January 2010 Archive Tweets

Sun Jan 31 21:47:47 Wanted web programmer to build mashable planning data project for Cardiff citizens: DM me with email Please RT

Sun Jan 31 15:28:26 @ed_walker86 Just outside Brecon the famous Felin Fach http://ow.ly/12hJy

Sun Jan 31 15:26:26 Cardiff’s Bendy Buss’s finest moment http://ow.ly/12hH1 catching yobs who throw things at, yes, bendy buses. Police in Tojan horse. Next?

Sun Jan 31 11:12:25 More great #iPad posts: http://ow.ly/12fEY and http://ow.ly/12fGf | Both reach same conclusion: computing changed 4ever last week

Sun Jan 31 09:32:07 RT @Drywsdad: Any tips on how to get huge heavy TV up 3 flights of stairs? | With my back, you joke! F K’ed after 25 metres.

Sun Jan 31 09:30:39 RT @Drywsdad: Thank goodness for uninterruptible power supply lost electric 3 times – sets house alarm off every time sorry neighbours 😦

Sun Jan 31 08:38:08 RT @c_and_t: Apple + iPad + Huxley = Orwellian nightmare |http://ow.ly/12bQ9 | Brilliant John Naughton, as ever

Sun Jan 31 08:20:02 RT @c_and_t: Had a board away day today, planning for our new three year plan. | Phew, they worked late too! Posted at midnight!

Sun Jan 31 07:35:02 Office shredded paper becomes loo roll http://ow.ly/12byv Solves confidential waste problem at a wipe.

Sat Jan 30 20:00:03 Statistic: 28.3% of the streets in Cardiff were affected by discarded fast food Source:http://www.keepwalestidy.org/2924 Almost 1in3!

Sat Jan 30 19:18:03 So accepting credit cards on Severn Tolls would be an “innovation” http://ow.ly/128F4 not in my dictionary!

Sat Jan 30 19:03:45 RT @holidayatsea: Notice man and dog on paddle board in the street. High tide in Cardiff. Flooding http://ow.ly/128v6 | USA btw, not Wales!

Sat Jan 30 19:00:25 @vardra I do have problems giving any private company public assets unless there’s significant civic gain. In this case, is there?

Sat Jan 30 18:26:58 New RG show podcast Show 25 RG part 2 – continuing the Hairy Biker Si King interview  trying to get around to food … http://ow.ly/16sy4V

Sat Jan 30 18:26:58 New RG show podcast Show 25 RG part 1 – New Shirley Bassey track by the Manics. First of new interview series about… http://ow.ly/16sy4W

Sat Jan 30 16:18:00 ChaiStreet v VegFdStudio Cardiff: food a draw; CS posher ambiance with meat! Either great value both real taste bud busters Count calories!

Sat Jan 30 14:43:28 Naughtily in Chai Street to compare with Veg Food Studio.  Small lunch cos of diet

Sat Jan 30 13:05:02 Glamorgan Cricket advertises Opera tickets in Sophia Gardens http://ow.ly/123YB Planning consent doesn’t allow?

Sat Jan 30 11:51:14 Will Council give land lifeline to football (already have to rugby and cricket) http://ow.ly/123Xl But, more public assets for private gain?

Sat Jan 30 11:19:07 New media podcast: Si King – half the Hairy Bikers – They are a duo, but half of the Hairy Bikers proved to be more… http://ow.ly/16sswE

Sat Jan 30 10:00:40 RT @Cardiff_IT: Where is this place and how do I get there!? http://tinyurl.com/ycxn87u | With great difficulty shd imagine!

Sat Jan 30 09:54:17 Cleaning up Si King Hairy Biker interview ready to be podcast. What a laugh .. look for it later  In Cardiff this week @St Davids HAll

Fri Jan 29 13:34:40 RT @LlandaffNews: RT @nighiolla: @CardiffCivicSoc New Blue plaque ceremony at Brntaf for David Morgan’s home (David Morgan Store)

Fri Jan 29 08:00:03 RT @TomosL: Blair has already arrived at the QE11 centre, two hours early #iraqinquiry | Boy he’s worried?

Fri Jan 29 07:49:19 Brilliant article by Stephen #Fry on #iPad and my terse comment http://ow.ly/11Gf9

Thu Jan 28 18:05:02 Already coming to CCS at Insole Court: @joniayn @filefi and @cazcook at Insole Court tonight. http://ow.ly/Y7bU A team!!

