April 2010 Archive Tweets

Fri Apr 30 07:56:45 Right then, that’s it. West Wales, an internet, wifi, g3, mobile free zone (at least the cottage is!). Bye for a while.

Fri Apr 30 07:20:02 Don’t get taken short in Newport (Mon) as council penny pinching closes loos. http://ht.ly/1F2Ua What are councils for?

Fri Apr 30 07:07:14 RT @CardiffCivicSoc: Big thanks to speakers and audience at last night’s ‘civilised’ Election Forum held at Chapter by Cardiff Civic Society

Thu Apr 29 08:47:32 Interesting 10 reasons to visit Cardiff http://ht.ly/1Ezg3 at least two of which are under constant threat

Thu Apr 29 08:45:11 RT @nikmoore: on the hunt for leads because re-hashing press releases is deathly dull | Hey all the rags do it, so why not?

Thu Apr 29 06:47:13 iPhone out since when? Microsoft launches Messenger App in June!! So, so, so not interested.

Thu Apr 29 06:45:01 it’s today! Live Election Forum (give tv miss) @CardiffCivicSoc at Chapter Canton, 7pm http://bit.ly/cAUkGX Free, no tickets, be early

Thu Apr 29 06:44:07 Will be interested to see if DailyMail publish my comment on their silly Anne Robinson story http://ht.ly/1ExwR It’s “premoderated” see.

Thu Apr 29 06:26:19 Speed up online videos so you can watch twice as many? http://ht.ly/1ExlO I think not somehow.

Thu Apr 29 06:14:37 I’m a 4×4 Range Rover and don’t care if I break your York stone pavement http://ow.ly/i/1iiy  but the police do, B055 RJB

Wed Apr 28 21:23:44 Developing a new Cardiff needs ‘leadership and vision’ http://ht.ly/1EpTW report on great lecture sets the bar for LDP.

Wed Apr 28 21:13:29 RT @howardlake: I much prefer a Party Leader who is rude to bigots to one who surrounds himself with them and puts them on the front bench

Wed Apr 28 21:10:19 Just emailed off my first course homework in years. A monologue on the Severn, Brunel, Milton and the Manic Street Preachers. Recorded too.

Wed Apr 28 11:55:43 I’ve been calling Tories bigoted for years and no-one has taken a blind bit of notice. What’s the deal? #ge2010

Wed Apr 28 09:28:33 @TheHours_Brecon Shall report you to the cruelty to Apples Society. Macs deserve better. 🙂 Let it die nicely

Wed Apr 28 09:26:52 and before I get a heavy hand from high re last tweet – always been for fair voting, even when standing as LibDem supported candidate in SDP

Wed Apr 28 09:25:25 Labour in Cardiff demands LibDems ‘walk the talk’ over PR: came third in pop vote yet run (badly IMHO) the city http://ht.ly/1E4aQ Gd point

Wed Apr 28 09:20:00 Thoughtful take on Paxo and Little (a new, anti-Welsh brand perhaps) and the BBC http://ht.ly/1E475 Me, just cross, cross, cross.

Wed Apr 28 07:13:20 Date for tomorrow: Election Forum (miss the tv show offs) @CardiffCivicSoc at Chapter Arts Centre, 7pm Thursday http://bit.ly/cAUkGX

Wed Apr 28 07:07:28 Party voting record on LGBT issues http://ht.ly/1E28y Simple, in your face graphic. Extent of Conservative antipathy alarming!

Wed Apr 28 07:04:08 RT @cardiffblogger: Ps. Why disable commenting, @yourcardiff? http://is.gd/bKuIY | Doesn’t seem to be on all???

Tue Apr 27 21:01:08 Paxo stuffed http://ht.ly/1DSoU Brilliant Dr Eurfyl ap Gwilym. Clear argument, unruffled, right!

Tue Apr 27 16:57:39 RT @aliguana: RT @cymruyfory: Tomorrow’s Wales’ response to last night’s 10 O’Clock news item on Welsh devolution http://tinyurl.com/33v66ye

Tue Apr 27 15:10:34 RT @GdnCardiff: RT @Drywsdad: 2 years since the Eisteddfod and finally we get the park back the fences are down ! http://yfrog.com/13290yj

Tue Apr 27 15:05:44 RT @yourcardiff: residents worried by llandaff fields vandalism: http://bit.ly/9tvUTA

Tue Apr 27 11:28:02 Off to Nat Museum for start of Uni creative writing course. Does brain still work? Let’s see

Tue Apr 27 09:39:48 RT @mediaguardian: Roy Greenslade: Another Daily Mail cancer story is bunkum http://bit.ly/9z4uqs | Time to stop calling DM a newspaper!

Tue Apr 27 09:30:02 RT @aligoldsworthy: 16 AAA rated economies on earth, 12 use PR, 10 have Coalition Govt. Tories lie about economic danger of fair voting. RT

Tue Apr 27 08:57:41 So we can’t go to Caernarfon on Tuesday whilst on holiday. Herself and overly vocal husband will be there http://ht.ly/1Dwyc No fun at all.

