November 2009 Tweets Archive

Tue Dec 01 17:49:14 So my new unelected First Minister for Wales (just like they did for the UK – eh?) will be  What, you don’t recognise him?

Tue Dec 01 12:15:29 Massive turnout for #Llandaff lighting up last night. Well done all inc Derek (it didn’t rain) Brockway and Sian Lloyd and druggy Santa

Tue Dec 01 11:44:57 @LesWalton “what if you want to take a picture of a scence with other peoples children in?” You get arrested

Tue Dec 01 11:40:18 RT @charlesarthur: Another Apple Macbook power supply has died. Who do I complain to?> Try a Genius at a store they usually replace IME

Tue Dec 01 11:35:43 RT @jamieandlouise: – as promised my pince-pie-vol-au-vents!  Well if no one else will eat them we will. Look yummy

Tue Dec 01 11:34:27 Viral campaigns (like this one from Skype) are only any good if they work The phone line seems to be down!!

Mon Nov 30 11:25:29 RT @radiofail: AUDIO: Very awkward newsreader handover fail: : Gross, more P45 than funny

Mon Nov 30 10:40:28 To solicitors to sell house, then Spa, then Llandaff High Street lights @ 6.45 with Derek the rain Brockway. Too much fun will end in tears.

Mon Nov 30 09:30:08 It can be done! Passivhaus for Ebbw Vale – what’s wrong with having them in Cardiff instead of noddy boxes?

Mon Nov 30 09:23:31 RT @wmjohn: Not …… ‘Everyone in Wales will be devastated’ ….so, everyone in Wales but me eh?

Sun Nov 29 18:36:27 RT @mediaguardian: Stephen Fry accuses Plaxo of telling too much bout him Confused, thought this was a kind of stuffing

Sun Nov 29 15:29:21 I just generated my #TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets. Top three words: wales, cardiff, welsh –

Sun Nov 29 11:04:23 Book tomorrow: City Lights in #Llandaff 6.45 High Street with Derek Brockway (so it will rain). We’re in organisational moral support.

Sat Nov 28 15:06:03 #Bute Bridge too far gets massive press and letters Today’s Echo

Sat Nov 28 11:15:14 #FoxNews USA coming to a tv near you maybe? Not strong on pie charts though, this is a beaut.

Sat Nov 28 10:50:08 Labour faces challenge of Wales’ weak civic society And for the past 20 years it has been doing what?

Sat Nov 28 10:20:12 More download idiocy as pub fined £8000 for customer download Fining them for drunk customers next? Better idea

Sat Nov 28 09:10:09 RT @LlandaffNews: Llandaff Society dinner attracts roughly 75. Chairman says most members don’t use the web | so no tweets then?

Sat Nov 28 08:20:10 Carphone Warehouse boss says #Mandleson internet cut off plans crazy  Good word!

Sat Nov 28 07:30:28 Blogsphere moving in on #Hain Or is it a sign that the One Wales accord is unravelling? What can Plaid do?

Sat Nov 28 03:40:53 @ JoshHalliday Happy Birthday today it is then

Fri Nov 27 13:08:06 Onair at Radio Glamorgan 2till4 If you’re in UCHW why not tweet a request?

Fri Nov 27 10:08:40 Bloggers4Plaid What Peter Hain will be remembered for?: It is quite sad really. (via @PlaidCymru) Precisely!!

Fri Nov 27 10:00:59 @AssemblyWales Arrived early for knees man. ‘only running 45mins late’ NHS appts ‘system’?

Fri Nov 27 09:11:01 BPA slams #cardiff Council over drop on Green ratings her’s press release

Fri Nov 27 08:43:12 @jamieandlouise Dryw says biggest woofs for Caesar Milan – loves him almost as much as us

Fri Nov 27 08:41:25 @MattRosser I’d make that two thermal, cagoule (sp?) and fisherman’s waders. Can’t be too prepared.

Fri Nov 27 08:10:07 New grants to help small organisations and climate change

Thu Nov 26 20:44:49 @ JoshHalliday Nah. The standard is Steve Jobs – or #Keynote (on Apple) for the rest of us. Sorry, PP=past it

Thu Nov 26 20:31:17 Can the Wales Millennium Centre really get audiences from the North? Doubt it. Needs to be more creative than that.

Thu Nov 26 19:50:33 RT @Ffotogallery: More info on BREAD’s Ffosfforescence floating light installation Sat 5 Dec Penarth Pier One for Diary!

