June 2010 Archive Tweets

Wed Jun 30 20:17:06 @angharad9 just what was doing last night see http://ow.ly/25rkC not v flattering pic though 😦

Wed Jun 30 18:38:44 CCS News: Helping Cardiff organisations communicate – Our picture shows (ltor) Daniel Hayes Mohammed who is secretar… http://ow.ly/17WLah

Wed Jun 30 18:38:43 CCS News: Further objection to planning application – The Cardiff Civic Society has made a second representation abo… http://ow.ly/17WLak

Wed Jun 30 18:17:22 RT @GdnCardiff: The Dairy –  design hub in Cardiff  – hopes to stem proposals for flats on the site in Pontcanna http://gu.com/p/2t439/tw

Wed Jun 30 13:32:37 Guardian Cardiff post about last night’s Social Media Surgery http://ow.ly/25cMM Everyone involved seems dead chuffed (as they should be)

Wed Jun 30 13:02:16 RT @CardiffCivicSoc: Executive members Daniel and Peter helping out at last nights Social Media Surgery in Cardiff http://ow.ly/25bub

Wed Jun 30 10:21:38 RT @cardiffcouncil: Thanks for arranging the surgery. Our surgeon had a nice bedside manner! #cdfsms Shame can’t fix my own knees!

Wed Jun 30 10:20:06 The amazing #Scrivener writing tool doesn’t support import of Mac Pages wordprocessing files http://ow.ly/258kC ‘Cos Apple prevents it! Shit

Wed Jun 30 10:04:09 RT @EyeOnCardiff: 10 Reasons to love Cardiff, #1: There’s something about the city that fills people with creative ideas and inspiration.

Wed Jun 30 10:02:16 @sorafferty nice of you to say so, but the heros were @ed_walker86 and @hrwaldram – though I hope to encourage/help another soon

Wed Jun 30 09:58:13 Oh dear, when the LibDems Welsh Leader met the new Conservative Governor of Wales http://ow.ly/257Zh #ConDems rule eh?

Wed Jun 30 09:55:08 @angharad9 Welcome to the wonderful world of Tweeting. We await with pregnant anticipation your first Tweet.

Wed Jun 30 09:31:30 Chair of Cardiff Civic Society helps out at Social Media Surgery last night http://ow.ly/257Ao More to come we hope

Wed Jun 30 09:30:33 Nice story about our Social Media Surgery efforts last night http://ow.ly/257zp and yes, it was me with #cdfcouncil staff (was a secret!)

Wed Jun 30 09:26:12 @ed_walker86 oh, don’t do that, it will kill the number of hits!!! 🙂

Wed Jun 30 09:20:02 Cost of living in world cities: 7 UK cities featured. Cardiff is no where to be seen http://ow.ly/2578e #invisiblecapital

Wed Jun 30 09:18:17 @timothykeel Use MacSpeech Dictate having been early adopter of IBM dictate decades ago. It Works. End!

Wed Jun 30 09:15:01 Opposition #cdfcouncil to Pontcanna Pine flats a bit conflated with testicular cancer http://ow.ly/256Wu and flower beds. Kid not!

Wed Jun 30 09:09:26 @philipmossop and may there be lots more. Happy Birthday Tweet

Wed Jun 30 09:05:16 @DarrenMillarAM I thought crime was falling bcs more police/lower recidivism/better education/more employment opportunities. No?

Wed Jun 30 08:49:42 That’s it! Cardiff Council’s #cdfcouncil cunning long-term strategy to achieve modal shift (make us walk/bike) Road Works http://ow.ly/256Ui

Tue Jun 29 18:53:21 RT @joniayn: Good ol’ crowd at The Plan tonight for #cdfsms. Well done @hrwaldram and @ed_walker86! 🙂 |Massive cheer to both – so useful!

Tue Jun 29 16:03:49 #cdfsms All geared up and waiting for patients at the first Cardiff Social Media Surgery. Expecting crowds apparently

Tue Jun 29 14:55:00 Excellent #GdnCardiff coverage of last night’s meeting re Pontcanna Pine flats to which Civic Society objects http://ow.ly/24Jt7

Tue Jun 29 14:52:10 late lunch Park Plaza Cardiff – spot on Welsh rarebit and wifi!

Tue Jun 29 11:35:38 Can another ‘Gogg’ make it to Singer of The World? http://ow.ly/24D7t Terfel presents award to Flintshire’s John Pierce. Congrats!

Tue Jun 29 11:32:56 It’s not too late to register for today’s Social Media Surgery in Cardiff http://ow.ly/24D4x I’ll be there in support – and to learn!

Tue Jun 29 10:07:39 Planning Policy Wales – a manageable pdf via Cardiff Civic Society http://ow.ly/24BBP If you are involved in planning you need this!

Tue Jun 29 10:05:02 RT @stephenfry: Fabulous real time blogging of Battle of Britain. You can relive 1940 day by day. A must http://ow.ly/24ATA Compelling stuff

Tue Jun 29 09:22:53 @chewyuk Hoping GdnCardiff will be covering (pse?) If u r concerned about parking get in objection letter NOW! Site mtg Mon 3pm – attend

Tue Jun 29 09:13:39 WAG has launched consultation on digital inclusion – too important to leave to the politicians/technocrats pse respond http://ow.ly/24AHU

Tue Jun 29 09:10:57 RT @Big_Blue_Bike: RT @GdnCardiff: Communter chaos in Cardiff – http://is.gd/d8Dma Now it’s time to bring out the bikes! Couldn’t agree more

Tue Jun 29 07:00:03 Gillian Clark, Wales’ national poet commemorates yesterday’s  50th Anniversary of the Six Bells mining disaster http://ow.ly/24wCP Beautiful

Tue Jun 29 04:55:02 RT @ikirigin: The app store is getting trials wrong. Instead of “free” vs “pro” apps, you should just be able to try any app for a day

Tue Jun 29 04:15:07 UK govt to take direct control of major planning decisions as it quashes planning quango http://ow.ly/24ww7

Tue Jun 29 01:38:15 Why am I concerned to have seen Paul Russell, Glamorgan Cricket’s chief lounging on his car at Cardiff’s County Hall? In a Blue Badge space.

