March 2010 Archive Tweets

Wed Mar 31 17:22:48 RT @urbanrealm: A community land buyout approved by ministers for Bute, islanders have 2find £1.4m (The ‘real’  Bute!)

Wed Mar 31 17:11:29 Bute Parks – YouTube posted tv clip about Cardiff Council and public consultation also Guardian blog

Wed Mar 31 14:43:44 @KevinBrennanMP Send me a CD and I’ll guarantee airplay on Radio Glamorgan (see for address etc)

Wed Mar 31 14:07:11 @Hypercelt Accepted. Not sure I am happy about least bad approach to Grade 1 Listed Building though – it’s already stressed by overuse

Wed Mar 31 14:04:10 Blue Badge holders will be charged for close to terminal drop off at Cardiff Airport under new plans Very Bad Idea Indeed

Wed Mar 31 13:58:38 Boosterism-upping Cardiff Bay (No we didn’t all drown or die of typhus, some think what we got might be worse …)

Wed Mar 31 13:51:27 RT @c_and_t: Paul and Max asking their big question: | Practice writing/spelling by the looks of it <G>

Wed Mar 31 13:47:12 Are there any particularly Welsh traditions surrounding Easter (non religious especially) – want an item/interview for Friday’s show

Wed Mar 31 13:02:36 Cardiff Council Executive – abandoning Lamby Way food processing plant and continuing to send lorries to Derbyshire

Wed Mar 31 12:53:21 Cardiff Council Executive recommended to commit to 20% carbon reduction by 2020

Wed Mar 31 12:46:59 @carolynpugsley Thanks for the follow – you get all sorts from me ….. you might consider following @cardiffcivicsoc

Tue Mar 30 21:53:36 Dog won’t miss analogue TV – he (like all dogs) can’t see it. Digital is good though …

Tue Mar 30 21:42:23 WAG approves Cardiff Council’s application for lift in Listed Castle

Tue Mar 30 12:43:30 Member of an organisation concerned about Cardiff’s heritage or its future? Cardiff Partnerships kick-off details

Tue Mar 30 10:56:52 Only 12 hours left to watch BBC Wales’ indictment of Cardiff’s council Download to watch later. Don’t miss it.

Mon Mar 29 22:04:24 RT @philipmossop: The World’s First Zero Carbon City not Cardiff then

Mon Mar 29 16:30:09 Ofcom gets tough over Internet speeds well, maybe, soon, sometime, perhaps …..

Mon Mar 29 14:26:23 Fake iMac discovered in Carrefour, Calais half price joke?

Sun Mar 28 09:03:31 Cologne is over, off to Boulogne ready for late ferry tomorrow (via carrefour of course ..) let’s not even think about M25

Sun Mar 28 09:00:46 Apple sold out of iPads: Sorted, can’t buy one. Decision!!!

Sun Mar 28 08:10:02 RT @todayspolitics: Video- Heckler roughed up at Palin/McCain rally #politics | not just UK politicians who hit people

Sun Mar 28 06:56:47 Love this Raves and Rants, especialy this example #microsoft

Sun Mar 28 06:51:24 Review of Hotel Coellner Hof, Cologne pretty damn good – last days of holiday now looming

Sat Mar 27 22:24:48 RT @cardiffblogger: Anyone who doesn’t know about the “Bute Park fiasco” should watch this from about 04:45 in. | Tx

Sat Mar 27 22:18:43 #earthhour Cologne Cathedral went dark Sadly, no big demo – our candles were wasted, but good intent

Sat Mar 27 22:15:31 Art installation in Cologne pic artist   Tobias Becker great find

Sat Mar 27 22:12:18 #earthhour Bravo Hilton Hotel Cologne for this

Sat Mar 27 16:04:17 @l_ninjo Cheers – looks like the Dom in  darkness for Earth Hour then!!!

Sat Mar 27 16:01:36 looks like Cologne is going dark for Earth Hour We’ll be at Dom probably. What’s happening in Cardiff then?

Sat Mar 27 15:20:05 Been to Bruhl just south of Cologne Amazing OTT Baroque

Sat Mar 27 07:47:48 #Köln ok, peeps, what to do on this bright Saturday morning? Markets, flea or otherwise? Can’t find anything via Google. Help us visitors!

Fri Mar 26 18:28:23 RT @rodneyberman: RT @cardiffcouncil – Olympian Amy Williams at Cardiff International White Water. Opens to public 27/03.

Fri Mar 26 18:26:45 Cologne Ludwig Museum caught up with Richard Hamilton picture I photographed him with long time ago!