Thu Nov 26 18:37:33 I don’t know how on earth I missed this Stephen Fry classic pic  And how did he get it? Must know! (ps it’s rude)

Thu Nov 26 18:31:48 Have persuaded the amazing Joanna Quinn (aka Beryl to be my interviewee tomorrow 2till4 on RG

Thu Nov 26 17:18:23 Now Peter #Hain betrays Wales over Barnet formula report Shyte, this guy is supposed to be on our side!!

Thu Nov 26 17:09:10 RT @LlandaffNews: What will the weather be like on Monday? Derek the weatherman will light up Llandaff High Street with Sian Lloyd at 7pm

Thu Nov 26 13:46:02 Sheep wrapped timber framed building art not architecture: There’s cool

Thu Nov 26 13:18:08 RT @Drywsdad: Beryl has been busy in productions! go see be sure to watch part 1 first @joannaquinn simply brilliant!

Thu Nov 26 13:09:52 #Hain’s massively popular Welsh Office website: 58 visitors a day Cost per hit? Wdn’t u like to know?

Thu Nov 26 10:10:22 Scottish to get more powers: Welsh, get a referendum, maybe, if Hain agrees, sometime, or other Discuss!

Thu Nov 26 09:42:32 Whitchurch #Cardiff community fights back Needs aupport, don’t we know it!

Thu Nov 26 08:26:57 Heterosexual couple refused Civil Partnership Support their campaign against stupid law discrimination

Wed Nov 25 16:26:04 RT @bbcwales: Music blog: Katherine Jenkins apologises to fans over cancelled gig Didn’t know I needed to miss it!

Wed Nov 25 16:20:03 UK press ignores record bullying payout Why? a) Bcs bully worked for News of  World? or b) Bcs he now works for Cameron?

Wed Nov 25 15:13:42 RT @greenerwales: BBC Talybont Energy: community hydro electric pays 4 power meters & electric bikes in Brecon Beacons

Wed Nov 25 15:11:46 The Hain referendum handball Can’t he find something better to do with his free hand? Might even be more fun for him …

Wed Nov 25 12:43:07 OMG u can now watch Beryl’s antics (from Joanna Quinn) in HD Set aside an hour to laugh your cares away. Genius, brilliant

Tue Nov 24 17:06:39 Has Labour shafted Plaid over referendum promise? Could this be Rhodri’s last favour to the Hainite branch of Labour

Tue Nov 24 17:06:17 Has Labour shafted Plaid over referendum promise? Could this be Rhodri’s last favour to the Hainite branch of Labour maybe

Tue Nov 24 16:47:53 New #Cardiff Green organisations splits from Cllr McEvoy over anti-council petition Not for the first time we would note

Tue Nov 24 08:03:18 Starting the campaign: going for the jugular “Decisions for Wales, made in Wales? Yes/No?”

Mon Nov 23 16:26:17 Read archive of live tweet Cardiff Civic Society Public Spaces @Chapter event from @Llandaffnews Thanks to them

Mon Nov 23 15:15:03 Just back from quick visit to #Chapter Cardiff It’s all geared up for tomorrow’s big opening to which everyone is invited.

Mon Nov 23 09:25:18 Even the #FT says the banks should be super-taxed Come on Gordon, what’s so hard?

Mon Nov 23 09:15:54 RT @FirstDigg:  twitter is not longer asking “What are you doing” and asking “What’s happening” now| Shd be “What’s occurin?” in Wales!

Mon Nov 23 08:31:39 Bawdy, Valley’s #TomJones Bit Flick is smash hit. When will it be at #Chapter? Will let you know

Sun Nov 22 16:35:28 Spot your face at #Chapter Public Spaces event

Sun Nov 22 14:25:53 @llandaffnews did live tweet of Public Spaces @Chapter  event : archive here

Sun Nov 22 14:15:27 #Scientology on the run – great background Why does anyone take this seriously, except as a scam/con?

Sun Nov 22 13:30:43 RT @stephenfry: Join the underground Same-Sex Hand Holding revolution Sat Nov.28 @adayinhand You don’t have to be gay!

Sun Nov 22 12:16:16 What’s Occurin? Brilliant analysis by academic Dr John Jewell of #Gavin&Stacy and #Wales and Welshness We loves it

Sat Nov 21 20:21:28 New Blog: Judge jails the cleaner – It took 464 days after she was first remanded, but our cleaning lady finally (y…

Sat Nov 21 17:16:20 The last of our cleaning lady’s court appearances:15 year tariff for attempted murder of neighbour and she’s public danger

Fri Nov 20 09:10:21 Wales leads in fight against carbon emissions

Fri Nov 20 08:30:39 Government seeks open ended control over copyright in new Bill Beware, you have been warned.