Tue Jun 29 01:23:12 @chewyuk yes, a very nasty, Berlin Wall of flats. This is scheme 2 and planners like it!  9 parking spaces for 14 flats. Site mtg Mon 3pm

Tue Jun 29 01:19:35 RT @Cardiff_IT: How to beat the iPad  http://TwitPWR.com/Ld0/ #technology #ipad | Or not as this video shows!

Mon Jun 28 10:20:02 Excellent blog on Cardiff Council’s food policies (lack of) http://ow.ly/242Ht with comment by yours truly

Mon Jun 28 10:20:02 Public mtg 7.30 St Catherine’s Church Kings Road, Pontcanna to oppose Pontcanna Pine Development. Cardiff Civic Society objects to this.

Mon Jun 28 09:54:40 “Not a minute on the day, not a penny off our pay” Good day to remember the political heritage of miners  methinks. http://ow.ly/242EF

Mon Jun 28 09:36:29 And it’s a massive day for Six Bells community http://ow.ly/242l4 Best wishes to all on a sad but important day.

Mon Jun 28 09:27:40 Commemorating the Six Bells disaster online now http://ow.ly/242bZ

Mon Jun 28 09:13:44 @ciaranjones1 Good luck! first day’s can be horrible! If you’re short of a story I’ve always got one!

Mon Jun 28 09:07:31 Weekend’s Llanrumney Festival, Cardiff http://ow.ly/241OQ They need everyone’s support to stop #cdfcouncil seizing the site for development

Mon Jun 28 09:01:51 RT @mediaguardian: OK! launches iPhone app http://bit.ly/cKX0YU | I KNEW there was something missing in my life! Gotta have. Now.

Mon Jun 28 08:46:56 Another Daily Mail EU regulations lie debunked http://ow.ly/241rw Six Eggs are Safe! How does the PCC let them get away with it? Lies, Lies.

Mon Jun 28 04:09:38 .@CllrJohnDixon so, you were being ironic about Prince Charles being Definite King Material! I get it now. A joke. Great. ROTFL #republic

Sun Jun 27 16:32:06 Welcome to a new Cardiff blog http://ow.ly/23QgQ and tweeter @eyeoncardiff

Sun Jun 27 16:14:43 How many English millionaires does it take to make a football team? Now I know why I don’t watch. Abysmal. #fail

Sun Jun 27 12:55:02 Cooked for later: one poached chicken, stock for soup, box of stuffed peppers with tomatoes and garlic. Reward: takeaway Indian from M&S!

Sun Jun 27 12:44:12 LibDems weep: the poorest hit hardest – 21.7% of income cut – in your #ConDem Budget http://ow.ly/23NxR Shameful. Unnecessary. Unforgettable

Sun Jun 27 12:32:53 RT @undefined: RT @MeisterMole: A meisterscene vidcast with Bryn is now available (free) from iTunes: http://bit.ly/cqp1KP #meistermole

Sun Jun 27 12:28:31 RT @inwales: Bags of compost from waste collected from householders in Gwynedd  free of charge. http://bit.ly/bU7ZsL | yes #cdfcouncil when?

Sun Jun 27 12:24:26 RT @jamieandlouise: spent a nice morning in the garden, harvesting potatoes, broad beans and inspecting marrows #marrowthon | Show off! 🙂

Sun Jun 27 12:23:46 Commenting where fools fear to tread – on S4C and Welsh language programming http://ow.ly/23Nfd (I am ducking under the desk already!)

Sun Jun 27 12:01:34 More ecstatic Meistersinger reviews http://ow.ly/23N2d http://ow.ly/23N2u also inaccessible SunTimes! #Meistermole POW there last night!

Sat Jun 26 19:22:50 @DarrenMillarAM Since Capital Times is quasi-political propaganda it should be paid for my the parties – or scrapped

Sat Jun 26 19:21:38 RT @dantyte: Blagtastic; Manics on at Millennium Stadium.  http://twitpic.com/206ke3 | madness, empty seats!! Envious

Sat Jun 26 19:19:48 RT @manicstmania: Gig verdict: it was as to be expected really, somber macca crowd, but we should have fun on the tour!| Bring it on!!

Sat Jun 26 14:47:08 So the v posh blue chopper overhead – PO Wales or Macca? I guess latter. Manics onstage at 6.15 hope we can hear at home #manicsmania

Sat Jun 26 14:41:20 RT @CllrJohnDixon: – just met Prince Charles at the post-Drumhead service reception. Definite King material | Definite #Brownnose Award!

Sat Jun 26 14:34:38 RT @rachelthomas: Bye bye Cardiff’s Capital Times  http://ow.ly/23BGQ Hopefully: but suspect this is Engerland only since CLG Dept!

Sat Jun 26 08:26:02 RT @bbcwales: Sport: New Zealand v Wales (Sat) http://bit.ly/9vAK4v | Not good start to the morning!

Sat Jun 26 08:24:42 OMG, another! What’s with tattooists who can’t spell? http://ow.ly/23y7X  Sue, I say. #fail

Sat Jun 26 08:18:53 Big spelling mistake http://ow.ly/23y5Y #fail Now, where’s the snopake?

Fri Jun 25 21:59:19 @Hypercelt ouch! How you typing? Take the painkillers, bravery is for idiots

Fri Jun 25 19:23:44 Long phone call giving advice to group opposing a Welsh council’s infringement of their open space. Howe to stop municipal land-grabbing?

Fri Jun 25 18:37:10 @cardiffblogger http://twitpic.com/1zvi0h – No sign of chewing gum. How long one wonders?

