you’ve ever worn tights… Does the mega new John Lewis stock them? We must be told!

Thu Sep 24 15:53:09

More on the music wars: | See my “plague on all your houses” comment! Stop moaning, get creative.

Thu Sep 24 15:00:27

Virtual lawyers group to meet face to face | aren’t they missing the point somehow? But the food in Brussels is good….

Thu Sep 24 10:41:22

My Blog Post: Justice is failing the victim – A bad day in court

Thu Sep 24 10:30:23

Add this to your info glut: how to fight info glut | actually really useful – now for email free hour!!

Thu Sep 24 09:58:33

@GwenllianLansd I see you are getting your own mountain. Well deserved!!

Thu Sep 24 08:45:14

Same sex marriage the trojan horse to socialism | Congressman says, so it must be true. You can’t be gay and conservative!

Thu Sep 24 07:34:44

@GwenllianLansd Queue, but worth it

Wed Sep 23 19:32:12

Peter Black AM thinks job descriptions for councillors is a silly idea. I don’t, and want national standards too! Comment

Wed Sep 23 18:20:42

@SionTudur 01454 382100 But I’m sure she’s not taking bookings. Does need a solicitor though! Female. Apparently.

Wed Sep 23 18:01:49

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf #tl 9/23

Wed Sep 23 13:12:54

Our cleaner avoids sentancing after 18 mths on remand as defence team ‘withdraw’. Apalling for attempted murder victim – justice for who?

Wed Sep 23 12:17:14

RT @Drywsdad: Big day for Cardiff tomorrow ! BUT shd council road traffic signs be advertising the fact (for free???)

Wed Sep 23 10:55:06

Second, and more first, viewings of house this w/e – may be last chance to buy wonderful Pontcanna Victorian terrace See:

Wed Sep 23 10:05:12

RT @todayspolitics: Rightwinger admitts that US government-run health care is far superior. | UK watch, cringe and fear

Wed Sep 23 09:30:17

Assisted suicide: I decide, when where and how I die – given the chance. And I might need help. Hope that’s crystal clear Attorney General.

Wed Sep 23 09:00:41

Throwing money at universities is not the way to breed business leaders | And we did it for a lot less with proven success

Wed Sep 23 08:13:01

@SionTudur cleaner already knows she faces big time gaol! She was a) hopeless, b) stole stuff and c) might murder you. Still interested? lol

Wed Sep 23 06:55:57

After 18 months our cleaner gets comeuppance for attempted murder – taking knitting and charrette to Crown Court (joking re guillotine!)

Tue Sep 22 19:06:07

Glamorgan Cricket thinks second best deserves promotion | Not sure I follow logic but Mr Russell has a large empty ground

Tue Sep 22 17:06:41

RT @llef: Really good looking, interesting and inspiring Plaid Cymru Video – da iawn #plaid !

Tue Sep 22 15:51:20

Music business grows by 4.7% but industry still wants to jail downloaders for its imminent death – discuss

Tue Sep 22 08:17:23

Age of Stupid World Premiere today – 700 cinemas – if you haven’t – must see

Tue Sep 22 07:27:50

@jamieandlouise Rabbits+Moice = Rabouses, Moubits, Rouses ??? you get the idea. Long ears and tails too – cool

Mon Sep 21 08:35:03

Dubuque. Iowa could show Cardiff the way to become a One Planet City – if anyone was listening

Mon Sep 21 07:59:00

@AFTPC suerly u mean ‘crac’ then perhaps …

Mon Sep 21 06:22:52

Digital life, the facts: | history in minutes a wow presentation

Sun Sep 20 14:05:51

KFC in Blackwood. Sunday treat! Mmmm

Sat Sep 19 09:45:39

RT @aliguana: Now kids under 5 are being banned from touching animals? |  So walking the dog is now a no kids touch zone? Drwy’s not happy!

Sat Sep 19 09:24:29

Strictly Come Boring: 9 mins competitive dancing in 90 min show – gives us a break. Even Joe failed me. Dead in the water. Merlin’s back!!

Fri Sep 18 18:05:40

Adam Price from MP to Plaid Leader? | will turn out to be a) smart move b) self-destruct. Watch this space

Fri Sep 18 18:01:06

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf #tl 9/18

Fri Sep 18 15:31:40

The self-destructing music industry now wants payments for 30sec iTunes clips: | Next charging for browsing cds in store?

Fri Sep 18 14:16:17

RT @Drywsdad: racism link doesn’t seem to work? Sorry try again:

Fri Sep 18 12:31:00

So LibDems spend over £700 av on a tv, but all MPs spend about £300 on computing.  Priorities, or ignorance? Need to know

Fri Sep 18 10:55:07

RT @SmartSOA: Since the start of the #smartwork Jam, 1156 posts and 2909 participants. Did you join?  | Certainly did!!

