July 2010 Archive Tweets

Sat Jul 31 20:07:34 When friends say we have some steaks, home grown tattoes, beans and a hot BBQ, what’s not to say yes for? Food miles almost zero. Yes, Good.

Sat Jul 31 15:29:49 RT @RepublicStaff: Delusional Charles believes he was born into his position to save the world from the oiks. http://bit.ly/afqbHR | D’Oh!

Sat Jul 31 15:26:54 S4C Authority plotted to get rid of CEO claims http://ow.ly/2jera Pretty normal, nasty corporate stuff, usually by weak board

Sat Jul 31 11:37:38 .@mawimedia shd ask @drywsdad about iPad – his is umbilically connected so it must be good 🙂 (I’m the iPad widower)

Sat Jul 31 09:37:03 RT @MattRosser: I sincerely hope the @southwalesargus don’t let this story drop!  http://ow.ly/i/2W2p | Less good news from yesterday!

Sat Jul 31 09:36:01 Ymerodraeth nearly 2 million hits http://ow.ly/2jaUd and opens Newport Transporter Bridge. Good thing all round. http://ow.ly/2jaTx

Sat Jul 31 08:45:01 Still fiddling with my new Apple Magic Trackpad. Death of Mouse? Probably, much nicer for thumbs.

Sat Jul 31 08:00:10 Today in 1943, Paris, one-year old Louis Fride was deported on convoy 58 with his mother and 1000 others. Only 28 survived Auschwitz.

Sat Jul 31 07:40:02 .@ClareBalding1 – Guardian story about her PCC complaint, the ST and the ‘shit’ (Pressie’s word) Gill. Nice lady. Well done.

Sat Jul 31 00:27:08 RT @stephenfry: Hurrah for @clarebalding1 – I know few people more capable of laughing at themselves, but cruel meanness can’t stand

Sat Jul 31 00:18:54 RT @johnprescott: @clarebalding1 Heard you’re taking AA Gill and STimes to PCC. Good luck. Gill’s a real sh** | OMG! I agree with Pressie!

Sat Jul 31 00:15:54 RT @atkinsc99: wikileaks “has blood on its hands” apparently. unlike the generals and politicians who sent the soldiers to war

Sat Jul 31 00:13:46 .@ed_walker86 You shd know surely? Never, ever, ever, go M6 north of B’hm on a Friday. That’s why they built a Toll Road. 😦

Fri Jul 30 20:15:56 Discover from blog http://ow.ly/2j1JT that Cllrs Cowen and Clrr Robson are far from ‘independent’, they’re married! 🙂 I never! #cdfcouncil

Fri Jul 30 20:08:32 RT @Splottdad: @peterdcox – lol, so he’s got some redeeming features then! 😉 | If you look hard enough, yes even though a #ConDem (um ..?)

Fri Jul 30 19:01:06 RT @Splottdad: £5k inc in allowance for ldr of Barnet Council, staff get 0%. Don’t get ideas Rodney! | @rodneyberman declined pay rise!…

Fri Jul 30 18:48:30 .@emmaboulton thanks for the article RT. Awesome website too http://ow.ly/2iZmJ If I need Drupalling, know where to go – Penarth!

Fri Jul 30 17:09:33 UK Govt to stick with security ridden IE6 http://ow.ly/2iW2T Great news for hackers. And why not a free browser upgrade away from Gates’ ?

Fri Jul 30 17:06:29 Into the breach at S4C http://ow.ly/2iVXv CEO is now apparently a three-day week job

Fri Jul 30 16:20:40 RT @mathtalfan: Probing the deafening silence around S4C’s crisis http://bit.ly/bkFfal   Long, discursive and still no light

Fri Jul 30 14:59:46 #cdfcouncil leader @rodneyberman too late at licensing hearing http://ow.ly/1qMn02 Didn’t know rules!

Fri Jul 30 13:01:37 New Blog: A personal view  looking forward to Cardiff 2020 – This is a longer version of the article published by My… http://ow.ly/18mcjo

Fri Jul 30 12:45:04 IWA lecture at Eisteddfod 3rd August 1pm celebrates Paul Robeson http://ow.ly/2iKOX Free – once you’re on the Maes!

Fri Jul 30 12:25:02 .@gomezadams Excellent food/service. Do you use VoucherCloud 20% off, may not be on Friday but worth looking eh?

Fri Jul 30 12:12:55 RT @JonMorganAM: Constituents who run Hayes News shop in Cardiff. Object to WAG plan to ban tobacco displays. I agree | Well, I don’t at all

Fri Jul 30 11:47:34 Well done Newport Council for bringing heritage vandal to heel http://ow.ly/2iKOg Golfers’ eyes will be spared sight of wrecked farmhouse

Fri Jul 30 11:41:23 88 question survey by #cdfcouncil http://ow.ly/2iKEt Long, flawed, mostly useless self-serving but might give hints of future services cuts

Fri Jul 30 10:22:16 Chance to sign the Six Bells Disaster memorial book http://ow.ly/2iJfX and see the finished sculpture – Saturday and all next week

Fri Jul 30 10:19:02 .@joniayn @hrwaldram Chocolate cupcake fest? When, when? Can we do again next week .. purleeese?

Fri Jul 30 10:16:16 RT @roathcardiff: PHOTO: Beautiful blue flowers, Roath Park http://ow.ly/20asm

Fri Jul 30 07:12:32 Leaner S4C revealed http://ow.ly/2iGsu and a lot more control by Authority. http://ow.ly/2iGtP Always a mistake for a board to micromanage

Fri Jul 30 06:53:19 UK Gov scraps search charges http://ow.ly/2iGci – and the money to run the service comes from where? Increased Council Tax,  closed parks?

Fri Jul 30 06:46:51 Good background on S4C debacle http://ow.ly/2iG7w via @MattRosser Come on S4C, speak to us. Silence is rude and stupid and harms the case!

Fri Jul 30 06:41:16 Nice @GdnCardiff mention of my Cardiff 2020 blog for YourCardiff http://ow.ly/2iG3s or direct here http://bit.ly/c9UJiT #cdfcouncil #cardiff

Fri Jul 30 06:34:09 New ethics complaint #cdfcouncil Neil McEvoy as #Plaid select him as Cardiff West Assembly Candidate. Uh?Does Plaid want to win? #onlyasking

Fri Jul 30 06:27:50 RT @thebestofPR: Not sure about who to use on next batch of leaflets – Why not Try Copyprint http://ow.ly/2iFRj| Useless web site! pr #fail

Fri Jul 30 06:23:40 Big Welcome as Newport Transporter bridge re-opens http://ow.ly/2iFPl

Fri Jul 30 06:16:38 .@cardiffblogger Upper Crust’s 20% off card make them more palatable! http://ow.ly/2iFGF Send for one, it’s free

Fri Jul 30 02:00:34 RT @philipmossop: London and Paris: a tale of two bike-hire schemes

http://gu.com/p/2tfxm/ip | Compare, Cardiff #cdfcouncil #fail

Fri Jul 30 01:55:56 RT @Drywsdad: Tut only in the Daily Mail http://ow.ly/2iChl | The iPad users survey – absolute twaddle, crap. Love my iPad owner.

Thu Jul 29 21:16:21 RT @guardiannews: Public sector cuts: Welsh first minister looks for answers at local level http://bit.ly/bzyOZK | Great, right idea 1st Min

Thu Jul 29 21:12:23 Charity founded by Conservative Defence Minister ordered to cease by Charity Commission http://ow.ly/2ixk7 too close to Tories.

Thu Jul 29 17:20:23 .@speedupdating Oh do tell

Thu Jul 29 14:44:08 .@cardiffblogger Thanks for the nice RT. Wd be delighted if you’d start the comments: http://bit.ly/c9UJiT

Thu Jul 29 14:00:58 RT @yourcardiff: Guest post from @peterdcox as part of our Cardiff in 2020 series: http://bit.ly/c9UJiT | Long vers later on personal blog

Thu Jul 29 12:35:04 Since 2005 in Wales, 642 ECT on patients “not capable of understanding nature and likely effect of treatment” http://ow.ly/2iaBk #justsaying

Thu Jul 29 12:05:44 Sauna, spa bath, swim pool, steam, gym ( for him) and lunch: pamper day! Yes! Bannatyne’s Solihull.  I like.

Thu Jul 29 10:23:18 RT @Drywsdad: http://yfrog.com/n6dd9mj Bannatynes mens changing room notice | true, I was there!! LOL

Thu Jul 29 10:20:02 One for the diary: Llandaff City Open Doors 17-19 Sept. http://ow.ly/2iand Lots to do – plan a day. #Cardiff

Thu Jul 29 10:00:02 Jersey wants its weather on BBC http://ow.ly/2iatk And what about the maps showing Ireland (north and south) as places?

Thu Jul 29 09:06:08 Wales still bottom of pile for BBC News http://ow.ly/2ibf2 This is a “better, but still bad” story. What’s so hard about this BBC?

Thu Jul 29 08:25:04 The “acting councillor”, the “councillor acting up”, “hamming deputy leader”, all these? Confused http://ow.ly/2iaws #cdfcouncil Cllr McEvoy

Thu Jul 29 08:07:40 If you need to print from your #iPad, you need to know this http://ow.ly/2iae5 reviews of Apps

Thu Jul 29 08:02:59 RT @todayspolitics: Dutch pulling out of Afghanistan this weekend http://ow.ly/2ia9T Aussies to take over. When UK out of there?

Thu Jul 29 07:56:16 RT @huwstephens: on BBC Radio Wales talking about independent record shops. @spillersrecords opens in #Cardiff today! | Welcome back Sillers

Thu Jul 29 07:54:15 .@jamieandlouise Lol – you exhaust me ….. still on holiday … we’re off to a “Pamper day” in Solihull where Radio Wales doesn’t reach 😦

Thu Jul 29 04:40:38 So why has S4C boss quit? http://ow.ly/2i7qG Press fails to tell us the story. S4C issues three line statement: insulting to its viewers.