Fri Jun 25 12:30:50 Why do I always have a complicated salad to eat as prepping to go onair? Couscous in the keyboard! Radio Glamorgan 2-4 today

Fri Jun 25 10:42:33 @Hootsuite Why, if I leave it alone, does HS not get ALL messages? eg gap between 8.30 and 11 am??

Fri Jun 25 08:30:05 It’s show time again – first time for ages on Radio Glamorgan. Celebrating and reprising Wales’ huge success at Smithsonian last year

Fri Jun 25 07:51:06 @jamieandlouise Guten Morgen! Just as I get ready to drag myself on air for the first time in weeks (knees) you upstage me!!! Have fun

Fri Jun 25 07:41:44 Ideas for #Paris trip (staying Marais) for non obvious, non leg using sites! Taking wheels just in case everything gives in though. Gd Spas?

Fri Jun 25 07:38:57 Well at least ‘wake us every morning’ builders next door applied for Planning Permission before they actually finish the rebuild #cdfcouncil

Fri Jun 25 07:28:11 @best_of_Wales Haven’t you heard about timing your tweets — that way they might get read, one lump and we zoom by

Thu Jun 24 17:51:38 @kbateman http://ow.ly/22P7d Being done by Igloo – have attended development workshop – all going ahead

Thu Jun 24 17:47:39 RT @Drywsdad: HELP needed for a reading at a wedding preferably non religious and funny ideas welcome???..

Thu Jun 24 16:44:12 RT @libcon: We’ve found the post by John Redwood asking people to ‘put on a jumper’ He didn’t delete it http://bit.ly/aEpNOg A loss to Wales

Thu Jun 24 16:19:49 The Arts Desk, David Nice, review of Meistersinger adding to the peons of praise http://ow.ly/22LJi

#meistermole Note: Proms July 17th

Thu Jun 24 16:07:38 RT @CultureCriticCC: Reviews for Meistersinger brings it to 6th place on the Critometer http://ow.ly/22KNu | Something I said? #meistermole

Thu Jun 24 16:05:16 If you’ve missed it, or seeing it the Meistersinger rehearsal video is for you http://ow.ly/22EkC #Meistermole @WNOtweet

Thu Jun 24 16:04:50 Another great blog on last night’s Meistersinger perfectly reflecting my views http://ow.ly/22LcL Thanks @houghhough #meistermole

Thu Jun 24 16:02:44 Thank you. This review exactly reflects my own experiences of the first night last Saturday. I am a Wagner-phobe (thou… http://disq.us/f12ep

Thu Jun 24 15:25:03 WAG’s wales.com web site presenting Wales to the world fails to mention the world class opera being made at WNO #fail #meistermole

Thu Jun 24 15:19:17 BBC starts work on Roath Basin drama village in Cardiff http://ow.ly/22Jtu Hopefully new media centre will soon follow

Thu Jun 24 15:12:28 BBC starts work on Roath Basin drama village in Cardiff http://ow.ly/22JbK Hopefully new media centre will soon follow

Thu Jun 24 14:50:15 @CultureCriticCC needs to catch up with reviews of Meistersinger – not even in the ‘acclaimed’ list yet!

Thu Jun 24 14:46:45 Caught up with The Stage review http://ow.ly/22I4V short, to the point praises everyone! #meistermole

Thu Jun 24 14:02:40 RT @GdnCardiff: Don’t forget the Social Media Surgery next Tuesday –  http://is.gd/d23Pu – I’m helping out so see you all

Thu Jun 24 13:58:48 @houghhough So, have you been peeking?

Thu Jun 24 12:53:15 @Hootsuite At last, found out how to get back my RT retweets. No to work out GeoSearch, Analytics – no help!!!

Thu Jun 24 12:48:35 Seems I’m not the only person to ignore The Times as internet hits dive http://ow.ly/22DEt and this before Murdoch actually charges!

Thu Jun 24 12:32:07 @WhitstableSoc In Cardiff you can look online to see if there is a Planning Application near you – but not view it without a trip to town!

Thu Jun 24 12:28:02 and a preview of new Whitchurch Community Centre, Saturday 10.30am http://ow.ly/22D8H going to be a buy morning in Cardiff

Thu Jun 24 12:26:31 Fantastic to see a glimpse of the restored and reinvigorated library at Cathays, Cardiff http://ow.ly/22D6q Re-opens 10am Saturday

Thu Jun 24 12:15:02 So much for the ‘instant’ Internet. Took me all of four hours to book train to Paris and an hotel. Takes less time to get there from…

Thu Jun 24 11:01:18 Mark Lawson in Guardian complains about Crimewatch offering Welsh speakers a chance to help find murder http://ow.ly/22BdO Shame on him!

Thu Jun 24 10:44:56 @cerysmatthews As well as Fry, try get to see Terfel in Meistersinger in Cardiff instead of Macca! Wagner revealed for me http://ow.ly/22AWA

Thu Jun 24 10:42:50 3mins40secs of glorious Hans Sach http://ow.ly/22ATP Yes! Bry Terfel in Meistersinger at WNO. #Meistermole Sadly no subtitles

Thu Jun 24 10:40:18 @WNOtweet Shame it’s not subtitled – having to scrabble for libretto!!! More to come? Pretty please?

Thu Jun 24 10:36:20 @MairiRuadh You WILL enjoy. Bryn will probably be even better than Saturday! Have you read reviews? #Meistermole

Thu Jun 24 10:16:00 #Meistermole Extended and absolutely spot on analysis of WNO and Terfel’s Meistersinger by Rian Evans http://ht.ly/22Arx 5 star review…

Thu Jun 24 09:47:16 I’m more interested in what the #Manics will play at Macca’s concert! http://ht.ly/22zZh New material from CD?

Thu Jun 24 09:43:48 WAG fight Welsh Secretary over Referendum wording http://ht.ly/22zVC Why doesn’t she just say she’s anti-devolution and stop pissing about?

