October 2009 Tweets Archive

Sat Oct 31 18:23:12

Waiting for MRI scan for other knee. They do sat and sun shifts thankfully.  Then to #chapter octfest for beers

Sat Oct 31 16:33:21

Robin still chirping in #Cardiff, all bloody day. Now Mr Toad is croaking up as well. Don’t they know this is a City, not the countryside?

Sat Oct 31 15:56:16

@stephenfry don’t let the buggers get you down. Most of us love sharing a little bit of your life, so pse wait till black dog’s gone Hugs

Sat Oct 31 12:54:23

Compelling story of how over-60’s can change the world http://ow.ly/xXKZ Bugger, that includes me …

Sat Oct 31 10:55:13

@sparrw: save my tweets (182175a6)

Sat Oct 31 09:54:03

Up till m’night, Robin has tweeted since dawn. I worry. Shdn’t he be fattening up on worms ready for winter? What’s with #Cardiff birds?

Sat Oct 31 09:15:28

OMG! Icelanders queue for Last Big Macs http://ow.ly/xPoF They seemed such sensible people (if broke).

Sat Oct 31 08:45:33

Home Sec confirms sacking of his drugs advisor http://ow.ly/xP9n Evidence based decision making only when we approve of the evidence, eh?

Sat Oct 31 07:50:24

Obama finally lifts Aids/HIV ban on visiting US: http://ow.ly/xP2h Long time coming

Sat Oct 31 04:02:47

@charlesarthur “can’t see your comment. ” | Should be able to see on ow.ly link @ edparsons.com http://ow.ly/xBEi

Sat Oct 31 03:36:17

The power of Twitter? Or not  http://ow.ly/xOW2  Guardian discusses in more than 140 chrs

Fri Oct 30 19:25:44

Great news: no more secret deals between regulators & banks http://ow.ly/xHds Sorry, that’s USA only, Brown too scaredypuss

Fri Oct 30 19:04:22

What’s with the Robin in #Cardiff singing his heart out? Doesn’t he know it’s dark and nearly winter? And sooooo loud!

Fri Oct 30 18:16:30

Home Sec doesn’t like expert advice on drugs ‘cos he’s courting the Sun: easy, sack advisor http://ow.ly/xH7M . Science? Pooh, poppycock

Fri Oct 30 17:22:06

So bloggers can bring down a Council? http://ow.ly/xHaf Must work harder! #Cardiff next?

Fri Oct 30 17:05:55

RT @johncalenews:#John Cale: screening of “Beautiful Mistake”  #Cardiff http://bit.ly/2qXJvV incs #JamesDeanBradfield #CeryMathews rare show

Fri Oct 30 16:11:16

#Chapter #Cardiff unlocks green bike racks as part of its re-vamp http://ow.ly/xCjh

Fri Oct 30 15:11:14

Why, Elin Jones asks Peter #Hain are Welsh less able to make their own laws than the Scots? http://ow.ly/xBqv Referendum now I say.

Fri Oct 30 14:21:19

RT @bbcwales: Arts blog: How do you make a ghost scream? Grab it by the ghoulies! http://bit.ly/3cm3cn

Fri Oct 30 14:16:21

RT @charlesarthur: What @edparsons of #Google thinks of @tom_watson’s EDM on transport data: http://ow.ly/xBEi See my comment

Fri Oct 30 13:21:12

#Cardiff #TalkTalk Alert! Very obnoxious salesman pestering in Pontcanna area yesterday. One resident so pissed off called police.

Fri Oct 30 12:45:24

@jamieandlouise assume you are dropping off our fairies on way home!!!

Fri Oct 30 12:07:38

#Cardiff’s loss of green space: meeting Monday, Bethany Baptist Church, Heol Llanishen Fach, Rhiwbina @ 6.30 http://ow.ly/xBgf

Fri Oct 30 10:45:09

@stephenfry we played with Magic Mouse in #Apple store #Cardiff (but v discretely!) Can’t afford more rodents, have drawer full (they breed)

Fri Oct 30 10:35:33

#Cardiff Castle: download petition forms here to object to retention of portacabins outside Grade 1 Listed Building http://ow.ly/xzPk Pse RT

Fri Oct 30 10:09:53

James Dean Bradfield of the #Manics is appearing in charity gig for #Care next monday at Academy Brixton http://ow.ly/xznE Stellar lineup

Thu Oct 29 19:21:08

Hain and Welsh Labour on self-destruct over devolution poll? http://ow.ly/xmy6 Let’s hope so

Thu Oct 29 18:32:18

New blog on devolution looks like it will be a serious one. Try it http://ow.ly/xm3m

Thu Oct 29 18:08:25

RT @heleddfychan: in retail hell. ventured into new st davids to find a birthday present. | I did warn people last week!! #Cardiff #StDavids

Thu Oct 29 17:54:15

Belated hat tip to #Plaid councillors in #Cardiff who have got wheelies for Riverside, and bags for Pontcanna. For once, most people happy!

Thu Oct 29 17:30:35

Good update by #BBC on Ubuntu http://ow.ly/wNaL If only #windoze hadn’t frightened so many consumers into an ‘it’s the only one’ mentality!

Thu Oct 29 17:08:17

Go to admit it: skived off to #Up in 3D; cried and had PizzaExpress. Amazing Pixar as ever. Work on stop.

Thu Oct 29 16:40:35

Voice of Phil Archer dies aged 85 http://ow.ly/xlEE I once had the pleasure of using him for a voice over for a slide show: magic voice

Thu Oct 29 16:36:06

News anticipates #walesconvention will say yes vote for devolved powers is possible http://ow.ly/w893 time 4 #PeterHain to shut up methinks

Thu Oct 29 09:29:37

Brilliant News! No wheelie bins for our street!! It’s the small things that excite in old age …. #Cardiff   sees sense for once

Thu Oct 29 09:24:02

RT @peterdcox: Bute Parks: Campaign Update – Important Petition regarding Castle – Info about meetings – http://eepurl.com/ex6j  PSE RT

Thu Oct 29 09:22:26

Bute Parks: Campaign Update – Important Petition regarding Castle – Information about meetings – http://eepurl.com/ex6j

Wed Oct 28 18:32:05

#We7 argues against Mandy’s silly cut-em-off proposals http://ow.ly/x7Kn and argues music industry must innovate not penalise. Well said.