Fri Nov 20 07:58:09 Thanks for all who joined us @ #Chapter last night Great audience participation – watch for transcript and recording here

Fri Nov 20 07:54:44 Morning in court for sentencing of our cleaner for attempted murder of neighbour! Taken 20 months – see earlier blog

Thu Nov 19 22:27:38 Just back from v successful Cardiff Civic Society event @ #Chapter. First of many I hope.

Thu Nov 19 22:26:48 Busy day, only just had time to see that my considered response to the AWC report is on this blog

Thu Nov 19 13:03:55 #Cardiff scrapes 10th place in greenest city league Must Do Better

Thu Nov 19 11:15:19 Sorry, more #Palin amusement (of sorts): deceptions by #Fox and doting fans? Waiting 5 hrs for a glimpse? Get a life guys

Thu Nov 19 10:40:12 Sarah #Palin as a pinup. Go on, use it as a dart board, whatever. She’s says taken out of context: does she know the word?

Thu Nov 19 10:05:19 Lol: marriage in Texas may be illegal, that’s right, for everyone. Homophobic law trip up Oh that the courts uphold it!

Thu Nov 19 09:20:17 Sober thoughts, morning after,  for a Yes Referendum Wales has all to fight for if settlement to be achieved. Mmm

Thu Nov 19 08:40:11 #Chapter tonight 7pm: #Cardiff Civic Society event Public Spaces Civic Society #Sakula keynote Prof Kevin Morgan panellist

Wed Nov 18 17:33:14 #TopGear not just rubbish tv but subsidised by taxpayer through MOD playing with boys’ toys Disgraceful

Wed Nov 18 16:47:36 All Wales Convention Report – post briefing thought: it’s a terrible indictment of the body politic in Wales and the current settlement

Wed Nov 18 11:30:33 Invited to All Wales Convention public launch today. #Wales Referendum – Bring it On!!

Wed Nov 18 11:15:20 #Palin running scared? bans press from student speech  Oh god (or whatever she idolises bar Darwin), what’s she for?

Wed Nov 18 11:15:20 #Palin running scared? bans press from student speech  Oh god (or whatever she idolises bar Darwin), what’s she for?

Wed Nov 18 11:15:19 #Palin running scared? bans press from student speech  Oh god (or whatever she idolises bar Darwin), what’s she for?

Wed Nov 18 10:20:15 OK Bloggers, get signing and keep #PCC to its own ineffectual business of not regulating newspapers

Wed Nov 18 09:17:41 RT @cymruyfory: RT @WalesHome: The archbishop of Wales on why Wales will benefit from more powers:

Wed Nov 18 09:06:48 Here it is The All Wales Convention Report Has it produced the answer the politicians wanted?

Wed Nov 18 08:57:54 Projectionist for talk at #Cardiff’s Insole Court about campaign to save #Ruperra Castle (all welcome at 10 am apparently)

Tue Nov 17 18:01:30 Climate change so worrying we prefer not to think about it = so the world is doomed?

Tue Nov 17 12:35:29 Thoughtful #AdamPrice lecture on #Wales and colonialism

Tue Nov 17 11:25:37 Wales’ top civil servant lambasts London colleagues who hinder devolution Virtual bunch of roses on way!

Tue Nov 17 11:21:35 Ouch! Dry’s dog insurance up by 12% and hiked excess by 12%. Is it worth it for max £4K cover £330 sounds like rip off? NHS for pets pse.

Tue Nov 17 10:30:22 Explore climate change with online resource from University of Wales Newport

Tue Nov 17 09:31:10 SWales biomass plant to eat equivalent of 30% of Britain’s annual wood harvest  Mmmm???

Tue Nov 17 09:05:18 The Ultimate Gift for the Man You Love? Only if his boobs get in the way …

Tue Nov 17 08:15:12 So that dreaful #Palin person is a creationist. Surprised? Suppose we’ll suffer all sort of ‘revelatons’ as book comes out

Tue Nov 17 07:30:25 Oh Dear! Only have one of the NME Top 50 Albums of the noughties Not going to say which one either.