Thu Jan 28 17:53:18 Tonight! Cardiff Civic Society at Insole Court  7pm: talk on Victorian Mansion then the team quiz Details http://ow.ly/11rKN Tickets  £2

Thu Jan 28 11:36:37 Made in 2007, prescient advert for #iPad http://ow.ly/11j0O (only funny to yanks? No.)

Thu Jan 28 11:05:21 OK, so Preston has iPhone App for Blue Plaques http://ow.ly/11iFJ First Cardiff, find the Blue Plaques

Thu Jan 28 08:47:29 Photographs of photographers at Trafalgar Square stop and search protest http://ow.ly/11gI3 not a ‘real’ copper in sight! Sensible.

Thu Jan 28 08:39:07 At least Tesco shoppers were wearing their ‘nightwear’ http://ow.ly/11gCc ‘cos I don’t, so that wd cause embarrassment!

Wed Jan 27 19:53:04 #iPad video online at US site http://ow.ly/115HU

Wed Jan 27 19:45:10 #iPad it is. For most people – maybe 70% – it’s the only device they will need. A new day for computing? Probably …

Wed Jan 27 19:10:44 RT @mediaguardian: Radio 5 Live daytime DJs will continue to live in London after Salford move http://bit.ly/ddRFJO poor things

Wed Jan 27 16:54:47 MPs say Northern Ireland ignored by media http://ow.ly/1118B just like Wales then?

Wed Jan 27 15:40:08 Developers float plans for Custom House but may be long time coming http://ow.ly/10X2q

Wed Jan 27 14:27:36 Council announces to press plans for Cardiff’s pedestrianisation http://ow.ly/10X1o | Consultation? shop owner and disabled groups approve

Wed Jan 27 14:26:13 Council announces to press plans for Cardiff’s pedestrianisation http://ow.ly/10WZu | Consultation? shop owner and disabled groups approve

Tue Jan 26 12:07:14 Simon KIng of Hairy Bikers to be Friday’s interviewee. Bikes+Food=Heaven They are appearing next weds @ David’s Hall, cardiff

Tue Jan 26 09:40:04 @llef Try telling Virgin Media you’re leaving them: the discounts come tumbling …

Tue Jan 26 08:45:02 BBC sort of confirms six new wallanders, including three ‘originals’ http://ow.ly/10tph Still liked the Swedish ones better, sorry Kenneth!

Tue Jan 26 08:23:10 Radio Glamorgan shortlisted for station of the year award: http://ow.ly/10tkb Rock on ..

Mon Jan 25 16:39:55 Cardiff Bus (not Council) announce closure of St Mary Street Cardiff from Sunday 31st. http://ow.ly/10d5u Was this expected?

Mon Jan 25 11:55:02 Cardiff Civic Society event at Insole Court Thursday 28th Jan 7pm: talk on Victorian Mansion then the team quiz Details http://ow.ly/ZT8q

Mon Jan 25 11:22:43 North Wales airlink bust? http://ow.ly/106ls

Mon Jan 25 11:14:22 RT @cymruyfory: NAfW committee report: Wales should be given the  transport powers enjoyed by Scottish executive http://ow.ly/106gv

Mon Jan 25 10:55:22 Your neurosurgeon can’t give a date for procedure bcs has patients with serious tumours at home bcs lack of beds – is NHS Wales well?

Mon Jan 25 08:20:01 Trains need upgrade says report, yeh yeh yeh! http://ow.ly/104hk

Mon Jan 25 08:07:39 Cardiff Times off the hook: Audit Commission says use of council funds for paper ok (ish) http://ow.ly/104gH Hard luck Echo & WM!

Mon Jan 25 08:03:19 RT @bbcwales: Politics: ‘Urgent need’ for railway upgrade http://bit.ly/8hzd8g | suggested light railway for Cardiff see full report

Sun Jan 24 12:10:38 RT @Drywsdad: Wunder why girls don’t play or watch ? http://yfrog.com/1dj3agj Obviously not seen Welsh ladies practicing in Llandaff Fields!

Sun Jan 24 12:09:04 @simondyda Notice it’s still ‘awaiting moderation’ so perhaps not <G>!

Sun Jan 24 11:28:48 Commented on excellent blog on arts coverage in media in Wales http://ow.ly/ZS1j too, too depressing for a Sunday

Sun Jan 24 08:07:11 @jamieandlouise Morning?  It’s still yesterday. Dryw’s fed and happy. Back to cysgu

Sat Jan 23 17:45:41 RT @davidgerzof: Confirmed: 95% of all email traffic is spam – Agency (ENISA)  http://bit.ly/4yy70B | what about this then?

