May 2010 Archive Tweets

Mon May 31 20:55:58 RT @netlawmedia: 1 in 4 UK Freedom of Information requests turned down by Govt depts/public bodies, with trend worse

Mon May 31 20:45:15 RT @guardiantech: Apple’s iPad sales break the two million mark | Does that include himself’s? Surely 2,000,001

Mon May 31 17:59:22 Sad news Cardiff Uni’s International Academy of Voice to close  My interview with one of rising stars

Mon May 31 17:35:02 Is buying an iPad like childbirth? Once you’ve got it out of the box the pain of paying evaporates in hormone rush (and I only watched).

Mon May 31 17:02:22 Queen to ask for 76% pay hike – cool £6M more than now #republic would help reduce deficit, come on #ConDems, cut away

Mon May 31 16:56:50 RT @chrisvcb: After this, I kinda guarantee you’ll never, EVER want to lay eyes on poutine: | Possibly any food, ever

Mon May 31 10:39:08 RT @WalesOnline: Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson split confirmed | Surprised? Care? Sad for them and the children

Sun May 30 21:22:04 RT @djleekee: I’m at The Conway (Riverside). |Oi matey, this is posh Pontcanna (as you can tell from prices in Conway)

Sun May 30 19:03:24 @cardiffblogger  Costco multiple packs about 60p if memory serves him correctly

Sun May 30 17:36:38 RT @PlaidCymru: Bloggers4Plaid End The Coalition: UK Labour`s quisling  Lib-Plaid Cardiff | See my balanced(?) comment

Sun May 30 17:13:13 RT @dantyte: Just played with an iPad. Initial reaction: not feeling it | Try sticking hand in freezer before trying again 🙂

Sun May 30 17:12:14 UN advisor says fixed term vote date will be harmful in Scot and Wales as if not bleeding obvious (except to #ConDems)

Sun May 30 17:04:13 He’s got his iPad so that means masses of Appling chores for Me. Don’t get that at all. Dead jealous too.

Sun May 30 17:01:56 @jamieandlouise good old Delia to the rescue:  put mixture of grated parmesan and semolina flour in bag and shake ‘snips in before roasting

Sun May 30 12:11:04 He has installed App which causes iPad to self destruct if I touch it

Sun May 30 10:13:11 RT @libcon: Why David Laws had to go. Excellent comment: Laws gives catholic bigots/right wing homophobes ammunition

Sun May 30 04:41:20 What wd 6 million gallons of crude oil spill look like on Cardiff?  All S Wales, Bristol Channel, Somerset levels: dead.

Sun May 30 04:27:37 Sacked (ie un re elected) MP Lembit Opik says David Laws was subject of witch hunt Why blame others? He lied. Pays price.

Sat May 29 20:00:09 RT @JoshHalliday: RT @ruskin147: Times iPad app – £9.99 for 28 days even more expensive than web access which is £2 pw | Bye bye Murdoch

Sat May 29 19:15:29 Such a private relationship yet David Laws hosted House of Commons Dinner for his ‘partner’s” lobby firm it seems Nasty

Sat May 29 19:04:25 So the next time I get an ‘enquiry’ about my expenses from DWP can I just write “speak David Laws”? Can benefit cheats use it in pleading?

Sat May 29 18:32:56 via @KaschWilder: RT @torybear If Laws resigns so must Spelman, Letwin, Cameron and everyone else with dubious expense claim | Suits me fine

Sat May 29 18:31:15 Moderators having hard time on Nic Robinson’s blog What about the other guy – hidden, a relationship? I think not.

Sat May 29 09:37:15 Blake’s 7 is being repeated on BBC Radio7. iPlayer, iPhone and iElectricblanket – just one more episode, promise (off stage storing is new?)

Sat May 29 06:16:58 Problem Mr Laws is that you were defrauding the public hiding lover as well gives homophobic press a double whammy hammer

Sat May 29 06:11:32 .. at least no Radio Wales means I can take much needed pills without fear of slurred words on air ….

Sat May 29 06:10:15 The Beeb rings and gives me permission to return to bed. Breaking stories means I’m not required. Hope you didn’t tune in just to hear me 🙂

Sat May 29 05:42:48 Up sooooo early to go in to “Good Morning Wales to talk about pride in your city. Where’s my Cardiff Civic Society chairman’s hat?