Fri Sep 18 10:00:36

Limbaugh: American racism at its worst: see, fear, puke  – Oh, and it can happen here (already does ..) don’t be too smug!

Fri Sep 18 09:24:16

@charitysector love the tweets – but why two of everything?

Fri Sep 18 09:15:10

The power of Mayor Boris puts Thames back | Think what a Mayor could do for Cardiff – Berman? Perhaps not go there …..

Fri Sep 18 07:35:11

and then … the most gory thing you’ll have seen all week, guaranteed – but I bet you can’t resist at least a peek …

Fri Sep 18 07:30:18

Birds on Wire | Just the most  delightful thing you’ll have seen and heard all week. Guaranteed.

Fri Sep 18 07:00:14

RT @Drywsdad: @jamieandlouise ask him about the sky remote nudge nudge ;);) |OMG had to get this translated – not nice topic 4 Louise!

Thu Sep 17 18:12:56

RT @Drywsdad: – Dorothy Cox passed away this morning aged 95!

Thu Sep 17 14:24:32

Barry Island sun and fish and chips!  Lush!

Thu Sep 17 13:31:40

RT @PlaidCymru: Bloggers4Plaid An Old Word Revived – Obfuscation | hang on I use it all the time, great word

Thu Sep 17 13:02:03

Apple’s keynote, amazingly reduced to a great two minute experience | yes, all that and more … lol

Thu Sep 17 10:43:36

RT @aliguana: can you believe this?? omfg! pass the guillotine… | I’m knitting like crazy – charrette on way

Wed Sep 16 14:44:44

New media podcast: Patrick Jones explores plays and poetry – and music

Wed Sep 16 09:47:19

Music moguls unite (?) behind government plans to prop ailing business at the expense of   creativity and civil liberties.

Tue Sep 15 18:55:29

Work starts on new RWCMD building | let’s hope new Bute Park terrace will assuage some of damage caused by Council bridge

Tue Sep 15 16:42:50

So Cable says no St Athans | maybe: but whatever, should it be a PFI and indebt our grandchildren for years?

Tue Sep 15 12:09:22

Balls start backtracking on new vetting scheme | better very late than never – I have two CRBs but can’t give kids a lift?

Mon Sep 14 11:33:44

Breathlessly finished book 2 of Millenium Series – puts any thriller/mystery writer in the shade and some. Roll on 011009

Mon Sep 14 10:40:05

RT @IPR_School: VIDEO: The best Beatles covers you’ve never seen! | Excruciating fun – unbelievable smuck

Mon Sep 14 09:52:14

Couldn’t resist an ill-tempered snipe at the Western Mail – but it deserves all it gets IMHO – see comment

Mon Sep 14 09:35:08

Prince’s Charity trustees face legal challenge over anti-architecture campaigning:  About time too – but expect light slap

Mon Sep 14 08:16:56

@huwstephens “nice bit of fk buttons to send me off to bed” – great name check for Rookwood Radio! Lots of air time – I think not.

Sun Sep 13 18:04:12

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf #tl 9/13

Sat Sep 12 17:16:29

New discovery for next weeks show | Welsh band with verve – great fun

Fri Sep 11 21:22:51

@jamieandlouise well I did our pizza and it’s about to come out! And u must go to NFS – brill

Fri Sep 11 11:22:41

Heritage earns this country huge money’ – | and not just in England – WAG please note where CADW is toothless and broke

Fri Sep 11 08:59:56

Show 24 if you’re in the Heath: OMA/Euros Child/Trelew/Michael Nyman all new albums; Mary Hopkin 3 track history; live with Patrick Jones ..

Fri Sep 11 07:21:21

@jamieandlouise i’ve got a marrow i don’t know what to do with. | Stuff it! Of course! Or just steam and eat with lashings of butter …mmmm

Fri Sep 11 06:57:38

At last!  PM apology after Turing petition | Truly better late than never – now to stop today’s homophobic bullying

Fri Sep 11 01:09:25

No alternative to Microsoft Office? IBM begs to differ #ibm #lotus #symphony (via @NormLord)

Thu Sep 10 18:39:14

The Official Web site of the Canton Tourist Board: Home | A joke? You judge ……

Thu Sep 10 15:06:52

Musicians hit out at piracy plans | they seem to have understood, why can’t the record labels??

Thu Sep 10 14:25:38

Fascinating mash-up and wordle of Beatles’ words: | Great for tomorrow’s show

Thu Sep 10 12:31:05

WAG versus Welsh language Board as Assembly translation row deepens | Does it have the balls?