Wed Oct 28 18:08:34

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf http://tlre.us/6107.aspx #tl 10/28

Wed Oct 28 17:06:11

Piss up by councillors in #Cardiff is for real! http://ow.ly/x4Rf even after £184k refit  wd u go 4 a pee in the Hayes with council leaders?

Wed Oct 28 17:03:09

Chuggers firm goes bust http://ow.ly/x414 Was never sure private companies selling services to charities was a good idea.

Wed Oct 28 16:55:48

More police heavyhandness over picture taking http://ow.ly/x3Xp Watch what you point at or the police get called. Madness

Wed Oct 28 16:22:32

and #Guardian does #Microsoft again in its techno blog http://ow.ly/x6Hp Is #JackScofield on Gates’ payroll? Need to know.

Wed Oct 28 16:19:15

Another aboslutely puff piece for #windows7 in the #Guardian http://ow.ly/x6E5 Shouldn’t it say: #microsoft ad here, beware! Its point is???

Wed Oct 28 15:31:59

Panel speakers now announced for #Cardiff #CivicSociety ‘Public Spaces’ event @ #Chapter http://ow.ly/x3Qr Keynote Robert Sakula Nov 19 7pm

Wed Oct 28 14:41:02

Loads of good advice from #Apple Genius in #Cardiff has cut #iPhone battery use considerably. Moaning reduced in 2 iPhone household. Result!

Wed Oct 28 13:35:41

More #Pendenis house viewings today http://ow.ly/x2mO Offers hanging. Will this be the one? Homeless for Christmas? Hope so.

Wed Oct 28 12:31:35

#Scientology is fraud say French courts http://ow.ly/x2lL Isn’t all ‘faith’ religion by definition? As for the #Pope, don’t go there …..

Wed Oct 28 11:28:20

Great nosh at #Cardiff Vegetarian Food Studio last night http://ow.ly/x2oO it was packed? Was it all you Tweeters?

Wed Oct 28 11:20:22

Could the #Apple tie-app approach be the way for content providers to make money (at last)? http://ow.ly/x2lm also feeds #tablet rumours

Tue Oct 27 19:05:59

Today’s young Chartists in #Newport sign up for Wales http://ow.ly/wSQH – who said they weren’t interested in politics, not me!

Tue Oct 27 18:46:42

At least ten of us are off to #Cardiff #VegetarianFoodStudio http://ow.ly/wUBg for the best Indian in Wales (possibly anywhere)Tweet us!

Tue Oct 27 18:16:37

RT @badjournalism: RT @bryony_gordon worst. mail. headline. ever. http://ow.ly/wSTk | The #DailyMail just doesn’t get it though

Tue Oct 27 18:06:46

So MPs think council newspaper are propaganda sheets http://ow.ly/wSMH – What took them so long. #Cardiff’s own is a beauty, 1984 in print

Tue Oct 27 16:51:23

Here’s the YouGov poll details for Wales http://ow.ly/wNc9 and no, didn’t go to the crack of dawn breakfast launch!

Tue Oct 27 14:36:12

Good poll news for #Wales: we trust AMs more than MPs, want more powers and believe devolution has been a good thing http://ow.ly/wOOh

Tue Oct 27 14:32:50

#NationalTheatreWales to launch new programme via Internet next Thursday 5th http://ow.ly/wOKF Hope they sort horrid website before then

Tue Oct 27 14:16:45

Fancy spending 3 days on a hospital trolley waiting for a bed: try #Cardiff’s A&E today http://ow.ly/wOYB Gd they sent me home other day!

Tue Oct 27 13:28:15

RT @arusbridger: My Apple Time Capsule died peacefully in its sleep last night, aged 18 months. |Not good for backup system eh? #Apple note!

Tue Oct 27 13:19:15

Music moguls #Vivendi still want harsh measures to combat file sharing http://ow.ly/wOG7 whilst not affecting internet traffic (D’Oh!).

Tue Oct 27 10:32:30

#DailyMail whoops with joy at #MaciejDakowicz’s brilliant #Cardiff street pictures http://ow.ly/wN7J In past he’s not let me publish them!

Tue Oct 27 10:24:16

@atkinsondavid depends how posh u want to be: new #Chapter is stunning. We’ll be at the Vegetarian Food Studio – best Indian anywhere

Tue Oct 27 08:05:32

Another good reason to holiday in Iceland: #McDonalds is pulling out!

Mon Oct 26 20:03:53

#Cardiff #civicsociety announces public spaces event at new #Chapter Arts Nov 19 http://ow.ly/wGoJ | Details, tickets Book early

Mon Oct 26 15:51:19

Nice vid covering new #Manics song on #ShirleyBassey’s new album: shows they can write great singles as well

Mon Oct 26 14:36:14

92 year old manages to be a website thorn in the flesh to Shell http://ow.ly/wyi9 | Amazing what one zealot can do to corporate reputations

Mon Oct 26 14:31:50

St David’s Day next year brings new Swansea Cork Ferry service http://ow.ly/wybE | Can’t wait.

Mon Oct 26 13:16:18

Can a website give ‘Heart & Soul’ to the Valleys? http://ow.ly/wy9p Prof Kevin Morgan backs idea that more-than-jobs needed for regneration.

Mon Oct 26 11:55:37

RT @arusbridger: Finally finished Stieg Larsson trilogy. Who knew so much murder, incest, etc cd follow fm a multinational suing for libel?

Mon Oct 26 11:09:34

HRH PofW backs campaign to restore pride in our streets: http://ow.ly/wy4G Does he actually live in a street one wonders?

Sun Oct 25 19:35:26

#Microsoft – Never show #Windows7 live on Japanese tv http://ow.ly/wsCS it breaks!

Sun Oct 25 18:24:08

RT @MattRosser: Apart from #Apple Store and a latte, one other highlight at the St Davids  http://yfrog.com/0i47rjj | More fun than us then!

Sun Oct 25 11:55:09

Haven’t had so much fun on a Sunday for yonks. Slap #nickgriffin http://ow.ly/wqaf

Sun Oct 25 10:20:08

#GhostsinArmour open in #Swansea http://ow.ly/wqdf Must see either online or at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea until November 15

Sun Oct 25 09:40:07

Danish PM urges urgency in climate talks and immediate ‘lock-in’. http://ow.ly/wqcm Get with it Gordon, time’s running out for the world.