Fri May 28 18:36:59 But another Welsh #ConDem fails to get Assembly seat by ‘buggins turn’ as new Tory MP Cairns hangs on to his seat.

Fri May 28 18:23:14 RT @bbcwales: News SE: Wife gets job as German made peer | Marital music chairs of #ConDems D’Oh!

Fri May 28 16:28:19 “Good Morning Wales” tomorrow @7.50ishto talk on “Pride in our City” as Cardiff Civic Society chair. Have nice things to say unusually!

Fri May 28 09:15:02 Wales CBI vacuous bleating to WAG just do the things we don’t want to finance like training and research then leave us be

Fri May 28 09:15:02 RT @danielheaf: RT @lifehacker Reinvent Your iPad or Other Tablet with Velcro Love it!

Fri May 28 08:50:02 Visa hurdles limit Britain’s experience of World Music Bad, stupid, sort it someone.

Fri May 28 08:30:02 RT @llef: Interesting: Male R4  reader states “3 prostitutes killed”, Radio Cymru “3 women killed” – female broadcaster on RCymru | Sack him

Fri May 28 08:19:41 #ConDems govt runs away from Questions Time Frightened of Dimbleby? Nah, Alastair Campbell! Scaredy pusses all …

Fri May 28 08:04:59 Pensioner in (not very) rural Wales faces £150,000 bill is she wants broadband Get real BT a satellite dish is cheaper

Thu May 27 21:20:35 #kpncardiff Cardiff PechaKucha went well, thanks for supportive tweets: supper after at Chai Street fab

Thu May 27 15:52:40 The Times has a new website. Great. Except you have to fill in pages of personal details before you can see the content. Bye bye Mr Murdoch.

Thu May 27 15:32:20 Application lodged for UWIC to build car parking on heritage registered Llandaff Fields, Cardiff

Thu May 27 11:59:04 It seems if you are on the waiting list for tonight’s PechaKucha at Chapter you may get a phone call – few returns. Otherwise full! Panic

Wed May 26 19:09:09 #cdfblogs  Sorry not to be there especially to hear about Vulcan (mail me news) Practising crutches 4 PechaKucha tomorrow @chaptertweets

Wed May 26 17:07:00 Welsh Educ Minister @LeightonAndrews robust analysis of HE worth reading: HE must be feeling it, ‘cos it’s well argued.

Wed May 26 16:58:54 RT @gomezadams: Leaving for the Cardiff Blogger event. See some of you there! | Sad that my knees keep me away!!

Wed May 26 13:49:52 RT @cardiffcouncil: Central Library celebrating 2 awards this week RIBA award for design and RICS for sustainability

Wed May 26 13:42:30 Only one business in Cardiff signs up to WAGs spend a penny (and get £200) scheme Come on!!!

Wed May 26 13:31:01 Sane, and important, stuff on polling dates as they affect Wales and Scotland I am beginning to suspect the #ConDems

Wed May 26 10:13:44 Minister in blunt attack on Welsh universities “last resting place of the chrachach”  – ‘one of’ would be more accurate

Wed May 26 10:08:46 Finding a workspace when on the move? Have kicked off Cardiff with Chapter – there are so many more ….

Wed May 26 07:52:47 Cardiff Parks get RHS Silver at Chelsea for Elfed Evans’ Cpt Scott Garden Congrats

Wed May 26 00:39:08 Former Nigerian President with appalling human rights record supports imprisonment of  Monjeza and Chimbalanga Cites God!

Tue May 25 19:55:02 RT @wiardsterk: @yourcardiff I don’t think there are any “best” cycle routes in Cardiff, only less bad ones. | D’Oh! Council thinks all fine

Tue May 25 19:40:02 RT @Jim_Jepps: Telegraph publish a picture of a guy killing himself as a ‘picture of the day’.  I’m not sure this is justified| No it’s not!

Tue May 25 19:11:39 My, trying to be civil on day one of new parliament, comment on David Cornock’s blog Wales is warned, colonialists r back

Tue May 25 17:53:32 Queen (or shd that be #ConDem?) kicks Wales in teeth over referendum and funding Perhaps Prince of Wales could intervene?

Tue May 25 17:43:36 RT @CardiffPlaces: Pecha-Kucha this Thursday at Chapter: – Anyone going? | Yes, speaking, and it’s full 😦

Tue May 25 17:33:43 How are Cardiff’s’ unique arcades fairing? Vital to the life of the city: council needs to be listening to their concerns

Tue May 25 17:29:58 Peter Liversidge exhibition preview at @Chaptertweets this Thursday how to fit in with PechaKutcha …?