Thu Sep 10 12:11:16

Apple adds another nail in DAB coffin? Maybe. See comment

Thu Sep 10 11:11:45

RT @m0gs: RT  Plaid’s new broadcast!  What do you think?? | Nice, maybe a bit too ‘cool’.

Thu Sep 10 11:05:23

@m0gs it says utube account suspended (couldn’t send direct, sorry you’re not following me…)

Thu Sep 10 11:03:31

Check out the Fat Face – WIN a classic VW camper at | You know you want one!!!

Thu Sep 10 10:24:20

Debate on converting NHS trusts to charities – Policy – Third Sector – interesting idea for all civic assets? C my comment

Thu Sep 10 09:20:09

RT @guardiantech: Apple boss Steve Jobs admits to liver transplant | So enrol as a donor all you Apple fans – NOW

Thu Sep 10 07:06:48

RT @SionTudur: Anyone know a good cleaner in Cardiff West? | Sadly no, our old one being sentenced for attempted murder of client next week!

Wed Sep 09 09:19:51

Recovering from Patrick Jones’ new play ‘Dandelion’ at Chapter: see at The Riverfront Thursday | Patrick on show Friday

Tue Sep 08 18:03:57

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf #tl 9/8

Tue Sep 08 17:26:25

The Beatles and Wales | Brilliant archive stuff – great start for this week’s Beatle centric (and Mary Hopkin) show.

Tue Sep 08 10:55:09

RT @ixdStudio: @kaigani Lotus Notes, specifically designed for collaboration significantly less intuitive than Google docs | Don’t agree!!

Tue Sep 08 09:57:31

RT @charitysector: WHITEHALL CONSULTANTS: Youth Offending Service – Consultant | interestingly LOW fee for the job!

Tue Sep 08 09:54:16

The A to Z of Party Conferences | | Brighton, Gaitskells’ “fight for the party I love’ – those were conferences!

Tue Sep 08 07:26:24

Lord’ Wigley …. a tale of indecision and incompetence |Spot on – but at least he doesn’t have to don Ermine!

Tue Sep 08 03:40:36

Noam Chomsky Interview on CBC (Part 1 of 2) | Extraordinary: US/UK terrorist nations – a compelling argument to stomach

Mon Sep 07 21:30:02

Sparks in the Park Tickets : Rotary Club Cardiff big bonfire do – 31/10/09 Doesn’t seem to be booking fee!

Mon Sep 07 21:19:39

Stereophonics Cardiff Castle gig tickets on sale 9am WEDNESDAY only from here

Mon Sep 07 21:16:00

Cows for comedy to raise money for Mind: Sunday 19th details on the link. Moo for Mind? Mind how you Moo? Mindless mooing?

Mon Sep 07 20:33:25

New media podcast: 1st play of new OMA album during interview with music director Tim Rhys Evans

Mon Sep 07 20:31:44

New RG show podcast Show 23 RG part 1 – A reflective programme with lots of ‘firsts’ on air. Kick off with Ysgol Gl…

Mon Sep 07 20:31:43

New RG show podcast Show 23 RG part 2 – Part two of the interview with Dr Maredudd ap Huw from the National Library…

Mon Sep 07 18:09:15

@m0gs for vid preview diolch

Mon Sep 07 12:21:43

Rhodri To Stay |and go on and on, and on. He obviously doesn’t trust party to find an electable leader – there’s sensible.

Mon Sep 07 09:58:03

RT @huwstephens: RT @john_rostron: Dload new Euros Childs album free | Gorky’s Zygotic Mynki frontman, btw! Friday’s show

Sun Sep 06 11:10:14

House viewings  – market is hotting up and couple today very keen. Packing looms I think …

Sun Sep 06 10:08:50

Any one know what’s happening with Blog Cymru ? Is site down; for good? #blogcymru

Sun Sep 06 08:45:19

@jamieandlouise Go Louise Go and don’t fret about leaving him behind! Woofs from Dryw

Sun Sep 06 07:15:58

@SionTudur 2nds (which I captain) 94 – 0 Tongwynlais II | are we talking cricket here, or did you say rugby?

Sat Sep 05 18:36:29

My Blog Post: WAG admits courts defeat over Llanishen  fight resumes

Sat Sep 05 17:36:07

Grow Sheffield – Urban Community Food Growing | So, if Sheffield can do it, why not everyone? Including Cardiff?