Thu Jun 24 09:28:15 @Hootsuite methinks lots of my problems only happen in the standalone Air/Safari version eg no stats, clunking delays – back to opening…

Thu Jun 24 09:25:50 Love it! Long Man of Wilmington get .. err .. longer http://ht.ly/22zE0 antidote to useless junk mail!

Thu Jun 24 09:14:12 @Andybev1 How retweet and add comment/edit? How change anything? Does dragndrop work for URL’s? Not impressed with sluggish posting

Thu Jun 24 09:08:48 Shaved underarm overshowered American hygiene is sexless and unappealing at the best of times http://ht.ly/22znJ Fry on iPhone!

Thu Jun 24 09:04:28 More more promises over Severn Crossing tolls http://ht.ly/22zk1

Thu Jun 24 08:44:11 Updated, standalone #Hootsuite just doesn’t work on Mac! What’s up? Can’t cope with Twitter …

Wed Jun 23 19:17:06 Usual unstructured, slanted, Apple Pie and motherhood questionnaire #Cdfcouncil http://ht.ly/22oe6 but it’s on sustainable city so please do

Wed Jun 23 18:50:04 RT @DarrenMillarAM: Glad to hear that England won! Onward and upward….I hope! | Don’t tell me, there was a game of footie – sadly missed!

Wed Jun 23 18:40:05 @BBCClick crashed twice 3G. Seems perkier. Mail app improvement except for lack of select all!

Wed Jun 23 18:38:27 The Wales referendum question: http://ht.ly/22n0J Cheryl Gillan is a disgrace, no less. Her question is both unclear and slanted, to confuse

Wed Jun 23 18:31:09 RT @WalesOnline: Catherine Zeta Jones and Katherine Jenkins in  Ryder Cup celebration concert http://bit.ly/aNDDFC | Can’t wait NOT! Yuk

Wed Jun 23 17:54:59 RT @TomosL: WAG are very, very unhappy at the proposed wording of the referendum question. | Are we surprised with the #ConDems?

Wed Jun 23 11:45:02 Call for saviour of Cardiff’s iconic Norwegian church to be honoured http://ht.ly/226JT

Wed Jun 23 10:08:24 Cardiff transport “in the medium to long-term we have the commitment to provide a comprehensive plan” http://ht.ly/227dr | Shorterm? Chaos!

Wed Jun 23 09:42:22 Coruscating commentary on budget and wales by Mark Drakeford http://ht.ly/226OP Close the bridges to England maybe?

Wed Jun 23 09:35:17 RT @themabiblogion: Blog about the Cardiff EDL demo, and how we all need to calm down a bit: http://bit.ly/agrol2 | Not sure he’s right?

Wed Jun 23 09:14:40 Llanrumney Festival this w/e in Cardiff http://ht.ly/226rW on the playing fields (for how long?)

Tue Jun 22 19:30:36 Ok. So what’s not to like about the free iPhone system update?

Tue Jun 22 16:11:23 Hootsuite – or Twitter – seems to be having a touch of the hiccups apols for double tweets peeps

Tue Jun 22 16:08:27 Reminder of LibDem promises on NOT raising VAT http://ht.ly/21LyJ #ConDem

Tue Jun 22 15:53:26 RT @GdnCardiff: , cars parked on grassy verges are  ‘obstructions’ & looked after by police (@Drywsdad).

Tue Jun 22 15:51:10 Campaign launched to get WAG to ban To Let signs in parts of Cardiff  http://ht.ly/21KQm Why not consider For Sale as well?

Tue Jun 22 15:49:56 Campaign launched to get WAG to ban To Let signs in parts of Cardiff  http://ht.ly/21KNO Why not consider For Sale as well?

Tue Jun 22 07:56:45 Another 5 Stars from Telegraph for WNO’s Meistersinger http://ht.ly/21yKI #meistermole The  longer it lingers the greater it seems. Great.

Tue Jun 22 07:43:00 @LlandaffNews Cibo Pontcanna didn’t cut the mustard lastnight! First time in many, many years. #Fail

Tue Jun 22 07:40:00 Hours left to help stop LEGALISED Whale hunting! http://ht.ly/21yvO Make it a Million Signatures. Please. RT.

Mon Jun 21 10:48:01 @wmjohn http://twitpic.com/1yp5v3 – V good idea – off to do it now!

Mon Jun 21 10:05:02 @visibletweets Is it poss to adjust number shown eg last 50, and auto refresh? (I’m no programmer of course!)

Mon Jun 21 10:02:08 RT @wmjohn: Cardiff buses here! http://ht.ly/213X9 Been there quite a while. 🙂 kudos to #cdfcouncil | Well, I never. Brill! Bookmark this!

Mon Jun 21 09:55:02 Developers in Cardiff begin to draw back from flats developments – Skyscraper ditched http://ht.ly/213y6 Hotels planned for station site now

Mon Jun 21 09:49:57 Magic example of Open Data of London Tube with trains http://ht.ly/213Mn Cardiff buses next please!

Mon Jun 21 09:37:02 RT @HairManWNO: RT @wiardsterk: Forget the world cup. #Meistersinger with the #WNO and #BrynTerfel beats them all. Mindblowing performance

Mon Jun 21 09:33:23 @GdnCardiff Thanks for the info: maybe Facebook groups aren’t going to be so useful for this sort of stuff if people opt out cos of security

Mon Jun 21 09:30:03 Cefn Onn Parc, Cardiff seeks support for Friends organisation: meet this Weds at 7.30 http://ht.ly/212Z2 Email friendsofcefnonn@talktalk.net

Mon Jun 21 09:01:08 @GdnCardiff Wd love to know about Kings Road Party but link is to Facebook – now banned in this household – so how to know 😦 ?

Mon Jun 21 08:53:18 @visibletweets Great use on Saturday at Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff on Saturday for Meistersinger first night Hope @WNOtweet said Thanks

Mon Jun 21 08:40:02 Why are govts so resistant to changing our time? http://ht.ly/212l1 It wd benefit climate change too, it seems. Get a grip! Ignore Scots.