Sun Oct 25 09:30:21

Four web refuseniks to go online to see how their lives would change http://ow.ly/wpze Answer: more than you might think!

Sun Oct 25 09:04:57

RT @MattRosser: Family outing to St Davids today – there’s an #Apple Store. | Enjoy Apple store, rest crap and #JohnLewis caffs a fortune!

Sun Oct 25 08:00:30

Bigoted, hypocritical British press in pictures for the feeble minded – and I wouldn’t have believed it otherwise! http://ow.ly/wpyo

Sun Oct 25 00:32:02

My AmeriCymru blog: Chance to come and study in Cardiff – Americans are being offered the chance to win scholarship… http://ow.ly/15X79q

Sat Oct 24 20:10:13

#nickgriffin Holocaust denial http://ow.ly/wnrU from his own mouth in Cook Report 1997 – shame BBC didn’t play it for him on Any Questions.

Sat Oct 24 14:31:01

#nickgriffin admits to gay sex offers from his then party leader. He, of course, said no http://ow.ly/wlnf So, rumours of affair untrue! Mmm

Sat Oct 24 11:03:35

House viewings today mean v tidy home. http://www.pendenis.co.uk

Tweet for appointment

Sat Oct 24 08:05:14

I’m surprised, but here it is: #Cardiff Library wins building award http://ow.ly/wjvk Be interested to see competition.

Sat Oct 24 08:00:59

My take on pufferies for the crap St David’s 2 development in #Cardiff (comment) http://ow.ly/wjt9  Typical #WesternMail lazy journalism.

Sat Oct 24 07:33:45

@charlesarthur That’s the power of a failing newspaper #westernmail! Stick on in ther, great G2 btw lots of memories

Sat Oct 24 07:25:04

#Guardian editorial http://ow.ly/wihk calls #microsoft “ageing giant” contrasting revenue decline with #Apple’s soaring fortunes! Windoze7?

Sat Oct 24 07:16:44

RT @tonytrainor: Could it be Miliband – and not Blair – for Europe? (The Independent) http://bit.ly/GKmBG #EU #Lisbontreaty | Oh, purleeese

Sat Oct 24 02:12:46

Windoze7 from #microsoft for students: $29.99 if US, thirty quid if UK. Good old rip off  http://ow.ly/wifU as usual. ? what version.

Sat Oct 24 02:00:23

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf http://tlre.us/6107.aspx #tl 10/23

Fri Oct 23 20:44:53

Corrected | So you thought he was nasty #nickgriffin Thank #Cassetteboy for this Laughing at him is therapeutic  http://ow.ly/wfYG PLEASE RT

Fri Oct 23 20:20:40

US Healthcare users pay for 2.3 lobbyists per congress member to lobby for? Anti healthcare! http://ow.ly/w6b0 U cdn’t make it up. UK next?

Fri Oct 23 13:32:24

Proof if you need it: #microsoft has so copied #Apple’s stores they even look the same http://ow.ly/w8b7 Shame about the products though.

Fri Oct 23 12:07:55

Confused! Mervyn postie is delivering and not blackleg! Apparently it’s all down to shifts, but lots of people are asking him. Tweet for him

Fri Oct 23 10:23:33

OK, so battery running out is all my fault – too many apps at a time! Still #Apple Genius v nice about it…

Fri Oct 23 10:10:03

@AngelaGidden right bout Apple store- Genius was!  #JohnLewis big yawn restaurant positively naff

Fri Oct 23 09:00:52

Should now be first in line for the Genius Bar at #Apple store in #Cardiff. New batteries for #iPhones? Let you know.

Fri Oct 23 07:10:08

Cardiff firm gets first ‘solar bags’ to market http://ow.ly/vXaw Think, iPhone charges whilst in shopping bag. Cool (and very green).

Thu Oct 22 17:04:56

86, American, fought through Europe for the right of his sons to marry who they like: one is gay. http://ow.ly/vWKE Deserves another medal!

Thu Oct 22 16:32:12

Christmas is ages away, but it’s never too soon to make sure you get best Welsh cheeses http://ow.ly/vUg5 #Pantmawr means ‘to die for’ <G>

Thu Oct 22 15:32:28

Reminder: 10.35pm Turn off all tv’s so #BBC’s promotion of racism doesn’t get a viewing. No ifs, buts or maybes. No audience required. RT

Thu Oct 22 13:46:19

RT @GwenllianLansd: Traffic wardens in Canton, #Cardiff shocked when I congratulate them 4 booking cars illegally parked in the cycle lane

Thu Oct 22 13:11:36

Music tour of #Cardiff http://ow.ly/vTzK to launch Sŵn Festival today includes #Manics James Dean Bradfield at #Spillers Records

Thu Oct 22 12:30:56

Excellent comment on #postalstrike http://ow.ly/vTqW | Toot for Mervyn our Postie – deserves all he can get

Thu Oct 22 12:16:53

So, wimpy #Labour blocks call for Government to sign up to #10:10 campaign http://ow.ly/vTJ2 Is there anything else they can vote NOT to do?

Thu Oct 22 11:30:45

Ad, today’s Western Mail: “Luxury double room with shared bedroom and kitchen. Suit professional person”. I bet it would. No link – go find!

Thu Oct 22 10:55:22

Brilliant insight by the #Guardian team on developing ideas (#wave) http://ow.ly/vSks Consider it nicked.

Thu Oct 22 10:35:20

Obama to slash payouts to bailed out businessmen http://ow.ly/vShu | There, Gordon, that wasn’t hard, was it?

Thu Oct 22 10:16:46

@ArtsUpdate Is it just me – but your links don’t ever seem to work eg http://bit.ly/4k7cb

Thu Oct 22 09:45:17

Bravo to all at #Imagineer Productions http://ow.ly/vRR8 this may be the best thing to happen for the 2012 #olympics!!!

Thu Oct 22 09:01:25

Celtic Tigers in bed together? http://ow.ly/vRLk Some interesting ideas worthy of time.

Thu Oct 22 07:58:34

#Apple #Cardiff Anyone queuing at the new Apple Store in St David’s yet? Need to know!!