Tue May 25 17:26:59 Wales (WAG) did good things on govt transparency:  will we adopt new UK govt plans esp on ICT, data and la contracting?

Tue May 25 15:49:30 #ConDems no plans to repeal #DEBill So much for fresh starts, new politics, rolling back onslaught on personal liberty

Tue May 25 15:44:24 Heritage minister claims that Ryder Cup will be worth £75M to Welsh economy who makes up these numbers?

Tue May 25 15:24:57 RT @cymruyfory: RT @davidcornock: David Cameron says Welsh referendum should be held “next year” | Give me one reason why delay? #ConDem

Tue May 25 10:07:14 Last Thurs’ knee op will not stop my class today, Creative Writing at the National Museum, Cardiff. Feedback from teacher due:  take apple.

Tue May 25 10:03:00 RT @GdnCardiff: Cardiff litter pick champions to be awarded in new Keep Wales Tidy initiative

Tue May 25 09:35:48 RT @Amanwy: I’m puzzled.  Why is Kevin Brennan backing Ed Balls?  ‘Cos he hasn’t got any, silly #DEBill

Tue May 25 09:32:04 Did you know that in the “wash-up” outgoing govt gave full FOI exemption to our beloved monarchy and sundry hangers-on?

Tue May 25 09:20:38 Final writing for Thursday’s PechaKutcha at Chapter Arts, Cardiff expounding on Cardiff, Cvic and Society

Tue May 25 05:36:47 UK Govt Cuts will hit arts hard even as DCMS spins. So why not chop Olympics now? Make, local, friendly, CHEAP AS CHIPS!

Mon May 24 20:25:43 RT @c_and_t: Arts Council England £19M cut.  Organisations to suffer.  Well done new Culture Secretary.  Well defended.

Mon May 24 16:42:52 Judicial review finds Inspector erred over wind farm planning rejection Developer considers options

Mon May 24 13:26:16 Thursday’s PechaKutcha at Chapter, Cardiff looming and filling up fast. Details Peter Cox is “Three Small Words”

Mon May 24 10:27:50 “it’s Wales they don’t do nuffin” illegal pkg Llandaff “I can afford it”

Mon May 24 09:08:44 Lovely slide show of RIBA Wales winners including @chaptertweeps

Mon May 24 09:00:40 Excellent sense on monarchy keep queen, rid us of monarchy. What’s not to agree with?

Mon May 24 08:35:21 John Hardy takes home BAFTA Cymru Award for Best Music third year in a row!! makes a total of FIVE: big congrats

Mon May 24 08:28:38 @jamieandlouise there’s always something to celebrate: of to nurse to have knee stitches out: say thanks 2 lovely staff CAVOC llandough hosp

Mon May 24 08:25:42 So now the govt of millionaires (inc. Clegg & Co) is going to tell us how to tighten our belts. Pass puke bucket.

Mon May 24 06:15:01 Today have knee dressings removed (self removing stitches apparently): normal life/Tweeting will resume: right leg in air  for while though!

Mon May 24 04:04:46 Me and Facebook just got divorced. Have to not speak or contact her for 14 days for decree absolute to come through. Counting down ….

Sun May 23 16:55:05 RT @chaptertweets: Off to #BAFTACymru awards. 3 of our tenants are nominated – John Hardy, Rough Collie & Earthfall | Good News No 2

Sun May 23 16:54:21 RT @CardiffBiz: RT @CardiffBluesSC: Final score: Toulon 21-28 Blues :-))) Good News No 1

Sun May 23 11:16:02 RT @guardiantech: Cory @Doctorow ‘s bright idea: Publish books free online  Challenging books, very challenging concept

Sat May 22 16:11:08 RT @simondyda: Wales has been relocated to the Mediterranean. | Yep, Global Warming, folks!

Sat May 22 16:09:43 RT @MattRosser: Local team loses game | as so eloquently put by a Cardiff player “gu’ed ye kno”, repeated. So now we know. Back to rugby.

Sat May 22 15:16:06 and even in bed in Pontcanna, Cardiff can hear the groans of a whole City – cheers seem to have subsided ….