Thu Jul 29 04:37:50 Animals can imitate human movement says research http://ow.ly/2i7oX Dryw fails to make tea. Bad dog.

Thu Jul 29 04:31:34 Heritage Awards to include Cardiff’s Animal Wall http://ow.ly/2i7jJ but £1M doesn’t go far …

Wed Jul 28 21:25:03 Toy Story 3: quite brilliant. Lots of man-sniffing. Much too grown up for the grandchildren. Loved the short too.

Wed Jul 28 17:45:41 RT @johannhari101: Bull-fighting banned in Catalonia. | Bravo Catalans, we salute you

Wed Jul 28 08:58:17 @Rodneyberman refutes suggestions he shd resign as @cdfcouncil Leader http://ow.ly/2hD0c following selection rebuff. Well, he wd, wdn’t he?

Wed Jul 28 08:16:29 Peter Davies, loses Wales environmental scrutiny job but looks on the bright side http://ow.ly/2hCmZ Hope justified. Bad #ConDems decision

Wed Jul 28 08:12:37 RT @llandaffnews ‘Jolly’ local filmmaker documents Llandaff http://ow.ly/1qKkNc

Wed Jul 28 07:50:44 .@ed_walker86 and you can cope with the bill. Garages always cost £300 more than they say/you think. It’s the law.

Wed Jul 28 07:49:20 .@Big_Blue_Bike  LOVE IT – using a push bike to deliver bits to make cars go! Messes my brain in a lovely way. ‘Plane parts next?

Wed Jul 28 07:45:39 @gomezadams LOL I only watch when it’s on for someone else …. wish Pobl y Cwm was better a the moment  ..

Wed Jul 28 01:20:51 RT @KatieWEPR: Eastenders is just so frigging amazing at the moment | Amazingly dull, bad, stupid. Plots and acting at best Am Dram. Fastfwd

Wed Jul 28 01:14:08 RT @mathtalfan: So, where’s the logic in cutting funding to the arts? http://bit.ly/bjkzDw  | It’s absurd. It’s stupid. If’s #ConDems

Tue Jul 27 10:44:18 RT @ed_walker86: Looks like broadband speeds are still too low and people are being ripped off: http://bit.ly/doaceK | yep!

Tue Jul 27 10:43:04 Congrats to Newbridge Hall on its Lottery funding http://ow.ly/2h63U Now the hard work!

Tue Jul 27 10:39:51 RT @libcon: Why is the government protecting the Pope from arrest? http://bit.ly/bxlVv5 | Seems a good question to me

Tue Jul 27 08:11:15 Job sharing AM’s? http://ow.ly/2h3oY Anyone want to stand for half of Cardiff West or Central? (see my comment).

Mon Jul 26 15:17:56 RT @JohnLDixon: Just attended code of practice refresher session *sounds of stable doors flapping behind me* | Love it!! #stupidscientology

Mon Jul 26 15:09:15 RT @themanics: Youtube link to the new single that was played for the first time this morning #manics http://ow.ly/2gDYt | It rocks, JDB!

Mon Jul 26 14:59:11 RT @davidchivall: Gosh. The Tories are axing everything. Soon the UK will be nothing but a collection of motorways and private houses.

Mon Jul 26 14:54:53 RT @Drywsdad: http://yfrog.com/hqcxmj | Holiday pic … nice one, but where’s Dryw?

Mon Jul 26 14:50:14 Is this the begining of the end for LibDems as a party? http://ow.ly/2gD5o The new #ConDems for permanent coalition?

Mon Jul 26 14:12:47 RT @thejimsmith: The ideological war on sense continues with abolition of UK Film Council; which makes400% return on its investments in film

Mon Jul 26 14:11:30 RT @mikeheyworth: DCMS announcement (http://is.gd/dJSif) suggests major changes ahead for the heritage  sector in England | Wales?

Mon Jul 26 11:56:19 Commented on #RodneyBerman must go blog http://ow.ly/2gwza Interesting idea, taking responsibility for failure (first admit it)

Mon Jul 26 11:21:11 @manicstmania only, how to hear???

Mon Jul 26 11:10:31 RT @JonMorganAM: Blog post on the future of Cardiff’s Council leader #lameduckberman http://ow.ly/2gvwk | in RT’ing, just sharing a thought!

Mon Jul 26 09:32:49 @bendigedigfest Of course bilingually.

Mon Jul 26 09:18:23 #Cardiff transport supremo seem to think making money on fines is the answer to an integrated transport plan http://ow.ly/2gtxs #fail again

Mon Jul 26 08:55:16 Who told me being on holiday, house sitting meant dead heading and watering at 7am (bird noises off and blackbird worming)? Free? D’Oh!

Sun Jul 25 18:20:13 @jamieandlouise decamped to Warks to house sit and water thirsty garden. In pub with beers. Woofs from Dryw and cheers from himself

Sun Jul 25 06:31:53 #Cardiff: Shark swallows surfer http://ow.ly/2gbfB . No kiddin dudes!

Sun Jul 25 06:24:32 RT @houghhough: Unbelievable queues @JFKAirport immigration over a 1000 people – took over 1&1/2 hrs | Need to keep quiet, they’ll deport u!

Sun Jul 25 06:22:26 RT @joefrohlinger: OMG. British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws | Society | The Observer http://bit.ly/dBCycD

Sun Jul 25 01:58:03 RT @TheFuckingQueen: Like father like son.  Complete and utter liabilities.  http://ow.ly/2g9fN  | Now, that wd be your medals?

Sat Jul 24 13:15:51 RT @CardiffBiz: What a week for #Cardiff Lloyd Webber, Zeta Jones,  Michael Douglas have all visited Cardiff | So, I’m the only one yawning?

Sat Jul 24 12:16:54 @Adrian1Robson LOL there’s @CllrJohnDixon (#stupidscientology fame) @JohnLDixon his alter ego and John Dixon, ex chair Plaid who doesn’t Twt

Sat Jul 24 12:12:02 But, maybe @rodneyberman will be grateful if LibDems get hammered in #ConDem backlash might keep his seat #cdfcouncil even if not leader

Sat Jul 24 12:09:43 RT @WalesOnline: Berman misses:Howells fights Cardiff Central assembly seat http://ow.ly/2g0en | Ouch: nicking boss’s turn?

Sat Jul 24 10:16:33 Llanishen resevoir, the scandal continues as US conglomerate given permission by Environment Agency to drain http://ow.ly/2fZfl #cdfcouncil

Sat Jul 24 10:09:10 Give Crowne Plaza in Birmingham top review after last week’s visit http://ow.ly/2fZbr Top tip: often cheaper than budget Express chain

Sat Jul 24 07:55:51 RT @wmjohn: Respect / kudos to Barry, Archbishop of Wales http://bit.ly/ajQ2y3 | Canterbury, a Welshman remember, please note

Sat Jul 24 07:15:02 #ConDems pull plug on high speed rail to #Cardiff and S Wales http://ow.ly/2fWPi No votes for them here so don’t get investment. Right then!

Sat Jul 24 05:03:54 @JR_Physio Knees subsiding, Tig booked for nxt week when return. Meantime I hobble down the aisle at wedding (friends, of course!) on crutch

Sat Jul 24 04:40:45 RT @liberalsmithy: Nigel Howells has been selected as the LibDem Assembly Candidate for Cardiff Central | #cdfcouncil #greenergrass maybe!

Fri Jul 23 20:16:40 Wedding rehearsal for tomorrow (friend’s) where I’m reading. Discovery http://ow.ly/2fP58 Butes’ mausoleum, Prichard arch, lively vicar. Fun

Fri Jul 23 05:06:39 As he walked onto conference stage 3500 people stood, cheered, many in tears. He didn’t need words http://ow.ly/2fqPm Happy retirement Tutu

Fri Jul 23 04:43:16 Of course Welsh and English should be the official languages of the country. What’s so hard about that? http://ow.ly/2fqv8

Thu Jul 22 20:58:05 RT: @manicspostcards. Re-tweet to enter a competition to win tickets to an extra special Manics show in London on 5th August! #manicscomp

Thu Jul 22 13:27:03 RT @Adrian1Robson: Full Council I am told that members of the stds & ethics ctte will be watching today! | leader “childish behaviour” alert

Thu Jul 22 13:24:46 He did it, we can prove says CPS, yet PC (allegedly) Simon Harwood walks scot free after Tomlinson death http://ow.ly/2f1bC – slowly, again?

Thu Jul 22 13:23:21 RT @DaranHill: RT @cymruyfory: Referendum question misleading, says Sir Emyr Jones-Parry | http://ow.ly/2f0SL  I agree – plain obfuscation

Wed Jul 21 17:48:36 .@aliguana Love it! But I burst everytime I have to spend hours (I mean hours) remaking a bloody form to fill in

Wed Jul 21 17:03:05 Why do public bodies (WAG inc) insist on downloads in Word which are over elaborate and don’t render properly. RTF or PDF not Microsoft pse!

Wed Jul 21 16:51:24 RT @roathcardiff: PHOTO: The derelict burial chapels at Cathays Cemetery in Cardiff http://ow.ly/20b6r

Wed Jul 21 16:33:26 #MIFI report 3.uk worked v well back from Brum on Severnside route: hopeless via Bristol Parkway. When works is brilliant on train.

Wed Jul 21 16:27:48 RT @Drywsdad: Deserves 5 stars ?http://ow.ly/2eAhg You could love Newport after this (well, almost 🙂 )

Wed Jul 21 12:14:40 .@wmjohn of course if we got travel 30% plus travel by bike like Copenhagen then we would need more dedicated bike lanes too

Wed Jul 21 12:13:14 .@wmjohn research suggests more Shared Space, fewer accidents, better behaviours and improved travel times – see, well much Europe really

Wed Jul 21 11:36:56 .@wmjohn I am not sure that there shd be places where cyclists in #Cardiff shdn’t go (Shared Space and all that) If I bike am I a Chav?