Wed Oct 21 16:47:09

#IndexonCensorship publish briefing on #super-injunctions #Guardian, #Trafigura and, of course, #Carterruck’s role http://ow.ly/vIQJ

Wed Oct 21 15:24:40

Excellent article explaining why rabid #janmoir and #homophobic publishers like #DailyMail can get off http://ow.ly/vEdu Reform PCC now.

Wed Oct 21 14:29:18

50 years of #Welsh No1s http://ow.ly/vE2H Shakin Stevens got 4; #Manics 2 .. uhh

Wed Oct 21 13:35:23

New to #Cardiff? Nice walking guide by Bethan Elfyn on BBC http://ow.ly/vDZ7 includes links to #Swn Festival this week

Wed Oct 21 13:06:51

@charlesarthur lol – Central London when I was working for Commodore Pet Dealer! c 1978 I think only MCI email existed then

Wed Oct 21 12:39:16

@aliguana maybe. But #windows big doesn’t usually equal nice; windoze server, been there, got the t-shirt and the hacking nightmares to boot

Wed Oct 21 12:19:05

@charlesarthur Internet fact: When I ran 1st email workshops told users to bring soldering iron plus parts for RS232 cable wiring! Few came.

Wed Oct 21 12:16:31

Unannounced #Apple mini-server for £799 http://ow.ly/vDUQ Terrific value (with 2x500gb disks) as a home or small business server. Want it!

Wed Oct 21 03:17:31

RT @wikileaks BNP to serve gag orders on press to prevent analysis of WikiLeaks BNP list http://bit.ly/9G5jv | no sign of #carterruck

Tue Oct 20 19:41:56

RT @DailyWelshWords: ffa are beans, cig moch is still pork, and gwyntog is windy. #welsh #gairydydd | So, farty, pork and beans, we know!

Tue Oct 20 18:49:00

Government says courts will decide on file-sharing bans after all http://ow.ly/vuLX Needs legislation – before election, I think not?

Tue Oct 20 18:43:27

Is this the best desktop computer ever? Probably, http://ow.ly/vvvS until #Apple does it again.

Tue Oct 20 17:49:16

#Guardian publishes #trafigura #carterruck super-injunction and chilling account. Be very scared! 1984 is here and now! http://ow.ly/vuID

Tue Oct 20 15:57:55

Can #carterruck help us sue this #gately bashing homophobic christian group no-fee no win like #trafigura (presumably). http://ow.ly/vs6R

Tue Oct 20 15:05:57

#JackStraw’s slimy answer to the original, gagged, #trafigura question. He’s Minister of Justice in case you didn’t know!! http://ow.ly/vrY9

Tue Oct 20 13:51:19

5 #BNP members in Cardiff West constituency yet Griffin gets on #BBC #Questiontime See #Guardian mashup of data http://ow.ly/vpMV

Tue Oct 20 13:33:29

#janmoir Please sign No10 Petition to make PCC a public body http://ow.ly/vpYf and not Chaired by Moir’s own boss at disgusting #dailymail

Tue Oct 20 12:52:31

RT @mazzawoo: #janmoir now being discussed on #JeremyVine Radio 2 | Two pots calling each black, I suppose? Nasty man.

Tue Oct 20 12:36:23

RT @chaptertweets: http://ow.ly/vpJO – Says it all really. Signwriter with text by Louise Bourgeois in the new caffibar #Chapter #Cardiff

Tue Oct 20 11:15:46

#janmoir, no I didn’t need #stephenfry to altert me to your homophobic crap, nor did I have to ‘organise’ a response. Get real, this is 2009

Tue Oct 20 10:31:12

Lovely picture of Louise with half-marathon medal http://ow.ly/voqU #jamieandlouise Didn’t she do well!

Tue Oct 20 10:02:09

#BBC bus editor: #Apple “botched its new operating system Snow Leopard” without explanation http://ow.ly/vojx in blatant #microsoft puffery

Tue Oct 20 09:55:04

Have I got the 1st Genius Bar booking at new #apple store in Cardiff for this Friday? (What chance of new batteries for 2 #iPhones ?)

Tue Oct 20 09:27:25

RT @aliguana: Apple store in Cardiff opens 10:30am. | But note this Thursday not today! And it’s a lie about freebies I’ve booked them all!

Tue Oct 20 09:16:57

#jamieandlouise New Knees Now! Pleeeeeeeeease. Get them to call me. But no knee warmers.

Tue Oct 20 09:15:14

#windows7 launches Thursday. First patches launched yesterday! http://ow.ly/vomX How’s that for customer service? Truly inspiring!#microsoft

Tue Oct 20 08:49:08

#Apple store opens #Cardiff Thursday 1030. Not taking Genius bookings yet!!! Might be best thing in St avid’s 2 Centre

Tue Oct 20 08:40:51

Almost mobile again today after knees opted out of my life. Few hours more rest then fight pain and email glut and plan progr for Friday.

Mon Oct 19 17:57:23

#corbettgallery dumps #trafigura prize due to “recent events” http://ow.ly/vgOq and #saatchi finally adds comments including mine!! bravo!!

Mon Oct 19 11:25:11

#wales stats show poorest educational attainment cynon valley http://ow.ly/vaJp | worth a good look

Mon Oct 19 07:15:04

#Senedd hosts Slavery exhibition opening today http://ow.ly/u78U organised by Gateway Gardens Trust http://ow.ly/u7a8 #blackhistorymonth

Sun Oct 18 19:55:17

RT @simonperry: What does someone look like when they are lying? #Trafigura http://ow.ly/v572 | YouTube pr puffery with comment disabled!!

Sun Oct 18 19:31:08

Only one thing worse than shopping in #Tesco: doing it as wheelchair user. Please god, never again! And massive sympathy for those who must.

Sun Oct 18 18:15:42

#JanMoir ‘s boss Editor, Paul D’acre is also Chairman of the Press Complaints Commission #pcc – not worth complaining then?

Sun Oct 18 18:05:36

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf http://tlre.us/6107.aspx #tl 10/18

Sun Oct 18 17:41:28

#trafigura quit as sponsors of art prize? Gone from web site http://ow.ly/v53F But #Saatchi http://ow.ly/v54M still has info sans comments!

Sun Oct 18 17:30:14

Full marks to A&E University Hospital Wales #uhcw couldn’t fix bad knee but were v efficient and nice with it. Back to ice, bed and whisky.

Sun Oct 18 17:20:37

RT @jneubeck I just heard that the #microsoft store in Scottsdale opens Thursday. Can we expect any free giveaways?|  Wd u want them?

