February 2010 Archive Tweets

Fri Feb 26 09:16:57 Cardiff’s LDP options: say Inspectorate wrong and go to hearing; produce evidence to back plan; map greenfield sites to lose.Hard place/Rock

Fri Feb 26 09:14:45 First online reports of yesterday’s Inspectorate meeting re Cardiff Local Development Plan http://ow.ly/1bvdB

Thu Feb 25 15:48:43 Llanishen Reservoir protection gets Court of Appeal backing http://ow.ly/1bdzw

Thu Feb 25 09:40:02 Discover Places – a workshop in Tredegar 19 March sponsor Civic Trust in Wales, free to volunteers http://ow.ly/d/1RR

Wed Feb 24 21:05:00 Llanishen Reservoir protection gets Court of Appeal backing http://ow.ly/1aW7e

Wed Feb 24 18:23:20 News update: Tredegar event 19 March 2010 – The Civic Trust for Wales, Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council and Gwe… http://ow.ly/16EAIm

Wed Feb 24 18:23:20 News update: Inspector’s Exploratory Meeting – The WAG appointed independent inspectors begin the examination proce… http://ow.ly/16EAIp

Wed Feb 24 16:30:04 Cardiff Civic Society briefing Local Development Plan: disappointed with Council’s failure to meet the challenge http://ow.ly/d/1RO

Wed Feb 24 16:08:58 Cardiff Local Development Plan Exploratory Meeting tomorrow: here’s Cardiff Civic Society’s original Response http://ow.ly/d/1RL  June 2009

Wed Feb 24 14:55:03 Inspectors’ hearing re Cardiff’s Local Development Plan tomorrow am. Leaders of council already rubishing process they helped to develop.

Wed Feb 24 13:41:30 Open a packet of sesame seeds and they burst around kitchen like multiple warhead missiles: the Iraq secret weapon of MD? Then they burn.

Wed Feb 24 07:40:20 MP’s brand #PCC “toothless” http://ow.ly/1aEzR and just how long did it take them to work that one out? More than a nanosecond?

Wed Feb 24 07:36:48 RT @c_and_t: ‘You don’t have to be Sir or Lady So-and-so to be on a public body’  http://ow.ly/1aEyd | No? But it helps, surely?

Tue Feb 23 16:32:46 RT @thefabians: Next Left: Civil partnerships: will the government do the right thing?l… http://bit.ly/cvnWc6

Mon Feb 22 13:10:06 CCS has today repeated call for WAG to Call In Cardiff Council’s application to keep portacabins in front of Grade 1 Listed Cardiff Castle

Mon Feb 22 12:55:02 Great crap judgement from #Ofcom http://ow.ly/19P9S What did Sharron Davies think she was being paid for? Taking crap it seems.

Mon Feb 22 12:45:02 RT @mediaguardian: Live EastEnders watched by 15.6m http://bit.ly/aYrzVP yawned so much apparently missed end (not the awful acting though)

Mon Feb 22 12:19:18 Cardiff Council website still dreadful in spite of makeover. Search result: http://ow.ly/d/1Py Browser testing clearly isn’t done …

Mon Feb 22 10:53:22 New military museum opens at Cardiff Castle today http://ow.ly/19NXL being run by a new company?

Mon Feb 22 10:42:59 RT @GdnCardiff: Cardiff central police station fly rainbow flag for LGBT history month RT @ILovesTheDiff: http://ow.ly/19NQY nice gesture

Mon Feb 22 09:55:46 It might feel as if you are being set up today as you are pers… More for Gemini http://twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=3

Mon Feb 22 08:54:11 Held for 8 hours by Accrington police for taking Christmas snaps http://ow.ly/19MLG Sadly for police whole event was filmed too. Shameful!

Mon Feb 22 08:28:07 Will Welsh Rugby fans pay £20 a year for tv via the web when it doesn’t include any games? http://ow.ly/19Mwd Nice idea, but …

Mon Feb 22 08:14:44 Bullying, prime minister or any one else http://ow.ly/19MnF

Mon Feb 22 08:07:40 @cazcook27 lol: Dryw’s so special, you pay to walk him … woofs

Sun Feb 21 21:38:29 @cazcook27 Dryw is always wanting walkies, just ask nicely and have poo bag and bonio ready!

