December 2009 Tweets Archive

Fri Dec 25 15:54:21 Eaten massive lunch I didn’t do anything towards (carving doesn’t count!). That’s how it should be for grandpa’s.

Thu Dec 24 16:00:21 Silliest gift? Silver-plated mussel shells to eat with! D’Oh! That’s what the first mussel is for, surely cheaper than £29.99?

Wed Dec 23 12:50:51 Financial Services Authority seeks design and digital framework

Tue Dec 22 12:49:17 Royal Navy seeks digital group

Tue Dec 22 11:35:22 Brown bottles out of royals’ costs decision until – you guessed, after election!

Tue Dec 22 11:15:31 RT @mediaguardian: Is Top Gear losing its drive? | I thought its wheels fell off years ago?

Tue Dec 22 10:44:06 Not much time for tweeting – 3hr radio special to finish for Boxing Day 6 of my fav interview slots – so many to leave out

Mon Dec 21 12:51:34 Jack Morton works on New Year’s Eve fireworks

Mon Dec 21 10:30:03 Aussies in fight against internet censorship face domain battle as registration office closes until Jan11th! 1984 is here

Mon Dec 21 10:19:37 RT @RepublicStaff: Just 12% will watch Queen’s xmas message Mm – 12% of what though? tv staff, prisoners …

Sat Dec 19 13:41:15 RT @wmjohn: undersoil heating at expensive new cardiff stadium not quite ready! Hey, coldest day Wales this year<G> #fail

Sat Dec 19 11:01:47 It’s one legal step backwards and one forward for marriage equality in the USA

Sat Dec 19 10:49:08 RT @aliguana: Rugby player is gay…. Why is that even a story in (almost) 2010? | Sadly because it’s as rare as hen’s teeth

Sat Dec 19 10:39:30 At last! Wales has a gay rugby player It seems I’m the only person in Wales not to have known. Have commented!

Fri Dec 18 15:40:45 @JoshHalliday I’d have given u more …

Fri Dec 18 12:51:52 Westminster seeks kiosk designer

Fri Dec 18 12:35:40 Last show before Christmas so if you’re around University Hospital Cardiff between 2til4 press noses against the window ask ask for requests

Fri Dec 18 11:40:50 RT @roathcardiff: For Xmas prezzies!The Magpie Nest at Mackintosh Hall, Keppoch St, Roath on Saturday, 9am.

Fri Dec 18 11:10:26 Royal apologist sets record straight over POW interference in civic life (no not politics!) That’s ok then I’ll sleep safe

Fri Dec 18 10:36:18 Managed to prune play list to just one xmas song even with 6 ‘this day’ no 1’s. A small miracle for a two hour show methinks.

Thu Dec 17 18:55:38 Tomorrow’s show on RG is going to be big on Terfel reviewing Bad Boys with Guardian critic Rhian Evans. Lots of fun

Thu Dec 17 17:45:29 #BBC admits it was wrong with hang gays poll Now where’s the non stop coverage of the fact that Uganda will murder gays?

Thu Dec 17 17:36:11 Cats have got the message for Copenhagen will we though?

Thu Dec 17 15:37:44 Civic Society Initiative newsletter

Thu Dec 17 14:47:33 It is a scandal that only 12% of staff at WAG speak Welsh Worse the number of learners there is falling (free tutors?)

Thu Dec 17 14:24:40 Great student journo presentation on hyperlocal Way to go!

Thu Dec 17 14:17:47 #Trafigura BBC caves in #Carterruck should sue UN who says prima facie evidence deaths were related to toxic waste dumping

Thu Dec 17 09:17:45 Live on Radio Wales talking to @jamieandlouise talking about the wonder of grand children and our pride in them. Puffed up as a Robin.

Wed Dec 16 20:56:28 Vatican says you should not execute gays in Africa Thank god for that?

Wed Dec 16 20:48:18 Dead soldier’s father in forceful, eloquent condemnation of war criminal Blair | How does Bliar sleep at night?

Wed Dec 16 20:17:25 RT @tigerreuseit: RT @Pearlydean Why is there only one monopolies commission? | This hurts my head!!!

Wed Dec 16 20:16:50 Even doctors can Tweet: @llandaffsurgery my practice goes all tweety

Wed Dec 16 19:42:26 How Guardian technology outlived itself Last Day Tomorrow!!!