Sat May 22 15:15:02 @GreatSociety64 Sadly, flat on back on bed – listened to half time score …..mmmmmm

Sat May 22 15:12:19 Leon Charles at The Old Library, Hayes, Cardiff until 6 June Celebrating Butetown in photos, film, painting

Sat May 22 15:09:17 @aliguana apparently, sadly, there appear to be Americans who DO think that Obama is some kind of  fascist: I think they need a dictionary!

Sat May 22 09:55:02 RT @RadCardiffNews: #Rumney Festival Sun 13th June Greenway Park Cardiff CF3 with #radiocardiff Assault course, fairground rides etc

Sat May 22 07:15:02 RT @todayspolitics: Newt Gingrich says comparing Obama administration to Nazi threat is pretty “reasoned and compelling.”

Sat May 22 07:05:02 Gets worse: Welsh MP condones (yes, condones) TORTURE Where do you start?… I know, Welsh language rights protestors ..

Sat May 22 06:55:01 RT @GreatSociety64: Cardiff City’s most important day has dawned #Bluebirds | Apparently capital city’s future depends on a ball and 11 men

Sat May 22 06:45:01 Yet more please for brdband invest. in Wales I’ve been doing so for at least 5 years, clearly not helped one jot/byte!

Sat May 22 06:35:42 Welsh LibDems find realpolitik and back track on support for Wales Even when you know it’s gonna happen, it still stinks!

Sat May 22 06:32:25 Much research on pain management emphasises continuous control (ie take pills on time) which is why up at 5am. It’s diff in hospital tho …

Sat May 22 06:19:35 Sad that we need it, but quite brilliant: development of App to help in stop/search can give +fdback to police and neg

Fri May 21 16:54:20 Accolades to staff in CAVOC day survey and Ward3 west Llandough Cardiff. Hard to believe same trust as UCHW, The Heath. Knees v large!!!

Thu May 20 06:06:30 Breaking hospital silence to congrat #chaptertweeps and architect Robert Sakula for RIBA Award

Wed May 19 12:39:53 Ok tweeps, knees jobby tomorrow so definitely slowing down. Thought of Tweeting live through op, but it’s probably bin done before .. so not

Tue May 18 19:28:09 RT @cardiffblogger: Why is the price of  coconut milk at Tesco St Mary Street 4x that of the rest of the world?£2.01! | ‘Cos they can, silly

Tue May 18 10:22:27 RT @Politics_Cymru: RT @OGarethHughes Nick Bourne says Autumn referendum unlikely blaming lack of work by previous Sec of State | Yeh, yeh!!

Tue May 18 10:14:37 Cardiff’s  new CEO wins job with ‘vision and drive’ Actually, we’ve had a lot too much vision and drive of the wrong sort

Tue May 18 09:58:57 RT @AmgueddfaCymru: National Roman Legion Museum – tonight 6 and 8pm: What did the Romans really do for us?Tickets £3 – (01633) 423134

Mon May 17 21:21:42 RT @aliguana: Gillan slags Hain off for referrendum stalling, then does the same thing herself. Bloody Tories. Can I riot now? | Riot away

Mon May 17 21:18:54 “The meeting also discussed the need to keep options open on the date of the referendum on further law making powers” Not Good At All. Fudge

Mon May 17 16:14:31 RT @thecardiffstory: Exhibition now showing: Beyond the Barrage: Tiger Bay, looking at the transformation of Cardiff Bay

Mon May 17 16:05:10 RT @GdnCardiff: Cameron in Cardiff So he didn’t c my #ConDem t-shirt. Shit

Mon May 17 16:01:52 RT @bbcwales: News SE: Ex-diplomat to chair arts centre | Now how did I miss the job Ad? It was … ?

Mon May 17 15:57:03 @Drywsdad wearing glasses?

Mon May 17 08:28:20 RT @GdnCardiff: Cardiff Rivers Group kick off Wales sustainability Week with a clean up of Hailey Park

Mon May 17 08:26:18 RT @stephenfry: Hard to believe but it’s real. Parking in the rear too | Go on laugh: it’s great

Mon May 17 08:24:13 RT @orangutans: Victory! Nestlé gives orang-utans a break! #kitkat #nestle | Big up for our primate mates!

Sun May 16 19:01:23 RT @ed_walker86: back in cardiff, good time back in london | There, we all missed you!!!

Sun May 16 18:54:57 1984 comes to Texas as State re-writes history to suit right-wing evangelicals How much more ignorant can America get?