Tue Nov 17 05:47:35 RT @huwstephens: In Cardiff on Friday night -the film about Creation Records is free to see

Mon Nov 16 21:06:33 Catching up on the #Cardiff Council CEO saga One goes, another due to retire gets pension boost, cllrs walk out. Mmmm

Mon Nov 16 19:53:48 Finalising domestics @ #Chapter tomorrow for Thursday Public Spaces Civic Society event  #Sakula keynote kicks off

Mon Nov 16 16:57:05 So, my MP #KevinBrennan has a #TweetLevel  Influence 21 points. Mine is 37.1 Not sure what that says, but it must be Good

Mon Nov 16 16:50:56 Charities to lose right to play free music in shops etc Money grabbing #PPL Shameful. Watch out, hospital radio fees next

Mon Nov 16 11:53:06 @llef ok, tell all – always wondered <G>!

Mon Nov 16 11:50:47 Ok, so it was me and nine million others scared to death Best ever Dr Who? till Christmas maybe …

Mon Nov 16 10:08:01 RT @c_and_t: Documentary? Drama? C&T’s Living Newspaper? Our new Japanese edition/site launches later this week.

Sun Nov 15 12:20:10 Never heard of participatory video before Could be just what a group needs to get a difficult message across

Sun Nov 15 11:45:13 Tasker statue: I – I so fear another of those awful ‘realist’ monsters we seem to attract to South Wales. Maybe wrong?

Sun Nov 15 11:03:02 #JohnNaughton’s usual expert take on publishing includes must read link for anyone publishing anything

Sun Nov 15 10:50:50 Steff an free celebrates twillioneth with message from the future. And Dr Who’s back tonight. What a day!!

Sat Nov 14 12:01:00 Final weekend be4 Thursday Public Spaces Civic Society event @ #Chapter Buy soon, need to order the booze! #Sakula keynote

Sat Nov 14 11:57:13 #Obama admin conducts IPR  negotiations with imposed secrecy We’ll only know what’s agreed when it’s too late. Bad, v bad

Sat Nov 14 08:25:11 Police and Council chiefs become wheelchair users for a day Lucky for them they were able to give them back

Sat Nov 14 08:05:05 It’s 15 years today (me and #Drywsdad) pop open the champagne for us

Fri Nov 13 14:10:58 Convinced I must play cheesy #ChartJackers Pudsie fundraiser Could be end of broadcasting reputation (if I have one <G>)

Fri Nov 13 12:56:52 RT @AmgueddfaCymru:  Big Pit tomorrow at 2:30pm: Dafydd Roberts, Keeper of the National Slate Museum presents The Quarrymen and the “South”.

Fri Nov 13 12:55:24 First play of #BrynTerfel’s Bad Boys today Full review with Rian Evans next week: live argument on air? We’ll see.

Fri Nov 13 11:30:38 90 mins of #HongKong sunset beguiling picture Open, use mouse to scroll down timeline – sorry  no credit

Fri Nov 13 11:05:14 It seems to be bad to have 13 letters in your name on a Friday 13th! Never knew that, all the fault of just one n in Denis!

Fri Nov 13 10:30:38 Ouch! Lost 23 followers today (I know, not #StephenFry’s million) was it my appearance in #Guardian yesterday or #RadioWales check?

Fri Nov 13 10:10:37 OK, if you’re in #UHCW then listen in to #RadioGlamorgan 2till4. Mixed bag with lots of new music  & a real nasty that’ll be a big hit! #in

Fri Nov 13 09:27:40 RT @greenerwales: Wales produces 1 tonne of CO2 a second stats like this just one way it can visualise Carbon emissions

Fri Nov 13 09:20:14 Student journo captures former #Mirror boss’s comments on #Murdoch web plans Excellent blog

Fri Nov 13 09:05:21 It may have taken 2 years to work out how to take payment cards to get back into Wales Needs legislative nonsense it seems

Fri Nov 13 08:30:32 Journalists discuss digital revolution: – by travelling to Paris! Oh yeah, wot,  no video confs, email, blogs handy?

Fri Nov 13 08:16:06 Local chiefs to become wheelchair users for a day Been there, got the t-shirt: it’s horrible!

Thu Nov 12 15:46:06 RT @mediaguardian: Britain’s art deco icons? The BBC should get its history straight | Don’t care great programmes

Thu Nov 12 14:35:56 #CABE wants shift from Grey to Green infrastructure – report #Cardiff Council needs to read and apply

Thu Nov 12 12:47:44 #Guardian publishes my Tweet re #Ubuntu #Win7 face off, so read the comment in full here Will Readers’ Editor slap sub?