Sun Oct 18 09:18:42

@jamieandlouise hope you did excellently. We’re in A&E with my bust knee hope not to c u!!

Sat Oct 17 16:54:40

How 10 years of the web changed my/the world http://tiny.cc/rFm6W (via @arusbridger) Usual commonsense observations wIsh I’d written!

Sat Oct 17 07:54:58

In Brum so help save Mosely Baths http://bit.ly/1YS6ck

Sat Oct 17 06:25:55

@magiusoz any man using hair gel gets what he deserves – just passing by

Sat Oct 17 06:20:42

It’s still dark on the train to Brum for a training day to make me a better radio presenter. We’ll see (hear?).

Sat Oct 17 06:15:13

The first draft of the Jan Moir Daily Mail article appears to have been released http://bit.ly/1gkUjO (via @Emma_Bolland)

Sat Oct 17 06:07:29

Marks & Spencer among companies that pulled ads from Daily Mail website following Jan Moir’s article http://bit.ly/3jG1mw (via @tonytrainor)

Fri Oct 16 17:48:59

Perhaps if I try at 5am the Press Complaints Commission website might work http://ow.ly/uQMl so I can complaint about homophobic  #janmoir

Fri Oct 16 17:22:30

RT @Drywsdad: RT @stephenfry Good old @charltonbrooker may be misguided about Macs and PCs but – respect, Charlie! http://bit.ly/apKd8

Fri Oct 16 17:16:09

#Saatchi announced #trafigura art prize here http://ow.ly/uQlU | 9 hrs later no comments published! Well censored Charlie, now dump prize.

Fri Oct 16 12:51:44

In RG studio – http://ow.ly/uMjW just tweet for requests 2til4 or catch up on http://ow.ly/uMku #radioglamorgan

Fri Oct 16 11:30:49

Vicious, nasty, homophobic, salacious, invasive crap from #janmoir in #Mail http://ow.ly/uLaP | What’s her sex life one wonders? Reveal all!

Fri Oct 16 10:50:19

Cardiff wants 2022 Cmwealth Games http://ow.ly/uKL3 | Great excuse for tarmacing rest of Bute Park, Pontcanna Fields etc http://ow.ly/uKM0

Fri Oct 16 10:40:21

Email info@thecynthiacorbettgallery.com for ‘gallerist’ #CynthiaCorbett who is taking #trafigura money for art prize http://ow.ly/uLcZ Write

Fri Oct 16 10:30:37

You might die before Wales gets powers to compel sprinklers in new build http://ow.ly/uKFS – but that is so-called devolved powers for you!

Fri Oct 16 10:10:18

RT @guardiantech: How should we pick which browser to download? Not like this http://bit.ly/2wByFk | From a re-converted Safari user btw

Fri Oct 16 09:20:23

#Carterruck tries to gag Parliament again over #trafigura http://ow.ly/uKwC claiming matter is sub-judice. Write MP http://ow.ly/uKxs pse RT

Fri Oct 16 08:17:07

#Saatchi announced #trafigura art prize here http://ow.ly/uKvk | Let them know your views on the ‘moderated’ blog – see if they get posted!!

Fri Oct 16 08:12:13

@jamieandlouise Just call in for coffee and cake as you pass us!! Bgr the time, have fun en route! PS Dryw needs a walk at that time.

Fri Oct 16 08:09:29

WTF? Lesbian High School Student Banned from Yearbook | http://ow.ly/uKrP | In #Mississippi it used to be blacks, now it seems, it’s gays.

Thu Oct 15 14:36:22

Uganda seeks death penalty for homosexuals http://ow.ly/uyp0

Thu Oct 15 14:11:10

#Demos nails problem of babies and work http://ow.ly/uxiQ ..but getting that mindset changed? Don’t hold your breath.

Thu Oct 15 13:21:30

Tomorrow’s #RadioGlamorgan show will trail Capetown Opera’s Porgy & Bess before it arrives here next week. And Dafydd Iwan’s new CD, & more

Thu Oct 15 12:35:23

Norwegian lawyer who helped defeat secret gagging writ argues British press should do same http://ow.ly/uxgF #trfigura #carterruck #guardian

Thu Oct 15 11:19:04

#trafigura tries to blog #minton report in Norway and shows no interest in helping their police http://ow.ly/uxdA – there’s a surprise then

Thu Oct 15 10:45:11

Still not clear about #minton #trafigura and #carterruck? Excellent Newsnight background piece. Not worried? See this. http://ow.ly/uwrH

Thu Oct 15 09:45:09

Kids building plastic bottle greenhouse – http://ow.ly/uwmV – way to go! Well done.

Thu Oct 15 08:44:52

So Vacation Duty Judge Mr Justice Maddison gave #carterruck the #trafigura gagging writ. What’s to know about him, does he tweet? Reveal all

Thu Oct 15 06:05:15

First EMI sues #Spotify rival, the flips and licences catalog to #Grooveshark http://ow.ly/uv8N | Maybe the music moguls are learning?

Wed Oct 14 14:31:40

Don’t overlook #Greenpeace’s role in fighting #trafigura http://ow.ly/ujvh

Wed Oct 14 13:11:36

RT @guardiantech: Steve Bell on the Trafigura gag order http://bit.ly/33p0Ph Brilliant as ever

Wed Oct 14 12:05:32

Anti-abortionists kill 70,000 women a year. Fact. http://ow.ly/ujkp The #christian virtue of fighting contraception and legal termination?

Wed Oct 14 11:05:16

One of my iPhone Ap favourites #Shazam gets big investment boost http://ow.ly/ujjA | Well deserved, rock-on.

Wed Oct 14 10:40:18

RT @aliguana: Sky News now streaming for free on their website 24/7 | Gotta be better than #BBC Breakfast gets worse daily

Wed Oct 14 10:00:53

Hairshirt reflections on first year by #Spotify founder http://ow.ly/ujhH – need to sell more, be transparent, be better. Industry watch out

Wed Oct 14 09:25:12

Eat a KitKat and get a free music download. Don’t worry, massive calorie loss reading number and completing forms on website of crap music.

Wed Oct 14 09:17:50

UK press still banned from linking #Minton report  http://ow.ly/ujoM and #Trafigura. #Independent removes online article, rest still cowed.