Sun May 16 10:26:52 Churches in Wales need clergy before they all die out Time for a quick miracle to save the brand? Go on you’ve done it b4

Sun May 16 10:23:27 @Shazzy4ShNicky yes, and no. Try Swansea

Sun May 16 09:49:14 Ashdown joins LibDem backlash, but blames a Milliband ge2010 Looking like election pronto. Urghhhh

Sun May 16 09:42:42 And no5 top viewed NHS video? Carry on squirting ladies. Yes. No joke.

Sun May 16 09:30:29 Top viewed video on NHS is about Rape and sexual assault What on earth does that say?

Sun May 16 07:16:02 Missed in election brouhaha: Man arrested for Cameron/Wanker poster Met police cuffed him’to prevent breach of the peace”

Sat May 15 19:44:01 RT @stephenfry: A young friend has started this campaign – Already got a huge FB presence

Sat May 15 19:37:36 RT @philipmossop: Just spent a lovely afternoon with our new neighbours. Got me thinking: is community an important part of sustainability?

Sat May 15 12:30:26 #ConDem t-shirt strikes a chord in M&S Cardiff Biggest grin from security guard!

Sat May 15 10:17:44 CCS News: Chair to take part in 2nd Cardiff PechaKutcha – Peter Cox, chair of Cardiff Civic Society, is one of the …

Sat May 15 09:50:02 PechaKutcha slides for Chapter – all 20 – despatched. Now 20 secs of words in10 days: tickets going fast Mild panic about

Sat May 15 09:26:22 Looks all set for kneecaps flush out next week following pre-admin at Llandough. Hope means normal service will soon be resumed all fronts

Fri May 14 13:43:30 Congrats Only Men Aloud on Brit Award (Classical???) My interview with Tim Rhys Evans includes three great tracks

Fri May 14 13:38:02 Nic Clegg’s words @ 2008 conf “Will I ever join a Conservative government? No.” Fickle/liar/politician delete as approp.

Fri May 14 13:19:17 RT @philipmossop: Great pitch invasion from Chesterfield including wheelchair bound fans! Funny stuff Made my day!!

Fri May 14 13:11:14 Great article by Peter Finch on IWA blog re Bute Park my comments add info

Wed May 12 17:12:45 RT @davidcornock: Cheryl Gillan is new Welsh Secretary | As in Chesham and Amersham MP, England (I know, born in Wales etc etc)

Wed May 12 17:09:21 Wordles of Cameron and Clegg Clegg’s GOVERNMENT shows want he wanted above all else!

Wed May 12 14:30:39 RT @LGBTLabour: Who voted against equal age of consent, against gay adoption, for S28, against lesbian fertility rts? Meet Theresa May

Wed May 12 11:24:14 RT @TomosL: Hain not running for Labour leadership | So, there’s some good news about, was hoping he’d quietly disappear

Wed May 12 11:12:39 More detail (well, not really) on B bus replacement for Cardiff and my despairing comment on lack of transport policy

Wed May 12 11:04:21 Theresa May Minister for Equality. Novel idea. Check out voting record here Not the worst Tory, but far from good enough

Wed May 12 10:45:22 Tweet joke (poor one at that) costs £2,000 and criminal record Plus scandalous waste of police and CPS time: a disgrace

Wed May 12 10:33:18 RT @cardiffblogger: Just had calls from @yourCardiff and @GdnCardiff re the Free B Bus service – Cardiff CC are to scrap it!

Wed May 12 10:32:20 #ConDem I didn’t vote for this: did you? T-Shirts artwork as png (white trs)  here free for use …

Wed May 12 08:14:42 RT @aliguana: @peterdcox Depends. Most (non Libs or Tories) use #ConDem . Has a nice ring to it, and is possibly prophetic | Yep, that’s it!

Wed May 12 08:09:35 RT @Drywsdad: Riverside/Pontcanna Pact meeting tonight are you coming ?

Wed May 12 05:00:02 Cardiff LibDems/Conservative website remarkably quiet re co-alition Not normally so reticent @rodneyberman

Wed May 12 00:02:22 Do we agree short hand for co-alition is #LibDemCon?

Tue May 11 23:49:41 Today’s Guardian editorial: simply the worst I have ever read in the Guardian. Shallow, squalid, self-serving, shameful. What to read now?