Wed Jul 21 11:21:28 RT @john_rostron: pedestrianised cardiff’s st marys st. Just nowhere to lock up your bike. http://twitpic.com/279rcf | oops #cdfcouncil

Wed Jul 21 10:40:05 @JR_Physio Tig”s no?

Wed Jul 21 09:16:27 RT @ed_walker86: Hack & hackers day, how we used data to track bobbies on the beat: http://bit.ly/9Cn7DS #hhhliv | Bobbies in Cardiff soon?

Wed Jul 21 09:10:59 @JR_Physio thank you James. Does he do needles too?

Wed Jul 21 09:10:03 RT @IWA_Wales: the new policies for England will have consequences for Wales: http://bit.ly/aBE3tu | Argument for Independence methinks. Now

Wed Jul 21 09:00:52 Western Mail owners upset over criticism http://ow.ly/2emLc Question: wd their excellent hyperlocal stuff have happened without competition?

Wed Jul 21 08:57:15 RT @themabiblogion:Why is that BBC newsreaders learn to correctly pronounce names of places in N Korea but can’t  with places in Wales? |Gd?

Wed Jul 21 07:35:02 Last few days of  #cdfcouncil  audit period when you can inspect accounts? http://ow.ly/2bJDQ Ends 23rd July

Wed Jul 21 07:03:09 .@EyeOnCardiff  Appreciate your thoughts: but we need people, resources, time and energy to combat the political machines/inertia/power

Wed Jul 21 07:00:51 RT @DaranHill: RT @bbcwales: Politics: Housing powers devolved to Wales http://bit.ly/anb44Z. » Hallelujah! | ‘Bout bloody time

Wed Jul 21 06:58:58 @JoshHalliday sound like the deadly Twitter is busy syndrome

Wed Jul 21 02:48:27 Tassered in the groin – ouch http://ow.ly/2ehsy Glad not this Peter Cox (wrong age at least, I wish!)

Wed Jul 21 02:39:08 .@JohnLDixon Nicely done on Newsnight #stupidscientology – loved the ‘allegedly” interjections. Expect #cdfcouncil to ‘clarify’ Tweet rules.

Wed Jul 21 02:08:21 .@bengoldacre Try “iSaidWhat” silly name gd app lets u edit sound samples

Tue Jul 20 20:18:45 B’hm ‘Ikon in the 1970’s’ http://ow.ly/2e8OM show a stunner:  joy to see old faces and great artists. Brum in the 60/70’s rocked

Tue Jul 20 20:15:23 RT @guardianeco: Exclusive: Sustainable Development Commission to be axed to save £ http://bit.ly/dq7tdQ | Wales outpost next?

Tue Jul 20 20:10:52 .@EyeOnCardiff  I wish I shared your optimism: no doubt it >could<, on present form it’s just a hot air political aspiration devoid of plan

Tue Jul 20 20:00:05 Cafe Rouge off Brindley Sq Brum #fail overpriced, poor portion – starter, greasy main. Bread charged for. Yuck wine (not house). Avoid chain

Tue Jul 20 14:58:57 4 UK cities in world’s top 75 Innovative Cities: http://ow.ly/2dY8x 7 more UK ones make Global 256 Index. #Cardiff? No where.

Tue Jul 20 14:52:17 @JohnLDixon very good luck (?) I just hope we’re not all wrong and those stupid people can’t put a hex on you 🙂  #stupidscientology

Tue Jul 20 14:39:34 RT @GdnCardiff: RT @yourcardiff: Cardiff councillor to go on Newsnight discuss Scientology comment: http://bit.ly/a7CC7U #stupidscientology

Tue Jul 20 12:15:02 RT @davidcornock: Cheryl Gillan: Barnett Formula coming to end of its life and govt wants “fair funding formula” | eventually, weasel word

Tue Jul 20 11:51:47 Scientology IS stupid. Shame @JohnLDixon is caght up http://ow.ly/2dRrG Expect ombudsman to be sensible though

Tue Jul 20 11:50:33 RT @davidcornock: Cheryl Gillan confirms Parliament and National Assembly different constituencies 2015 – “decoupled” | hang on to seats eh?

Tue Jul 20 11:39:54 Brains cleanup in #Cardiff, good to see business with a sense of social responsibility for the city http://ow.ly/2dRbm

Tue Jul 20 09:00:27 Where have Welsh train announcements gone at #Cardiff Central? Only generic ones.  Broke, finger trouble or policy?

Tue Jul 20 06:33:28 .@DailyWelshWords Far from sunny in Cardiff

Tue Jul 20 06:32:08 Miracle: as soon as I send @Hootsuite_help a tweet bemoaning 8hr lapse the feed returns! The Power of Tweeting!

Tue Jul 20 06:27:47 @houtsuite_help I’ve been without a feed this past 6-8 hrs – still Twitter’s fault?

Mon Jul 19 20:41:07 It’s massive! http://ow.ly/2dDjX It’s Big, It’s Blue, it’s @Big_Blue_Bike  Good luck Ben

Mon Jul 19 20:29:42 .@speedupdating but where is the OUTRAGE? We pay, whatever.

Mon Jul 19 20:27:01 So, whatever way the bill’s picked up we pay £1.4M so Nancy Pants William does have to rough it in the Mess! http://ow.ly/2dCTe #republic

Mon Jul 19 19:46:45 @jr_physio Ok then .. name of a brilliant masseur,/acupuncturist to replace the lamented Steve Jones who retired. Cardiff, of course.

Mon Jul 19 09:50:35 RT @vardra: The severnlink fastcats are being moved in Swansea docks. Are they sold already? | Perhaps a journo cd find out?

Mon Jul 19 09:49:53 . @cardiffcouncil couple of screen grabs enroute

Mon Jul 19 09:45:03 @chefbennett01 Really bored with mugs retweets…..

Mon Jul 19 09:42:58 @JayneCowan for which you deserve a GOLD STAR

Mon Jul 19 09:34:22 .@vardra We all throw away enough clothes to keep the ‘charity’ con men companies in business in seems – check the bag, take to the shop!

Mon Jul 19 09:32:45 Sorry, couldn’t resist a comment to Houlihan’s excellent #cardiff lecture http://ow.ly/2dh8L @AmgueddfaCymru Raises flag. Leaves!

Mon Jul 19 09:03:54 RT @paulsq: See Jobs is top of the @mediaguardian Power 100. That’s what I think it said; I was tightly holding the paper with my left hand

Mon Jul 19 09:01:27 .@aliguana Interesting that the competitors don’t say Apple’s statement is wrong though, just lots more hot air pr. Too much all round!

Mon Jul 19 08:43:24 Museum lecture, #Cardiff, correct link http://ow.ly/2dgkF Sorry for finger trouble. Thanks @aliguana

Mon Jul 19 08:41:20 .@aliguana oops …. better sort that sharpish. Thanks.

Mon Jul 19 08:27:03 Blog/link to National Museum of Wales director’s leaving lecture: http://ow.ly/2dg4k Essential reading for every politician indeed all Wales

Mon Jul 19 08:07:34 @vardra how many were bitten (stock or humans)? And what about all the working dogs owners took? Poor decision doesn’t improve with ageing!

Mon Jul 19 07:45:01 RT @vardra: Hope everyone going to the Royal Welsh Show has a fantastic time | We haven’t been since Dryw was banned http://ow.ly/2df05 2003

Mon Jul 19 07:40:01 RT @mediaguardian: Peter Mandelson deal cost the Times about £350,000 http://bit.ly/bD7vu9 | And I can’t read a word. Thanks Murdoch. Really

Mon Jul 19 07:30:05 Did you notice #cdfcouncil advertising the audit period when you can inspect accounts? http://ow.ly/2bJD3 Ends 23rd July

Mon Jul 19 07:20:02 RT @grantshapps: I’m looking at axing the intrusive Place Survey save councils £15m http://bit.ly/dn328n | Another ‘only England’ kiteflying

Mon Jul 19 07:15:01 White men run Uk’s media. Good? Discuss. http://ow.ly/2deKX And as for being called Julian, don’t even go there.

Mon Jul 19 07:05:02 British author of book about Singapore’s death penalty is arrested. http://ow.ly/2deDz Faces jail for exposure of country’s state murder

Mon Jul 19 06:52:13 @joeyanne will you will be writing about focus group today? Where?

Mon Jul 19 06:35:37 Apple compares attenuation on phones http://ow.ly/2deAW or “How to hold your mobile properly”! iPhone4 no worse than others it seems

Sun Jul 18 19:10:54 RT @artistsmakers: If you’re in Worthing, please check twittens, parks, backs of shops for Aaron, 13, who’s missing – let me know if you do.

Sun Jul 18 18:21:00 BBC picks up the absurd Willy Windsor story http://ow.ly/2d60u if he wants to play at flying machines he shd pay. Endex. (We probably have)

Sun Jul 18 17:34:53 .@eggynewydd The very same, sadly

Sun Jul 18 16:02:42 .@speedupdating glimpsed in teco garage. Scandalous. Shd buy him a Winnibego or something (or not) I always stay in the Mess, why can’t he?

Sun Jul 18 16:00:45 Excellent analysis of the terminal decline of Western Mail http://ow.ly/2d4sz no longer even buy Saturday’s for houses/tv. Dead in the water

Sun Jul 18 15:50:35 Beechtree Inn, Culverhouse, #Cardiff mediocre food in a posh service station ambiance #fail

Sun Jul 18 13:17:15 .@Claire_S hope you’re visiting Ikon in Brum – see recent Tweet

Sun Jul 18 13:16:08 Highlight of next week: special lunch B’hm ‘Ikon in the 1970’s’ http://ow.ly/2d2vb taking me back to my involvement in this great gallery

Sun Jul 18 12:11:20 .@speedupdating 🙂 I’d love to know what you’re talking about, but it’s behind a paywall. And I haven’t bought ST for 30 years, at least.