Wed Oct 14 08:45:12

#Microsoft animated comedy series on Fox TV US to embed Win7 into peoples’ lives http://ow.ly/ujeE Way to go eh? Windozy laugh a minute!

Wed Oct 14 00:53:07

#Guardian’s sober editorial on #trafigura #carterruck affair http://ow.ly/ugJL Genuinely a victory for   mobilised social media – who next?

Tue Oct 13 18:07:55

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf http://tlre.us/6107.aspx #tl 10/13

Tue Oct 13 15:19:25

BBC says it felt bound by #carterruck #trafigura gagging writ http://ow.ly/u9XZ – so we can’t count on them for support of press freedom!

Tue Oct 13 12:04:27

RT @arusbridger: Thanks to all tweeters for fantastic support! Great victory for free speech. #guardian #trafigura #carterRuck YES!!

Tue Oct 13 11:30:52

I know summers gone but I want one – the Dyson Air Multiplier – even with tossy name -http://ow.ly/u6Dk and at 200 quid!

Tue Oct 13 10:45:25

RT @Jim_Jepps: RT @DocRichard Carter-Ruck solicitors can be reached on (0)20 7353 5005 #Trafigura #Carter-Ruck. Be polite but firm.

Tue Oct 13 10:37:42

#trafigura #carterruck At Last! #BBC catches up with Guardian gagging story http://ow.ly/u6HF Four tiny paras: a journalistic disgrace

Tue Oct 13 10:14:03

Woof woof, Dryw (Scottie with Welsh name) can now brush up his history thanks to Cadw http://ow.ly/u6zP National Trust to follow lead? (pun)

Tue Oct 13 09:10:14

Awful story of homophobic abuse in US Navy http://ow.ly/u5YJ – our forces have improved, haven’t they?

Tue Oct 13 07:58:26

After one earlier #Apple bug, 34 from #Microsoft in Monthly update – many ranked “critical” http://ow.ly/u5We U need to update Windozers

Tue Oct 13 07:05:06

Co-operation works UK: Co-op hails ”exceptional” food showing Peter Marks, the chief executive http://ow.ly/u1yy

Tue Oct 13 06:05:16

#Guardian ban: is this the question they can’t report? http://ow.ly/u55P – an innocent question mind you Carter-Ruck, I really don’t know!

Tue Oct 13 06:00:45

#Guardian is gagged for reporting Parliament http://ow.ly/u52H  can’t tell us why or  who. What? Carter-Ruck involved – there’s a surprise!

Tue Oct 13 04:42:48

Yes, a REAL bug in Apple software: don’t use Guest account in Snow Leopard till fixed http://ow.ly/u51l – and make backups!!!

Mon Oct 12 20:38:56

RT @guardiantech: Oops – make that 0870 iPhone app has saved *callers* more than £267,000, says writer http://bit.ly/3uz5Fk | Including me!!

Mon Oct 12 11:02:11

So Norway http://ow.ly/tUpr subsidises its press yet maintains top ranking in Press Freedom Index http://ow.ly/tUq9 – Discuss for Wales.

Mon Oct 12 10:10:12

Can Economic minister also admit to failure by WAG to encourage small businesses in Wales? http://ow.ly/tTJq esp in public sector purchasing

Mon Oct 12 09:15:16

So now we know:”Fox News said its programming was comparable to the editorial page of a newspaper” http://ow.ly/tTsJ – On Screen Disclaimer?

Mon Oct 12 08:00:32

John Hardy’s ‘Blue Letters from Tanganyika” gets CD/MP3 release http://ow.ly/tQDC | My live interview from RG Show here: http://ow.ly/tQEE

Mon Oct 12 07:30:28

“the doyen of Welsh journalists” died too, too soon http://ow.ly/tTqh Patrick Hannan a hug loss to Wales

Mon Oct 12 06:55:24

Terrific pictures make great minimalist computer wallpapers http://ow.ly/tToG – must we one here you would like

Sun Oct 11 20:44:44

RT @Drywsdad: Our lemon meringue pie from waitrose was best ever! but contained 2000 calories 😮 | ie 500 each just for pud! Supposed 2b 4 6

Sun Oct 11 20:37:02

#Dell launches Win7 laptop with #Linux to make it start quicker and access web http://ow.ly/tQxc  – so Windoze is for what you might ask?

Sun Oct 11 17:15:41

Six broadband ‘notspots’ in Cardiff http://ow.ly/tP8E Map shows extent of digital notspots in SEWales: astonishing!

Sun Oct 11 16:04:44

Tiny new netbook from #Sharp with #Ubuntu http://ow.ly/tP6i | Will it make it to UK and be cheap enough? Probably neither

Sun Oct 11 09:10:05

Emma J http://ow.ly/tKwC is in the short list for the Wales foodie awards http://ow.ly/tKwl – She’s also doing the cooking – scary or what?

Sun Oct 11 00:56:37

My AmeriCymru blog: Suzanne Greenslade’s Other Mother exhibition http://ow.ly/15U9FI

Sat Oct 10 15:01:54

#googlewave has loads of potential but until I can invite a group of people there’s no way I can test its real usefullness

Sat Oct 10 14:57:02

Brilliant, literate demolition of Kindle 2 and eBook hype http://ow.ly/tJ9M – likes iPhone readers though! (Best read on paper though <G>)

Sat Oct 10 14:05:24

RT @LinuxMS: 96% of public sector in France is using open source http://bit.ly/Sw16N | So it can be done, well done the French

Sat Oct 10 12:05:20

Greens in US want anti-war protests: Good! http://ow.ly/tHVz | But think Obama shdnt have Peace Prize: I do, but still protest about wars!

Sat Oct 10 11:10:08

While we’re talking vision and Obama this deserves a revisit http://ow.ly/tHLW  – truly great viral marketing – and great performance!

Sat Oct 10 10:36:51

#RadioWales playing record stuck in the groove music – ear defenders needed – SuperFurries yuck …… Rod Gilbert yuck

Sat Oct 10 09:56:50

Big sorry to all avid listeners online – no new programme this week http://ow.ly/tHI8 Knees gave way – so no interview about Take That show!

Fri Oct 09 14:02:29

#Plaid welcomes idea of organ donor ‘opt out’ http://ow.ly/tyu6 – So, get on and DO it!! People are dying for want of action.

