July 2009 Archive of Tweets

Fri Jul 31 11:30:49

@PlaidCymru Hain has been spent for some time. He’s not going to like losing trappings of power and his opinions will change (again).

Fri Jul 31 11:14:20

Second pre-recorded show goes out on Radio Glamorgan at 2: wonder if anyone noticed last week? Not posting as podcasts on http://www.pdconair.com.

Fri Jul 31 11:10:17

Sunshine alert – but be quick! Tomorrow’s forecast for ma’s 95th birthday party in the garden is horrid. Brockway where are u when needed?

Fri Jul 31 09:33:17

@jamieandlouise for travel expert – try this – Cardiff to Brussels by train with a dog (Dryw of course!) We’ll have to listen online …..

Thu Jul 30 18:06:27

Sun out and bar b q steaks in order with salad from the posh partere. Chips not so good …

Thu Jul 30 12:04:34

The Warwickshire sojourn has been wet, wet, wet and even the hot tub is less appealing in the rain (it bounces of bald heads).

Wed Jul 29 14:22:28

@BethanDarwin Well, what do you think? Sadly, probably yes, regardless of gender!

Wed Jul 29 14:19:52

First sighting? “Christmas bookings taken” – pub, Bicester.

Sun Jul 26 16:41:38

Reminiscing Croatian holiday with younger daughter – 24 years ago last week! We saw Live Aid there … so long ago …..

Sat Jul 25 07:57:36

Trying to set up XP on the iMac – why does Microsoft make everything so non-intuitive?? They are trying (but very)

Fri Jul 24 18:38:00

First G&T this year. Setting up windoze in Parallels on an iMac (you know you hate it, but ….)

Fri Jul 24 12:28:30

About to visit Mother … new home … friendly to dogs …

Fri Jul 24 09:43:52

Taking over the friends office to have an away from home recording studio for the next week. Amazing what you can do with an iMac.

Thu Jul 23 17:57:17

Have fled to the country – Warks – to meet up with kids, friends and chickens. Hot tub beckoning (a Green Sin, I know!!)

Tue Jul 21 13:42:09

http://www.spokenword.org now carrying all my programmess and interviews: cool

Tue Jul 21 13:39:45

Recovering from Gym and parcelling eBay sales … oh and recovering from loverly 64th last night (not mine!!)

Mon Jul 20 11:43:43

Finishing tweaks to last week’s shows ready to upload podcasts – at least the boob factor is declining in the show …..

Sun Jul 19 20:53:16

Laboriously copy Cwrs Wlpan tapes to iTunes – what a fash  …..

Sun Jul 19 18:37:03

Busy posting eBay sales. Some people do expect a giveaway, don’t they!

Fri Jul 17 16:11:03

Oops, spelling: Blodeugerdd http://tinyurl.com/kjzlvs

Fri Jul 17 16:08:45

Another Friday another 2 hours of radio. Great interview Ceri Rhys Mathews (producer of Blodeaugerdd). Now to edit 4hrs for holiday weeks

Fri Jul 17 12:02:21

@jamieandlouise very unsuitable for hospital radio lol

Fri Jul 17 10:13:46

@aliguana I already have a collection of CRBs – who benefits?

Fri Jul 17 10:11:17

@jamieandlouise depends: good knees?; hairy?; smart shorts? And whether he’s fanciable!

Fri Jul 17 09:53:34

News: Manics tour to Japan is off: Nicky Wire has bug (is back fixed?). Will have to change playlist to do a “get well” this afternoon.

Fri Jul 17 09:04:47

@aliguana CRB’s cost charities/not-for-profits a fortune; deter volunteers; and don’t protect the majority of abused people: discuss.

Fri Jul 17 09:01:50

Copying playlist for today’s show (using Mac M4P): will include interview with Ceri Rhys Mathews about Blodeugerdd http://tinyurl.com/kjzlvs

Fri Jul 17 08:56:19

Stats from pdconair.com: only 9% use IE; less then 40% use Windoze. Should Microsoft be frightened? Or do people know this is an Apple zone?

Wed Jul 15 18:30:23

Wondering why we don’t have more mayors like this one: http://tinyurl.com/m4vysj

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Wed Jul 15 16:58:13

Nasty glitch by ISP meant pdconair.com didn’t get updated – but now hours added – four week’s worth of programmes – 8 hours of me! Go get!

Wed Jul 15 16:54:59

Very nice gym assessor worried about whether my knees can stand it! Like she’s worried ……

Wed Jul 15 16:51:43

@c_and_t and I thought I was carrying the bags!!

Wed Jul 08 08:28:52

Sorry guys – but after fighting building a monstrous Swalec Stadium I am not welcoming the Ashes to Cardiff http://www.buteparksalliance.org

Sun Jul 05 08:08:42

Sunday off? After massive updates on pdconair.com, buteparksalliance.org and sorted two tons of paperwork … but at least we have diswasher

Wed Jul 01 14:34:46

@drax29 If judge continues to block proper defence then suggest silence and refuse to be tried