Sun Jul 18 10:40:02 The top 5 hashtags I’ve used: #cardiff, #cdfcouncil, #fail, #chapter, #apple.  So many fails!

Sun Jul 18 10:39:51 RT @darrenwaters: At the awesome Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. Blimey, it’s changed in 10 years! Great breakfast | Glad you approve :)!

Sun Jul 18 10:20:19 Newport Council faces legal challenge over city centre http://ow.ly/2d159 Judicial review moved to #cardiff. One to follow

Sun Jul 18 10:07:21 RT @speedupdating: The best welsh story in today’s Sundays front of the Sunday Times |Either you tease, or it’s a viral plot to make us buy!

Sun Jul 18 09:27:38 RT @RainObservation: #Cardiff:  No precipitation. Posted at 9:7:2 Sun Jul 18, 2010 | Yes, and why’s the washing wet then? #fail methinks!

Sun Jul 18 09:26:51 RT @nathanwoolls: Where’s the best place for a veggie Sunday lunch in #Cardiff? Indian Vegetarian Food Studio Penarth Road ***** cheap too

Sun Jul 18 09:24:38 Welsh National Opera world class, Terfel & Co exemplary. Meistersinger on tv http://ow.ly/2d0GD and radio http://ow.ly/2d0GT 5 hrs to thrill

Sun Jul 18 09:20:47 Love Wordle, so here’s a Tweets one http://ow.ly/2d0Ff  Seems I’m quite a parochial tweeter … #cardiff

Sun Jul 18 08:53:17 RT @WelshAlienNYC: Chavin Henson naked in the NOTW. http://ow.ly/2d0wx | What’s he got to hide? A rugby ball when doesn’t play much? Colour?

Sun Jul 18 08:49:33 If any man on the planet deserves to have a Happy Birthday it’s Nelson Mandela http://ow.ly/2d0vi Penblywydd Hapus o Gymru

Sun Jul 18 08:45:07 RT @helpmeinvestig8: Help investigate: How much are Local Councils spending on advertising with local papers  http://bit.ly/bCNnbf

Sat Jul 17 21:34:29 . @stephenfry Started listening on radio. Then reprised on tv. Saving Acts2/3 for another day. Better conducting than even first night Brill

Sat Jul 17 21:31:05 .@RichardBratby Catch it on Radio 3  iPlayer (maybe also tv too) It’s worth it – they are performing brilliantly.

Sat Jul 17 21:29:02 .@CURZONPRODUCT but David Soar a) sings beautifully b) has beautifully written part c) looked amazing on platforms and costume in the show

Sat Jul 17 21:25:46 .@EyeOnCardiff Every delivery we have from #HDNL is a #fail. Have told Amazon not to use them – they say they can’t! D’Oh!

Sat Jul 17 16:13:28 .@JohnLDixon just saw you note re maps site and cdn’t agree more. The data is great, implementation, rubbish.Crying out for good app.

Sat Jul 17 14:25:18 .@JohnLDixon cheers – nice to see so many on the case …. and if u cd just manage a nice little iPhone App …  🙂

Sat Jul 17 13:17:30 @cdfcouncil here’s the bus maps error message (takes ages to come up btw) http://ow.ly/i/2Fvy

Sat Jul 17 10:01:52 .@wmjohn Update, more unpaid for testing: the map based searches don’t work in 3 flavours of browsers. Lists do and now updating #cdfcouncil

Sat Jul 17 09:54:01 Developers needn’t  fret. #cdfcouncil’s Affordable Housing Policy http://ow.ly/d/4YB is a ‘flexible’ ‘target’  and for 2011 is  91 units

Sat Jul 17 08:53:14 Decided to go by bus so the live timetable http://ow.ly/2cMsR is broke #cdfcouncil #fail – 2 in 1 day .. oh dear! they’ll feel unloved again

Sat Jul 17 08:39:18 . @beicio was there coverage of meeting? Links? Wd like to post. Cheers – Agree btw, all self-evident to anyone except #cdfcouncil maybe!

Sat Jul 17 08:15:02 OnYerBike #cdfcouncil more: iPhone App costs -shd be free if you subscribe; web http://ow.ly/2cMat down, 0845 phone costs #fail Catch bus!

Sat Jul 17 08:10:02 Wow, Beicios at Llandaff Fields.  http://ow.ly/i/2Fg0 Go to town? No spaces at City Hall (move em around) exp 2 join, 54 bikes #cdfcouncil

Sat Jul 17 08:05:51 .@artistsmakers Ah! Bless! Subtle colour choice though, cd be worse

Sat Jul 17 08:00:02 People, Place and Corporate Services Department at WAG has 380 (expensive) staff http://ow.ly/2cM4U Defensible? Try me …

Sat Jul 17 07:50:01 RT @mediaguardian: Zac Goldsmith clashes with Jon Snow on Channel 4 News http://bit.ly/cmgp8e #Condems personified I thought. Devious, Nasty

Sat Jul 17 07:28:25 Owain Glyndŵr to rise again http://ow.ly/2cLWo Cadw plans for better recognition at key sites.

Sat Jul 17 07:24:54 .@stephenfry Did you see in #Cardiff, if not in for a surprise: thrilling, stupendous great prod. Interest to see/hear at Prom #meistermole

Fri Jul 16 14:53:28 .@eggynewydd do let us know when. Worth getting up early for (maybe?)

Fri Jul 16 10:02:16 .@ed_walker86  and aren’t you most of the SW Echo’s staff too? LOL

Fri Jul 16 09:56:31 Don’t be a problem parker #cdfcouncil doesn’t seem to be working  http://ow.ly/i/2E2f Llandaff High Street

Fri Jul 16 09:47:26 Rhythm Method music group – u won’t encourage me to buy by sticking over vital bus info  http://ow.ly/i/2E20 #fail #Cardiff

Fri Jul 16 09:25:02 RT @yourcardiff: Council to lock leisure centre users into memberships: http://bit.ly/clDphb | See my comment (if not struck down ..)

Fri Jul 16 08:12:04 Comment on WalesHome blog about hospital vending machines: my experience at UHW, Cardiff http://ow.ly/2cinw

Fri Jul 16 07:30:02 “New Theatre to now be considered among the top 5 Theatres in the Country” according to #cdfcouncil http://ow.ly/2cf7A – do they mean UK?

Fri Jul 16 07:10:02 Could Cardiff have a new local tv station by 2011? http://ow.ly/2cekV

Fri Jul 16 07:00:03 Speak from beyond the grave: Deathswitch http://ow.ly/2cefo send loved a last message, email bank codes – have last word with nasty one?

Fri Jul 16 06:45:01 Value of Ashes to Cardiff: prediction June 2009 £116M http://ow.ly/2cfhA , report to #cdfcouncil says £3,577,000 http://ow.ly/2cfhB Compute?

Fri Jul 16 03:46:27 .@ed_walker86 you don’t get away unnoticed – see … look forward to hearing/seeing results (#cdfcouncil accounts maybe)

Thu Jul 15 20:09:19 Excellent example of nonsensical, superfluous street clutter http://ow.ly/2c68Z via @yourcardiff

Thu Jul 15 13:50:04 RT @dxMADE: Good design ‘priceless’ in new era of community-driven development says minister  http://ow.ly/2bPyH | For England only?

Thu Jul 15 13:15:21 Maestro Charles Mackerras will be missed in Wales http://ow.ly/2bQKP he brought wonderful insights to WNO especially his recordings

Thu Jul 15 13:12:42 RT @GdnCardiff: Spotted new free-b bus replacement -the electric minibus – outside County Hall http://twitpic.com/25hdgb OOh Err

Thu Jul 15 10:55:02 RT @civic_voice: Broadband Indust Day: may we have your broadband without so much damage to our streets #bduk #dcmsmedia http://ow.ly/2bM0L

Thu Jul 15 10:25:02 Off for 2nd of 3 Synvisc injection in knees. Expensive, v painful, but then so’s arthritis! Anyone any experience/efficacy/side effects?

Thu Jul 15 10:23:52 . @hrwaldram Sorry, gowned piccie more important than any #cdfcouncil mtg IMHO! Try to enjoy today though!

Thu Jul 15 10:19:01 RT @egrommet: Right shall pop down to see which of last year’s #CJS mob are here for the pre graduation drinky | Have on 4us (virtually)

Thu Jul 15 10:06:20 Hugest congrats from all of Cardiff to Hannah Waldram @GdnCardiff  @hrwaldram  who Graduates today http://ow.ly/2bMn2 Expect gowned piccie!

Thu Jul 15 10:00:03 Massive drop in Welsh programming for tv http://ow.ly/2bLJe Majority unhappy about range of  coverage – including me.

Thu Jul 15 09:22:19 Good news: #cdcouncil rejects use of Llandaff Fields for car parking by UWIC http://ow.ly/2bLGZ  Success in campaign to save heritage parks

Thu Jul 15 09:19:36 Apparently, BBC News held a ‘debrief’ on its Moat coverage http://ow.ly/2bLD0 be interested to know outcomes. 24 hr news sucks #justsaying

Thu Jul 15 08:22:40 RT @juliandobson: I wish people wouldn’t tweet links to stuff that’s hidden behind a paywall. What’s the point? | Except to annoy

Thu Jul 15 08:15:53 Guardian coverage of Pontcanna Pine planning consent decision http://ow.ly/2bKAD #cdfcouncil

Thu Jul 15 07:58:32 RumneyRec campaigners ask 10 questions of #cdfcouncil leader @rodneyberman http://ow.ly/2bKi3 We’ll tweet link to answers if there are any.

