August 2009 Archive of Tweets

Mon Aug 31 12:19:23

@aliguana This is much more than it seems – actually v gd news – blog later when the house is tidy for tomorrow’s viewing.

Mon Aug 31 12:16:28

If you need transcription of voice files (interviews/tel calls etc) then you need these guys! Also have Skype record sftwr

Mon Aug 31 11:26:06

Great slide show Caerphilly’s wartime – exhibition Winding House New Tredegar  .. what a brill museum!!

Mon Aug 31 00:42:19

My AmeriCymru blog: John Good talks about Oceans Apart – Right back from the Left Coast Eisteddfod, John Good of Oc…

Sun Aug 30 21:41:35

@Drywsdad no good then???

Sun Aug 30 14:25:10

£150K for a Victorian pee! Can’t wait! BBC NEWS | Wales | Victorian toilets get restoration

Sun Aug 30 10:42:53

It started 70 years ago Thursday: BBC audio site for ‘primary’ schools! has amazing stuff for all ages. ***** World War 2

Sun Aug 30 00:41:10

New media podcast: Welshman links with American to take Wales to the USA

Sun Aug 30 00:38:57

New RG show podcast Show 22 RG part  2 – The interview runs over the hour with more music from Oceans Apart and con…

Sat Aug 29 12:33:19

New Blog Post: Victorian Society in Cardiff goes afloat – Like lots of such organisations, The Victorian Society in…

Sat Aug 29 10:23:47

Harlow Civic Society blasts town centre plans – – When do we learn mass destruction+shopping does not equal a community?

Fri Aug 28 16:29:41

It’s difficult to broadcast with a bright orange alarm light strobing away. Evacuation not necessary (had to read the protocol though!).

Fri Aug 28 09:30:25

Two hrs to finalise show – interview’s in the bag, gives a guaranteed pee break – need 6 mins – the nearest loo is a long way from studio.

Fri Aug 28 09:25:16

Sign the Avaaz petition for climate change wake up call

Fri Aug 28 08:40:34

Want to find a Welsh learner to chat to? Use this great map. Add yourself too |  SSIW Map of Learners – Google Maps

Fri Aug 28 07:10:53

Parisians castigate plan for Hôtel Lambert | Guardian – so is it comforting that even the French rape their heritage? mmm

Thu Aug 27 13:28:35

I know I shouldn’t, I should wait,  but after thirty years as an ‘early adopter’ how could I resist Snow Leopard? Ordered!

Thu Aug 27 08:55:05

BBC NEWS | Wales | Campaign to save historic mansion Another great Welsh to go: when we will safeguard heritage?

Thu Aug 27 07:42:07

Music moguls go after lyric publishers If they printed readable lyrics with records/downloads  they wouldn’t need to!

Wed Aug 26 21:17:43

Big Brother axed. (via @c_and_t). HOORAY

Wed Aug 26 21:01:18

Sorted! This week’s interview John Good of Oceans Apart Welsh man turned American taking Wales with him!

Wed Aug 26 17:55:50

Stevie’s answer to the Apprentice?  Contact:  Idn’t he scary!!!

Tue Aug 25 13:03:52

Cool: Twitter is now on my web site Very Web2!

Mon Aug 24 07:59:59

RT @RobertCraven: They shouldnt have made Banksy Exhibition in Bristol free. Then the q wouldnt be as long>> u can donate on the way out!!

Mon Aug 24 07:58:09

@thommydotcom I don’ find Lotus Notes difficult to use/configure. It outpowers competition (who?) in security, collaboration & functionality

Mon Aug 24 00:41:59

New RG show podcast Show 21 RG part 1 – Yes: show 21, with plenty of celebratory brass from the Band of the Royal M…

Mon Aug 24 00:41:59

New RG show podcast Show 21 RG part  2 – Number 1’s variously in the second half from Elton and Kiki (1976), Bowie …

Sun Aug 23 18:17:06

Radio shows come of age: No 21 now available from (iTunes) or ( | or

Sun Aug 23 13:04:44

What/who encourages so much anti Lotus Notes twittering? I can’t be the only fan for a product with  lifetime sale 150 million! #lotus notes

Sun Aug 23 12:50:48

@paul_sutton Natal, boring, thought it meant Africa!!