Sun Feb 21 21:33:40 @aliguana Not sure I understand, but Cysgliad for Mac seems to be here and free http://ow.ly/19FJB Maybe only Win version charged for?

Sun Feb 21 21:19:24 Just finished #Grey’sAnatomy Series 5  (US DVD’s). So much better than 4. Cliffhanger end. NO SPOILERS pse. Sorry, long list of borrowers!

Sun Feb 21 21:15:04 @davidchivall If some newspapers removed all “made up nonsense” we’d be buying blank sheets lol

Sun Feb 21 14:01:43 Ok, let’s be clearer: new #Observer: Review revamp, solid, great use of pics; Sport binned as usual; News ok; Magazine NO HOROSCOPE Bad Bad

Sun Feb 21 11:28:09 New #Observaer Magazine: difficult to read, nasty type fonts, arse backwards content and No Stars. Repeat No Stars.  Life without horoscope?

Sun Feb 21 09:49:36 Although you are eager for something exciting to happen today,… More for Gemini http://twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=3

Sat Feb 20 15:35:19 Cameron apparently regrets paid-for visit to Apartheid SA http://ow.ly/19oQO Sanctions buster eh? Great PM material, not.

Sat Feb 20 15:30:17 Got home from lunch out to find water cut off affecting much of Pontcanna and Canton in Cardiff until maybe 18.30

Sat Feb 20 09:54:32 You may be stuck in a tricky set of circumstances, especially … More for Gemini http://twittascope.com/twittascope/?sign=3

Sat Feb 20 09:53:26 @vardra Camper? So, we looked at tents in Halfords too this week

Sat Feb 20 08:51:46 Oregon businessman retires and vests company to employees http://ow.ly/19lil Best story have read all week. If only there were more like him

Sat Feb 20 08:47:56 RT @CatherineLawler: feels a bit sorry for Tiger Woods – is that wrong?!? | Very, Very, Very, Very, Very Wrong Indeed

Sat Feb 20 08:44:42 RT @Adrian1Robson: Agenda for LDP exploratory meet, 25th Feb, 10am, Ferrier Hall | Civic Society team there in force

Sat Feb 20 08:29:14 Young Baltimore student wants to compete in Harp Festival in Caernarfon http://ow.ly/19l4W needs help

Fri Feb 19 13:59:01 On air in one minute  – tweet me at Radio Glamorgan – anyone in UHCW The Heath, Cardiff

Fri Feb 19 10:42:04 First review of WNO’s Tosca http://ow.ly/18ZKG will thrill my guest on Radio Glamorgan today, Geraint Dodd

Fri Feb 19 09:57:40 Guardian tease http://ow.ly/18ZvF I thought they meant James Corden’s kit was coming off! And he shdn’t do vertical stripes, bad for porkies

Fri Feb 19 09:47:25 @WorkshopsWales details of Dev Mgr post, where?

Fri Feb 19 09:45:47 RT @AmgueddfaCymru: All our museums have now been awarded the Sandford Award for quality and excellence in education http://tiny.cc/MNDFj

Fri Feb 19 09:19:11 Wanting to mark Cy Grant’s passing in the show today, but can I find a recording of him?’ Any ideas?

Thu Feb 18 20:19:11 Cardiff’s civil engineers celebrate St David’s Day with lecture on public sculpture http://ow.ly/18Os0 Story on CCS website

Thu Feb 18 16:25:25 Cardiff’s civil engineers celebrate St David’s Day with lecture on public sculpture http://ow.ly/18IbY Story on CCS website

Thu Feb 18 11:55:02 Cadw hasn’t powers to save important buildings/spaces http://ow.ly/18AGg WAG to investigate following petition. Full story on CCS web site

Thu Feb 18 11:17:14 News update: The Quantum Leap – public sculpture – The Institution of Civil Engineers is celebrating St David’s Day… http://ow.ly/16BG8I