Thu Jul 15 07:45:05 RT @WorkingWordPR: Early morning interviews at BBC for @ecrimewales summit 500 delegates on way to Celtic Manor | Clearly nec to meet there?

Thu Jul 15 07:43:21 .@wmjohn Campaigns depend on people starting them ….

Thu Jul 15 07:31:58 Excellent background and update on Vulcan Pub Campaign – why Cardiff needs to keep it http://ow.ly/2bJNV Not over though …

Thu Jul 15 07:20:49 Did you know this is when Cardiff Council’s Accounts are open for inspection? http://ow.ly/2bJzx Finishes 23rd July so hurry! #cdfcouncil

Wed Jul 14 23:15:57 RT @themanics: “Manics plan album launch gig in London” http://is.gd/dseZK #manics

Wed Jul 14 20:32:06 @jamieandlouise enjoy

Wed Jul 14 20:30:12 @cardiffcouncil PS also – you shd do address complete from postcode

Wed Jul 14 20:29:29 @cardiffcouncil Yeh .. Mandoforms on steroids! Works gd on Safari/Firefox on OSX 10.6.4 (What magic?) Still v boring form btw and no logo.

Wed Jul 14 20:02:01 Twitter API is busy message is getting boring. Please change even if you can’t fix Twitter.

Wed Jul 14 20:00:02 RT @Drywsdad: Anybody know a guy who’d like to date a sassy attractive intelligent educated 80yr old ?pls RT | Do I know such a person?

Wed Jul 14 19:55:48 Worlds’ biggest still-life will close 60km motorway on Sunday with banquet for 200,000 http://ow.ly/2bxE6 Mad. Wonderful. German.

Wed Jul 14 19:00:25 Somehow missed the tremendous news of big Big Lottery Funding for NoFitState Circus http://ow.ly/2bv8C Congrats – see in Cardiff soon?

Wed Jul 14 18:08:23 .@Adrian1Robson Thanks for being (it is reported) the sane voice re Pontcanna Pine.

Wed Jul 14 17:20:41 Instant but thoughtful coverage of today’s Cardiff Planning decision on Pontcanna Pine http://ow.ly/2bry9 Approval given #fail #cdfcouncil

Wed Jul 14 16:31:22 @cardiffcouncil seems to be worse Safari doesn’t open it at all now … sorry

Wed Jul 14 15:45:16 RT @yourcardiff: Approval granted for 14 flats on kings road, pontcanna (Pontcanna Pine) #cdfplan #cdfcouncil #fail

Wed Jul 14 14:04:16 RT @yourcardiff: Applause for simon white after objecting to pontcanna pine development #cdfplan meeting | Decision must be near then.

Wed Jul 14 13:53:07 . @kbateman I must misspell Welsh more often. My it gets one noticed! I’ll do 100 lines, Welcome in Welsh is Croeso, Welcome in Welsh is…

Wed Jul 14 13:50:27 .@wmjohn Typo and failure of computer to have Welsh spell checker! Diolch

Wed Jul 14 13:40:03 Croseo to new director of Wales’ National Museums http://ow.ly/2bguf  Can someone lacking Welsh heritage (and language) do job? #justsaying

Wed Jul 14 13:37:29 WalesOnline vote “Are Cardiff councillors value for money” Yes 23.5%, No 76.5% Suspect most don’t know what they really cost! #cdfcouncil

Wed Jul 14 13:34:21 @lockylive #cdfcouncil ‘s forms software works – just – in Safari , not Firefox on Macs. It’s bad form, expensive IT provider. Yep #fail

Wed Jul 14 12:51:31 Have commented on Obudsman/Cllr McEvoy row with personal, recent experience of ‘disrespectful behaviour’ http://ow.ly/2bh5q #cdfcouncil

Wed Jul 14 12:49:30 RT @VOGCouncil: Pont y Werin, the bridge linking Penarth and Cardiff Bay, was declared open this morning – hooray!

Wed Jul 14 12:28:31 RT @cardiffcouncil: Help us keep the city’s streets clean. Report litter build up here http://ow.ly/2bgkk

Wed Jul 14 12:26:48 RT @AmgueddfaCymru: Tonight’s lecture: http://ow.ly/2bgn8 | Last appearance by Nat Museum’s Director Michael Houlihan – worth a look

Wed Jul 14 11:27:03 Shd ratepayers expect their cllrs (paid) to behave respectfully towards them? http://ow.ly/2beZH Ombudsman says yes! #cdfcouncil Cllr McEvoy

Wed Jul 14 10:00:02 New tag #cdfldp (Cardiff Local Development Plan) it’s going to be around for next 4 years so pse use it! Help engage Cardiff with its future

Wed Jul 14 09:15:02 Celebrate and be proud: Welsh gets its voice at the EU from today http://ow.ly/2bctf If you want to keep it, use it!

Wed Jul 14 08:52:53 RT @GdnCardiff: Wiki set up as platform for discussion on Cardiff’s future – you may want to contribute to this: http://gu.com/p/2tbeg/tw

Wed Jul 14 08:49:30 RT @cardiffcouncil: Pont y Werin Bridge linking the International Sports Village in Cardiff to the Vale of Glamorgan officially opens today

Wed Jul 14 08:47:18 More on the Splott Incinerator meeting http://ow.ly/2bcr1 #cdfcouncil Although it slipped through planning cd still be stopped it seems

Wed Jul 14 08:44:47 RT @aliguana: Blair thought Brown was mad? Isn’t that like Jack the Ripper thinking that Sweeney Todd is a bit “odd”? | Brilliant, spot on!

Wed Jul 14 08:41:08 Ratepayers protest about lack of consultation by #cdfcouncil, this time over Splott Incinerator project http://ow.ly/2bciZ Has to change

Wed Jul 14 07:00:02 First job: edit yesterday’s end of term poetry perf that features Philip Gross (Wales Book of the Year etc) and get podcast out

Wed Jul 14 05:55:50 Reminder: #cdfcouncil Planning Cttee 2.30 pm City Hall considers Pontcanna Pine dev in Conservation Area http://ow.ly/2b9WS attending helps

Wed Jul 14 05:51:37 For those wanting quote and comment on action filled week for Cardiff Civic Society, leave it! Need more zds before any more on anything!

Wed Jul 14 05:49:15 RT @JoshHalliday: New BBC website live: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/ Gotta say, I like it. | Concur, still doesn’t have the Guardian ‘edge’

Wed Jul 14 05:47:58 So Germany lost out in World Cup footie ‘cos its team too gay http://ow.ly/2b9Ql – what to say? Nothing is best.

Tue Jul 13 21:58:16 Tweet says other half has hit the sack. Expect next tweet in 8 hrs: “Tea, green please”.

Tue Jul 13 21:48:18 Really inspiring Transition meet, Cardiff: lots of ideas and willingness to engage with Local Development Plan through Cardiff Partnerships

Tue Jul 13 21:40:43 RT @politicshomeuk: Parliament has voted by 321 to 243 against a motion to exempt charities from the planned hike in VAT | Bad, Bad, Bad

Tue Jul 13 15:54:20 More coverage of Cardiff Civic Society and the Cardiff LDP http://ow.ly/2aPQF

Tue Jul 13 15:47:43 More coverage of Cardiff Civic Society and the Cardiff LDP http://ow.ly/2aPyG

Tue Jul 13 15:43:25 RT @cardiffuni: Win an iPad with Cardiff Uni’s prize draw. Simply retweet and follow @cardiffuni to enter. Terms: http://bit.ly/bp4EMI

Tue Jul 13 15:35:50 RT @GdnCardiff: Calls for council to engage with citizens over Cardiff’s future at @CardiffCivicSoc meeting last night http://ow.ly/2aP26

Tue Jul 13 10:20:05 RT @stephenfry: In my robes  http://yfrog.com/3m60pj | Bless, very fetching red, not sure about the dangly bit

Tue Jul 13 10:18:26 RT @yourcardiff: Some snaps of run down Hailey Park tennis courts by @eggynewydd: http://bit.ly/aL8cNd

Tue Jul 13 10:16:51 RT @bbcwales: News SW: Badger cull halted after appeal http://bit.ly/bHujUR | Another WAG legal cock-up, why do they get it wrong?

Tue Jul 13 07:15:02 Terrific ideas about Cardiff’s future from LDP meeting last night. On http://tinyurl.com/partwiki soon – join the site now to take part

Tue Jul 13 07:14:05 Sit on a crocodile and it’ll bite you http://ow.ly/2aByT D’Oh. Drunk Australian, explains all maybe.

Tue Jul 13 06:45:47 RT @parkcampaigner: Ask MP to support amend’s 35, 36 & 37 in today’s debate Financial Services Bill – exempt charities from the 20% VAT rise

Tue Jul 13 06:44:08 Charities – but especially smaller ones like Cardiff Civic Society – will be harmed by £150M VAT rise http://ow.ly/2aB5n MP’s should exempt

Tue Jul 13 05:16:20 RT @stephenfry: Must say Cardiff is looking spankingly good in the sunshine. Castle is gleaming, Town Hall glowing. Much to like here.

Tue Jul 13 05:09:30 RT @sorafferty: some good insight earlier into how @CardiffCivicSoc & @petercox are working to improve Cardiff in the long-term

Mon Jul 12 17:01:12 All set up at the Big Sleep for tonight’s workshop on Cardiff’s Local Development Plan. See you here http://bit.ly/d9csZc

Mon Jul 12 16:59:47 @GreatSociety64 absolutely – we’re here – hoping for hundreds (well …)

Mon Jul 12 14:06:05 @mrbry and apologies for spelling …

Mon Jul 12 14:05:47 @mrbry Right! Confused him with the other one – equally bigotted – Jeremy Vine! Apoligies lawyers (a bit)

Mon Jul 12 13:58:31 RT @GdnCardiff: Call for Cardiff knitters to help cancer appeal http://gu.com/p/2taym/tw | What happened to @jamieandlouise ‘s Red Scarf?