Sat Jan 23 17:43:56 Our lovingly restored, upgraded and cherished Apple Cube is alive again – all thanks to a tip about heating PSU brick with hairdryer. JOY!

Sat Jan 23 14:25:06 RT @Adrian1Robson: Anyhow the ctte agreed to look at the resulting action points in about a year or so.

Sat Jan 23 14:24:58 RT @Adrian1Robson: … About how to engage with groups, such as the BPA, and that constant discussions via the Echo didnt help the situation

Sat Jan 23 14:24:49 RT @Adrian1Robson: and the Bute Park rec was sup’ded by full Cll debate. But I felt that Exec and offs agreed that lessons need to be learnt

Sat Jan 23 14:23:28 RT @Adrian1Robson: Also the Exec reply to our role of parks was up. General agreement but cttes rec on a grants officer was taken up fully..

Sat Jan 23 14:23:14 RT @Adrian1Robson: …and also the how CF doesnt really sell its best assets very well. Who can nameCF building apart from the Mill stadium?

Sat Jan 23 14:22:40 RT @Adrian1Robson: …covering everything from role of devolution to connectivity to Cf as an international city…

Sat Jan 23 14:22:31 RT @Adrian1Robson: Economic scrutiny ctte was really good. Had workshop about economic dev in next 10 years…

Sat Jan 23 11:36:00 Dave Berry encyclopaedic film buff and journalist, great friend of Chapter dies. http://ow.ly/ZEYg

Sat Jan 23 10:57:49 @cerysmatthews any chance of doing radio/telephone interview for Radio Glamorgan one Friday afternoon? http://ow.ly/ZEKY

Fri Jan 22 22:03:10 RT @jamieandlouise: the official measuring this afternoon…….http://tinyurl.com/jamieandlouise I reckon 40ft 1in is just starting!!

Fri Jan 22 21:52:45 @domenewmedia  I am not a machine  it seems necessary to say

Fri Jan 22 19:12:53 No news except blogger on who will handle non BBC coverage in Wales http://ow.ly/ZsFM Short-list silence. Odd.

Fri Jan 22 13:32:05 28 mins to go. Onair with all music show. If your are in Cardiff’s UHW call me

Fri Jan 22 10:13:06 RT @simondyda: Rhodri Morgan to get his own music radio show? Ffycin Hel. | Think this means what I think it does?

Fri Jan 22 09:04:07 Two totally crass interviews BBC Breakfast show Lee Daniels and Henning Mankell: shallow, badly constructed, boring. They’re paid for this?

Fri Jan 22 09:00:03 Cardiff Civic Society event at Insole Court Thursday 28th Jan 7pm: talk on Victorian Mansion then the team quiz Details http://ow.ly/Y7bV

Fri Jan 22 08:25:56 Tories say they will kill proposals for new “ITV” Wales http://ow.ly/Zgna Well, that’s clear then, BBC or nought.

Fri Jan 22 08:21:42 15 year old rapes women in public (allegedly) http://ow.ly/ZgkJ no one helps but his girl friend posts on facebook whilst “pissed” her words

Thu Jan 21 08:59:41 New poll backs wholesale reform of press complaints body http://ow.ly/YThG Don’t hold breath for fear of expiration!

Thu Jan 21 08:54:04 Govt decides for parking charges at Royal Parks despite huge local opposition http://ow.ly/d/1ly but Parliament has to agree

Thu Jan 21 07:10:02 So, Virgin, my ISP is going to start snooping on my internet traffic http://ow.ly/YPvV Thanks for telling me! Time to try http://ow.ly/YPwE

Thu Jan 21 06:40:01 So #Fry’s Tweet tears (twears?) were ‘cos of TV Award http://ow.ly/YPqE Sweet that door stops still count for something in life

Thu Jan 21 02:30:41 So, who’ll be the first to sue #Microsoft over IE bug that’s been around for 10 years? http://ow.ly/YP6x

Wed Jan 20 16:19:14 Who wants a job as a subeditor on the Metro today? http://ow.ly/YCAm I know there’s a job going, or ought to be

Wed Jan 20 16:14:39 Who wants a job as a subeditor on the Metro today? http://ow.ly/YCrh I know there’s a job going, or ought to be

Wed Jan 20 15:53:17 Seems Brown has caved in – despite promising posturing – to opponents of electoral reform http://ow.ly/YBLm He truly fails every time

Wed Jan 20 12:52:04 PPL wants to take £20M from charities for the music industry http://ow.ly/YxhE Sign No10 petition here – please http://ow.ly/Yxif PSE RT

Wed Jan 20 10:05:58 RT @LesWalton: Mmmmmmmmm coconut mushrooms. Thanks to  @JANMINIHANE 🙂 | OMG, thought they were extinct, must have, now!