Thu Nov 12 12:28:02 #Catholics in Washington to stop social services if gay-marriages get go ahead So much for #Christian charity!

Thu Nov 12 10:30:29 #SuperFurries’ Gruff Rhys make #Patagonia film alarming locals One to watch and mention on air methinks

Thu Nov 12 10:00:44 Auntie #BluePeter Val launches #Linux for wrinklies with #Eldy interface Might work: might just be too patronising.

Thu Nov 12 09:20:15 Great newspaper dies (well, goes weekly) and website appears Is #Birmingham Post sign of the future? Hope not

Thu Nov 12 08:50:07 #NewspaperClub lets you print newspapers easily One to watch even in this digital age

Thu Nov 12 08:26:19 RT @guardiantech: Competition: Win one of 10 AlertMe Google Powermeter kits |  But not quite yet since it isn’t open!!

Thu Nov 12 08:16:23 RT @mediaguardian: ‘Jeremy Clarkson is columnist most consumers would pay for online’ | No accounting for taste/money!

Thu Nov 12 08:15:13 Insight into Murdoch’s cuddling up to Cameron: the price of being in bed together We’ll pay!

Thu Nov 12 07:55:27 #Cardiff leader Berman to talk at £Oxfam climate change hearing Monday Remind him about concreting over historic parks?

Thu Nov 12 07:10:14 Good news for #Win7 #microsoft users: they copied #OSX’s look and feel Perhaps you’d like a #Mac to go with it?

Wed Nov 11 21:59:37 RT @Drywsdad: – all my work taken ages to add all the info opinions welcome! | Important if you are a patient!!

Wed Nov 11 21:53:53 #AgeofStupid crew need to raise £100K fast Any Lottery Millionaires listening? Pse RT and save the world

Wed Nov 11 20:17:03 #Cardiff Civic Society support objections to Council plans to retain illegal portacabins at #ButeCastle  Asks for Call In

Wed Nov 11 20:13:11 #WAG turn down #ButeCastle staircase application Tells #Cardiff Council they would cause significant damage 2 historic blg

Wed Nov 11 19:42:39 We’re great fans of #PantMawr Cheese and Xmas goodies now order-able: #Welsh and wonderful

Wed Nov 11 18:28:10 RT @stephenfry: @coollike &co have produced a cheesy single for Children in Need |Ok I’ll play Friday on RG with warnings

Wed Nov 11 15:46:31 #Merlin stars to magic #Cardiff’s lights tomorrow and kick-start distinctly unmagical wonderland 5 wks before #Christmas!

Wed Nov 11 15:03:31 Scheme to help businesses/councils reduce fuel emissions May mean #Cardiff doesn’t need 40ton lorries in heritage parks

Wed Nov 11 14:36:03 Does better #broadband access mean improved Civic Trust? Interesting blog suggests connection

Wed Nov 11 13:47:27 – Impact of work on #Cardiff Council’s bridge for access for 40 tonne lorries in the historic #ButePark

Wed Nov 11 13:34:07 Free tickets for BBC shows in #Cardiff tomorrow and Friday Includes #AnyQuestions

Wed Nov 11 13:24:13 @jamieandlouise lol and ouch. Sock(h)ersala or Jabb(h)erjive?And all for charity…

Wed Nov 11 13:20:22 #Cardiff’s NMW gets £1.4M Picasso Looks good. On show from next Tuesday

Wed Nov 11 13:15:02 @jamieandlouise “going dance training now..what will it be today? salsa, or jive…..or both?” Mix up, fall over – be careful!

Wed Nov 11 11:55:20 So this week’s #RadioGlamorgan interviewee Friday composer #KarlJenkins celebrating birthdays galore Podcast will be great

Wed Nov 11 11:55:18 RT @Drywsdad: Did you know ? please RT Exponential growth of the world and knowledge – phew!

Wed Nov 11 10:59:33 Two minutes silence does no one any harm once a year and might do so good

Wed Nov 11 10:30:31 At last #Wales to investigate it’s role as UK’s Puppy Farm and never trust the small ads in local papers!

Wed Nov 11 10:10:18 Public Spaces Chapter event 19 Nov Tickets online from #Chapter here £3 (concs available) Buy early! #in

Wed Nov 11 09:44:53 Gosh in’t the interconnected, networking, digital world clever? I can now select (like this) for suitable Tweets to appear on #LinkedIn #in

Tue Nov 10 17:51:45 DesignersKiosk coming to #Chapter 3 & 10 December

Tue Nov 10 17:17:22 @aliguana funnily enough, O2 is the only network to work at home and work in Pontcanna …

Tue Nov 10 17:07:43 RT @arusbridger: Ten good proposals for reforming disgraceful British libel laws. | Good ideas

Tue Nov 10 15:04:56 RT @aliguana: @peterdcox You could be on Vodaphone, Orange or Three. Plenty of competition | No. They are fixing the same prices already!!