Wed Dec 16 19:37:40 What really happened to 10 years of IT evolution? Lots

Wed Dec 16 19:18:17 Good news for LGBT civil servants in the US and they have a job!!

Wed Dec 16 18:51:28 @digibrum how do I find details of your hyperlocal map with planning info? Thanks

Wed Dec 16 18:21:13 BBC promotes ‘hang gays’ discussion from the team that gave you BNP prime time.

Wed Dec 16 18:06:21 11 Million have signed Copenhagen petition. Have you? Do it now. And RT for the planet

Wed Dec 16 12:50:46 Can Games and e-Learning be the same? No Not sure. Discuss.

Wed Dec 16 12:29:49 Cameron’s sticky fingers on #Asghar defection? Probably didn’t realise implications: which is worse?

Tue Dec 15 10:15:33 Tday Oscar #Asghar digs deeper hole Daughter’s job was last straw. He needs to resign

Tue Dec 15 08:20:25 Tuesday: normal life after X Factor nonsense? Please, please …

Tue Dec 15 08:20:25 Usual, flawed, “have your say” poll by Cardiff Council Why can’t they do professional, un-slanted consultations? Fear?

Tue Dec 15 08:05:44 How did bulletin boards (remember?) become Twitter et al? Great history of what we now call social networks: bookmark

Tue Dec 15 07:40:30 Wonder if my GP will now prescribe me cannabis all the serious links here

Tue Dec 15 07:10:22 The magic of unsolicited giving where strangers bought others a meal: See, people can be good

Tue Dec 15 06:45:26 RT @mediaguardian: Letters: Picture police alienate the public  Are we surprised? Not

Tue Dec 15 06:30:50 British Guantanamo detainees refused legal recourse by US supreme court So Rumsfeld & Co get away with torture?

Tue Dec 15 05:20:20 A massive – nearly 95% – yes vote by Catalans for independence And Wales is offered a measly Section 4 powers vote .. mmm

Mon Dec 14 11:36:44 RT @chaptertweets: Profile on Chapter – tonight S4C Sioe Gelf 10.20.

Mon Dec 14 10:40:51 HLF dosh solves Cardiff council’s problem of the Old Library Now it’s to become a museum of the city

Sun Dec 13 20:47:25 So it’s to be King William next, with tax breaks for Charlie: and no Queen Camilla? Well, that bit’s good. #republic

Sun Dec 13 15:50:43 #Ashgar debunked over his principles in no uncertain terms by #Plaid chair Now, I’d be embarrassed bigtime, will Oscar?

Sun Dec 13 15:25:45 RT @stephenfry: They’re divinely strokable and pattable: So glad you’ve been united at last

Sun Dec 13 14:59:31 #AgeofStupid tonight BBC4 10pm  Sorry, it does change lives. You could also ignore it and let the world rot. Choices.

Sun Dec 13 10:15:12 Brave #Coke employees seek no CC pledge and jeopardise their jobs at #Copenhagen sadly I don’t so my abstinence won’t help

Sun Dec 13 09:55:13 Brutal, but soundly argued, plan for regulating banks Wd have to reconsider my objection to state killing, but hey!

Sun Dec 13 09:21:22 OMG, it’s not just me who gets names wrong on air – Tony Blackburn did I’ll feel superior for at least a nano second

Sun Dec 13 09:11:17 RT @stephenfry: It’s 545 and I’m on my way to Heathrow to catch a flight to Prague. As are some male northen white rhinos | Aha, that’s why!

Sun Dec 13 05:43:39 RT @huwstephens: RT @dantyte: Chilli Paneer from the Vegetarian Food Studio could well be greatest dish ever created | most probably imho

Sat Dec 12 20:45:56 3uk Mifi –  I can get a PAYG for £49.99 and use existing sim (which I got down to peanuts per meg) What’s not to like?

Sat Dec 12 20:16:26 BBCClick explains 3 Mifi nicely – as they do – Now, will 3uk swap my dongle for one? Mmmm

Sat Dec 12 19:35:53 Want to know what ships are in #Cardiff? Satellite plots here Hours to waste .. brilliant

Sat Dec 12 18:55:42 Llanishen cake factory threatened with jobs losses Do your duty: Memory Lane make ‘healthy’ options – get stuffing Wales

Sat Dec 12 18:41:16 Catalans test the water for independence with nationwide vote Hope Welsh politicians are watching

Sat Dec 12 18:19:50 RT @Adrian1Robson: Finally saw the new St Davids II  arcade -it could be in any city-it needs to identify as Cardiff | Spot on councillor!