Fri Oct 09 11:05:57

Cross comment on Guardian Comment re Nobel Prize. http://ow.ly/twPv For once let’s enjoy a piece of heartening news without cynicism!

Fri Oct 09 10:52:16

Obama gets Nobel Prize: USA stunned – as it should be! http://ow.ly/twKQ Now, America, wake up and support your President!! We do.

Fri Oct 09 10:10:15

RT @Drywsdad:Do join me and signing this petition to ensure a fair deal for our disabled friends and family http://j.mp/3w97vb

Fri Oct 09 09:15:14

RT @c_and_t: Culture Secretary blocks Boris’ nomination for Arts Council in London on impartiality grounds http://ow.ly/tsru #arts #politics

Fri Oct 09 08:50:13

Apparently, I really do have to play ‘Take That’ during the show today. Cut studio monitors! Featuring Dafyd Iwan though – bendigedig!!

Fri Oct 09 07:15:12

Trailer for film outing US legislators who have gay sex yet campaign against LGBT laws. http://ow.ly/tvnc A YouTube must see.

Fri Oct 09 06:31:08

Convincing evidence Dutch anti-piracy #Brein used dodgy docs to win case against Pirate Bay http://ow.ly/tvlZ now they face charges. Oops!

Thu Oct 08 18:07:48

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf http://tlre.us/6107.aspx #tl 10/8

Thu Oct 08 15:16:23

Gay?Play footer?French? Then don’t join a league that includes Muslims http://ow.ly/tk08 ‘cos they won’t play with you (no lewdness implied)

Thu Oct 08 14:33:28

81 marathon runner – why didn’t he just pee like everyone else does? http://ow.ly/tmNl |Weidest story this week!

Thu Oct 08 14:32:05

Mossad, Rockets, Pirates: and the Welsh connection is? http://ow.ly/tjYI

Thu Oct 08 12:40:34

Welsh Not: good primer  for ignorant Welsh MPs perhaps http://ow.ly/tjVq ? and anyone who wonders why people get angry about ignorant MPs.

Thu Oct 08 11:40:24

David Davies MP: Welsh “pc lunacy” – why should he have to respond to those speaking the language of the country he represents? Discuss.

Thu Oct 08 11:10:17

Obscene #Oklahoma law on #abortion would expose mother’s details on publicly funded website http://ow.ly/tk3M Sick, sick, sick

Thu Oct 08 10:52:53

RT @guardiantech: Shorter copyright would free creativity | Victor Keegan http://bit.ly/17sGMx | Agreed, but big business won’t

Thu Oct 08 10:26:56

#Amazon said to me your “feedback  will be used in reviewing service provided by HDNL” sacks Royal Mail gives HDNL £25M contract – D’Oh! Bad

Wed Oct 07 17:06:58

Charity Commission gives way on rules for private schools: http://ow.ly/taJX | Cop out or what? Who pressurised who?

Wed Oct 07 16:12:18

Bowel testing kit for over 60’s arrived: does it have 2b so graphic? Sounds nicer yn gymraeg

Wed Oct 07 16:00:43

@csinitiative posted a discussion paper on future of movement at http://tinyurl.com/yepf7yh File not accessible

Wed Oct 07 15:51:31

@huwstephens ? available for swn interview Friday 16th pm Cardiff/phone?

Wed Oct 07 15:46:38

@jamieandlouise boot sale: b v early; watch for grabbers as you set up; price before you go (then haggle); b even earlier than u thought

Tue Oct 06 15:03:31

#help Does the writ of Mandamus still exist in UK? Can it be used against local authorities who don’t exercise statutory powers eg planning?

Tue Oct 06 14:20:56

Apple demonstrates Green credentials http://ow.ly/sUNc | Bravo! Buying from ethical companies a green choice – new Mac? #apple #environment

Tue Oct 06 13:35:44

New twist on music sharing – you can’t, even if you own copyright http://ow.ly/sUwL | although labels can rip you off!! Alice in Wonderland!

Tue Oct 06 13:31:26

There now – a Welsh Secretary who briefs behinds the Welsh Govt’s back: http://ow.ly/sUKv | Who’d imagine it? Thoughts of the nearly-dead.

Tue Oct 06 10:46:46

RT @guardiantech: Hyperlocal newswire launches in 12 UK Cities http://bit.ly/7rMLB | Log on and demand Cardiff, Wales (UK) pse RT

Tue Oct 06 10:42:37

Great Spotted Woodpecker in garden with Mr Toad listening – rain forest in Pontcanna? Cheered up gloomy day no end.

Tue Oct 06 10:00:44

So the devolved powers process works. eh? http://ow.ly/sU53 Doesn’t seem much like it – language LCO diluted as expected: Convention note!!

Tue Oct 06 09:05:57

Cool: Add interactive tweeps and unfollow deadbeats using Tweepi’s geeky Twitter tools. http://tweepi.com/?t | Good stuff 55

Tue Oct 06 08:50:18

RT @aliguana: Blimey Carol isn’t feeling well – Scotland once, Wales and England 5 times. Reversal! #metoffice #bbcbreakfast | learning???

Tue Oct 06 08:45:48

Hell – I unpacked the parcel – Larsson’s ‘Hornet’s Nest’ – Life On Hold – brilliant, exhausting, final part of #millennium trilogy ..

Mon Oct 05 17:59:20

RT @DebsSummers: Cameron brands Alex Salmond a general election “irrelevance”. #cpc09 | So poo on you Scotland (Wales will stand by you!)

Mon Oct 05 13:27:38

Help: need pic of #cardiffcastle before ‘portacabins’ installed to be able to show before/after. Council now trying to keep them long-term!!

Mon Oct 05 08:40:44

Love this map of the nations – cuts England down to size http://ow.ly/sHfy  – you can also read blog http://ow.ly/sHfI

Mon Oct 05 08:37:43

RT @aliguana: http://bit.ly/KuAQg  #iphone #nokia #flash #adobe |So no Flash for iPhone then!!

Mon Oct 05 08:10:09

Dumb govt No 675: Digital archiving black hole thanks to inaction http://ow.ly/sGCT | Need for arse kicking & to sack people: it’s a scandal

Mon Oct 05 07:00:33

Welsh ProAct jobless scheme costing £7,000 per person | Jut send me the cheque please http://ow.ly/sGAM and cut Business Rates too

Mon Oct 05 06:18:18

@aliguana Will Flash 10 for mobiles include iPhone? mmmmmmm???