Tue Nov 10 13:20:32 Has #WelshLabour’s ‘Obama moment’ flagship website folded? Or is it just for those in the know?

Tue Nov 10 12:20:20 So, in a zillion years when my O2 contract expires I can unlock my own #iPhone Big Deal Not when no competition

Tue Nov 10 11:45:21 Impenetrable web page and broken links seek views on #AssemblyWales and LCOs Wd be a gd thing to do: but can I cope?

Tue Nov 10 11:44:24 @DioBach where to find info re Atlas Sound?

Tue Nov 10 11:33:59 Fairwater #Cardiff group fighting LDP plans – worth a look if you live that way

Tue Nov 10 11:15:28 #Terfel BadBoys on warp factor 10 How to choose just two tracks for this Friday’s show – and not frighten listeners?

Tue Nov 10 10:50:14 Another #Murdoch, ‘if you can’t beat them, sue’ attack on newspapers and #BBC   Nasty, petulant: just don’t buy his rags.

Tue Nov 10 10:30:36 RT @jboitnott: Only 11 percent worldwide think capitalism is working: R there that many bankers, tosspots etc in world?

Tue Nov 10 10:22:34 Sorry, can’t resist a comment on the bilious grieving mother and the #Brown phone call It’s bad feeling sorry for Brown!

Tue Nov 10 09:56:44 It’s enough that your son dies in Afghanistan but flogging the PM’s call to the #Sun is just plain disgusting. Shameful.

Tue Nov 10 07:30:20 #Obama’s children face antiabortion and religious right hate demonstrators at their school – How low can the US Right get?

Mon Nov 09 16:34:48 New site looks great for Open Democracy But so much to read … brain hurts

Mon Nov 09 11:35:12 PR coverup over #Met Police numbers/badges Orwellian history rewrite (or Stalinesque if you prefer). Bad pr. Bad policing.

Mon Nov 09 11:10:13 RT @stephenfry: To fly back home: hope the BA cabin staff aren’t going to kick up a fuss again about  sleeping in the nude. |Too much info!!

Mon Nov 09 10:50:12 Kids – it may be better to have a dad/dad, mum/mum than mum and dad! interesting stuff on same sex parenting.

Mon Nov 09 10:20:20 RT @AmgueddfaCymru: Evening Talk at Caerleon: With a little help from – The Roman auxiliary forces, 11th November 6pm-8pm. £3 |Sounds fun!

Mon Nov 09 10:00:32 Buckets of whitewash from Paul Dacre (#DailyMail) chaired #PCC over phonetapping  DIY regulation has to go, and soonest

Mon Nov 09 09:30:27 RT @todayspolitics: Just lay back and think of it as a Vagina Added Tax #politics No clever remarks: stupid CongressMAN.

Mon Nov 09 08:50:12 Ok, so now #God is for banking My religious told me it would make me blind as well, did the priest lie about that too?

Mon Nov 09 08:30:27 #Afghan war widow speaks: worth more than any two minute silence How many more?

Mon Nov 09 08:15:26 YouGov poll says support for #Afghan war falling Sometimes you just know these things …

Mon Nov 09 07:38:32 #Assembly annual report gets five star rating must read, apparently

Mon Nov 09 07:27:20 US healthcare plans sold out to anti-abortion lobby – politics is shit, isn’t it?

Sun Nov 08 12:20:13 US healthcare legislations runs to 1990pages. how many read it? Passed, thankfully for poor Americans

Sun Nov 08 11:40:08 RT @c_and_t: Not good. | Not investing in young people is simply stupid, stupid.

Sun Nov 08 11:15:31 Washington Post interviews ex’s who lost out to a gay relationship One of those ‘no easy answers’ pieces

Sat Nov 07 11:56:15 Hope #Cardiff planners make it to Open Spaces event and avoid repeating past mistakes at BusStation site

Fri Nov 06 13:55:51 Five minute countdown. Now which knob comes first? … another day, another show without an engineer .. one man radio …..