Mon Jul 12 13:58:03 RT @LauraJFord1: Loves a bit of jeremy Kyle | Racist, homophobic, bigot who’s paid for being an idiot: BBC #fail not with my licence fee

Mon Jul 12 13:56:22 @charlesarthur Uh? Since when did “meat free”=”Calorie-free”? Vegetable Lasagne, Artichoke Pizza, Vegetable Biryani, Deep Fried Mars bars?

Mon Jul 12 13:54:01 Slides complete for tonight’s LDP Cardiff meeting at Big Sleep 6.30pm details http://ow.ly/2aaoG will be posting outcomes on new wiki site

Mon Jul 12 13:10:02 RT @doodaf: Confused about why the BBC persists in describing Katherine Jenkins as an ‘opera singer’ when she’s never sung one | Right on!

Mon Jul 12 12:47:26 @phoenixlily  well, down the list … have not forgotten – indeed keep drafting in head! Keep nagging! Wd dm but you’re not following 😦

Mon Jul 12 12:05:04 BigMac to run volunteers at Olympics http://ow.ly/2a5Sy How many miles fdo you have to run to burn off a BigOne? D’Oh! Stupid.

Mon Jul 12 11:30:02 Interesting FOI re Central Area Dev: #cdfcouncil first says answered, gets failure judgement, then says won’t. Go figure http://ow.ly/2a5Oq

Mon Jul 12 10:50:45 .@Big_Blue_Bike Think bike rescue/ambulance service could be a big hit. Tweet when running!

Mon Jul 12 10:50:03 “We wanted to get away from the slightly surly atmosphere you get in many bike shops” been to Cardiff then? http://ow.ly/2a2VR Cycle cafes.

Mon Jul 12 10:49:48 @cardiffbites Scam – have previously referred several ‘charities’ to Trading Standards #cdfcouncil

Mon Jul 12 10:48:35 RT @phoenixlily: Astounding – empty properties in Cardiff. Check map http://ow.ly/2a2Tr  – & yet they keep building low quality hi rise

Mon Jul 12 10:32:15 #ConDems’ plans to dismantle NHS http://ow.ly/2a5s3 England first, then Wales? Over my, undoubtably by then, dead body!

Mon Jul 12 10:28:25 RT @civic_voice: Use our interactive map to find your local civic society http://www.civicvoice.org.uk/societies/map/ | If in England!

Mon Jul 12 08:47:31 RT @gomezadams: MrsA in full regalia. http://twitpic.com/24m6ky Twitpride Congrats!

Mon Jul 12 08:37:49 Cardiff needs one of these: Bike Ambulance Rescue http://ow.ly/2a2TB (there’s a caff too)

Mon Jul 12 08:34:34 RT @GreatSociety64: ‘The internet is not just for geeks’… @GreatSociety64 Alun Michael MP  Cardiff South/Penarth http://gu.com/p/2tag3/tw

Mon Jul 12 08:00:04 Today: Consult on ‘new’ Local Development Plan – Cardiff Partnerships workshop 6.30 Big Sleep: Email Partnerships@cardiffcivicsociety.org

Mon Jul 12 07:15:02 Social media and politics: conversation not broadcast: excellent Gruniad blog http://ow.ly/2a19Y Needs to be studied not just policians

Mon Jul 12 07:05:02 Full text of Presiding Officer’s Super Thursday vote for Wales http://ow.ly/2a1ci Think we’re big enough to cope: as blog says, media isn’t.

Mon Jul 12 07:03:37 .@GdnCardiff reminds everyone about tonight’s LDP workshop in Cardiff. http://ow.ly/2a1BB If you’re a local group, need to be there!

Mon Jul 12 06:45:01 Presiding Officer of Assembly says go for Super Thursday Vote http://ow.ly/2a14g Tories will hate idea “treat(ing) electorate with respect”

Mon Jul 12 06:22:59 RT @vardra: @peterdcox Quick answer no, I’m looking at the boats now. Bad business plan, no landing site secured! | Someone needs arse kick!

Mon Jul 12 06:16:20 Wonder if #cdfcouncil ever did a cost-benefit analysis of St Mary Street closures? Including short-term impact on traders http://ow.ly/2a12P

Mon Jul 12 06:13:12 Will Wales-Devon crossings ever happen – boats go up for sale http://ow.ly/2a10N

Mon Jul 12 06:09:04 By @mjrobbins – Raoul Moat: Seven Questions the Media Should Answer http://bt.io/FbwY a difficult read for anyone concerned

Sun Jul 11 22:39:27 RT @JoshHalliday: [del.icio.us] MPs’ scandals covered up on Wikipedia – Telegraph http://bit.ly/90VZ2h | Hurrumph

Sun Jul 11 18:54:35 RT @NeilCocker:  let’s not forget that South Africa are saddled with the £6 billion loss, while FIFA  make £2bn profit | Sport? Shameful

Sun Jul 11 18:51:32 RT @JoshHalliday: Anyone? I’m desperate! Please help! RT: @louisebolotin: How do I block a number on my iPhone? | Fairly certain you can’t!

Sun Jul 11 18:50:24 Bravo #cdfcouncil First sighting of traffic PEOs on a SUNDAY at 7.45pm ticketing on Cowbridge Road, Canton cycle lane. RESULT!

Sun Jul 11 16:21:28 .@wmjohn and on straight-from-school agree 100%, once had to address over 1000 freshers – those who had come from school were terrified!

Sun Jul 11 16:19:31 .@wmjohn don’t object to that, but can we redistribute access to learning in a way that we’ve so abysmally failed to do with wealth?

Sun Jul 11 14:04:29 .@wmjohn not sure a university edu can ever be a bad thing; deciding who cannot have it inevitably leads to wealth and other discrimination

Sun Jul 11 11:50:38 RT @WalesOnline: The Hot 50: Wales’ sexiest men revealed http://bit.ly/9T1YYC | They never did ring me…. you mean I’m not in the list?

Sun Jul 11 11:40:01 RT @wmjohn: Cap, leading to less gowns. hhttp://ow.ly/29NNU  which can only be a good thing : For Wales’ Knowledge Economy? Surely not?

Sun Jul 11 11:08:56 RT @mediaguardian: Axed public-sector job ads push newspapers towards double dip | Danger for Echo/WM if happens in Wales http://ow.ly/29NN7

Sun Jul 11 11:07:20 RT @Drywsdad: Is it just me or if this creepy? Holocaust survivor, dancing to Gloria Gaynor outside concentration camps http://j.mp/aq3bbE

Sun Jul 11 11:05:59 RT @djleekee: OAP just attempted to reverse park into a space on #KingsRoad but mashed the car alongside before speeding : #cdfcouncil note

Sun Jul 11 11:03:45 .@CardiffBiz I support local businesses – and too few of them there. If others enjoyed, fine. We didn’t #justsaying Off to Riverside Market.

Sun Jul 11 11:01:45 . @hywelm The Queen? well that’s really interesting – I must ask those who know, dangerous to harbour wrongful info masquerading as fact

Sun Jul 11 09:48:21 . @manicstmania let’s hope someone recorded it!

Sun Jul 11 08:40:30 .@vardra Oh dear! PJ’s one day, Mankini the next! We need to get you Gok Wan’d. You know you must.

Sun Jul 11 08:26:19 #cdcouncil’s lack of planning policy means it won’t refuse unsuitable development http://ow.ly/29MIC Para 8.1: the real cost of LDP failure!

Sun Jul 11 08:19:55 Reminder of CCS objections to Pontcanna Pine revised plans:  http://ow.ly/29MEV Officers fail to deal with policy questions #cdfcouncil

Sun Jul 11 08:18:44 #cdfcouncil Officers’ report on Pontcanna Pine 14 flats http://ow.ly/d/4NC recommends approval: doesn’t acknowledge CCS second objection

Sun Jul 11 08:16:19 RT @CardiffBiz: Final day of the Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival | and we care? Not.

Sun Jul 11 07:50:34 Tomorrow: Consult on ‘new’ Local Development Plan – Cardiff Partnerships workshop 6.30 Big Sleep: Email Partnerships@cardiffcivicsociety.org

Sun Jul 11 07:45:02 RT @artistsmakers: Great shot of Police officer looking calm, reasoned and in control of Raoul Moat situation http://tinyurl.com/37aw64u

Sun Jul 11 05:52:17 . @eggynewydd Bit early even to exert myself to look, let alone be there!

Sun Jul 11 01:34:12 .@hywelm Gorsed, well spotted, but only for Welsh speaking (and pretty fluent at that) Welsh, surely?

Sat Jul 10 21:38:48 @GreatSociety64 @JezzaTaff if you manage to get an answer from Delme Bowen #cdfcouncil, do let us all know

Sat Jul 10 21:35:32 . @GreatSociety64 Agreed, that would be a bloody good start. March on Monday?

Sat Jul 10 21:33:02 The nearest Wales has to Honours: http://ow.ly/29HOH bravos for Stephen Fry, Rebecca Evans, Nicholas Keynon- and cheers for Martyn Williams!

Sat Jul 10 21:28:11 Wales note: a million Catalans took to the streets today in support of independence http://ow.ly/29HM9

Sat Jul 10 21:25:16 Watching Domingo’s Simon Boccanegra on BBC2 reminds me that Meistersinger is live from the proms next Saturday – it’ll be brilliant on radio

Sat Jul 10 18:56:30 Recollecting on last weekend in Paris just as our review gets posted http://ow.ly/29Fns Hotel Molay, Marais

Sat Jul 10 17:11:14 .@vardra  It’s a Sod’s Law. The Good News is that my iPhone filled up nearly on day one and has pretty much stayed that way Some in some out

Sat Jul 10 17:05:03 .@cardiffblogger Don’t forget Rule 106: Cardiff Bus drivers do what they like, Event or no Event, town or suburbs (they don’t actually care)

Sat Jul 10 15:15:15 . @CardiffRoundTbl Cardiff Fd Fest: too many stalls in a tent, people only sampling, few Welsh producers, massive queues for food – soulless

Sat Jul 10 15:12:11 RT @llef: And here they are! Picnic-tastic yoghurt pot wine glasses at M&S – http://moby.to/rxtmzg | and at that price better be good wine!