Thu Feb 18 11:02:05 @RuthHarrison mm, how “tasteful”? Mug shots on pdconair.com Modest charges(lol)

Thu Feb 18 10:44:13 New VicSoc event http://ow.ly/18AF7 6th March Pontpridd all details on CCS web site

Wed Feb 17 23:03:29 PCC rejects #janmoir complaint by Stephen Gately’s partner http://ow.ly/18sy8 Not surprised of course, but saddened not the less. Stooges

Tue Feb 16 12:56:05 Cardiff Listed building sold to developers http://ow.ly/17NGg Ebenezer Chapel built 1855

Mon Feb 15 18:03:59 @aliguana forced myself to read: it’s all maybe, window dressing, in attempt to stop the march of Apple and Google

Mon Feb 15 13:01:37 RT @Adrian1Robson: Parking survey ahead of Civil Parking Enforcement at http://www.surveys.cardiff.gov.uk/CPE/english | V poor survey

Mon Feb 15 13:00:41 @ Adrian1Robson Parking qu shallow and fails to ask important questions. Typical I am afraid. But rubbish in rubbish out (or what they want)

Mon Feb 15 11:12:01 Discovery: Cardiff’s budget for painting Disabled Parking spaces is spent; it takes up to 2 years to complete legal process. Dead by then?

Mon Feb 15 08:45:02 Salutary letter on the cost of keeping the pound http://ow.ly/17pTq Yep, told you so (though not as eloquently of course)

Mon Feb 15 08:20:03 O2 and Orange want a share of the phone Apps market http://ow.ly/17pRU Where have these guys been for the past 2 years?

Mon Feb 15 08:08:00 @themabiblogion You obviously get up far too early. It’s fine and dandy now.

Mon Feb 15 08:05:36 CitiBank UK only recognises #Microsoft IE browsers. Are they stupid (security), mad (pissing off customers) or being paid by Microsoft?

Sun Feb 14 15:17:35 Oh dear, shame that YouTube has taken the dropped kilt BBC Wales Today video offline.

Sun Feb 14 10:35:01 WAG does ‘deal’ to secure US Ryder Cup Team flies into Cardiff http://ow.ly/17dT4 What? How much? For goodness sake .. why? Not even rugby

Sun Feb 14 10:22:21 And – on closer inspection as it were – the camera ZOOMED in! This was fixed. Thank you BBC Wales for inventive tv http://ow.ly/d/1HP

Sun Feb 14 10:20:20 Scotsmen all lined up for tv live. One not wearing belt. Suspicious? U didn’t think his kilt wd fall off? Pull other one http://ow.ly/17dV2

Sun Feb 14 10:15:01 V touching interview: Lt Dan Choi, West Point grad, arabic speaker, Iraq War Veteran and gay. Will army ask him back? http://ow.ly/17dSy

Sun Feb 14 09:59:46 We’re off to Chinese New Years day celeb at WMC today. See you’s all there? 12 till 4. There be DRAGONS

Fri Feb 12 18:22:58 Great pics of Cardiff Docks http://ow.ly/16POG via GdnCardiff

Fri Feb 12 15:26:39 House sale completion today HURRAH! So no show, sorry all the patients at University Hospital Wales – the Heath!

Fri Feb 12 09:55:01 At last, a genuinely adventurous policy regarding transport for Wales http://ow.ly/16E3q Hydrogen highway, bring it on

Fri Feb 12 09:53:59 @cotterj99 Glad you liked it. It was fun to do as I hope you can hear.

Fri Feb 12 09:43:23 OMG @jamieandlousie what did you do? Half a mile and growing http://ow.ly/16E25 Go girl, go. A mile? It’s got to be!

Thu Feb 11 21:33:19 #Chapter seeks support for ‘adopt and artist’ scheme http://ow.ly/16u6j more fun than builders and bricks I say!