Tue May 11 20:58:45 RT @civic_voice: RT @paulleman: 2010 & UK gov’s planning portal not usable via firefox or macs | Simply unacceptable

Tue May 11 20:41:39 RT @Adrian1Robson: So there we have it. A Lib Con coalition. Hope its better than the 2004-8 Cardiff Lib Con understanding! | Hear Hear!!

Tue May 11 20:40:37 RT @egrommet: RT @lofthouse1982: first la roux, then ashes to ashes, now a tory government. this 80s revival shit has gone too far

Tue May 11 15:41:45 Sighted in Cardiff opp New Theatre: a B bus!!! Too rapid for picture

Tue May 11 10:07:49 Cardiff voted for Lab/LibDem co-alition apparently …

Tue May 11 10:03:43 @stephenfry Wikipedia says you should be 14 then!

Mon May 10 19:54:01 RT @todayspolitics: Gordon Brown Resigns as UK Prime Minister! #politics | News to me, no he hasn’t (not for a while)

Mon May 10 16:38:31 RT @KaschWilder: Gordon Brown fell on the knife to protect a progressive society. Hero.

Mon May 10 16:18:17 Watching Brown statement. For once he looks like a prime minister. Sad it took so long. But he’s finally done the right thing.

Mon May 10 16:13:40 Horror of putting Tories in power is sinking in to LibDems. What took so long? Well done, Gordon!

Mon May 10 16:08:58 Cardiff Council starts waste clean up in Riverside, followed by Zero Tolerance That means £100 fines

Mon May 10 15:58:18 Roath Basin development for media industries consultation started details: Online questionnaire

Mon May 10 12:14:46 Anyone know what the iPad prices are for students?

Mon May 10 11:46:55 Cardiff Central would fall to Labour if LibDems pursue pact withTories just one of 15 seats on the line for Clegg!

Mon May 10 11:27:52 Echo confirms Cardiff Council Leaders Tweet to me that Eisteddfod not to use Pontcanna Fields Now we need permanent site

Mon May 10 11:21:57 BBC says secret Lab/LibDem talks have been happening. Just like in Wales. Press is so focussed on one outcome it’s lost the plot (as Wales!)

Mon May 10 11:14:58 Majority 43% Facebook poll (843,664 votes) want LibDem/Lab coalition. 24% Tory/LibDems. 33% reelection: LibDem slaughter

Mon May 10 07:48:32 52K so far – needs 100K – signatures for Fair Votes Sign now, tomorrow will definitely be too late.

Sun May 09 19:36:57 Worried about the Clegg selling out on PR? Get on the line to Lib Dem central office. | Local LibDems doing just that!

Sun May 09 19:22:45 Stephen Fry, bless him dearly, says it all so much better than me: and you’d best believe him, ‘cos he’s horribly spot on

Sun May 09 19:09:23 Building costs force council to drop plans for new HQ and promote hot-desking and home working 20yrs late, but good!!

Sun May 09 19:06:32 My admiration for Shirley Williams continues unabated: Just make her PM even if she doesn’t want to!

Sun May 09 11:42:20 What music to play for Florence Nightingale’s birthday? Any ideas? Please ….

Sun May 09 11:27:45 RT @TheHoursBrecon: Hope Con/Lib talks fail-love the prospect of Cons in opposition to rainbow of socialists, liberals, nats and hippies!

Sun May 09 11:24:09 RT @aliguana: RT @heddgwynfor: 108 Seats in Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. Total number of Tory seats? 9! NO MANDATE HERE! #ukelection

Sun May 09 10:13:35 Radio Glamorgan to broadcast Florence Nightingale birthday service at UWHC @ 2.30. I’m doing wrap round 2-4pm. Tweet requests

Sun May 09 10:07:30 RT @MattRosser: The BBC has revealed the set it can afford to use if another General Election is called this year.

Sat May 08 18:03:10 RT @RadCardiffNews: Roath Village Fete, Shelley Gardens, Shakespeare St (off City Road), Cardiff – it’s a village in the city! Sun 12-4pm

Sat May 08 17:54:37 RT @JoshHalliday: RT @The_MediaBlog: What have Kay Burley and Rupert Murdoch ever done to deserve this? | Irony surely

Sat May 08 17:52:44 When is a gym membership ‘No annual contract’ when the 6 months minimum is hidden in the T&C’s Disingenuous DWSports!