Mon Oct 05 05:47:51

RT @tonytrainor Everyone who has not received a Google Wave invite, PLEASE RT #googlewavefail | That’s me then ….

Sun Oct 04 18:48:57

New media podcast: Suzanne Greenslade’s Other Mother – Suzanne Greenslade is an American photographer living in Car… http://ow.ly/15SOOJ

Sun Oct 04 18:47:52

New RG show podcast Show 25 RG part 2 – Suzanne Greenslade, photographer talks about her exhibition at the Butetown… http://ow.ly/15SOMp

Sun Oct 04 18:47:51

New RG show podcast Show 25 RG part 1 – Focus on Black History Month means lots of music from USA but we kicked of … http://ow.ly/15SOMo

Sun Oct 04 17:01:24

Kenneth #Branagh finished this weekend new #Wallander filming (Google trs) http://ow.ly/sBWC for three more films for BBC (I think <G>)

Sun Oct 04 16:33:41

RT @GwenllianLansd: Wrong for publicly-funded broadcasters exclude Plaid SNP from televised debates -snubbing Wales and Scotland #plaidcymru

Sun Oct 04 16:05:22

People in Risca seek Faustian pact with Tesco http://ow.ly/sBTp | it will end in tears, few jobs and less, not more, choice. It always does.

Sun Oct 04 15:20:39

RT @aliguana: getting there slowly. Windows go bye-bye though (until Windows 7 comes out)  #ubuntu | Why not forever, and ever?

Sun Oct 04 14:01:22

@tonytrainor PS – and to one and all – never use .doc (or .docx) to distribute docs – pdf (to prevent changes) or rtf if you want people to

Sun Oct 04 13:58:04

@tonytrainor try IBM’s free Symphony  http://ow.ly/sBRU Slicker than Open Office and backed by a giant – Windoze, Mac, Linux opens docx too

Sun Oct 04 13:56:22

#Wallander Swedish series starts again this week! http://ow.ly/sBfe 13 episodes whoopee for hd recorder

Sun Oct 04 11:25:07

British nazis love US predator crayfish as analogy for black people: http://ow.ly/sBee Weird? Yep, that’s British nazis for you. Eat them.

Sun Oct 04 10:12:10

@paul_sutton Tweeting archeologists = anachronism. Discuss. PhD possible for right candidate. Provisional title: ‘when in hole keep digging’

Sun Oct 04 10:08:27

Welsh newspapers: we don’t buy them. Who’s surprised when the WM/Echo is such crap? http://ow.ly/sBck Cue govt enquiry to find out why ….

Sat Oct 03 18:03:30

Townhouse for sale in Cardiff, GBR – Great Location, Updated. £349,495 – 3BR/1BA 000sf http://tlre.us/6107.aspx #tl 10/3

Sat Oct 03 17:42:21

RT @todayspolitics: From Inside Military, Strong Rebuke Of Ban On Gays : NPR #politics http://bit.ly/dQijd – Well worth reading original

Sat Oct 03 14:15:14

Duff lunch at The Halfway, Pontcanna #cardiff. Bullet meatballs – just want you need before MRI scan – wonder if they’ll show up – throw up?

Sat Oct 03 12:28:22

2nd viewing over. Still like house. To pub then MRI scan- funny saturday eh? http://bit.ly/26hrCh

Sat Oct 03 11:40:14

RT @simondyda: RT @labour_media: TONY BLAIR’ll be named The President Of The European Council shortly | that’s EU stuffed then! Nice wages?

Sat Oct 03 10:29:30

Cardiff one from last in Councils’ league according to Western Mail http://ow.ly/svkh | Surprised? Surprised not last like last 3 years.

Fri Oct 02 19:55:49

So, for the price of one cd I can rent 400 as long as I keep paying? http://ow.ly/sphv and what stops me ripping them then – DRM??

Fri Oct 02 18:45:09

RT @guardiantech: A livedraw animation about the Tories | Patrick Blower http://bit.ly/2NrqBK | but, what’s so wrong with toffs?

Fri Oct 02 18:29:43

@GwenllianLansd enjoy! Playing Calan next week – too much Welsh this!

Fri Oct 02 13:33:16

RT @guardiantech: Film footage of Anne Frank posted on YouTube http://bit.ly/3u2r0I – appeared as we were playing Nyman’s film score onair!!

Fri Oct 02 12:48:41

Ready to go on air: if you’re in The Heath tweet me requests #cardiff #radioglamorgan

Fri Oct 02 09:05:12

RG show this week: Black History Month starts http://ow.ly/siwo with Suzzanne Greenslade’s Other Mother http://ow.ly/siwO  feature interview

Fri Oct 02 09:00:34

Obscene $380M spent by drugs/healthcare industry to fight Obama health bill http://ow.ly/siqe Shame not spent on dying people – that’s USA!!

Fri Oct 02 07:54:12

just close it it works ok

Fri Oct 02 06:47:52

@aliguana >>now have a semi-working Ubuntu box. Le geek, so chiq | who’s clever boy then?

Fri Oct 02 06:42:39

Not guilty of language protest in 1969 yet police wanted to monitor his funeral from council property http://ow.ly/silB | Sorry won’t do!!!

Thu Oct 01 17:51:03

BlogCymru – does anyone know what has happened to it (English): is there another Welsh aggregator?

Thu Oct 01 17:08:38

Manic Street Preachers / Dame Shirley Bassey’s New Album To Include A Track Written By Manics http://shar.es/1cVr8

Thu Oct 01 13:31:37

Taken short in Bristol? The finest places were http://ow.ly/s6k1 – sadly most not now useable

Thu Oct 01 11:51:36

@c_and_t Godiva no doubt!!

Thu Oct 01 11:10:29

RT @jamieandlouise – i’m dressed as the merry widow costume from Welsh National Opera! Missed webcam – where’s pics? Must see!!!

Thu Oct 01 11:09:24

Speaker (Westminster) praises Welsh Assembly on e-petitions and expenses systems http://ow.ly/s6ek

Thu Oct 01 08:19:15

Bravo Nora Batty! Tesco beat a retreat – a  least temporarily – http://ow.ly/s5ht | Holmfirth celebrates but Tesco can fight for ever