Mon Jun 21 08:38:59 Blow Murdoch, let him sue me. here’s Richard Morrison’s Meistersinger review http://ow.ly/d/4g0 Even more glowing than Guardian #Meistermole

Mon Jun 21 08:26:32 @jamieandlouise conjunctivitis .. remembered well as one of the joys of parenthood, caught every time!! Chin up, eyes closed. Own towels!

Mon Jun 21 08:24:48 Caerphilly Council breaks ranks on car/rail charging which will impact on Cardiff traffic flows http://ht.ly/212iq Short-sighted for region

Mon Jun 21 08:08:29 and I’d bring you The Times Meistersinger review but the PayWall prevents me Greedy Murdoch biting already #Meistermole

Mon Jun 21 08:06:54 So Guardian’s review (muscling out the local talent btw) rates Meistersinger 4 Stars – it will be 5 by Sat! http://ht.ly/2121x #meistermole

Mon Jun 21 05:42:55 RT @wmjohn: £5 to park and the toilets are shut! @cardiffcouncil having a laugh! #fail #cdfcouncil (:-)http://twitpic.com/1yhik7 Sophia Gdns

Sun Jun 20 20:13:57 First on-line review of Meistersinger last night http://ht.ly/20UlS #Meistermole I broadly agree! “A Vocal and dramatic triumph”

Sun Jun 20 19:54:00 @wmjohn where was this?

Sat Jun 19 22:04:17 WMC and congrats to catering teams (Fresh) for really good dinner – got us through Meistersinger in fine shape #Meistermole

Sat Jun 19 22:00:11 WNO Meistersinger For once the anticipation was worth it. Rarely seen such audience reaction even in Cardiff #Meistermole Big Bravo Bryn

Sat Jun 19 13:53:03 @Claire_S if you’re v quick to cd see Bryn Terfel in Meistersinger at 4pm WMC – had a few seats yesterday! #meistermole

Sat Jun 19 13:35:29 #meistermole Small panic as worries about parking set it: departure brought forward to 3pm. Glad to see Bryn is on way

Sat Jun 19 08:23:14 #meistermole The Countdown begins. Lunch prepped. Clothes still be to be chosen (?weather). Cardiff 16.00hrs Opera event of 2010 Bring it on

Sat Jun 19 08:18:26 Clever people have made a #Vuvuzela noise filter – but only for Macs http://ht.ly/20AlS Now if I watched footie this wd be v important

Sat Jun 19 08:10:30 @Adrian1Robson Adrian – where’s the coffee morning?

Fri Jun 18 18:57:20 Am I to gather from the feverish tweeting that Engerland are playing footie tonight? I love all those I follow dearly, but how to filter???

Fri Jun 18 18:52:49 #MiFi anyone know of any config software for Mac OSX for the Huwawei E5830

Fri Jun 18 18:50:06 RT @Drywsdad: http://bit.ly/aBmyVo Cardiff City Council “don’t be a problem parker” pls RT #cdfcouncil

Fri Jun 18 18:49:02 This is one brave Ugandan Bishop fighting the “hang gays” laws http://ht.ly/20pv5

Fri Jun 18 15:42:45 RT @theCentre: There’s still a limited amout of tickets available for #WNO’s Die Meistersinger tomorrow afternoon | Surprised – call now

Fri Jun 18 15:22:59 #meistermole This time tomorrow we’ll be 20 mins into Opera Event of the Year (possibly looking forward to dinner too!). #terfel

Fri Jun 18 14:32:52 @rokku Yes, we have it working fine. Just no config software (for lkg up useage etc) Also works when it says it doesn’t, but hey!!

Fri Jun 18 11:43:16 #mifi dongle has arrived Three UK not good here but it works – just – even though it says not. No Mac OSX software #fail http://ow.ly/i/27N2

Fri Jun 18 10:45:47 @joniayn u on NTL? Had loads probs in Cardiff this week – reboot modem seems to be the trick (repeatedly!)

Fri Jun 18 10:44:05 OMG another Must Have! @jamieandlouise ‘s own teas http://ht.ly/20ba5 Peachy Jamie or zesty Louise? What choices life brings

Fri Jun 18 10:39:30 Does a tan increase my chances by 7 times of a police stop and search? http://ht.ly/20b7b or do I have to be really black? Disgusting stats!

Fri Jun 18 08:56:20 #Terfel Saturday’s debut as Hans Sachs in Meistersingers http://ht.ly/209xB says he was ‘disappointed’ in WNO Flying Dutchman which I loved!

Fri Jun 18 08:30:02 RT @AJEnglish: US convict executed by firing squad: Critics say Utah execution method is barbaric “Wild West”  http://ht.ly/208Vx worse than

Fri Jun 18 08:20:02 RT @yourcardiff: Two weeks time the Cardiff Festival starts, check out what’s coming up: http://bit.ly/9FGCDx #cdffest

Fri Jun 18 08:09:43 Happy Birthday Sir P #paulsbirthday Looking forward to performing with the #manics? That’s gone a be some show! Wonder if any new CD tracks?

Fri Jun 18 08:06:14 @jamieandlouise @Drywsdad does a great manicure – shall he call in?

Thu Jun 17 19:11:58 @Adrian1Robson probably a great question – couldn’t hear a word!!

Thu Jun 17 19:06:25 RT @JayneCowan: I can only count 38 members in the chamber which means half of the councillors have left. thats unacceptable | Agreed!!

Thu Jun 17 18:48:28 #cardiffcouncil sound is working – just in time for Leader’s questions? Brill. Contain excitement with ginger beer.

Thu Jun 17 18:30:38 I’m attending Cardiff Transition Project: Show, Share & Tell — http://cardifftransitionproject.eventbrite.com

Thu Jun 17 17:47:24 @Adrian1Robson would if it worked Adrian!!

Thu Jun 17 17:46:05 @sorafferty we’re on NTL/Virgin too – but that’s being going off all day anyway. Technology? Bah!