Sat May 08 16:39:06 Didn’t take long to get on YouTube  #SackKayBurley  as Sky takes an unnatural break. Murdoch must love this!!

Sat May 08 16:07:33 RT @tonytrainor: LOL @SkyNews cut its live coverage after Billy Bragg & Co shouted #SackKayBurley & #WatchtheBBC for her biased reporting

Sat May 08 16:05:51 Just love the hashtag – and a v good message too #DontConDemUsNick  Is he up to real politics our Cleggo or just slippery power?

Sat May 08 15:47:37 RT @chris_g39: Bedwyr Williams’ chessboards in Cardiff vandalised, spotted by @wiardsterk | Nasty.

Sat May 08 15:45:42 RT @Drywsdad: there are 2 eggs under all that (@Drywsdad) | We lived to regret it too!

Sat May 08 15:43:00 @aliguana remind @cardiffbloger that more people voted against the Tories than for them. And they have no mandate in Wales, NI or Scotland.

Sat May 08 12:17:13 RT @joniayn: Semi naked lifeguards in front of the new Hollister, complete with zinc noses. | Opp Apple Store eh?

Sat May 08 12:12:42 PACT (Partnerships and Communities Together) meeting 7.30 Wed 12th Riverside Cty Centre, Brunel Street : covers Pontcanna and Riverside

Sat May 08 12:04:10 Get back in the saddle? Cycling courses for grown ups Maindy and Taff Trail

Sat May 08 11:56:36 As Vaughan Roderick points out Tories have a 100 seat majority over Lab in England. Time for devolution for England! Bye.

Sat May 08 11:46:52 Official launch of SE Wales LETS – 7.30 tomorrow (Sunday) St Pauls Grangetown. Good luck all

Sat May 08 10:19:32 Tell the LibDems what you think about Electoral reform and how he should stand firm

Sat May 08 09:59:21 RT @openDemocracy: Clegg’s options – a decision tree, Tony Curzon Price | So Clegg has to sup with a devil whatever!

Sat May 08 09:47:02 So, Wales, Scotland and NI all vote comprehensively anti-tory. But LibDems want to prop up a right-wing govt for UK. So much for a fair vote

Fri May 07 20:08:13 RT @CllrJohnDixon: Fair to say that a formal deal with Conservatives isn’t terrifically popular at the moment | So, the LibDems face reality

Fri May 07 20:06:35 @tyolaf link to your website doesn’t work

Fri May 07 18:05:13 Best result/prediction: Seats:Cons 1st, then Labour, Libs. Gains for PC. Formal Lab LD coalition for 2 sessions | got Plaid wrong, next bit?

Fri May 07 14:13:15 It took Wales 3 weeks to write a clear, binding agreement between Lab/Plaid: it’ll take longer with the slippery LibDems. Patience.

Fri May 07 14:11:21 Conservative Liberals killed the SDP: Cameron seeks to return the compliment by splitting the LibDems. Cool move. Bye bye Cleggmania.

Fri May 07 13:51:20 RT @tanyamercer: will cameron’s offer to clegg for a committee on elctoral reform be enough? | Definition committee: kick into long grass

Fri May 07 13:50:03 @TheHoursBrecon when I was presiding officer at a polling station we provided pencils

Fri May 07 08:45:06 RT @Drywsdad: Last day of the holiday diet restarts tomorrow Ok. Brecwast iawn eto!

Thu May 06 17:25:07 @TheHoursBrecon Technically it’s a spoilt vote: if all the agents and counting officer agree intention is clear then it can be counted

Thu May 06 17:18:58 and this is the fabulous design blanket that had come off the looms at Melin Teifi A credit to Wales

Thu May 06 17:12:29 Fab Welsh wool shirt from Melin Teifi which is on the site of the National Wool Museum. Must visit if in West wales

Thu May 06 17:07:18 Men don’t understand that they have to get a good fit apparently we all think we’re XXL or Magnum. Mmmm

Thu May 06 10:41:32 Nice remake of nasty Sun front page Wish was at home wd put up!!

Thu May 06 10:01:26 @yourcardiff It’s not rocket science to change a template to put RSS link on every index page: so why not just let the user choose? Web2???

Thu May 06 09:41:30 @queenbeedub UHWC better in 2010 March than 2008 (ghastly). Don’t know if this was chance or general improvement. Find out 20th May!!!