Fri Mar 26 10:30:02 RT @JoshHalliday: RT @BeauBodOr: Bloggers. From June, block ip range to protect content from News International.

Fri Mar 26 10:02:43 Cologne raining after last night’s false summer! Sounds like a Wellness day coming up (after shopping/culture/foood)

Fri Mar 26 09:02:59 @GdnCardiff Thanks for live Cardiff Council coverage. Up to speed in when in Cologne! Tweet power rules

Fri Mar 26 08:25:16 Ok, so it’s by Penguin books, but that doesn’t make it bad viral commentary:  Love it!

Fri Mar 26 08:15:39 Unbelievable (like God?): original documents of one US Catholic priest’s abuse Handwritten psyhc’s report chilling

Thu Mar 25 21:29:35 RT @yourcardiff: cardiff civic society being praised by cllr cook for their response to ldp #cdfcouncil @cardiffcivicsoc

Thu Mar 25 21:21:33 @ed_walker86 I’ve been following. Council tweets in Cologne pub  . Sad

Thu Mar 25 19:04:12 RT @wmjohn: RT Cardiff Council is to formally ask for local development plan to be withdrawn #cdfcouncil /via @yourcardiff

Thu Mar 25 19:02:25 RT @yourcardiff: rodney berman says he wouldn’t take any pay rise #cdfcouncil result?

Thu Mar 25 16:45:08 Cardiff Partnerships – still time to attend kick off meeting. Details

Wed Mar 24 20:37:06 £175,000 for Cardiff Council CEO must be good at Local Development Plans

Wed Mar 24 15:45:10 Cameron and gay rights, muddle, confusion, and halted interview Well that makes it clear what/who to vote for

Wed Mar 24 15:08:43 Spillers tshirt spotted on Chris in Brussels bar. Rock on

Wed Mar 24 14:32:42 Echo discovers Cardiff spent £300,000 on abortive Local Development Plan consultants no indication of ‘staff’ costs

Wed Mar 24 11:35:02 @GdnCardiff has got going on last night’t tv programme with Tweet analysis – have commented

Wed Mar 24 10:45:01 RT @joniayn: RT @huwthomas Rodney Berman never heard of the Cardiff Civic Society. #wiwo <-How has he missed @peterdcox? or @CardiffCivicSoc

Wed Mar 24 10:19:55 Watch BBC’s Cardiff planning programme Maybe Berman knows what Cardiff Civic Society is now!

Tue Mar 23 17:07:48 Best teashop in the world shame it’s in Brussels

Tue Mar 23 12:35:04 Member of an organisation concerned about Cardiff’s built heritage of its planned future? Cardiff Partnerships details

Tue Mar 23 10:16:48 New Blog: Alice in Wonderland hole digging – I thought a primary rule of politics was to stop digging when you are …

Tue Mar 23 08:11:34 RT @wmjohn: Lets build another hotel Why? #Cardiff | ‘Cos my thingy is bigger than your’s, silly!

Tue Mar 23 08:01:40 RT @GdnCardiff: Oh dear. RT @Foomandoonian: Another ‘Near miss’ from @virginmedia:

Mon Mar 22 15:15:10 Seems my blog on LDP excuses remarkably prescient Sometimes one is allowed to point this out, modestly of course.

Mon Mar 22 14:02:25 Cardiff Local Development Plan scrapped: Report says Inspectors fail to provide solutions and changed situation.

Mon Mar 22 13:24:44 Dog poo in Tervuren Belgium worse than Pontcanna, Cardiff. Shit

Mon Mar 22 09:45:03 Bute Parks features in BBC investigation Tuesday 10.35pm

Sun Mar 21 23:55:03 Losing green space, building flats: my take on BBC Wales Tuesday 10.35pm

Sun Mar 21 13:50:03 Starbucks and Stadiums: BBC investigates Cardiff planning Tuesday 10.35pm

Sat Mar 20 07:41:16 Byebye tweets. Off to foreign lands so likely to be interupted service. Can’t afford data roaming!!!!