Wed Feb 10 21:19:43 Summary of Cardiff City financial goings on and my comment specially for @RodneyBerman http://ow.ly/163vG

Wed Feb 10 21:09:29 @jamieandlouise will it be 4K or even more ….. holding breath …

Wed Feb 10 16:28:03 @egrommet always carry the mac charger long cable and plug – many hotels have same issue with desk sockets

Wed Feb 10 16:22:51 RT @GdnCardiff: Cardiff’s Local Development Plan mapped out by @ed_walker86 for @walesonline http://bit.ly/ajagjT

Wed Feb 10 16:12:20 Not just Cardiff that faces threats to its playing fields it seems http://ow.ly/15VnB

Wed Feb 10 16:09:09 FOI response by govt getting worse http://ow.ly/15VgJ Wonder what WAG and Cardiff Council performance is?

Wed Feb 10 14:25:04 RT @bbcwales: Sport: Cardiff winding-up order delayed http://ow.ly/15RBb | Shd hope so after ratepayers’ assets sold off to pay tax bill!

Wed Feb 10 13:55:14 RT @arusbridger  top judge watered down torture verdict after last minute letter from Govt lawyer. extraordinary stuff http://bit.ly/dlAdHX

Wed Feb 10 13:45:35 http://twitpic.com/12e1o6 – Cameron talks change but doesn’t want you having a say on how MPs get their jobs #tories http://bit.ly/cV5PGR

Wed Feb 10 09:16:56 New media podcast: Robin Sebastian, actor – Robin Sebastian has been playing the part of Kenneth Williams almost si… http://ow.ly/16xI58

Tue Feb 09 19:40:02 Ok, so they fired the starting pistol. Great. http://ow.ly/15zYY Now comes the hard bit explaining to the public.

Tue Feb 09 19:06:42 Pecyn Rhyngwyneb Iaith Windows 7 http://ow.ly/15zXb Don’t often credit them, but hey ..

Tue Feb 09 12:58:55 Scottish Parliament asked about direct rail links: my answer http://ow.ly/15pCN Please join in!

Tue Feb 09 12:52:04 “Red” Tory says Social Enterprise is the way forward for all businesses http://ow.ly/15pu7 Would that Cameron thinks so ..

Tue Feb 09 12:19:47 Alun Davies AM is all set for more powers now http://ow.ly/15oWo Let’s hope his Westminster colleagues in the same party agree!

Tue Feb 09 09:58:44 RT @csinitiative: being a charity does not allow you to be political! | Agreed, but it doesn’t prevent lobbying: big eg, Oxfam

Tue Feb 09 09:50:01 Ru – or do u know – a 7-16 year old mad on rugby? Then 16-18 Feb Cardiff Blues Coaching Camps http://ow.ly/15mRo be quick

Tue Feb 09 09:40:02 CEO of Charity Commission to get £130K pa http://ow.ly/15mOL But multi-million pound charity businesses can’t pay their Chairs. Wrong. Wrong

Tue Feb 09 09:18:53 #DrWho a nightmare says his costume designer http://ow.ly/15mNN (nicely though it seems ..)

Mon Feb 08 21:30:43 Another LibDem in the news, AM Mick bates slips and forgets all whilst (allegedly) drunk http://ow.ly/15cSs Kirsty has ‘spoken’, apparently

Mon Feb 08 21:20:16 Is Nick Clegg outrunning his Welsh LibDems in devolution speak? http://ow.ly/15cCD Frighten of Plaid or something?

Mon Feb 08 21:15:01 Sign the Avaaz petition to stop the Uganda gay death law http://ow.ly/15cwC Pse RT

Mon Feb 08 13:59:19 Prof John Punter’s slides from Urban Renaissance lecture available on Cardiff Civic Society website http://ow.ly/150Nk well worth revisit

Mon Feb 08 12:45:02 RT @MacarioLewin: Cardiff people, pls could you recommend a builder for extension/renovation work?  | Does it exist????

Mon Feb 08 12:40:02 RT @charlesarthur: RT @edparsons Not the best advert for a new acer windows laptop at LHR http://yfrog.com/4iaa0fj 41 Infections? Love it!

Mon Feb 08 12:24:49 Cardiff Civic Society opposes 2nd council plan for lift in Listed Bute Castle http://ow.ly/d/1Cb and answers disability access questions

Sun Feb 07 11:31:38 NationalDanceCompanyofWales giving CF postcoders discounts to shows in Swansea http://ow.ly/14K1t  So #WMC to do same for goggs?