Wed Jan 20 08:00:02 International Criminal Court at Hague gets request to indict Bush, Cheney et al http://ow.ly/Ytdp Nice try professor. Not holding breath.

Wed Jan 20 07:35:02 FBI fakes terrorist emergencies to justify illegal phone taps http://ow.ly/Yt8q Now tell me MI5/6 haven’t done the same and I’ll sleep happy

Wed Jan 20 07:05:02 You know you want to: all the Wallander ring tones from series one http://ow.ly/Yt3m enough to sample? We’ll see later

Wed Jan 20 06:25:02 Fox, the news organisation or the employer for future  Rep presidents? http://ow.ly/Yt6K Payroll suggests latter.

Wed Jan 20 05:51:37 Waking to bad news from US: Obama faces new hurdle over healthcare after senate seat lost http://ow.ly/Yt1p So much for change

Tue Jan 19 16:59:17 @jamieandlouise when do you want people to stop knitting? When the join the bits up day?

Tue Jan 19 16:57:01 RT @sorafferty: Growth inTransition conf. will debate “fair and sustainable growth strategies for the 21st century” http://ow.ly/YeD9

Tue Jan 19 11:59:56 Wales collects 4 Civic Trust Awards plus mentions http://ow.ly/Y84T Cardiff ziltch, what wd you suggest for next year?

Tue Jan 19 11:49:32 Howells pupils celebrate with balloons http://ow.ly/Y7Xg Every pupil should now watch this video http://ow.ly/Y7Y9 Howells shd know better

Tue Jan 19 10:45:11 Cardiff  Civic Society event at Insole Court Thursday 28th Jan 7pm: talk followed by the team quiz Details http://ow.ly/Y7ay

Tue Jan 19 10:11:12 RT @rodneyberman: UK Government’s proposed alcohol pricing curbs won’t succeed unless | Councils like Cardiff  -you lead – curb pub licences

Tue Jan 19 10:10:01 Afan Lido to be scrapped after fire http://ow.ly/Y5pe Get council agreement to rebuild signed in blood, preferably with banked cheque

Tue Jan 19 09:50:02 Plaid want to jack up old aged pensions. Yippee, but will I last that long? http://ow.ly/Y5nN But, they can’t raise taxes, so how ….?

Tue Jan 19 09:35:02 No handball ban. But we all know cheating in football pays, so no surprise there http://ow.ly/Y5mg

Tue Jan 19 09:15:02 So invite to see “Apple’s Latest Creation” contains phrase Apple Slate. That’s sorted then. http://ow.ly/Y5io

Tue Jan 19 09:05:02 RT @MattRosser: Set Windows7 desktop to a solid colour & it takes an extra 30″ to boot! Silly Windows! http://is.gd/6zxvi | Nuff said!

Tue Jan 19 08:45:02 Labour advisor argues for Lords abolution http://ow.ly/Y5b3 but fails to mention Labour’s mandated failure to so in 12 years!

Tue Jan 19 08:30:03 BBC plans new drama centre in Cardiff’s Roath Basin http://ow.ly/Y59G ‘kick start’ to media centre?

Tue Jan 19 08:10:01 One Show slapped for calling Cameron a toff and a potential cabinet of 18 millionaires http://ow.ly/Y54R It’s true though, so problem?

Tue Jan 19 07:45:01 John Punter lecture at CPlan Tues 26 Jan 5.30 details on CCS website here http://ow.ly/XTG4 RSVP necessary

Mon Jan 18 20:20:03 French/German govts advise against IE, yes even at home http://ow.ly/XT6e I banned it in office 2 years ago-why took so long? (UK govt not)

Mon Jan 18 19:31:28 Ok so Cardiff traffic denied me water torture. 3 miles 40 minutes. Transport policy? Don’t go there.

Mon Jan 18 19:27:08 Latest MacRumour – a 22in touchscreen iMac? http://ow.ly/XT3W What for? I don’t want to stab my mac …

Mon Jan 18 18:45:04 Got round to uploading some (non confidential) presentations on Slideshare http://ow.ly/XQ1E Why now? ‘Cos it supports #Keynote on Macs!

