Archive of Tweets to June 2009

Sat Jun 27 10:42:09

Have converted a steamingly fresh venison liver in enough pate for several parties. He (or she) did not die in vain.

Sat Jun 27 10:20:53

Himself went to Tesco to buy a meal deal for two (inc wine) and Madagascar 2 to give me a laugh. I needed it. It did.

Thu Jun 25 17:41:42

At  Cardiff City Hall at All Wales Convention.  Deciding on fate of Wales!!

Tue Jun 23 14:48:44

recoving from a morning in crown court: disorganised or what? Sentancing postposoned again (third or fourth time)

Mon Jun 22 23:10:41

Bute Parks: Important Council Meeting – This Thursday – Support the Campaign to protect Cardiff’s Parks

Thu Jun 18 17:57:49

Recovering after magnificent lunch at the Walnut Tree Fabulous food, magic setting and in Wales!!

Sun Jun 14 14:53:06

Press Release: City Planners fail city –

Wed Jun 10 17:49:21

making a quiche – very retro – do I still have the recipe? Am I man enough?

Wed Jun 10 17:47:13

Petition: O2 to offer reasonable iPhone 3GS upgrade and tethering #o2fail @patrickaltoft

Mon Jun 08 05:16:18

Well done Plaid – up in Wales – what a pity that 5.6% waste votes on well-meaning, but diversionary, Greens: with those Plaid would be top!!

Sun Jun 07 15:52:35

@c_and_t and my cake is in the post I hope! Anyway, it’s all a lie (drama) she can’t be that old

Sun Jun 07 15:34:19

About to review last week’s (Friday) radio show – always put it off in case there’s anything ghastly to edit out before it goes on the web

Thu Jun 04 11:22:46

Forget the politicians: see what the kids are up to – when are c&t going to work in Wales??

Thu Jun 04 11:05:44

not voting Plaid today. Only kidding, we have postal votes …

Sun May 10 18:25:58

Uploaded this week’s show which includes brill interview with “Birds of a Feather” Lawrence Marks

Wed Apr 15 11:36:16


Wed Apr 15 11:34:32

At launch of Web of Iron exhibition at Cardiff Uni

Fri Mar 27 22:02:42

Another day. Another radio show. Better.

Wed Mar 25 20:38:10

AGM for Radio Glamorgan painless

Fri Mar 20 07:55:04

@paul_sutton what on earth for ……?????

Fri Mar 20 07:54:24

Is it a week since the last show? – oh my gawd. No nice artsy interview this week, we’re talking cancer ….

Thu Mar 12 11:52:05

Bookings guests for tomorrow’s radio show – mindful that’s it Red Nose Day …. mmmmmm

Wed Mar 11 11:30:57

Got first online member to BPA using MailChimp plus Woofu – Web2 is here to stay …..

Tue Mar 10 09:48:14

You’ve asked us to keep you informed about BPA –

Mon Mar 09 12:55:24

@walescan nice website – not sure why have to enter details twice to have joined

Mon Mar 09 12:54:33

More updates, more forms, more coding – all for

Wed Mar 04 08:36:31

8 oclock dash to take friend to pick up husband from hospital – more rubbish sorting, campaigning .. oh 2 hour radio programme to prep …

Mon Mar 02 16:05:13

Filling the diary and wondering where the time goes ….

Sun Mar 01 11:18:55

Updating website to get rid of pesky characters .. and add Age of Stupid film premier event. CU there?

Sat Feb 28 10:07:49

About to jump in the hot tub before visiting mother whilst on this Midlands’ trip. It’s the only place where backs never hurt …

Mon Feb 23 09:21:19

Suceeded in geting Suzanne’s new portraits of me on Facebook!! Here

Sun Feb 22 16:07:23

They drank the coffee, ate the biscuits, asked lots of questions .. and didn’t make an offer … nice house, anyone interested???

Sun Feb 22 08:33:09

Getting ready for a ‘second viewing’  of the house by very nice couple – hope they make very nice offer – tours online

Sat Feb 21 21:10:48

Just updated pilot Radio Glamorgan show on Enjoy!

Sun Feb 08 13:52:25

Off to see/hear llyr Williamd in the new Mathias Hall – missing the rugby – ouch …

Thu Feb 05 12:10:53

Catchup after the Bute Parks Alliance meeting night – so what’s this not working???? S’no report

Tue Feb 03 16:07:04

Lying low from the noisy protesters who don’t see the wood for the trees in Bute Park and worrying about the  stocks of bird food

Mon Feb 02 17:49:03

Physio now … Ouch

Mon Feb 02 17:48:26

RT @paul_sutton: Hey!  Guess what?  It’s snowing!  Not. Ere it aint

Mon Feb 02 15:18:41

Busy busy About to go on air at Radio Glamorgan

Sat Jan 31 22:05:40

Great interview – even got in prison mention. Will put edit on tomorrow for previews!

Sat Jan 31 20:55:42

DI has agreed interview for half time

Sat Jan 31 20:31:50

Dafydd Iwan 65 and still in great form

Sat Jan 31 17:14:40

Getting ready to hear Dafyd Iwan in Canton Cardiff tonight

Fri Jan 30 20:19:29

Bute park campaign hotting up – Monday meetings

Fri Jan 30 17:11:32

Post acqua physio fkd

Fri Jan 30 15:13:37

The wonderful Claire did tax with hours to sparep

Fri Jan 30 11:24:47

Reading Echo re Bute Park