Sun Feb 07 08:50:01 RT @Cardiff_IT: You’re almost there pal… http://tinyurl.com/yky98mc | Aaah, so sweet. But where he thinks he’s going?

Sun Feb 07 08:40:02 Bush forgot his words often, #Palin writes them on her hand http://ow.ly/14IUr during Tea Party question session. Who needs Autocue?

Sun Feb 07 08:10:54 OK, it’s dead cheesy, but it’s #Obama The Musical http://ow.ly/14IS0 No doubt coming to a stage near you real soon

Sat Feb 06 22:01:59 Well the boys did bad. But @jamieandlouise and the big red scarf is going great over 2K feet – lurve the new avatar too! Some cheer …..

Sat Feb 06 13:48:00 RT @ed_walker86: started a new hyperlocal side-project last night @cityccardiff blog with @encoreencore: http://mzi4n.xrt.me

Sat Feb 06 12:05:02 LibDems and Cons get real and back ‘trigger’ vote  http://ow.ly/14xMa Now, let’s hope there are no ifs, buts and maybes …

Sat Feb 06 11:45:03 RT @rodneyberman: Really enjoyed Mark Williams MP’s put down of Plaid Cymru | The party Berman shares power within Cardiff. There’s nice.

Fri Feb 05 21:19:28 RT @simondyda: Video: Brith Gof: Gwŷr a aeth Gatraeth http://tumblr.com/xkz65yzwa | Ghosts on a Friday late, not good

Fri Feb 05 11:55:02 Missed the roundup of Welsh News beauty contest http://ow.ly/14aZe If anyone, Ulster TV has my money

Fri Feb 05 11:50:02 RT @cymruyfory: looking for volunteers to hand out flyers for an hour before next week’s home game vs Scotland DM/email us, and please RT!

Fri Feb 05 11:25:07 Birmingham to cut parks services http://ow.ly/d/1zw

Fri Feb 05 10:31:17 All set for Radio Glamorgan show at 2till4 http://ow.ly/14anN Robin Sebastian in studio as Kenneth Williams .. ooh, can’t wait!

Fri Feb 05 09:28:28 Excellent roundup of the latest – ever changing – state of hyperlocal Cardiff http://ow.ly/149HA Big Hat Tip to @joniayn

Fri Feb 05 09:20:32 Article extolls LibDems control of councils in Wales. Fails to mention Cardiff http://ow.ly/149vS They know something we don’t? Hopefully ..

Fri Feb 05 09:17:02 @jamieandlousie OK, so how to bh are you going to get it there? Wearing seems a bit impractical …

Fri Feb 05 08:47:55 So we all got it wrong about Learning Styles http://ow.ly/149c2 Peter Honey to go bust? http://ow.ly/149cn

Thu Feb 04 17:16:25 Tomorrow’s guest Robin Sebastian who plays (?) Kenneth Williams at the New Theatre Cardiff 2till4 on Radio Glamorgan with vintage tracks

Wed Feb 03 18:41:02 Inspectorate letter re Cardiff LDP for 25 Feb Exploratory Meeting http://ow.ly/d/1xM

Wed Feb 03 14:58:16 IWA event tonight (bit late to discover) Bloggers in Wales etc http://ow.ly/13oEC  Would have been good …

Wed Feb 03 12:09:24 Dr Who’s Grade 2 listed church in Grangetown Cardiff up for sale http://ow.ly/13l5h Ideas anyone? And money?

Wed Feb 03 11:05:49 Good, but blood pressure raising blog on referendum process. For moderator to decide if my comment is too intemperate http://ow.ly/13kkd

Wed Feb 03 10:54:24 Cardiff Council slashes jobs after finding £2M for football club http://ow.ly/13kcc Leisure centres on short time so watch sport don’t do it

Wed Feb 03 10:43:32 RT @cardiffblogger: (deleted expletive!) @cardiffbus Your use of bus stops as termius is DANGEROUS and ANNOYING.