Mon Jan 18 17:55:03 Wot’s up Doc? Knees good enough to go to water torture! The ultimate excuse, gone. Hey, ho, find cossie

Mon Jan 18 13:06:58 Belatedly, but still sadly as relevant, the slideshow given to Cardiff Scrutiny Committee last year re Bute Parks http://ow.ly/XG7I

Mon Jan 18 12:27:42 Sustainable Transport in Wales, free lecture today Cardiff University http://ow.ly/d/1iI 6pm

Mon Jan 18 12:15:23 Sack Derek Brockway? whatever will the BBC think of next? We want real forecasters in Wales, not TV stooges. We’ll emigrate, mark my words

Mon Jan 18 11:41:38 Excellent debunk of Daily Express and its Tweeting ignorance (along with everything else, I suppose) http://ow.ly/XEhB

Mon Jan 18 11:06:18 @wmjohn Yes: presentations is all KISS and PPPPPP (and for Jobs a great team effort too)

Mon Jan 18 11:04:26 Cruise tourists swim off Haiti! Sickening They have food, water, safe beds Why haven’t they organised to spend their day/s helping?Humanity?

Mon Jan 18 09:35:02 It may be necessary to ride roughshod over local views to achieve energy self-sufficiency in Wales http://ow.ly/XBCp Right? Wrong?

Mon Jan 18 09:30:02 Ok, it’s simple, why Steve Jobs does such good presentations  http://ow.ly/XBwa We know all that KISS stuff, it’s DOING it  that’s hard

Mon Jan 18 09:15:02 Information Commissioner rules local council must disclose potential parking sites and comparative costs http://ow.ly/XA0B significant!

Mon Jan 18 09:00:02 RT @Jim_Jepps: Just seen ad for thrush cream that ends “leaves you feeling yourself again.” It’s not just me is it? | Nope

Mon Jan 18 08:54:25 RT @jamieandlouise: on my way down to studio – with my knitting! | How long is it? We must have updates, daily if not hourly!

Mon Jan 18 08:45:02 Not all cities are equal: essential report http://ow.ly/XA64 Cardiff=mixed report

Mon Jan 18 08:35:02 RT @charlesarthur: If you’re not watching Dhoom 2, the Bollywood film on Channel 4… | was forced to …’ interesting’ is best I can manage

Mon Jan 18 08:10:01 Republican politician suggests Obama is a bastard http://ow.ly/XzSa No, not just being rude, really! He  thinks this is an issue. D’Oh!

Mon Jan 18 07:45:02 So I don’t want to link to NewsCorp stuff, but, if I did, this article makes sense http://ow.ly/XzN9 my view: visible=linkable

Mon Jan 18 06:47:17 RT @jamieandlouise: poor Wallander’s had a terriblefew weeks, hasn’t he? | episodes on UK tv conflate years in books, bit confusing

Sun Jan 17 19:55:01 For once England got it first – boiler scrappage http://ow.ly/Xpi6 Wales considering ….

Sun Jan 17 19:32:51 Internet radio will be ubiquitous. For now, US gets Pandora in cars. http://ow.ly/Xpfr  and we don’t even get Pandora – shameful US Govt

Sun Jan 17 19:28:54 Exquisite humidifier consumes no electricity http://ow.ly/XpbN Want one. Now.

Sun Jan 17 13:50:02 Welsh hero of Ukraine gets belated film show @Chapter tomorrow http://ow.ly/Xknc Gareth Jones, journalist

Sun Jan 17 13:35:02 I know it’s advertising and self-defeating to tell you all about it – but hey it’s an iPod Touch and nice Guardian people http://ow.ly/XklR

Sun Jan 17 13:05:34 I knew it wasn’t My fault I am fat! http://ow.ly/XkkR It’s my friends. It says so, so it must be true.

Sun Jan 17 12:00:54 RT @SionTudur: Its raining in the Maldives. | Serves you right! think about your carbon footprint! (jealous really)

Sun Jan 17 11:57:57 RT @CardiffCivicSoc: Ok tweeters, because u are, new CardiffCivicSociety website in beta http://ow.ly/XjKi More to follow during the week

Sun Jan 17 11:53:44 Ok tweeters, because u are, new CardiffCivicSociety website in beta http://ow.ly/XjKj Much more to follow during the week. Keep watching!

Sun Jan 17 11:51:18 @rachelthomas – thanks for following – whereabouts/what/when who?

Sat Jan 16 13:16:27 RT @CardiffCivicSoc: This will be the home for tweets from Cardiff Civic Society – all part of the new look!