Sat Dec 12 13:10:24 Global Warming Denier calls young green activists “Hitler Youth”. Nice Clearly young making an impression on capitalists

Sat Dec 12 11:55:19 “A day of infamy” US senator likens health care bill to Pearl Harbour attack OMG, where do they find them?

Sat Dec 12 11:18:50 Smartphones and patents – big #Nokia #Apple spat Winners? Never the consumer

Sat Dec 12 09:34:27 Police and street photography: looks like they are all going to need media (an well as legal) training

Fri Dec 11 19:47:07 More freedom terror stories of police and photographs I feel a ‘mass picture festival’ coming on where we snap every cop.

Fri Dec 11 18:49:10 For golfers, and others with peephole interests, this may or may not be relevant (or even legal) #Streisand again

Fri Dec 11 18:48:06 OMG don’t they ever learn? #Tiger Woods gets UK gagging order Let’s all guess where to read about it ..

Fri Dec 11 18:35:06 Excellent article on why Italy is a better place to be accused of murder than death row USA

Fri Dec 11 17:22:29 RT @stephenfry:  Dancing is not really my thing, but I make an exception in the case of Matthew Bourne  | not proper dancing though <G>

Fri Dec 11 17:09:52 RT @ivolunteeruk:  ‘Vetting everyone will create a society of suspicion, distrust, and break down community.’ Dead right!

Fri Dec 11 16:22:50 RT @LlandaffNews: @foomandoonian snapped a pic of fog-filled Llandaff Fields –Why we fight for it!

Fri Dec 11 16:08:14 So Jack Straw slaps secrecy ban on devolution papers  What could possibly embarrass Labour b4 election/referendum?

Fri Dec 11 15:22:55 RT @csinitiative: just working on a street clutter toolkit. About to go and road test it in local high street! | And don’t we need it!!

Fri Dec 11 14:53:17 West Wales launches D-Day trail Nice idea to bring history alive

Thu Dec 10 19:10:03 RT @c_and_t: C&T takes delivery of its first Steady Cam: The Poor Mans Steadicam Pse put on xmas list for me

Thu Dec 10 18:50:21 Volunteer and live longer study shows So join something now eg or Please!

Thu Dec 10 13:41:38 No xmas tree, Tardis instead for Caerphilly Castle So Dr Who more important than ..?

Thu Dec 10 13:05:12 Insole Court gets #Cardiff News spotlight Cllr Howells extolls Council’s  role in saving what it tried to let rot

Thu Dec 10 10:15:43 So our household is expected to spend £1500 on xmas a third of that and we’ll be lucky!

Thu Dec 10 09:40:28 #Cardiff quad bike deaths: odd that local community has risen in support of dead men, but don’t know who two ‘accomplices’

Thu Dec 10 09:31:40 Privacy changes good enough reason to quit #Facebook It had its moment, one less thing to check.

Thu Dec 10 09:20:31 Mart Bell on the death of journalism a necessary read

Thu Dec 10 08:44:11 #Bristol consults over plans to sell off green spaces Should we be concerned in #Cardiff? Too damn right ..

Wed Dec 09 16:26:57 Innovative pay to read newspaper idea fails the Cox test Nearly, maybe, not quite …

Wed Dec 09 15:44:33 Spoiler alert: BBC releases #Gavin&Stacey DVD before tv showing Stupid, money grabbing, asinine, idiotic twats. Sack em!

Wed Dec 09 14:57:42 #Plaid national chair in cogent and unbitter call for #Asghar to go Sometimes people just can’t get the message, can they?

Wed Dec 09 14:07:09 Embarrassingly bad interview with defecting #Welsh Assembly Member #Asghar (no credits for film/interviewer either, just as well methinks)

Wed Dec 09 13:21:14 New take on “one doesn’t carry money” as POW gets police subs And they don’t even think this is odd?

Wed Dec 09 12:22:27 #Plaid start to feel happier about losing AM #Asghar as a constituent however I’d feel let sanguine.  He should resign

Wed Dec 09 11:55:26 RT @adders: This is the kit I use for conference blogging #leweb | And I thought kit was getting smaller!