Thu Jun 17 17:43:09 @JayneCowan well I wd be watching if the feed worked!!! #cdfcouncil Heard you for about 40 secs glad you got voice back albeit temp for me!!

Thu Jun 17 17:42:00 RT @buteparks: UWIC planning application on Conservation Area green space – http://eepurl.com/Dwrd Letter from BPA Chair Prof Kevin Morgan

Thu Jun 17 17:15:11 #cardiffcouncil  giving up. Get 40 secs of sound every restart then just silent mouthing. Maybe the offline version will work tomorrow.

Thu Jun 17 17:10:06 #cardiffcouncil anyone know the direct realplayer link for this videocast. getting v bored!!

Thu Jun 17 17:03:05 #cardiffcouncil Watching Cll Freda Salway’s iips move silently. Can guess content even though not lip reading.

Thu Jun 17 16:57:48 #cardiffcouncil sound on and off – makes for interesting viewing – missing waste food debate

Thu Jun 17 16:53:43 Cardiff Council webcast – am I the only person who can see but not hear? (Best arrangement??) #cardiffcouncil

Thu Jun 17 13:30:05 Meistersinger WNO Saturday: Bryn Terfel explains his character http://ht.ly/1ZHjB So, the excitement mounts for opera event of year! #terfel

Thu Jun 17 13:10:03 New ‘safeguard dignity’ hospital gown being tested: http://ht.ly/1ZHfi Can’t be soon enough for my next use!!!

Thu Jun 17 12:20:02 More Murdoch outlets disappear behind paywall – Sky Sports News http://ht.ly/1ZH6F Won’t be missed

Thu Jun 17 11:57:55 Congratulations due: WAG scheme to pair active citizens with AM’s wins award http://ht.ly/1ZHpg

Thu Jun 17 11:40:34 Hitler Downfall parody for World Cup – unbeatable http://ht.ly/1ZH42 Bring on those vuvuzelas. I’ll let you know when I stop laughing!

Thu Jun 17 11:34:04 RT @JayneCowan: hopefully i’ll be talking a lot at Council this afternoon!! | I’ll watch from home with Ginger Beer and biccies

Thu Jun 17 11:31:28 So Ryder Cup to cost a day’s schooling for thousands of children http://ht.ly/1ZGUf Shame they cdn’t have arranged sports days!

Wed Jun 16 19:09:11 RT @ScrivenerApp: So happy for Scrivener to have been nominated for 2010 Macworld Award http://bit.ly/ck1Kmz! | brill – if you write u need

Wed Jun 16 19:08:05 @cardiffblogger Breakfast Bristol – try the Weatherspoons pub at the rear of the station (en route to ferry)

Wed Jun 16 19:06:29 RT @yourcardiff: RT @eggynewydd: My views on the proposed Tesco store in Llandaf North http://bit.ly/bWkiWw  #fb

Tue Jun 15 10:17:48 RT @DioBach: Why so many UK online businesses not put UK at the top of the drop down menu for selecting your country. | Or WALES at all!

Mon Jun 14 13:26:48 The original Burton’s shop sign Abergavenny  http://ow.ly/i/23Rd not seen the like for decades

Mon Jun 14 09:59:17 It is a BIG week – Meistersingers on Saturday with Bryn Terfel http://ht.ly/1Y3FS Event of a lifetime!! We’ll be there …

Mon Jun 14 09:50:14 @jamieandlouise mention the Smithsonian amazing cd Blodeugerdd http://www.folkways.si.edu/albumdetails.aspx?itemid=3229

Sat Jun 12 16:57:57 @greengranma Tx – let us know in email how you can help chair@cardiffcivicsociety.org

Sat Jun 12 16:54:27 RT @inwales: OSCAR-winning Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta Jones  “absolutely thrilled” after CBE  http://bit.ly/aWeuIi | Because? We care?

Fri Jun 11 19:25:03 @Adrian1Robson Ministry of Truth rewriting history. Happens all time doesn’t it? 🙂

Fri Jun 11 19:17:34 RT @sdgln: IBM and Google top global index for being LGBT friendly corporations http://ow.ly/1XhTG | Bravo

Fri Jun 11 15:49:50 Cardiff Civic Society will review council plans for new LDP: if you want to help pse email chair@cardiffcivicsociety.org

Fri Jun 11 15:47:25 Cardiff Local Development Plan: council publishes new draft Delivery Agreement, consultation until 23 July http://ht.ly/1Xh1G

Thu Jun 10 21:39:28 Check this video out — Shakira – Waka Waka | Official Video | World Cup South Africa 2010 | HD http://youtu.be/AlQUNfUwWiw

Thu Jun 10 16:36:55 If It Was My Home – Visualizing the BP Oil Spill: http://bit.ly/bq5T7L via @addthis Ghasly visualisation

Thu Jun 10 16:32:38 RT @adders: O2 chief executive blogs on data tariff changes: http://ht.ly/1WNqZ People use it so we’re not making money, so must pay more!!

Thu Jun 10 16:30:26 So Cardiff council’s gift of land to help Cardiff City has disappeared into a £15-30M debt hole! http://ht.ly/1WNmy Great investment!

Thu Jun 10 10:49:25 Cardiff Castle guides shortlisted for tourism industry award http://ht.ly/1WCBC Awards don’t detract from portacabins at front though!

Wed Jun 09 18:21:40 #valleysblog hi to all – still on crutch(es) so a bit far to hobble! Hope went well

Wed Jun 09 11:38:27 Poor coverage of Jane Davidson’s excellent speech yesterday at RTPI conf where she launched new Planning Policy Wales http://ht.ly/1W68K

Wed Jun 09 11:10:44 Cameron at PMQ says no referendum in Wales until next year. Blames Labour for delay! So much for being ‘hands-off”

Tue Jun 08 17:22:48 Guerilla Gardener spotted in Pontcanna  http://ow.ly/i/1Y7j suggest ASBO

Tue Jun 08 06:42:12 Wales must say “Yes” or go backwards http://ht.ly/1VsS4 blog counters “No” arguments of fear

Mon Jun 07 19:26:41 @fraserspeirs explain re telegraph – link?