Fri Nov 06 13:50:26 RT @scastledine: In slide building hell today – you need a Mac and the incomparable Keynote programe

Fri Nov 06 13:48:39 RT @Drywsdad: Robbie’s Reality Killed the Video Star is exclusive free on #spotify > Playing on RG at 2.01 precisely!

Fri Nov 06 11:34:17 Public Spaces Chapter event 19 Nov Tickets online from #Chapter here £3 (concs available) Buy early!

Fri Nov 06 11:08:23 2till4 Show big on music at #CeltFest tomorrow & revisits John Hardy’s music for film,tv,stage Requests for RG listeners by tweet of course.

Fri Nov 06 11:03:30 RT @AmgueddfaCymru: At St Fagans today: A talk on St Teilo’s Church in Oriel 1followed by a walk to Church @ 2pm.Talk in Welsh:No trslation?

Fri Nov 06 10:30:23 Proof that heart attacks improve looks (Rhodri we’re talking about btw!) Not sure about the Rembrandt at #NMW

Fri Nov 06 09:50:08 Guardian interview covers new National Theatre of Wales shame about the appalling website

Fri Nov 06 09:30:35 More nails in #DAB coffin If it doesn’t work in Cardiff, what hope. Drop it now.

Fri Nov 06 09:10:05 lol shn’t make @jamieandlouise giggle onair. Do it to me 2till4 today on RG Tweet requests welcome. RobbieWms starts off

Fri Nov 06 09:05:38 RT @Drywsdad: @jamieandlouise will Jamie be waxing his chest for his low cut blouse ? | sponsor for Pudsey? How far  will he go, to Brazil?

Fri Nov 06 08:26:55 and slimy #Cameron says he won’t block a referendum vote and doesn’t say he back it either ….

Fri Nov 06 08:25:52 #AlunDavies says LCO’s don’t work, won’t work, and emasculate WAG Couldn’t be clearer case for that referendum now.

Thu Nov 05 18:55:06 The otherwsie excellent #Guardian review of #Ubuntu v #Windows7 was spoilt in the newspaper by slanted subbing. See

Thu Nov 05 14:31:46 US announces Green Ratings for Open Spaces To much to hope that UK follows suit, but great idea non the less

Thu Nov 05 13:30:38 Updates at BPA website with news on #ButeCastle application, petition and downloads | And it follows these BPA tweets too

Thu Nov 05 13:15:47 RT @bbcwales: Politics: More 20mph speed zones | And pse start with Fields Park Road, # Cardiff to slow kids/footie run

Thu Nov 05 12:25:28 Award winning artchitect Robert Sakula keynote for ‘Public Spaces & Civic Society Event’ #Chapter 19 Nov #Cardiff

Thu Nov 05 11:44:38 #SWEcho article on Rhiwbina meeting still attracting comments – please add to mine!

Thu Nov 05 05:13:00 RT @todayspolitics: Convicted CIA Spy Admits “We Broke the Law” with Kidnapping and Renditions #politics | Next, MI5/6?

Wed Nov 04 21:18:38 RT @guardiantech: Windows 7 or Ubuntu 9.10 – battle of the operating systems | Note Ubuntu is Free!!!!!!! Why pay more?

Wed Nov 04 17:46:15 Bird (as in female) spotted at RSPB Cymru makes national news | For goodness sake men, it’s just a women!

Wed Nov 04 16:16:21 3,960 words on how to avoid info glut from Harvard Business School | Thanks a bundle! 24,184 Characters btw.

Wed Nov 04 15:46:09 Please don’t debase #Gravell’s memory with another gross Welsh figurative sculpture: #Cooper last straw

Wed Nov 04 15:11:12 The 7 Sins of #Microsoft Why it’s not good for you, if you don’t already know! Pass on to your IT manager and save money!

Wed Nov 04 14:35:15 Is Welsh language LCO worth the paper it’s printed on? Muddled, confused and subservient to the courts? Crap, junk, wasted

Wed Nov 04 11:37:01 #SWEcho on #Cardiff parks meeting – it was Allan Lane speaking not the prof, but quotes ok.

Wed Nov 04 11:15:24 Excellent, challenging contribution to Welsh Media debate Lambasts Assembly, argues for radical rethinking (Wot no WM, oh)

Wed Nov 04 10:57:03 RT @AlunDaviesAM: The Welsh language LCO demonstrates that it is time we moved forward to a referendum | Bleedin obvious …

Wed Nov 04 10:45:18 IMG, #Brown thinks the #Sun newspaper is a political party ! So can I stand as a “#Guardian” candidate, purleeeese?