Sat Mar 20 06:05:03 Before we leave UK big thanks to Louise @jamieandlouise for judging Radio Glamorgan Awards . And no, I didn’t win

Sat Mar 20 06:00:08 Pontcanna vandals threaten holiday by ripping off wiper – luckily rear one. 101 takes grumpy call

Fri Mar 19 20:27:04 @drywsdad just had the winning horse. Mad way to raise funds for Radio Glamorgan

Fri Mar 19 13:35:02 Next Monday!! Environmental awareness for communities, free Cardiff event incs “Age of Stupid” and lunch

Fri Mar 19 12:22:45 Going to miss next week’s BBC Cardiff exposé, so here are my, strictly personal, anticipatory thoughts

Fri Mar 19 10:46:24 Cardiff Partners – a new Cardiff Civic Society action to link like minded groups across Cardiff Kick off details

Fri Mar 19 10:08:19 Brilliant George Monbiot lecture at Pierhead now online He proposes a carbon negative Wales. Well worth an hour

Fri Mar 19 07:29:21 Today Radio Glamorgan Awards and Race Night: all welcome 7.00 St Fagan’s Cricket Club £7.5 includes buffet

Thu Mar 18 13:59:33 Mapping portal shows Cardiff Council services around an address but selecting a planning application doesn’t show details

Thu Mar 18 07:17:47 Thought #kitkat and #Nestle nasty tricks would be trending by now – Do not look at advert before breakfast!

Wed Mar 17 22:26:51 BBC Wales next week: Cardiff’s growth development plans (non plan actually) under the spotlight Tuesday 22.35

Wed Mar 17 22:15:20 RT @greenpeaceuk: my open letter to @nestle PR department re: getting our video pulled off youtube is here – AMustRead

Wed Mar 17 13:25:40 Stunning, breathtaking, innovative, useful, want-it-now, the Design of the Year Don’t say “it’s just a plug”! NOW PSE

Wed Mar 17 10:44:50 @JoshHalliday more than you might imagine: still need to do a check though if using for print: great for editing sound/video

Wed Mar 17 10:42:14 How migrants made Wales: Tom Fowler Great writing, compelling arguments, distressing conclusions.

Wed Mar 17 10:02:29 RT @capturecardiff: Cardiff Business Online set to connect local Welsh businesses when it launches at the end of March

Wed Mar 17 10:00:04 @JoshHalliday Transcription: I use these people – brill no connection btw!!

Wed Mar 17 09:51:20 Comment on latest council (non)proposals for buses at Cardiff Central Station The LDP failure will mean more like this

Wed Mar 17 08:06:22 RT @yourcardiff: pontprennau pact meeting raised some interesting questions about phoning 101 service and service received | Not alone there

Tue Mar 16 20:42:55 What is it that makes the Vegetarian Food Studio so very good? The food, stupid. (And a non diet day, woopeeee)

Tue Mar 16 15:20:02 Govt rejects petition to make Press Complaints Council public body “self-regulation not statutory” Surprise, not.

Tue Mar 16 14:43:43 Next year’s community building grants- how to apply now online Tx @GdnCardiff

Tue Mar 16 10:37:19 RT @horatiomo: Pedicure booked for tomorrow | Fear not, my man has them all the time, beats horny heels under the duvet

Tue Mar 16 10:35:01 RT @aliguana: Carwyn: no referrendum date before the General Election. bugger | Worse than, lazy, leadership cop out, electoral wimping!

Tue Mar 16 10:20:02 Maybe we should be glad not getting highspeed trains: useful article for those wanting real transport infrastructure

Tue Mar 16 09:55:12 £200M data centre opens this week near Newport 70K sqm – that’s huge. Good business for Wales

Tue Mar 16 09:29:08 Massive drop in passengers using Cardiff Airport CWL Needs more carriers, better facilities, and more Welsh!

Tue Mar 16 09:22:10 Vnice YouTube channel has Artes Mundi piece gd stuff

Tue Mar 16 09:17:11 Architects Journal leads on Robert Sakula’s #Chapter refurb – great for architecture, great for Wales

Mon Mar 15 19:15:41 PACT meeting in Pontcanna now above Cinnamon Tree cos filming in hall overrunning

Mon Mar 15 18:32:36 Pontcanna PACT at 7pm St Catherine’s Hall, Kings Road tonight.

Mon Mar 15 15:13:50 Excellent, belated, coverage of George Monbiot’s Pierhead, Cardiff session calling for carbon negative Wales Bring it on

Mon Mar 15 15:06:11 RT @canonf4: Found a bit of Bute park the council haven’t covered in Tarmac or a bridge. #simplepleasures

Mon Mar 15 15:04:32 CardiffCivicSociety AGM 18.00 12 April 2010  ECO Home Centre, Canton CF11 9EH Join to get involved

Mon Mar 15 15:01:09 RT @WoiC: Cardiff’s Mardi Gras set for September 4th: | Glad it’s back!

Sun Mar 14 16:52:32 @rodneyberman Ok: Cardiff waste caddies lovely, we use ours. Transporting waste bad. Recycling compost to community wd b good too. No pops.