Wed Dec 09 11:20:23 Yes, even the Goggs (North walians) want more powers for #Assembly Now we need politicians of stature to take us there

Wed Dec 09 11:01:55 #Cardiff Bay flooding is meant to happen That’s all right then, #Torchwood have it under control, should have known!

Wed Dec 09 10:40:28 Designers on increase Just what Cardiff needs

Wed Dec 09 08:55:17 #Asghargo Best rid of defector says Plaid supporter Maybe right, but they would say that, wouldn’t they?

Wed Dec 09 08:40:15 5 Jammy Dodgers all round for new #Llandaff coffee shopee Exceptional bit of architecture take note planners

Wed Dec 09 08:05:15 Canadian architects quit planning review process “being treated as afterthought”: Planners the same world-wide then?

Wed Dec 09 07:45:29 Welsh Politician of Year Awards last night: Go on, confess, how many would you be able to recognise? Carwyn, David, Elin?

Wed Dec 09 07:00:59 Ohio execution by injection “problem free” except, presumably, for the condemned prisioner

Tue Dec 08 22:03:00 What to do with leftover hotel soap and gels? Recycle of course! D’Oh!

Tue Dec 08 21:39:02 #Blair (yes our Tony) gets £90K to extol virtues of formaldehyde Leaving out the cancer bits of course. Wifee barrister

Tue Dec 08 19:52:56 New media podcast: James Dean Bradfield,
Manic Street Preachers

Tue Dec 08 19:16:55 James Dean Bradfield #Manics RG podcast uploaded – sorry for tardiness Includes Dame Shirley, Design for Life and more

Tue Dec 08 19:14:11 So swine flu vacine may not work, or may, but we aren’t allowed to know having spent NHS dosh Pharmas as bad as banks

Tue Dec 08 16:18:27 Yet another photographer detained by police Yes for taking pictures in spite of ACPO promises not to use terrorism laws

Tue Dec 08 15:42:14 RT @tigerreuseit: Why doesn’t Santa suffer from claustrophobia when climbs down chimney? Because has had his flue jab. First/Final xmas joke

Tue Dec 08 15:17:54 @tigerreuseit Do it yourself using on demand publishing – absolutely no wasted copies and you get allthe money eg

Tue Dec 08 14:58:40 #Ashgarout  gains momentum (spoling Rhodri’s last day btw) as sensible constitutional issues are raised. He shd resign

Tue Dec 08 14:50:16 “New” Malsters open in #Llandaff today – shame the website isn’t Marketing people need to get real. Original opening 13thC

Tue Dec 08 14:06:56 Griff Rhys Jones tilts at heritage windmills in new Civic Soc Intiative blog

Tue Dec 08 13:25:36 Another fixed “poll” this time on gays in US armed forces: Hope decision makers see this in same light as Afghan election!

Tue Dec 08 13:11:07 How about #Ashgarout as a new hash (like the way it spells rout .. which he might face in bye-election

Tue Dec 08 13:10:03 Alan Davies starts blogsphere demands for #Ashgar’s resignation and bye-election Will #Plaid party chiefs back call? Mm…

Tue Dec 08 12:50:50 #Microsoft commissions research to show oldies will carry on buying its stuff Eh I stopped buying their crap 20 years ago!

Tue Dec 08 12:45:53 Why we don’t let our kids play anymore: Depression BBC tonight. And, yes, it’s our fault entirely!

Tue Dec 08 12:30:13 Oops, #Plaid loses an AM to Tories. Who loses, who gains? Who in Plaid lost a second of sleep? Wake up there …

Tue Dec 08 12:26:05 RT @LlandaffNews: Live at the new Maltsters in Llandaff… LOL and sober???

Tue Dec 08 12:15:36 After week watching “Queen” two lesser royals want to get hitched. Don’t they learn? And no pap pictures of course

Tue Dec 08 12:00:53 Rhodri Morgan spends last day in office Been there, done that, didn’t get the pension though! What to do now, he says?

Tue Dec 08 11:29:50 What a Civic Society can do if it tries: Lessons for Cardiff?