Wed Nov 04 10:30:28 RT @Adrian1Robson: Open Space meeting went well. Lots of good discussion about Bute Park and parks/green spaces in general |Tx A 4 organise

Wed Nov 04 10:15:29 Just when we thought we cd go back to USA #Maine decides against same-sex unions. Shameful Obama, get a grip.

Wed Nov 04 10:01:32 #@Adrian1Robson r u following buteparks

Wed Nov 04 09:52:19 Penblwydd Hapus –  Happy Birthday #WallaceandGromit with Google special Can u believe it 20 today!!

Wed Nov 04 09:30:25 Ballot @ Rhiwbina #Cardiff meeting says halt  parkland developments. Ind Cllrs  think it will help in fight against Philistine Council. Hope

Tue Nov 03 12:10:20 How will the Wales cabinet shake down after Rhodri goes? And what of “One Wales”? Turkeys, Christmas is coming

Tue Nov 03 11:20:20 #Cow, by Tredegar Comp School, Gwent Police & Brynmawr Peter Watkins-Hughes Watch full version. Devastating texting horror

Tue Nov 03 11:05:14 Shame this #sciencecafe #Cardiff clashes with Green Spaces tonight Bethany Baptist Church, Rhiwbina @ 6.30

Tue Nov 03 10:45:18 As evidence emerges of #CardiffCouncil CEO’s involvement in forcing through projects, he leaves Connected? We’ll see.

Tue Nov 03 10:36:48 @amydavies87 try doing the #Cardiff Central run from say 4 to 1 – on crutches!!! Then moan ..

Tue Nov 03 10:03:53 So #WAG will impose charges for plastic carriers – Good! But can’t force companies to spend the money on environment -Bad!

Tue Nov 03 07:25:04 Award winning artchitect Robert Sakula keynote for ‘Public Spaces & Civic Society Event’ #Chapter 19 Nov #Cardiff

Mon Nov 02 19:15:36 English planning proposals would threaten heritage buildings and land: Wales usually follows my leader. Beware!

Mon Nov 02 12:37:47 Reminder for tomorrow: #Cardiff’s loss of green space: meeting, Bethany Baptist Church, Heol Llanishen Fach, Rhiwbina @ 6.30 (not today btw)

Mon Nov 02 12:35:08 Brilliant win of DME for Welsh wheelchairs designers You can even customise it for a night out. Brill.

Mon Nov 02 10:48:27 Illegal downloaders spend most on music Wrong answer. Poll must be wrong, eh?

Mon Nov 02 10:44:56 RT @aliguana: BBC Democracy Live. two years in the making and doesn’t work on mobiles #fail Wrong Flash for iPhone!!

Mon Nov 02 09:10:13 #Wales can benefit from #Green economy Maybe, if politicians have the guts

Mon Nov 02 08:25:09 #Guardian tots up winners and losers in digital world Mostly losers btw. And Mandleson? Has been, IMHO

Mon Nov 02 08:10:10 RT @aliguana: good article on the future of music. read it:

Mon Nov 02 07:50:05 Bookseller reverses decision to ban gay-friendly stories: Internet mobilised campaign succeeds in getting change of heart

Mon Nov 02 07:30:20 #BBC take 2 years and spend £1M on new politics website. Opens today, apparently …

Mon Nov 02 07:05:09 #Victorian Society issues formal objection to lift plans for #CardiffCastle and asks for removal of portacabins Pse RT

Sun Nov 01 20:20:42 @sparrw still no activation???

Sun Nov 01 17:22:23 There’s a new #hospitalradio group on Google – of that name. Needs members, please!! #radio #volunteer

Sun Nov 01 13:03:52 Great Irish site designed to promote #citizenship Wonder what the chances are for such a service in #Wales? Offers?

Sun Nov 01 12:40:10 Private sector=good, public=bad. The myth is debunked by #WillHutton It needs to be said, often.

Sun Nov 01 11:55:11 House guests rave about “Roads to Freedom” and amazing Georgia Brown title song Did #BBC erase tapes?Is there a copy?Hope

Sun Nov 01 11:30:14 Oracle @Naughton says Android might be real competition for #Apple Can only be good – Apple will keep pushing the envelope

Sun Nov 01 10:35:05 Why we need printed dictionaries as well as spell check and also encyclopaedia like the one of #Wales

Sun Nov 01 09:23:07 Who’d have thought it possible? Wifi USB Microscope Some’s perfect Christmas gift no doubt.