Sun Aug 23 12:49:10

@paul_sutton Africa+Laptop+Kids =  Gotta be!! Unix version, of course! (I want one for the suggestion <G>)

Sun Aug 23 12:46:40

RT @guardiantech:  the Apple tablet  Here’s hoping a)  rumour’s true and b) that it’s another industry milestone product

Sat Aug 22 17:58:05

@paul_sutton Whatever the delay difference – the best sound comes from online according to Jack in the Guardian

Sat Aug 22 11:42:18

FREITAG – Recycling and art comes together brilliantly. Wd luv a Japapese one .. anyone?

Fri Aug 21 14:01:57

Great blog by Vaughan Roderick (translated) of the power of words in Wales

Fri Aug 21 11:00:44

All geared up for 21st Radio Glamorgan show today! (that’s 42 hours on air, say, 250 hours prep). Hope they are listening

Fri Aug 21 09:55:03

@tweetviaportlnd has lots about Portland Oregon: hope they’ll tweet the Left Coast Eisteddfod today

Fri Aug 21 09:46:36

@rick_x if you’re in the Heath (UCHW) listen to the 2till4 slot this pm on Radio Glamorgan – twitter me for a request!

Fri Aug 21 09:41:05

Hoping that Oceans Apart singer  will wake up in Portland Oregon in time to be today’s interviewee on Radio Glamorgan

Fri Aug 21 08:37:08

RT @WalesHome: does Wales benefit from its language? –  gd arguments 4 a truly bilingual Wales – c politicians run away!

Fri Aug 21 07:21:49

@c_and_t Watch out for breaking news about C&T in the Far East later today.. I started watching at 1.15 and seven hours later I get this!!!

Thu Aug 20 16:59:28

@drysdad @jamieandlouise  Shucking sightings: Alan Coren “when you get there two liveried footmen shuck you from your Pakamac”

Thu Aug 20 15:53:06

RT @guardiantech: Tony Blair: ‘We can’t ask people not to own cars’ : WHY BLOODY NOT?

Thu Aug 20 12:09:45

Urban Strawberry Lunch have an event in Liverpool Bank Holiday Monday. If you are within 100 miles, GO!!!

Thu Aug 20 11:58:12

RT @aliguana:  Nicky Wire admits to quite liking Bombay Mix:  But which? The snack? The place – or is it a music group??

Thu Aug 20 11:35:15

A CD case that is a record container AND a light Theremin!!! On the Christmas list methinks though at $50 …

Thu Aug 20 10:41:13

@scastledine ho ho. Join the BBC – bald by choice!!

Thu Aug 20 09:44:49

Wales as it was – amazing slideshow from Library of Congress pics: #Wales #Cardiff

Thu Aug 20 09:07:12

Banksy gets extended hours –  total 300k plus  people expected before show ends August 31st – | News | This is Bristol

Thu Aug 20 03:34:08

Save this for the Food Festival next month! Top 10 Abergavenny eateries for under a tenner |Travel |

Wed Aug 19 17:12:56

RT @csinitiative: @peterdcox it is the planning policy statement for the historic environment  : ENGLAND ONLY!

Wed Aug 19 15:46:54

In fact, go see tabu for free by entering NoFitState competition here

Wed Aug 19 15:42:55

We’re booked – you should – this is not like any circus you know: NoFit State Circus: tabù – Wales Millennium Centre

Wed Aug 19 15:36:16

Microsoft appeals against 60 day ruling to stop selling Word – Business – Macworld UK  OUCH, OOPS, WHATEVER NEXT?

Wed Aug 19 14:13:23

Charity Tribunal ‘powerless’ to halt Tesco development – Third Sector : Can nothing stop a Tesco store?

Wed Aug 19 13:32:10

@paul_sutton:  oh yes he will is he’s following you!