Sun Mar 14 09:15:02 RT @todayspolitics: China releases report on U.S Human Rights record 2009! Pretty shocking stuff. #politics | Ouch!

Sun Mar 14 09:10:02 Pope is ‘victim’ of sex abuse cover-up plot in Germany says his spokesman. That’s pedophilia sorted then. Back to bed.

Sun Mar 14 08:50:01 This week’s poster art “I Want You”

Sun Mar 14 08:34:16 Nice new car’s engine stalls at lights everytime: campaigning for immediate recall by Mitsubishi What’s with modern cars?

Sun Mar 14 08:10:02 @rodneyberman Agreed, Council’s waste caddy doesn’t smell but sending contents 160 miles in lorries stinks. Half a cheer.

Sun Mar 14 04:25:02 Senior US Repub leader’s nude hot tub dip with teenager (25 years ago!) gets standing ovation as he resigns. Really?

Sun Mar 14 03:14:20 Read report of Obama’s remarkable speech on homosexuality Then see homophobic backlash in the comments below it and weep.

Sat Mar 13 20:47:03 @SionTudur we’re to drunk to be here: too drunk to tweet literately too it seems <G>

Sat Mar 13 19:56:33 OK so Cardiff’s free compost bin isn’t sexy. Try these Green, cool and big. What’s not to like?

Sat Mar 13 19:19:57 120,000 people order something they have never seen or touched and rack Apple $75M on day one Unbelievable? No, an #iPad

Sat Mar 13 19:18:02 @cardiffblogger chips need a mandolin v expns. Gets used as much as fish kettle ie rarely, but when it is indispensable.

Sat Mar 13 11:35:50 RT @audioBoo A first inconsequential Boo Just to prove that’s it’s as stupidly simple as they say. Good

Fri Mar 12 20:16:03 Good investigative story on Cardiff Councillors’ travel claims: Why did it take FOI enquiry to get the data?@ciaranjones1

Fri Mar 12 20:09:03 @joniayn don’t get used to being a toff – never lasts (unless you are banker that is)

Fri Mar 12 20:07:11 @aligoldsworthy Not sure RodneyBerman casts light on what he actually gets now and whether he/other councillors – will get a pay rise or not

Fri Mar 12 17:00:56 Survived attack by crazed radiographer for spinal jab now supping Redbush in Chapter. Wtg for 1in10000 infection to take hold.

Fri Mar 12 14:53:22 @aligoldsworthy lol: Blonde though, that’s not questionable! I usually blame MPB when in truth it’s BBC (work it out ..) pic clue ..

Fri Mar 12 12:57:03 @aligoldsworthy aah! I read it that the ‘band’ was being dropped – but the article isn’t clear. Thinks he’s in line for big hike though.

Fri Mar 12 12:07:55 @aligoldsworthy Hence: “entitled to”, “can decide”, “could decline”. All future tense.You saying they/he won’t? You know something we don’t?

Fri Mar 12 12:05:05 WalesOnLine with sheds outside Castle coverage comments have started.

Fri Mar 12 11:51:01 Cardiff Council Leader entitled to pay hike to £63,001 Council can decide not to, or he could decline rise – my guess is

Fri Mar 12 11:41:13 Todays is spinal root block day: 60% get relief for chronic back pain, so 40% don’t. And a tiny number get paralysed. Odds someone?

Thu Mar 11 18:09:56 @fraserspeirs MacBook – bought non branded which has been fine (not as nicely made, but hey, it’s power)

Thu Mar 11 15:37:23 Seems all tickets have gone for #cdfblogs meet tonight so no free drink. Surely with a wrinklies bus pass I qualify?

Thu Mar 11 15:33:11 @yourcardiff don’t know why this comes to mind .. something about long spoons …. maybe it was barge poles .. or …

Thu Mar 11 15:19:35 Guardian local blogger covers sheds story I personally vouch for the accuracy of the sunbathing quote!

Thu Mar 11 13:29:18 There’s good: no need to learn new Welsh words for “High Speed Train” ‘cos it doesn’t exist Sold down the line again!

Thu Mar 11 13:26:46 RT @aliguana: Wales losing out on Olympics : – “No you’re not! We’ll build a big telly in Cardiff  to watch it on”.

Thu Mar 11 10:43:04 Draig coch as a door mat! Is this a good thing? Dog poo shoes on our national heritage? I think not (only 10 quid though)

Thu Mar 11 10:07:07 @joniayn and dye rather than die I think – what’s the use of spellcheckers if they don’t think?