Mon Jun 07 11:48:56 That’s it. No more BBQ’s. http://ht.ly/1UZwS House and car destroyed after embers start vapour explosion and running liquid fire. Yikes!

Mon Jun 07 11:30:02 So you can’t fit iPad into you business suit? Answer http://ht.ly/1UYmy Of course (via @adders)

Mon Jun 07 10:48:47 Are #ConDems to let Public Schools off the Charity Commission test of ‘public benefit’ http://ht.ly/1UYkl ? Sounds like quiet words ..

Sun Jun 06 16:29:48 @manicstmania cheers have u seen/heard? http://ht.ly/1UJ9p

Sun Jun 06 15:23:30 @manicstmania downloads a .exe file – windoze only I’m afraid

Sun Jun 06 15:10:55 RT @manicstmania: Manic Street Mania Mixtape #01 http://www.sendspace.com/file/fiw2ch | Not if you don’t use WINDOZE!

Sun Jun 06 15:07:47 V disappointing visit to Washington Gallery, Penarth: seems to have lost its raison d’etre; charged us wrong, already expensive prices. Sad

Sun Jun 06 11:16:17 New Blog: Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose – The Fascists were bussed into Cardiff yesterday  to object to … http://ht.ly/17DsP5

Sun Jun 06 10:55:02 RT @RepublicStaff: The Express reports: ‘Prince Charles is a fruitcake who abuses power’ http://bit.ly/95Se2g Sorry, now got image overload

Sun Jun 06 10:44:07 RT @PlaidCymru: Bloggers4Plaid Now it get’s interesting!:  http://bit.ly/dAE73G | Link doesn’t work anymore – has blog been pulled?

Sun Jun 06 10:35:55 Hunting for a wedding reading, via Gutenberg.org, ended up writing blog (1st 4 months) about antifascist march http://ht.ly/1UFcW and canary

Sun Jun 06 07:00:27 NYT http://ht.ly/1UDRE asks “What to do about Israel?” What, after piracy, murder, crimes against humanity (detaining aid ships)?

Sat Jun 05 19:53:12 RT @djleekee: Just passed a tv American filming #cdfdemo wearing a stab proof vest and had bodyguard with him | Clearly doesn’t know Wales!

Sat Jun 05 13:53:19 RT @themabiblogion: Stop turning these marches into events! | Afraid appetite for 24hr rolling news unstoppable, but u have a point #cdfdemo

Sat Jun 05 13:36:45 Dudley Division English Defence League? http://ht.ly/1UtgU nightmare journey home, hopefully #cdfdemo

Sat Jun 05 13:34:01 Sometimes the sight of a demo is a good thing http://ht.ly/1UteV #cdfdemo Wish I was there but crutches wd prob get me arrested – weapons 🙂

Sat Jun 05 13:32:00 How many police does it take to corral one fascist in Cardiff? http://ht.ly/1Ute4 Loads apparently! #cdfdemo

Sat Jun 05 12:29:35 @GdnCardiff 12secs? Work on iPhone? Must I get out of bed to watch?  (Knees not idleness!)

Sat Jun 05 10:53:45 RT @GdnCardiff: Some stats: 500 police officers from 21 forces in town today for the rugby, and  protest(s). #cdfdemo | At a cost of????

Sat Jun 05 10:48:52 RT @neilcocker: Good luck to all those uniting against fascism today. Stay safe, and stay peaceful. #cdfdemo

Sat Jun 05 07:37:45 I’ve signed alongside 385,376 people protesting Israeli raid on Gaza flotilla http://ht.ly/1Uqn6 Please help make it half-a-million today.

Fri Jun 04 20:19:47 RT @wmjohn: If your tweet leads me to a page (eg Facebook) where I have to log in to read content. I won’t. #just saying #fail | Ditto

Fri Jun 04 19:15:03 What’s with Scots stealing Wales’ very own Robert Owen http://ht.ly/1UffN Good candidate for first Welsh Banknotes I think

Fri Jun 04 19:10:34 More from Cardiff Cllr McEvoy in leaflet tonight: “Plaid Cardiff does not expect Plaid .. to remain part of the (WAG) Government”.. unless?

Fri Jun 04 18:49:39 “a crisis of confidence among politicians and officials” says DepCardiff leader Neil McEvoy http://ht.ly/1Uf6r can we include us ratepayers?

Fri Jun 04 15:30:03 RT @civic_voice: Civic society or civil society – what’s the difference?  Check out blog to cut through the confusion http://bit.ly/9qQdOI

Fri Jun 04 14:54:10 RT @cardiffcouncil: Travel Advice for saturday’s rugby international & Stereophonics concert http://bit.ly/axMbu4 | Why bring a car at all?

Fri Jun 04 14:05:17 A teensy bit of observation about the #iPad and the #Apple defenders start a (completely unnecessay) fight http://ht.ly/1U4Rs Cool it guys!

Fri Jun 04 13:12:33 RT @Drywsdad: Cardiff station is a dump! Great first impression to visitors

Fri Jun 04 11:29:34 RT @RapidBI: A question, if you wanted business advice who would you trust? Bank, accountant, etc | How about “none of the above”?

Fri Jun 04 10:56:37 How could #Apple make charging the amazing #iPad so very complicated? http://ht.ly/1TZL5 Needs sorting before becomes an “issue”

Fri Jun 04 07:22:33 WAG committee demands tangible legacy from public funding of sporting events http://ht.ly/1TWwf Odd that it hasn’t done so before

Thu Jun 03 17:55:02 RT @DirectorNerys: #savespillersrecords

Get hashing people let’s get everyone onto spillersrecords landlords. We can loose #spillersrecords

Thu Jun 03 17:48:26 RT @dantyte: New look Western Mail | Not so you’d notice. And what with those capped up headings? Ugh!