Sat Sep 05 17:04:45

Scary techno moment: Snow Leopard – two screens – Ubuntu 9.04 and Windoze all running at once. Useful? Probably not. But Macs RUs and rockin

Sat Sep 05 11:16:12

I’m taking bets on another Aussie in a quick promotion at WMC | Arts centre’s head to stand down

Sat Sep 05 09:05:20

Assembly to decide fate of ambitious business park | Let’s hope this is beginning of the end for this scheme #cardiff #ldp

Sat Sep 05 07:49:10

RT @WalesHome: How Labour grew lazy and can learn from Plaid. Today’s Essay BIG comment brewing I feel!

Fri Sep 04 19:07:02

@llef Bute Park: Shame the council is destroying it http://www

Fri Sep 04 18:25:43

OMG – Llanishen reservoir fight starts again | all WAG’s fault   – so who pays the bill? gets the sack? (link dodgy btw)

Fri Sep 04 18:20:12

RT @CaerObserver: Community garden opens in Groesfan:

C.. | Need more, please!

Fri Sep 04 17:49:22

First Snow Leopard gives makes 12gb space on MacBook – and screen looks brighter and contrastier – wasn’t expecting that. iMacs here we come

Fri Sep 04 16:46:59

Apologise for the prosecution of Alan Turing that led to his untimely death | | Some wounds don’t heal without effort

Fri Sep 04 16:44:50

@SionTudur  CRCC 2s v Tongwynlais 2s. Llandaff Fields. | What time you play?

Fri Sep 04 16:10:38

@BombedOutChurch | tesco have withdrawn their plans to open a store on hope street | They CAN be stopped – Well Done!

Fri Sep 04 13:06:16

Scotland’s independence referendum | Open Democracy News Analysis | Read, digest, discuss – then think Wales: bring it on!

Fri Sep 04 11:55:12

A salutary reminder | Seventy years of good advice from the CAB | David Harker | Needed more than ever I feel!

Fri Sep 04 10:05:21

@Drywsdad getting Radio4 listener to try Radio Wales |  perhaps she should Radio Cymru so she can criticise the accents and Wenglish?

Fri Sep 04 09:48:39

Today’s show: Only Men Alouds’ Tim Rhys-Evans; the Welsh POW magazines; massive Welsh and local; lots of news  – needs 3 hours not 2 ugh …

Fri Sep 04 08:55:13

Welsh Miners’ church needs preservation and restoration – Yes, this one’s in the USA! How to help

Fri Sep 04 07:45:58

A weekend of Wales in US (again!) North American Festival of Wales 2008

Fri Sep 04 07:29:22

Cardiff must take lessons from London | | Excellent analysis – see my comment too

Thu Sep 03 17:04:22

Tomorrow’s 2till4 on RG includes Only Men Aloud’s Tim Rhys-Evans at 3.30 + 1st play  Bonnie Tyler record

Thu Sep 03 16:44:36

@aliguana host a Windows 7 launch party? | needles in my eyes, ripped finger nails, scalping alive, water torture all rate higher as options

Thu Sep 03 09:25:33

New digital radio switchover body to recruit chief executive | Some job – see my comments on Guardian

Thu Sep 03 09:13:58

@jamieandlouise sit down or stand up when reading the news? | if men stand ensure they have ironed trousers – wrinkled crotch’s not good

Thu Sep 03 08:20:12

Getting every one to choir practice was a problem even in Stalag IVB – extraordinary documents: Prisoner of war magazines

Thu Sep 03 06:58:34

Ok, so no ‘quick pill’ death, just slow starvation. Where’s the choice in this?| ‘Crisis’ over terminally-ill care

Wed Sep 02 15:21:34

A matter of life or death – GPs warned about helping in assisted suicide – even a letter. Just give me a pill!

Wed Sep 02 14:05:36

Official’ online politics are for the rich – but Twitter, Ning, et al ‘may’ empower new political audiences. Discuss!

Wed Sep 02 13:01:20

Tomorrow: Pittsburg North American Festival of Wales 2008 78th National Gymanfa Ganu 3-6 September Winner gets Wales trip

Wed Sep 02 10:31:36

My Blog Post: Cardiffs Local Development Plan: dead in the water?

Wed Sep 02 09:55:31

HoHoHo! Leeds charity shops harassed for selling Christmas cards ‘too early’ –  approve sentiment, not method though

Wed Sep 02 08:07:39

Godcasts’ for Bible study group – and there was me having been taught that God didn’t need iPods – he spoke ‘directly’!!

Wed Sep 02 03:10:42

The 55th Australian National Eisteddfod kicks off Goes back to 1879 with annual competition since 1955. Kiwis invited too

Tue Sep 01 16:45:48

Join the nobs 10th anniversary of devolution party at WMC – for FREE  (Answers: 2006;  Lord Elis-Thomas; Rhodri Morgan)