Wed Aug 19 08:33:28

@gutobrychan – If you’re joining the Banksy q later than now – take lunch (and tea … lol)

Wed Aug 19 08:30:22

Blue Badge visitor to Bristol? Ignore Council’s car parks (rude staff, bad signage and they charge!) park on double yellow or meter free!!

Wed Aug 19 08:10:07

Where ever you are, be here now. (Not me, on the telly – good though!).

Wed Aug 19 07:26:31

@_gary :Banksy allows non flash photography – see Drywsdad for examples. In fact some people only see the show through a viewfinder!

Wed Aug 19 04:14:41

RT @theartmarket: AMAZING!!!!: Almost 250,000 people have seen Banksy’s exhibition at Bristol’s City Museum since it opened in June

Tue Aug 18 18:35:38

Finally got around to changing my Mac Lotus Notes desktop to 8.5 instead of Gold developers’ release. Wow! Why didn’t I do this before?

Tue Aug 18 15:47:26

Well and truly Banksy’d! Worth the trip – but then I didn’t have to do the 3 hr q!! (blue badge)

Tue Aug 18 10:27:34

@csinitiative Make sure we know how to take part in survey (Cardiff Civic Society)

Tue Aug 18 10:25:46

RT @Drywsdad: Off to see Banksy in a bit: Where the queue is already over four hours long!

Tue Aug 18 10:04:02

I upgraded to #HootSuite 2.0 because Paul at c&t knows about these things

Tue Aug 18 09:58:27

@c_and_t £75 for a book??? It must either be v big eg Versace, or very, very important. No downloadable pdf then? <lol>

Tue Aug 18 07:33:34

Gym after a month off (2 weeks house sitting and 2 bugged weeks). It’s going to be horrible …

Mon Aug 17 17:00:16

and if any Lotus Notes guru out there can help decant two DominoBlogs into WordPress .. HELP!!!

Mon Aug 17 16:44:46

@c_and_t signed copy in the post then?

Mon Aug 17 16:43:17

At Last! The weblog (I’m old fashioned enough to call it that!) is revived, though it’ll take time to merge 3 into 1:

Sun Aug 16 00:10:42

@jamieandlouise you were right

Man on Wire was brill… And he finished shucking the peas

Sun Aug 16 00:08:36

Maybe it’s late but this week’s show is online!

Thu Aug 13 11:25:26

@csinitiative and what’s the PPS15 ???

Thu Aug 13 11:23:01

OK yanks – the NHS has its faults and problems. But if my partner and I lived in the US we’d probably both be dead by now, us & many others!

Thu Aug 13 11:19:57

Support #welovetheNHS, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! –

Thu Aug 13 11:10:29

I think (say this quietly) that the bug is in retreat …. still knackered, but I will be on air tomorrow (dv) …

Wed Aug 12 05:28:32

hoping that gut bug that has laid me out for a week is finally giving in

Tue Aug 11 16:25:59

@csinitiative lol, doesn’t that depend on where you start from?

Tue Aug 11 16:25:15

@c_and_t how can I be SOOOO bad at this? This is designed to torment ……..

Wed Aug 05 17:10:06

Friday’s interview is in the can: Come Fly with Me will be in matinee at the WMC during the broadcast. Big Band Week I think.

Tue Aug 04 13:18:43

Not so funny paying Royal b Mail £8 to collect £4 of VAT on said records that were a gift – and still they are broke, pull the other one!

Tue Aug 04 13:17:39

Big parcels of CD’s from –  Americans supporting Celtic traditions – but good plays for the show – thanks guys!!

Sun Aug 02 16:43:58

Thought to plan ahead for this week’s show: should it REALLY feature Sound of Music??

Sat Aug 01 17:12:01

After nine days in England — back in Wales!! 95th bthdy past without hitch ( mother’s, of course!)

Sat Aug 01 09:25:19

Bute Parks: Campaign Update – Council starts work on Bridge, rejects moratorium, ignores 5,000 signature petition –

Sat Aug 01 07:41:33

@c_and_t Natch! Not at all iPhone friendly!