Sat Jan 16 10:24:07 Excellent – sober – blog on how US states became embroiled in marriage http://ow.ly/X601 and subsequent knicker twisting over same sex ones

Fri Jan 15 20:28:28 RT @jamieandlouise: off to eat the CURRY! | You’re a bad influence, we are sated with vegetarian Food Studio Thali – no Dryw leftovers

Fri Jan 15 18:11:17 RT @jamieandlouise: Please send completed knitting to me at BBC Radio Wales, Cardiff CF5 2YQ.: Thats 7in wide, red wool any stitch for scarf

Fri Jan 15 18:09:02 RT @manicwire: insert words of wisdom here. | That’s a tall order for a Friday night especially since I’ve already used 134 characters

Fri Jan 15 14:26:39 @jamieandlouise done – hospital sending for supplies – seriously you shd tell WRVS!

Fri Jan 15 13:54:54 @jamieandlouise OK – so where’s the knitting instructions?  I’ll do you a plug …

Fri Jan 15 13:45:21 On air at RG http://ow.ly/WNbR in 15 mins for an all music show – no interview, no-one in the whole world to talk to!!

Fri Jan 15 13:31:23 RT @Drywsdad: Unfortunately llandaffsurgery twitter has to go I’m afraid > Ricky Gervais is quitting too, is it infectuous?

Fri Jan 15 11:30:02 #Apple achieves big increase in Mac sales http://ow.ly/WKjU buts lips in share as windows cheapies flood market

Fri Jan 15 11:25:01 Just noticed: National Museum of Wales loses head to New Zealand http://ow.ly/WKlY Makes room for another Aussie for Cardiff cultural job?

Fri Jan 15 11:05:02 Vodaphone joins UK iPhone providers http://ow.ly/WK3m But when will they get price competitive and persuade me to swop, what’s the point?

Fri Jan 15 10:30:03 More doggy news as enquiry blasts Kennel Club, inbreeding and Crufts http://ow.ly/WKfK

Fri Jan 15 10:15:02 Zoological Soc calls for puppy farms inquiry http://ow.ly/WK26 Wales Minsister has already started one http://ow.ly/WK2n Keep up England!

Fri Jan 15 10:00:02 Hungary to get 900 Welsh jobs as Bosch quits to lower cost economy http://ow.ly/WJRT And how much had Wales invested in the site/firm?

Fri Jan 15 09:50:02 Photographers to organise mass gathering on 23rd Trafalgar Square noon to defend street pictures http://ow.ly/WJOK

Fri Jan 15 09:16:37 #Apple confirms existence of new Tablet , well, sort of http://ow.ly/WJLD

Thu Jan 14 13:10:17 Cardiff Civic Society Event @ Insole Court 280110 7pm http://ow.ly/WnXC Talk followed by Annual know your Cardiff quiz. All welcome Pse RT

Thu Jan 14 10:36:39 #Wallander ring tone mystery solved – thank goodness, if any one else asks I’ll murder them http://ow.ly/Wmbw (credit to many others  btw)

Wed Jan 13 17:44:34 Swansea Council gags residents over cost of wall repairs http://ow.ly/W5LD Surely not? FOI, Annual Audit – it’ll come out. Shameful though.

Wed Jan 13 12:10:02 RT @DarrenMillarAM: In receipt of new Blackberry – feels like i’ve been reunited with long lost brother! >  a new iPhone feels like a lover!

Wed Jan 13 11:50:11 Islywn Council adds to Stagecoach’s bus monopoly http://ow.ly/VXPu Cardiff Bus next on the shopping list? Our Council will sell anything!

Wed Jan 13 11:46:59 RT @Drywsdad: Spotty scotty in Llandaff fields http://yfrog.com/3gwd1ej > also known as Damien Hurst

Wed Jan 13 11:45:17 @Drywsdad posted this http://yfrog.com/3gwd1ej on #yfrog and I rated it 5 / 5 stars.

Wed Jan 13 11:15:32 RT @Octopus_Books: The first 10 people to RT this message will win a copy of the Veg Box http://bit.ly/8QKuLa – recipe inspiration

Wed Jan 13 11:13:30 RT @wmjohn: MOTORISTS are today being told to stop using the University Hospital of Wales site as a rat run. http://is.gd/6booj

Wed Jan 13 10:14:49 @SionTudur Typing!!! ‘Bout time you invested in voice dictation: works a breeze on a Mac!

Tue Jan 12 21:32:43 Cardiff Executive reject scrutiny cttee recommendation to ‘pause’ Bute Park developments http://ow.ly/VMsC There’s a surprise (not)

Tue Jan 12 08:40:36 USA sorts one discriminatory anti-gay immigration policy over HIV status http://ow.ly/Vw9u but another remains

Tue Jan 12 08:25:19 13th US state legalises medical use of marijuana http://ow.ly/Vw3e Now that would make a great LCO for Wales!