Wed Feb 03 09:05:02 RT @ciaranjones1: Another early start . In the mean time, here’s a blog on production day no.1 | So when we get 2c a real newspaper then??

Wed Feb 03 08:55:02 RT @wmjohn: RT @simfin: I wrote this, not you. ME.  http://bit.ly/bQje9E Long but interesting piece on IPR | Excellent, difficult must read

Wed Feb 03 08:50:01 also #BBC slamming: still waiting for Press Office call 6 days after email. Don’t they need publicity? Don’t answer that ….

Wed Feb 03 08:45:02 Public (?) meeting in Cardiff Bay to discuss regional news bids http://ow.ly/13iAK at 3, but no venue: great reporting BBC (What when where)

Wed Feb 03 08:20:56 Watchdog brands animal rights ad too shocking http://ow.ly/13iyI Yes, cruelty towards children and animals is shocking. D’Oh! See it.

Tue Feb 02 22:07:23 Just discovered via Twitter that Gok didn’t record (next door room, all of 10 metres). Isn’t technology great!

Tue Feb 02 21:49:07 It happens in Cardiff (allegedly) at Border Agency http://ow.ly/139Xm If true, it’s scandalous. Sadly, it all sounds highly plausible

Tue Feb 02 21:43:40 Nearly 11,000 US military personnel have been dismissed for being gay http://ow.ly/139Rm morality aside, what did that cost? About to change

Tue Feb 02 19:27:52 RT @rodneyberman: Cl report on #CardiffCity proposal agreed. Money will come to taxpayer. Delivery of House of Sport to start | Note well

Tue Feb 02 09:11:45 #jamie&louise scarf already to go around the pitch – over 1,300 feet. What did she do?? And what we going to wrap with it?

Tue Feb 02 09:00:02 Him indoors says Pope “evil man” http://ow.ly/12SMH ’bout right. Not invited to Wales I fervently hope.

Tue Feb 02 08:50:02 Interesting (no more) stats on Welsh fluency by school children http://ow.ly/12S58 However interpreted, Cardiff could (and should) do better

Tue Feb 02 08:30:01 Why are police protecting News of World over phone tapping scandal? http://ow.ly/12S8c Does NOW have something on them too?

Tue Feb 02 08:12:22 and whilst #Mandelson is in mind (yuck), saw “Mo” last night: he needs to slink back under a stone somewhere. Julie Walters ever brilliant!

Tue Feb 02 08:10:13 Cardiff Civic Society joins Facebook http://ow.ly/12Sxc See you there?

Tue Feb 02 07:55:01 Australia gags Internet comments during election http://ow.ly/12S2A Hey, Mandelson, you missed this one .. might just have time

Tue Feb 02 07:48:50 RT @Adrian1Robson: This is ridiculous Exec meeting (Tuesday) about Bluebirds and Cllrs haven’t had reports on £2mill in land sales! | Normal

Tue Feb 02 07:40:01 RT @vardra: Getting ready to meet @jamieandlouise. Excited!! | So you shd be: Queen Bee of the Airwaves that she is.

Tue Feb 02 07:26:09 Much faffing about referendum vote http://ow.ly/12RYE  Com on, just get sorted, get on, and let Wales get on

Mon Feb 01 19:55:03 RT @Demos: Andy Burnham’s free swimming http://ow.ly/12GkD | Still trying to catch up with Wales, eh?

Mon Feb 01 19:21:35 RT @ciaranjones1: Exciting new project to keep an eye on @capturecardiff http://ow.ly/12Gim | But absolutely nothing to see, so don’t rush!

Mon Feb 01 19:18:11 Very fruitful Exec Meeting of Cardiff Civic Society: MASSIVE programme mapped out. Watch out Cardiff 2010 is going to be BIG

Mon Feb 01 14:38:23 Wanted: ning, mailchimp, wufoo geek to do some clever joining up and CSS. Small but adequate budget for couple of days work

Mon Feb 01 08:32:17 Thatcher dissed school milk, Welsh Tories after the kid’s breakfast http://ow.ly/12th2 History, history