Thu May 06 09:37:40 @cardiffcouncil RSS – why not any index/page eg Executive meeting papers, planning apps, minutes etc? Let user choose, you don’t hv to guess

Thu May 06 09:30:37 RT @badjournalism: The Mail’s moral high ground somewhat undermined by an unfortunate ad placement –

Thu May 06 06:13:49 OK, so we’re away for election day in glorious W Wales, but have to face the aftermath in Cardiff tomorrow!  It’ll be bad, whatever

Wed May 05 18:41:39 Best result/prediction: Seats, Cons 1st, then Labour, Libs. Gains for PC in Wales. Formal Lab LD coalition for two sessions to bring in STV

Wed May 05 15:06:37 West Wales has gone all wet and misty on us after five days sunshine! Get it together Brockway! Sun, sharpish, if not sooner.

Wed May 05 10:00:15 @cardiffblogger nothing. Sadly?

Wed May 05 09:58:26 RT @WalesHome: New on @WalesHome: The leaders’ debates were bad democracy and worse TV.  Spot on analysis IMHO

Wed May 05 09:46:03 RT @libcon: Have the Tories leant on BBC & C4 to drop “gay exorcism” story? Hope not but guess it’s likely!

Wed May 05 09:35:57 RT @AssemblyWales: National Assembly to host event aimed at getting young people voting: ??? Timing

Wed May 05 07:11:57 One full day to go.  Time to put Wales first. This election – Think Wales. Think Plaid. #plaidcymru (via @m0gs)

Tue May 04 17:56:02 Brains say Vulcan pub in Cardiff to remain open

Tue May 04 17:43:39 Where I live I have the power of 0.1 votes. See your result at #GE2010 #VPI !!!!! That’s shite, isn’t it?

Tue May 04 13:43:52 RT @caebrwyn: WalesOnline – CardiffOnline – Cardiff news – Miliband backing for campaign to protect reservoir:

Tue May 04 09:03:40 Indycube opens in Cardiff. Just the kind of new business model that needs encouragement.

Tue May 04 08:56:11 RT @RWCMD: Congrats Cory Band: three-in-a-row European champions! Knew you’d do it – | More Wales blowing its trumpet!!

Tue May 04 08:51:48 Congrats to animation students at Uni Wales, Newport for two nominations in Royal TV Society Awards. Announcement Friday – Gd luck all

Mon May 03 09:49:07 Finished Martha, Jac a Sianco in translation but why, oh why anglicise the names? #Parthian Gt book for W Wales holiday!

Mon May 03 06:38:14 RT @davidcornock: Read my take on the Welsh debate #walesdebates | Dire, turned off. Ban tv from politics.

Mon May 03 06:31:45 Cameron claims there’ll be a ‘gay charter’ (that lets him keep homphobe candidates? Right, yeh!)

Sun May 02 14:34:06 RT @Cardiff_Blogger: Philippa Stroud is NOT a homophobe | and this isn’t a beach?

Sun May 02 14:05:27 New Quay Traeth Bistro any good? We’ll never know. Bank holiday Sun, kitchen closes 2.30 deserted by 2.50 Tourists go hungry!!

Sun May 02 09:25:27 RT @inwales: WALES’ first minister this week officially opened a Monmouth primary school said to be Britain’s greenest.

Sun May 02 09:24:38 @aliguana Not even a double-bluffing Daily Mail cd make me even a tiny bit sympathetic towards Cameron. Thatcher in drag, more dangerous

Sun May 02 07:18:41 RT @Cardiff_Blogger: Daily Mail thinks that Cameron won’t last 5 years. They think that the Tory right will overthrow him. | DM never wrong!

Sat May 01 19:34:28 RT @rodneyberman: @peterdcox On your last point would actually agree. They asked to come back to Pontcanna Fields on reg basis & we said no.

Sat May 01 16:00:29 Pontcanna Fields re-open after Eisteddfod – at last – suggestions they look elsewhere for next visit to Cardiff

Sat May 01 15:56:02 RT @lockylive: Does anyone know why the boats at roath park are not open on a bank hol not opening until may 29th? | Cardiff Council cuts!

Sat May 01 15:53:23 Just caught up with excellent Guardian Cardiff coverage of Cardiff Civic Society Election Forum

Sat May 01 12:56:07 Flat battery while waiting for Barley Sat parade

Sat May 01 08:31:16 It’s barley Saturday in Cardigan today Horses, not politicians. great