Tue Jan 12 06:20:42 OMG Cardiff to Heathrow at 6.30 am. Madness indeed. Snow, please wait.

Mon Jan 11 20:31:24 RT @jamieandlouise: bean stew….never made it before, never eaten it before…until now |Obviously never been broke (Poor Cookbook recipe!)

Mon Jan 11 20:27:43 RT @Adrian1Robson: Cardiff LDP pre-hearing delayed by Planning Insp for an Exploratory Mtg. | Big question is has Cardiff got it all wrong?

Mon Jan 11 19:00:57 Great – a civil servant turkey voting for Christmas! Welsh Office should wither away http://ow.ly/VdD7 What’s wrong with now?

Mon Jan 11 18:56:33 How does #UPS have any customers? Can’t find an address To idle to call to check Fail to deliver to alternative. 20 mins on a pay call Sucks

Mon Jan 11 14:54:02 Iconic blue bottle Ty Nant founder dies aged  61 http://ow.ly/V6DP

Mon Jan 11 13:48:44 Taken short? Pee in a wheelie bin http://ow.ly/V5dy Not just any old wheelie bin, silly.

Mon Jan 11 11:51:58 #Microsoft to fight Word sales ban and massive fine http://ow.ly/V36U Me, I’ve switched to Symphony free from Lotus IBM http://ow.ly/V37B

Mon Jan 11 11:34:53 So, free laptops for English poor http://ow.ly/V2Vb What happened to the Plaid election promise of same in Wales? Just asking …

Mon Jan 11 11:27:17 Now newspaper subs don’t even have to be at the newspaper office http://ow.ly/V2QE Western Mail to be edited in Patagonia maybe?

Mon Jan 11 11:03:43 Blue Badge scheme being reviewed by WAG http://ow.ly/V2By Mine is godsend but councils need to iron out inconsistencies and simplify use

Mon Jan 11 09:50:26 RT @wmjohn: Some of today’s school closures in Cardiff are baffling http://is.gd/63wvF indeed, needs investigating

Mon Jan 11 09:45:14 Recharge mobile phone by pulling the string. Improbable? http://ow.ly/UZkA It works. I want one.

Mon Jan 11 09:25:15 Prostrate screening throws up one in eight false results http://ow.ly/UZc1 Another one to worry about …

Mon Jan 11 09:05:20 Report says more women MPs or else quotas are necessary http://ow.ly/UZ9s Thought we knew that

Mon Jan 11 08:35:15 Scotland streaks ahead after devolution http://ow.ly/UZ87 Wales next?

Mon Jan 11 08:15:19 Croatia moves closer to EU as it elects new president http://ow.ly/UZ5g Corruption fight on agenda for new man

Mon Jan 11 07:50:26 Ring vibrates when call received then converts to earpiece. Wins award http://ow.ly/UZ4e Soon with bling gemstones

Mon Jan 11 07:20:30 Why USA hires the Blackwater mercenaries to do its work http://ow.ly/UZ00 and why they shouldn’t.

Sun Jan 10 15:06:23 Belated, but insighful review of Talfan-Davies’ book ‘At Arm’s Length’ http://ow.ly/UKGJ Reason to read if you haven’t

Sun Jan 10 14:41:09 Food for thought? Female frogs inflate to deter amorous males http://ow.ly/UKDt Now, what can I learn from than???

Sun Jan 10 14:35:42 The flipsides of flexible working: useful thoughts on common assumptions http://ow.ly/UKzl Doesn’t factor in snow though <G>

Sun Jan 10 14:15:53 BBC shows plans for Bute Park ‘replica’ summer house http://ow.ly/UKup It will be franchised: McDonalds anyone?

Sun Jan 10 13:55:36 More time needed to seal St Athan deal http://ow.ly/UKqo Don’t hold breath for it to happen in present form

Sun Jan 10 13:16:14 More ‘hope’ for Welsh not-spots. http://ow.ly/UKt9 Why does it take more than a call to determine is euro dosh is available?

Sun Jan 10 13:10:30 RT @huwstephens: Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow | do manboobs count?

Sun Jan 10 12:40:12 Why are schools being closed again whether we’ve had a week to plan alternatives? Gd blog Leanne Wood http://ow.ly/UKma

Sat Jan 09 14:40:43 Caught up with Branagh’s BBC #Wallander on iPlayer finally. Swedish tv series sooo much better, sorry Kenneth.

Sat Jan 09 13:20:29 Stronger press or Yes referendum? Chicken, egg? Welsh media analysis http://ow.ly/Uvss Me, omelette and roast chicken please.