Thu Mar 11 10:05:13 CABE/English Heritage report lack of investment in training/recruitment in green space sector Parks – Cinderella service

Thu Mar 11 09:01:15 @joniayn felted green knitted scarf? die it red and send to @jamieandlouise for her mega scarf – she’d never know!! (as long as 7in wide)

Wed Mar 10 18:37:14 Compelling arguments by SNP/Plaid about exclusion from BBC election debate BBC politically compromised

Wed Mar 10 18:28:20 CCS News: Chair votes to keep unauthorised sheds – At Cardiff Planning meeting today the casting vote of the chair …

Wed Mar 10 16:39:42 Chair casts vote in favour of Cardiff retaining previously unauthorised portacabins outside Castle using selected Cadw quote to justify. Bad

Wed Mar 10 09:00:50 GuardianCardiff blogs on portacabins story here Good that it’s getting the coverage it deserves @GdnCardiff

Mon Mar 08 17:36:54 Catholic school bans re-enrollment of student ‘cos parents are gay Other parents, thankfully (thank god?), protest

Mon Mar 08 14:17:46 Tweeting bloggers banned by Tameside Council Apart from being self-evidently stupid, not at all sure it’s legal

Mon Mar 08 14:04:19 SNP challenges BBC FOI refusal over election hustings Perhaps Plaid should also

Mon Mar 08 13:58:20 Self control doesn’t seem to be working as PACT meeting degenerates DepLeader McEvoy trades insults with ex- councillor

Sun Mar 07 21:26:51 @ciaranjones1 gargle with brandy (it relieves pain so ideal if you have a public speaking engagement and makes you feel better).

Sun Mar 07 14:17:18 CCS News: Policy and design criteria not met – Cardiff Civic Society has formally objected to plans by a developer …

Sun Mar 07 12:44:55 Apparently, Royal Mail has registered as a trade mark the colour red. So it says on its adverts. Interesting or just absurd?

Fri Mar 05 22:18:39 George Monbiot urges Wales to be the first carbon negative country in the world: quite a challenge

Fri Mar 05 18:32:25 Success for campaign to keep rare books in Cardiff and sale by Council avoided

Fri Mar 05 10:45:02 Brilliant poster warning of the dangers of showering with sodomites Yes, that is what I wrote … ? where from originally

Fri Mar 05 10:24:28 Spot on: IWA blog on regeneration in the valleys Share power, give up command and control. Turkeys, vote for xmas!!

Thu Mar 04 14:15:58 Cardiff Planning Officers to propose retention of Cardiff Castle portacabins: report here Mtg next Wednesday: more later

Thu Mar 04 07:00:49 You couldn’t make it up: Pailn and entourage “like locusts” when Oscar freebies up for grabs

Wed Mar 03 19:45:39 Lasting memory of Michael Foot: leading, with walking stick, the closure march from Penallta Colliery 1/11/1991 Great man

Wed Mar 03 19:37:53 @aliguana As one who uses three browsers on a Mac I am v happy that it keeps them all updated for me. Chrome is nice at the moment ..

Wed Mar 03 19:35:07 Minister launches new woodlands plan today More town trees reduce flooding and improve environment. Bring it on

Wed Mar 03 19:10:12 Cardiff Civic Society adds a “Your Voice” page for instant debate

Tue Mar 02 19:55:03 RT @CardiffBiz: Cardiff prepares for digital TV switchover And the b annoying screen reminders all night!

Tue Mar 02 19:30:20 First Cardiff gets a gay Leader, now California gets a gay Speaker of the Assembly. Congratulations John A. Pérez

Tue Mar 02 13:00:04 RT @joniayn: Trying to come up with a list of the best non-chain coffee shops in Cardiff… suggestions?  | None! There aren’t any good ones

Tue Mar 02 12:50:01 St David’s Day, great story about art, open government and a slightly sensible copper

Tue Mar 02 12:25:03 Being an activist is good for your brain even if it isn’t successful! So, it’s not all head against the wall banging?

Tue Mar 02 12:20:02 RT @mediaguardian: Microsoft forced to offer users a choice of web browsers Small victory, late and feeble

Tue Mar 02 11:50:02 Really positive, pro devolution Editorial in Guardian Gosh!

Tue Mar 02 11:46:07 Just discovered: about to lose most rights over taking photos, and stopping others using them, Mandelson’s Wonderland

Tue Mar 02 11:28:56 How parks can contribute to climate change control

Mon Mar 01 09:35:07 Western Power begin draining Llanishen reservoir amid tight security