Thu Jun 03 17:03:34 RT @GdnCardiff: Cardiff arts student creates mental illness website – http://ht.ly/1TF9r | Gt idea but pse rethink typeface 😦

Thu Jun 03 17:00:05 Oh dear, the Carrier Bag Consortium doesn’t like Wales being the first to charge 7p http://ht.ly/1TF1D “punitive, misguided’ Tell the Irish!

Thu Jun 03 16:45:08 Welsh Assembly Government FOI disclosure about Bute Park Bridge http://ht.ly/1TEyt CADW responds about compliance with planning permission

Thu Jun 03 16:42:55 It’s official: Wales leads with proposal to charge for plastic bags http://ht.ly/1TEk2 we use 400 million a year – indefensible!

Thu Jun 03 09:14:10 Just making sure @kevinbrennan knows: New MP quick to table Early Day Motion opposing Civil List rise http://ht.ly/1Tsaa

Thu Jun 03 09:09:57 RT @Drywsdad: Wishing my summer clothes weren’t in store in bloomin PONTY | You won’t find them there – Cwmbran D’Oh! We need house

Thu Jun 03 09:04:59 RT @DirectorNerys: Spillers Cardiff, world’s oldest record store faces 250% rise in rent! | Who’s the landlord? Get hashing #spillersrecords

Thu Jun 03 09:00:26 New MP quick to table Early Day Motion opposing Civil List rise http://ht.ly/1TrWK Get your MP to sign up – let’s see what #ConDems are like

Thu Jun 03 08:28:05 RT @fraserspeirs: I love how Kings Cross has a Platform 0. | Just like Cardiff

Thu Jun 03 08:27:32 Lots of strings, gospel choirs and emotion – making a brilliant radio record: Nicky Wire on new Manics album http://ht.ly/1TruT

Thu Jun 03 07:10:41 RT @rodneyberman: You can read my views on Canton schools reorganisation http://bit.ly/cK6RaZ | Wales still a ‘principality’? D’Oh! Catch up

Thu Jun 03 06:57:28 Cardiff reality stats: city is 16th in retail centre expenditure  http://ht.ly/1Tqji needs to double this to be in top 5

Thu Jun 03 05:18:35 RT @joefrohlinger: Man accidentally shoots himself in testicles at Lowe’s. Seattle  http://bit.ly/abT0C7 | Happens with gun carrying!

Thu Jun 03 00:38:39 Jane Davidson Wales’ Environ Min will announce plastic shopping bag charging this week to start 03 2011 http://ht.ly/1Tlrn Big Bravo Jane!

Wed Jun 02 21:23:05 and I forgot, there’s one/two more newscaster/reporters in studio as well. 24 hours nonsense.

Wed Jun 02 21:22:21 Reporter interviewing senior reporter who reads from local newspaper live on expensive satellite link: BBC 24 rolling news. It has to stop

Wed Jun 02 17:52:25 Cool – The Mabinogion on iPhone – for Free! http://ht.ly/1T7AW (silly little ads annoying though!)

Wed Jun 02 16:19:24 23rd October Newport Centre #Manics – booked, something to look forward to indeedy

Wed Jun 02 15:04:04 Just discovered how to sort-of legally access US iTunes store http://ht.ly/1SZao Now I just need some iTunes gift tokens from US .. pse

Wed Jun 02 12:50:15 Turns out right all along re Cardiff’s phone numbers: chaos and confusion about to begin as BT rolls out 029 21 numbers http://ht.ly/1SYG3

Wed Jun 02 12:26:40 Officially, not touched it, but his iPad is simply gorgeous, cleverer than 1 can describe, & altogether kg brilliant! Cannot justify 4me 😦

Wed Jun 02 11:34:50 I just signed a letter to David Cameron to demand a concrete timetable for an electoral reform referendum. Join me: http://bit.ly/dcletter

Wed Jun 02 04:59:32 @chewyuk ask @drywsdad he’s photo’d, emailed, spoken – all to no avail. If a rat would pop out env health wd have ’em Not eating there again

Tue Jun 01 18:56:11 Owners Woods Brasseries Cardiff and its managers don’t care, but Conway Pub, Pontcanna must clean up its shitty food bins and fag butts. Now

Tue Jun 01 18:32:07 @jamieandlouise bird feeding is like having kids: a lifetime commitment and a cost that should never be calculated for fear of result

Tue Jun 01 18:30:08 What’s the betting that the day the Severn bridges revert back to public ownership the maintenance  ‘guarantee’ runs out? http://ht.ly/1SD1q

Tue Jun 01 14:34:59 Manic Street Preachers announce new album ” Postcards from a young man” and tour http://ht.ly/1SujZ   but no Cardiff gig??

Tue Jun 01 11:48:37 Ouch! Google kicks out #microsoft on employees’ desktops http://ht.ly/1SoHr gota b #Mac or #Linux – this will hurt pr and share price

Tue Jun 01 11:41:55 RT @guardiantech: Facebook: Did anyone really quit? http://bit.ly/c3fEXX | We did a week ago – hoping done nothing to kick into life

Tue Jun 01 09:55:38 Eurovision bums out in ratings http://ht.ly/1SmDK Surely time for retirement? I gave up years ago …

Tue Jun 01 09:13:39 RT @NLWales: Urdd Eisteddfod ’65 http://ow.ly/1Slt8 OMG! How cool was that?

Tue Jun 01 09:10:20 Laid up in morphine haze listening to brilliant “Mary Poppins” on BBC7 courtesy of iPlayer. Sooooo much better than the saccharine film.

Tue Jun 01 09:03:29 A very straightforward FAQ on those royal finances http://ht.ly/1SlSY Haven’t seen a sound argument yet for paying them a single penny more

Tue Jun 01 08:51:05 PM’s salary, £145K , plus MP wages, plus perks: TOTAL ? £300K to half million? http://ht.ly/1SlH0 If this is wrong, show me how.