Sat Jan 09 13:09:53 OMG Deepest cold and #Virgin Man sorts out lack of phone line. Moaning works!! Phone works .. Virgin remote stills upset TV but hey result

Sat Jan 09 12:30:51 So Portugal joins six EU countries to allow same-sex marriage http://ow.ly/Uvti Not sure if that number includes Uk’s odd civil partnerships

Sat Jan 09 12:05:29 Thanks for the extra day off, no-thanks for the reason http://ow.ly/UvqH Shall we call it Mandelson creep day?

Sat Jan 09 11:55:18 When numbers are this big what do they mean? iPhone sells 3 Billion Apps http://ow.ly/UsxV that’s 3,000,000,000 – I think!

Sat Jan 09 11:40:32 RT @buteparks: Do local referenda have any effect of council decisions? Wrecsam – http://ow.ly/Uvpm

Sat Jan 09 11:22:27 RT @wmjohn: RT Details of homeopathy course revealed by tenacious Prof Colquhoun http://ow.ly/UvnU :  shocking, has Prince of Wales seen?

Sat Jan 09 11:10:20 BBC returns test card to our screens http://ow.ly/UsFh Oh, a nostalgia fest, now what time’s it on?

Sat Jan 09 10:05:14 Fav #Cardiff hotspots? Mine #Chapter,  Halfway pub Pontcanna (end of the road!). Yours?

Sat Jan 09 10:01:23 I’d like to show you this interesting article from the FT http://ow.ly/UsAt but I’ve clicked once this month already so must register. Bad.

Sat Jan 09 09:40:22 Conservation success in Belfast, Council caves in at Court http://ow.ly/UsGQ

Sat Jan 09 09:20:20 iPhone can be covert security camera http://ow.ly/Usvq MM, not sure about this …

Sat Jan 09 08:35:17 Finished sorting Asus netbook for friend: #Firefox, #Thunderbird #Symphony  #Skype removing #Microsoft crap preloads 4 Win7. Neat, slick

Sat Jan 09 08:05:26 Be a celeb – well, Halle Berry (who?) – and jump security airport queue http://ow.ly/Use0 Mm. So does HRH get a pat-down when she flies?

Sat Jan 09 07:40:40 Now I know why my 02 network is crap, it’s ‘cos I use my iPhone http://ow.ly/UsCE But I changed to 02 to use my iPhone! Funny that – not

Sat Jan 09 07:20:24 Don’t let your dog go skating on canal: seriously http://ow.ly/Usd7

Sat Jan 09 04:10:51 RT @BreakingNews: Man arrested in security breach at Newark, N.J., airport will be charged with defiant trespassing NBC | new US  law?

Fri Jan 08 20:40:31 More same sex marriage laws voted down in NJ USA http://ow.ly/Ulsg

Fri Jan 08 20:37:23 WAG inspectors postone Local development Plan for Cardiff meeting to hold “exploratory meeting” with Council. Will blog more tomorrow.

Fri Jan 08 15:53:10 Another sad no show day on RG http://ow.ly/UeYE Didn’t want to be broadcasting from hospital bed!!  Sorry Ortho ward

Fri Jan 08 15:04:52 A 2010 Bouquet: Argos Home Deliveries for being only two days late but carrying w/machine up narrow stairs ready to install in 5 mins!

Fri Jan 08 06:50:46 Could this be the start of something big for offshore wind power? http://ow.ly/U7zF  Here’s hoping.

Thu Jan 07 20:19:43 RT @webdesignledger: Modern Art Movements To Inspire Your Logo Design http://ow.ly/TMd1 Very cool stuff

Thu Jan 07 19:50:26 Excellent blog on why everyone has to get their Wales referendum skates on – snow or no snow: http://ow.ly/TM8l

Thu Jan 07 19:20:36 New year, new decade, old #trafigura up to old tricks in court tomorrow http://ow.ly/TM0v

Wed Jan 06 12:24:55 Guardian advertises “Highland Railways” holidays: by air from provincial airports! Alice is in Wonderland

Fri Jan 01 18:22:34 New RG show podcast Part 3 of 2009 review – In the third and final hour of 2009 replays I needed little excuse to r… http://ow.ly/16fy3u

Fri Jan 01 18:22:34 New RG show podcast Part 2 of 2009 review – In my second hour of 2009 replays we hear again from Patrick Jones, poe… http://ow.ly/16fy3t

Fri Jan 01 09:14:02 No way of putting it off, it’s here. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Happy new Year