Mon Dec 07 18:22:29 RT @jboitnott: Snow Falls All Over Bay Area Oops, wrong Bay, thought he meant #Cardiff Bay

Mon Dec 07 17:29:11 Rhodri Morgan, so it was just bags and baggage: BBC commentary

Mon Dec 07 11:38:25 Bad day called for fat boy breakfast at #Chapter Arts #Cardiff. Sorted

Mon Dec 07 09:16:32 Ok, cutest Christmas appeal – for wildlife What to do is here

Mon Dec 07 08:43:09 OMG, BBC predicts that it’ll be longest election night ever Time to get into training

Sun Dec 06 15:51:23 #Torchwood HQ in #Cardiff hit by flooding today. No news of casualties. Presumably Rift unaffected

Sun Dec 06 15:10:41 I see:taxpayers bailout banks; banks give it to staff in massive bonuses; Chancellor imposes supertax My money went where?

Sun Dec 06 14:25:29 So US parents of murderer think Italy has failed justice in Kercher trial Guantanamo Bay is better?

Sun Dec 06 14:04:50 @lingualexpat Hope to have JDB podcast avalable by end of day – will tweet u

Sun Dec 06 11:55:15 Lurve computer? #Apple tops ‘sentiment’ chart at 59 Microsoft? .. bottom of course at 15.

Sun Dec 06 11:30:20 Tiny size and power use, #Linux or windoze – what’s not to love Gives #AppleMini run for its look and price Available UK

Sun Dec 06 11:05:16 Hard to swallow #MacDonalds: greener or greenwash? Germans are test for new, eco friendly food ‘portals’ crap

Sun Dec 06 10:30:16 Thought #Kelly #Hutton story dead? Not now as six doctors seek new inquest Truth has strange ways of emerging eventually

Sun Dec 06 10:00:32 Two Lessons for this Sunday for Anglican Church – Americans vote for Bishops and she is gay Wouldn’t work here, surely?

Sun Dec 06 09:30:17 Almost missed: the wife who seeks help from Guardian for 20 hours a day DIY husband Exhausted and sore?

Sun Dec 06 09:26:15 Tories Wales referendum threats: vote no to more powers or we’ll cut financial support after “some sort of” “rigged” vote

Sun Dec 06 09:20:08 #Cameron says PM spiteful over Eton education and class Shame he has left old-fashioned politicking so late say I.

Sun Dec 06 09:05:22 Royals object to holiday snaps: After 5 nights of Queen they want peace and quiet with friends! Cake and eat it,eh?

Sat Dec 05 13:10:24 RT @bbcwales: News SW: Cycling pupils ‘reduce footprint’ Well they wd see, feet don’t touch ground. D’oh!

Sat Dec 05 12:30:52 RT @IPR_School: Apple In Advanced Talks To Buy Lala #musicbusiness…  Great if you are in USA!!!

Sat Dec 05 12:05:18 RT @Ffotogallery: Orb making wrkshp is starting at 12 – thanks 2 everyone 4 coming. Come down to Penarth Pier to see the work at 7.

Sat Dec 05 11:55:12 Gay US troops may get right to testify to Congress without being sacked Big Deal, Not.

Sat Dec 05 11:25:20 Nice valedictory blog about Rhodri and his thoughts on building #Wales’ #Assembly Nice, just like you’d expect.

Sat Dec 05 10:36:10 Public space is rapidly becoming “state space” Henry Porter on police and photography as latest civic society erosion

Fri Dec 04 12:24:27 #Manics’ James Dean Bradfield is the interview guest today on RG RU in University Hospital #Cardiff? Tweet requests now

Fri Dec 04 08:55:16 RT @c_and_t: Nativity play costs ‘sent soaring’ | only parents with CRB checks get to see anyway, don’t they?

Fri Dec 04 08:30:30 RT @jamieandlouise: what curry would you order? and sides?| Answer Thali from Veg Food Studio They choose for £5.99, easy

Fri Dec 04 08:15:13 RT @greenerwales: in case you missed the Polar Bear Song – now on BBC iPlayer – On today’s playlist even!

Fri Dec 04 07:50:12 Chinese block translated #Guardian Chinese actions speak louder than words: ancient saying I bet

Fri Dec 04 07:10:15 New First Minister will have to wait for Queen’s rubber stamp, or whatever Oh, purleeeese, this is 2009 not 1800 #republic

Thu Dec 03 19:17:12 Is this the new way to read the online newspaper? I’m impressed with #NYT ‘Skimmer’

Thu Dec 03 18:34:27 Welsh windfarm scheme falls In meantime, world dies.