Sat Jul 10 13:33:37 Says everything about Cardiff Food Festival that we ran to Kemi’s Cafe for good food!!! #cdfcouncil #fail

Sat Jul 10 12:15:52 London’s Hyde Park – looks like Global Warming is here already http://ow.ly/i/2wPT via @Drywsdad

Sat Jul 10 11:54:22 @DaranHill Can we have an on-site status pse before we leave and look for a Blue Badge space (some hopes …)?

Sat Jul 10 10:54:31 .@jamieandlouise up too late to say do one for me! Jogging still banned for knees sake (what an excuse!!!) Food Festival however beckons

Sat Jul 10 10:37:49 .@vardra yuck, you wear PJ’s? That’s something shops sell for emergencies – like hotel fires! Never a good look, even for lounging ….

Sat Jul 10 10:35:14 @eggynewydd Sadly, terrine, like rest of ours lives, in a warehouse in Cwmbran. No houses on market still!

Sat Jul 10 10:33:40 US Judge says excessive award to record companies violates rights of music downloader http://ow.ly/29zSy still $67.5K though!

Sat Jul 10 08:00:05 @ed_walker86 Penblywydd Hapus. (If you need translation by now you should go back to England 🙂 )

Fri Jul 09 22:55:02 Cardiff’s ‘new’ Local Development Plan – Cardiff Partnerships workshop Monday 6.30 Big Sleep Cardiff partnerships@cardiffcivicsociety.org

Fri Jul 09 16:14:11 Collected Dryw from his barber’s (no, not @Drywsdad) and he’s barking to say, ‘lots cooler, thank you,  where’s good boy treat?’ Mmmm..

Fri Jul 09 16:09:24 @GreatSociety64 thanks for the #ff and the thought – but far too busy telling others how to run Cardiff to do it myself 🙂 #cdfcouncil

Fri Jul 09 12:30:20 PACT meeting Cardiff Riverside, St Catherine’s Church Hall, Kings Road 7pm Monday 12th July

Fri Jul 09 10:23:05 Not-spots in Wales nearer becoming hot http://ow.ly/297Jh sometime soon, maybe

Fri Jul 09 09:44:10 RT @huwstephens: it’s faster from London to Brussels than it is London to Cardiff on train. | AND can be cheaper as we know to our cost!!

Fri Jul 09 09:14:48 @DaranHill we’re counting the cost (horrendous) of 4 days in Paris just this week! Nightmare for wheelchair users too.

Fri Jul 09 09:04:32 No show today followers on Radio Glamorgan – knees fix cure is worse than the ailment: “trust me, I’m a doctor” he said! So, catchup Friday.

Fri Jul 09 08:49:27 RT @CardiffCivicSoc: Cardiff Civic Society objections to Pontcanna Pine dev quoted here: http://ow.ly/296jd Decision next week

Fri Jul 09 08:33:21 WAG to launch enquiry into Severn Bridge tolls http://ow.ly/2963H that cost wales £76M a year! ‘Bout time too

Fri Jul 09 08:29:46 Food and Social networking, what could be better? http://ow.ly/29609 Eat with a local (do not miss out the ‘with’)

Fri Jul 09 08:03:21 RT @LlandaffNews: Watch the rowing this weekend at the Llandaff Regatta

Fri Jul 09 06:12:14 RT @stephenfry: If you’ve read Stieg Larsson, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” &c., you’ll love this: http://ow.ly/293UG | Way to start day

Thu Jul 08 20:45:55 Excellent Cardiff Civic Society Executive, successes reported on all fronts. Gearing up for four years of Local Development Plan work!!

Thu Jul 08 16:08:38 RT @GdnCardiff:  black currant jam workshop Riverside Community Gardens (Pontcanna Allotments) 5-7pm on Friday http://is.gd/dj9Ck #cardiff

Thu Jul 08 16:06:06 @GdnCardiff How about at Chapter? Could ask Carol to reserve the Cytch Bar?

Thu Jul 08 15:51:25 First figures on @GdnCardiff with my comment http://ow.ly/28JXi

Thu Jul 08 14:35:51 RT @jackschofield: McDonald’s Apologizes For Condoms In Happy Meals http://bit.ly/cULQJ9 #funny

Thu Jul 08 14:32:19 Canton Chorus Concert this Saturday – details http://ow.ly/28GCs @cantonchorus

Thu Jul 08 12:16:23 Interview of Rumney campaigner sets out common complaints about #cdfcouncil http://ow.ly/28C6G highlights conflicts of interest

Thu Jul 08 12:13:03 RT @KevinBrennanMP: ConDem Govt making a big mistake if they axe the electrification of South Wales – London railway: http://bit.ly/94o3b6

Thu Jul 08 09:22:28 RT @GdnCardiff: RT @3rdfloorgallery: “HOPE for Third Floor Gallery” 5 prints offer to help the gallery http://is.gd/djJVc | Buy and help!

Thu Jul 08 09:14:33 Cardiff’s ‘new’ Local Development Plan – Cardiff Partnerships workshop Monday 6.30 Big Sleep Cardiff  partnerships@cardiffcivicsociety.org

Thu Jul 08 08:05:57 38 Degrees | Stand up to Murdoch http://bit.ly/92wray I’ve signed. Please do so and RT to stop Murdoch’s final conquest

Thu Jul 08 05:50:01 RT @todayspolitics: Walmart spends millions of dollars fighting $7,000 fine for worker death http://bit.ly/ci9cwN | (In the UK  it’s Asda)

Thu Jul 08 00:38:53 RT @guardiantech: In praise of … the Proms online archive | Editorial http://bit.ly/bKKzkC

Wed Jul 07 18:06:56 RT @bbcwales: Politics: Morgan against tax-raising powers http://bit.ly/br6spm So devolution only so far eh Rhodri?

Wed Jul 07 18:05:46 Yet another commitment to Broadband Wales http://ow.ly/28g9j How many more before someone actually does something?

Wed Jul 07 17:49:16 Council staff cut backs can mean free tennis http://ow.ly/28fBU Is that good? #cdfcouncil

Wed Jul 07 13:01:20 @wmjohn Marmite Squeezy: costs a lot more, use a lot more. Double bonus for maker. That’s why.

Wed Jul 07 12:58:29 RT @yourcardiff: Work starts on repairing the Animal Wall on Castle Street: http://bit.ly/d91Lwr

Wed Jul 07 12:58:23 RT @afuahirsch: Read supreme ct judgment on gay asylum seekers Notorious Kylie passage is at par 78 http://bit.ly/cL7H9o | Well worth a read

Wed Jul 07 12:55:02 RT @wmjohn: How can a website cost £35m? Easily http://bit.ly/d9XXvs | Been there, seen that. Got the t-shirt (never working website though)

Wed Jul 07 12:41:52 RT @KevinBrennanMP: Cameron doesn’t get devolution – can’t distinguish between assembly/parl’ment and devolved government and need 2 consult

Wed Jul 07 12:38:29 RT @civic_voice: Our call to return streets to people by supporting local action http://bit.ly/90yIit | WAG note also pse

Wed Jul 07 12:36:45 @llef stock photography! What about recycled agency news, pr press releases, & corporate puffs masquerading as ‘expert’ columns? Newspaper?

Wed Jul 07 12:29:36 @llef I was thinking no one else had noticed how appalling the Western Mail makeover had been! What happened to designers?

Tue Jul 06 22:15:01 @ed_walker86 There is the regal in sha tin or a few kowloon side don’t go any on Hong Kong island its too expensive | she says !

Tue Jul 06 20:48:41 @ed_walker86 that I approve 🙂

Tue Jul 06 20:46:21 @ed_walker86 have asked the fount of Cardiffs Chinese community so shd get some!

Tue Jul 06 20:25:06 @ed_walker86 glad someone is safeguarding the ratepayers huge loans !

Tue Jul 06 20:19:18 Great Western usual #fail ” ticket only valid with seat reservation” but seat numbers don’t exist!!

Tue Jul 06 20:15:37 Proof that Paris trip is over  http://ow.ly/i/  he wanted tourist pose!!

Tue Jul 06 14:53:00 RT @libcon: BBC cuts out Jeremy Clarkson’s homophobia http://bit.ly/bLVO9o | bout time he was sacked

Tue Jul 06 10:24:29 Residents show opposition to Pontcanna Pine plans which Civic Society object to on Conservation grounds http://ow.ly/27s8q

Tue Jul 06 08:50:02 PACT meeting Cardiff Riverside, St Catherine’s Church Hall, Kings Road 7pm Monday 12th July

Tue Jul 06 08:08:19 @ed_walker86 intruiged in Paris !!! ” odd”?

Tue Jul 06 08:01:35 RT @wmjohn: “why (would) someone who can afford iPhone and the expensive running costs need a Jobcentre Plus app.” http://bit.ly/cG6QO8

Tue Jul 06 07:55:48 Morning in Paris 3 of 3 Memorial in park to the 500 children from this arond. murdered by Nazis  http://ow.ly/i/2rIw with French complicity

Tue Jul 06 07:52:31 Morning in Paris 2 of 3 Immaculate park landscaping  http://ow.ly/i/2rIq

Tue Jul 06 07:51:02 Morning in Paris 1of 3 Ladies who exercise Tai Chi  http://ow.ly/i/2rIm

Mon Jul 05 12:47:46 Lucien Freud at CGP Paris unbelievably moving has made our trip- free to wheelchair users!! Tx

Mon Jul 05 12:39:21 RT @thedimmick: WAG release vision to make Wales “one of the best places in the world to live, to work and to thrive” Http://bit.ly/bMQZuX

Mon Jul 05 08:35:27 #cdfcouncil Planning cttee site visit 3pm today Pontcanna Pine please gather there – in my absence – to support Conservation Area

Mon Jul 05 08:30:05 RT @Drywsdad: Cardiff council take over control of parking, all the details and your parking questions answered: http://bit.ly/dkA6VS

Mon Jul 05 08:25:01 Paris result! Breakfast 5€ for both plus 5.2€ for coffees. Half hotel price and we saw the ducks. Tres Bon

Mon Jul 05 07:14:10 RT @WalesOnline: Assembly former minister attacks civil servants who fail to carry out policies http://bit.ly/a0Bdjz | If true v worrying

Mon Jul 05 07:06:54 RT @WalesOnline: Cardiff City confident of settling new £1.3m tax bill http://bit.ly/bJrlsp | What, more ratepayer’s “help”? No way!!

Sun Jul 04 20:25:51 Laying on bed with champagne streetview Paris on iPad saves wheelchair miles! Searching for Japanese tea room

Sun Jul 04 20:19:11 RT @NigelHowellsCdf: Met the newly formed Friends of Parc Cefn Onn today. Great news – the park has been awarded £135k to upgrade paths.

Sun Jul 04 17:00:10 RT @DaranHill: Quicker to walk than get this Baybus thing. How on earth any vehicles manage to move around this city surprises me | sad!

Sun Jul 04 08:53:32 . @vardra too right. At least I can choose to walk,  but it’s a revelatory experience – and hard on his hands!!

Sun Jul 04 08:50:22 More #Paris #fail Hotel Molay 3e long time favourite worst 10€ bfast ever, as in EVER!

Sun Jul 04 08:45:43 #Paris #fail do not even think about being a wheelchair user on the #metro IMPOSSIBLE scandalous in 2010

Sun Jul 04 08:41:54 @artistsmakers although missed in Cardiff ‘cos away BIG thanks to all for project ARK come back soon

Sun Jul 04 08:34:56 @baligoldsworthy but they wd say that given they are fighting to justify supporting #condems

Sun Jul 04 08:15:00 @vardra #goodnews flu=weightloss  Greetings from Paris

Sat Jul 03 08:36:01 Goodbye St Pancras hello Paris

Sat Jul 03 08:17:40 Adding insult, neither wifi at St Pancras connects. Crapsville Eurostar

Sat Jul 03 07:46:43 @vardra you’re welcome to some of my excess foc!!

Sat Jul 03 07:44:50 For all the millions Eurostar St Pancras is the pits for customers! Bring back Waterloo!

Fri Jul 02 19:04:09 Right peeps, that’s it from Cardiff for four days. Not saying won’t be watching from Paris, but I don’t want to make you all envious, do I?

Fri Jul 02 16:58:57 WAG assess impact of Wales at the Smithsonian http://ow.ly/26ng3 hear my radio interviews http://ow.ly/26niQ , http://ow.ly/26njF

Fri Jul 02 11:39:36 Cardiff Civic Society board member Daniel Mohamed (in the middle) pondering Cardiff’s future at today’s ARK workshop http://ow.ly/26d9k

Fri Jul 02 11:33:44 Ouch Guardian online crashes my Safari (Mac) whilst handling Flash. Nasty Flash

Fri Jul 02 11:30:02 Wonderful NHS consultant  (Angus Robertson) agrees to keep his hands off my knees for as long as possible. Such will power 🙂 Where’s pills?

Fri Jul 02 10:20:54 RT @beicio: @Big_Blue_Bike @peterdcox veg boxes by bike would be so right! | Agreed, hard on the pedaller though methinks 🙂

Fri Jul 02 10:18:24 Monbiot on climate change lies http://ow.ly/26bOy confirming why I don’t care about Times’ firewall. Fewer people who read crap the better.

Fri Jul 02 09:55:53 Brilliant – another Farmers’ Market in Cardiff, outside Ffresh/WMC Fridays 4-8pm during summer. Where’s the bike? http://ow.ly/26bqN

Fri Jul 02 09:55:02 Ok winding down and out: Paris beckons

Fri Jul 02 09:27:48 RT @GdnCardiff: I’m at @ARKemptyshops first workshop called ‘Imaging Cardiff’. Shop’s looking good http://twitpic.com/21pubr | With CCS’ Dan

Fri Jul 02 09:25:17 Thanks @GreatSociety64 When you have a week of pissing in the wind, one word can make a lot of difference!!

Fri Jul 02 09:20:00 Everyone in Cardiff should welcome another new blog – this one’s for Llanrumney http://ow.ly/26aOo Thanks @GreatSociety64

Fri Jul 02 09:16:53 RT @GdnCardiff: Canton Community Gardens pictures of their new space outside Chapter coming together – http://ow.ly/26aL4 (Ah the cardboard)

Fri Jul 02 09:14:11 @EyeOnCardiff sadly there’s no @ScrivenerApp for the iPad – but you might want to check the website discussion

Fri Jul 02 08:10:02 How to stop reading The Times in one easy lesson http://ow.ly/268Oq Bye bye Murdoch …

Fri Jul 02 07:25:02 Unbelievable in 2010 UK: men forced (with violence) into marriage (to a woman) because they are gay http://ow.ly/25VaA

Fri Jul 02 07:00:04 RT @wmjohn: This is an interesting idea http://walkit.com/about/ no welsh presence yet #cdfcouncil | have tested with Brum – brilliant

Fri Jul 02 06:59:03 Sad – @ScrivenerApp nominated but no award  http://ow.ly/268Mp Still the v best writer’s support software ever invented (British too!)

Fri Jul 02 06:48:33 Early morning discussion with knee man – hope to agree that even though they are FKD the knife (hammer/saw) is last resort (morphine’s good)

Fri Jul 02 06:23:46 RT @vardra: The consumption of alcohol last night was a bad idea | You were not alone – little consolation I say!

Thu Jul 01 20:14:11 @joannaq hope u made it ok. Doing something nice? Daughter’s away otherwise would suggest tea!

Thu Jul 01 16:43:50 CCS News: Creating Cardiff’s Future – Cardiff Council has withdrawn its Local Development Plan following criticisms … http://ow.ly/17XBs7

Thu Jul 01 13:27:52 @virginmedia sure: brdband  goes down 2-3 x a day: have to reboot ‘modem’ to wake up CF119JX – network or box?

Thu Jul 01 12:40:02 Dr Who big slump http://ow.ly/25Hc9 unsurprised since we gave up after two episodes: silly, convoluted, lacking drama – and not frightening!

Thu Jul 01 12:04:26 @kbateman too damn right – and why can’t I do it all online – I still have to post the b form (post???) Cardiff University big #fail

Thu Jul 01 11:59:23 RT @mediaguardian: The Times and Sunday Times start charging online tomorrow. | Sounds of hollow laughter rebound round the nation …

Thu Jul 01 11:58:46 @WhitstableSoc I wonder if @yourcardiff  will want to try that one? lol

Thu Jul 01 11:52:11 Easy Cardiff University: enrolment form reduced to 2.1MB http://ow.ly/d/4zZ Feel free to change yours! #fail

Thu Jul 01 11:46:28 RT @yourcardiff: Off to interview Paul Thomas, one of key council officers involved in new parking enforcement. Any questions?

Thu Jul 01 11:44:57 #fail Cardiff University – does an enrolment form really have to be 5.7MB? http://ow.ly/25GQC Try PdfShrink – or even Acrobat reduce size!!!

Thu Jul 01 11:40:45 @yourcardiff Enforcement on grass verges eg Plasturton Av; in Parks eg turning circle Llandaff Fields; how to contact to get immediate act?

Thu Jul 01 10:28:08 Philip Gross scoops another literary award http://ow.ly/25FyP Wales Book of Year. He’s coming to our writing group later this month – wow!

Thu Jul 01 10:25:02 RT @CllrJohnDixon: – Geoffrey Pearson – political geography of Wales is like a jigsaw where all the pieces are from different sets | Luv it!

Thu Jul 01 10:24:44 RT @wmjohn: Want an MP in your pocket? Cardiff MPs, AMs, #cdfcouncil take note http://bit.ly/aztVE0 @kevinbrennan  pse note – brill idea

Thu Jul 01 10:21:40 It’s thursday. No interview for tomorrow’s show! Not quite panic, but head empty. Any stars of film/radio/tv/music/opera want to volunteer?

Thu Jul 01 09:55:35 @eggynewydd perhaps we could encourage dogging parties to up the use of Bute Parks. Joking @rodneyberman Or more park wardens (wot they?)

Thu Jul 01 09:53:31 @kbateman cheers for the idea – but that means SPEAKING to Virgin … nooooooooo procrastination coming on. Reboot … 😦

Thu Jul 01 09:52:24 RT @EyeOnCardiff: 10 Reasons to love Cardiff, #2: Have you seen how clean the river Taff is!? No, seriously; it’s so clean!

Thu Jul 01 09:50:56 RT @Marthalanefox: Today Finland officially becomes first nation to make broadband a legal right http://tnw.to/16T4B  via @Zee

Thu Jul 01 09:48:55 My body (voice more likely) now available to allcomers through Public Radio Exchange PRX http://ow.ly/25ETH @prx Use profile to see all

Thu Jul 01 09:12:01 Virgin Media #fail Broadband in cardiff needs rebooting several times a day, every day now! URGH! (assuming this goes …)

Thu Jul 01 07:58:04 @eggynewydd I am assuming that ‘courting’ was a Tweet suitable euphemism for something much more ‘early morning rising’  🙂

Thu Jul 01 07:55:24 Guardian Cardiff @GdnCardiff leads on Pontcanna Pine objections by Civic Society http://ow.ly/25DbN