Thu Dec 03 17:19:23 RT @stephenfry: I did a narration for a little film the other day #weforest |Fry great, message important, poor powerpoint

Thu Dec 03 16:07:20 Extraordinary blog on how record companies treat bands and what download royalties really mean (or not) Don’t skip a word

Thu Dec 03 15:37:22 My comment on article by jailed Welsh language activist in today’s WM

Thu Dec 03 14:25:11 Save on decorations and bling your house for Shelter (ps it’s sold!)

Thu Dec 03 14:11:41 #Assembly please note: “Target date” for knees op 5 months: Cardiff & Vale University Health Board says “we do our best” Tell my knees that

Thu Dec 03 13:21:05 Sign The Republic Petition Go on, you know you want to after a week of The Queen!!

Thu Dec 03 12:20:31 Tomorrow’s 2till4 slot interview on #RadioGlamorgan is #Manics’ James Dean Bradfield. Podcast available at w/e

Thu Dec 03 10:55:24 #Wales’ opposition parties size up new Labour Jones Personally suggest a Great Progress across Wales so he can meet people

Thu Dec 03 10:29:27 RT @aliguana: Labour sacks candidate who called the Queen “a parasite” and “vermin” ? vermin rude to rats etc

Thu Dec 03 10:27:31 Random academic sentence generator A brilliant way to laugh through a Thursday (link to course is worthwhile too)

Thu Dec 03 10:11:31 RT @adders: RT @DamianWild: Does anyone know any good auctioneer jokes?| Or even good auctioneers?

Thu Dec 03 10:10:48 #Wales’ National Botanical Gardens loses two heads of horticulture To lose one may be an accident, but two? Redundant too?

Thu Dec 03 09:00:53 US TV’s outing of actress still makes news D’Oh! This is 2009 guys (and girls).

Thu Dec 03 08:30:33 BBC didn’t want Ashes nor did we in heritage #SophiaGardens #Cardiff That’s politicians and greedy cricket moguls for you

Thu Dec 03 08:05:15 Catholic Cardinal says gays won’t go to heaven Gosh, it would have been so boring then

Wed Dec 02 21:46:43 RT @nprpolitics: New York Lawmakers Reject Gay Marriage Bill | No balls eh, New York?

Wed Dec 02 20:32:06 Just caught The Queen part 1 Townsend/Margaret, now I understand why M was such an unpleasant person: why do we have this obscene monarchy?

Wed Dec 02 17:26:46 Now ISP’s wake up to #Mandelson’s Clause 17 and the effect it would have on copyright Wakey, wakey UK!!!

Wed Dec 02 15:16:54 @jamieandlouise forgot – she’s four. Grandson 1 and a bit just bashes the computer and grins noisily!

Wed Dec 02 15:15:03 @jamieandlouise how about being proud of a tri-lingual granddaughter who can chat to her Opas in Wales on Skype?

Wed Dec 02 15:02:14 Not many legislatures promote opposition to its plans: well done Assembly Petitions Committee:

Wed Dec 02 13:24:55 Gallery g39 in #Cardiff needs feedback Go help inform its work.

Wed Dec 02 11:45:12 Let’s Get Roaring as Green Dragon is launched Maybe our kids can shame us into saving the world – let’s hope so!

Wed Dec 02 10:25:24 EU draws up lists of economic vital materials Seems not just oil and water we should be worried about Big warning industry

Tue Dec 01 17:49:14 So my new unelected First Minister for Wales (just like they did for the UK – eh?) will be  What, you don’t recognise him?

Tue Dec 01 12:15:29 Massive turnout for #Llandaff lighting up last night. Well done all inc Derek (it didn’t rain) Brockway and Sian Lloyd and druggy Santa

Tue Dec 01 11:44:57 @LesWalton “what if you want to take a picture of a scence with other peoples children in?” You get arrested

Tue Dec 01 11:40:18 RT @charlesarthur: Another Apple Macbook power supply has died. Who do I complain to?> Try a Genius at a store they usually replace IME

Tue Dec 01 11:35:43 RT @jamieandlouise: – as promised my pince-pie-vol-au-vents!  Well if no one else will eat them we will. Look yummy

Tue Dec 01 11:34:27 Viral campaigns (like this one from Skype) are only any good if they work The phone line seems to be down!!