Tue Apr 27 08:51:03 RT @philipmossop: Finally a day in the office whoop email backlog here i come! | So why not stay at home and telework? Office is daft idea!

Tue Apr 27 08:48:55 On first sight this lools like a dragon North Wales could well do without. http://ht.ly/1Dwqn Did it escape from BBC props for Merlin? Yuck

Tue Apr 27 08:45:09 Chimps and dying http://ht.ly/1DwnR  Puts humans in perspective

Mon Apr 26 18:34:42 I have just learned that Cardiff has free B buses http://ow.ly/1Dh3w and they have cost us £7.63 per person who has used it. Not good news.

Mon Apr 26 18:21:37 RT @aligoldsworthy: Political ed of the Sun:  “It is my job to see that Cameron fucking well gets into Downing Street | So now you know!

Mon Apr 26 18:20:09 RT @Drywsdad: Cardiff City center has become a dirty scruffy place to visit or have I just been spoilt with foreign travels?

Mon Apr 26 18:19:24 RT @bbcwales: Politics: Plaid’s hung parliament demands http://bit.ly/bojrAD Sense behind voting Plaid it seems. Hain on backfoot

Mon Apr 26 18:14:20 RT @incorrigible: retweeted a million times already, but this is the best election picture ever. http://ow.ly/i/1g5M XD

Mon Apr 26 14:56:27 @Vistaprint So, show cost of shipping and time taken before wasting my time!

Mon Apr 26 12:06:40 RT @chaptertweets: Still having a few problems with the wifi in the caffi | So, if it had worked, I’d have known this when there! 🙂

Mon Apr 26 08:52:01 Missed this story on Bute Park – worth a comment or two http://ow.ly/1D0b7

Sun Apr 25 21:14:35 US designer Yves Béhar’s DIY spectacles for Mexico schools http://ow.ly/1CSri Me, me, me. When can I have some?

Sun Apr 25 21:02:39 RT @Drywsdad: Journos please do a story on how to BBQ responsibly in the Bute parks, yet another wooden bench destroyed

Sun Apr 25 20:01:56 RT @KaschWilder: RT @StopTheRight: “Blair has moved heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in schools” -David Cameron 2000

Sun Apr 25 16:21:00 Canadian guy launches film project to highlight testicular cancer http://ow.ly/1COVm Ballsy he calls it. Certainly will be that.

Sun Apr 25 15:55:40 Bravo to Mark Lewis at the National Roman Legion Museum for his talk on the new garden http://ow.ly/1COyZ Revelatory is the word! Fun too!

Sun Apr 25 12:18:43 Off to see how Romans made their gardens at Caerleon and tea with Welsh Historic Gardens Trust. More fun than elections. http://ow.ly/1CLCv

Sun Apr 25 11:57:26 YourVoice on Cardiff Civic Society website http://ow.ly/1CLo2 highlights damage being caused in Pontcanna/Llandaff Fields – see pics too.

Sun Apr 25 10:57:09 @wmjohn and perhaps we should produce a new Radio Glamorgan public service announcement? How would it go …?

Sun Apr 25 10:56:22 @wmjohn Fair enough. If it was France we’d have been taught how to do it at school no doubt with their focus on all things alimentary! 🙂

Sun Apr 25 10:30:01 In case you were worrying: the lifetime limit on buying iPads is 10. http://ow.ly/1CKlG So there, don’t be greedy.

Sun Apr 25 10:20:02 RT @oxfam_boutique: @oxfam_boutique cardiff urgently need donations of good quality clothing, shoes and accessories. (please rt, thanks)

Sun Apr 25 10:18:28 RT @chriscsefalvay: @peterdcox NHS Wales actually – Powys Health Board. | Ouch! That makes it worse, thought I was blaming the English!!

Sun Apr 25 10:00:02 RT @chriscsefalvay: Ok, #DoctorWho was crap. Next! | And when did they tell me it was a two parter? That’s very pissyoffy.

Sun Apr 25 09:50:21 NHS (England) guide to evacuation (pooing properly). You couldn’t make it up http://ow.ly/1CKwJ via @chriscsefalvay

Sun Apr 25 09:50:02 Important to study this before the chickens arrive http://ow.ly/1CK7k Will they like him more than me? God, life is complex.

Sun Apr 25 09:45:02 RT @LeBiedenharn: Ordered the whole menu  http://twitpic.com/1i8jas | porky, jealous, where was that? Did you live?

Sun Apr 25 09:35:02 RT @agreenliving: Organic Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches – http://bit.ly/dsDbMh | If you need to know this, you really need to know this!

Sun Apr 25 09:29:30 Diary, Now. Live Election Forum (miss the tv show offs) @CardiffCivicSoc at Chapter Arts Centre, 7pm Thursday http://bit.ly/cAUkGX

Sun Apr 25 09:13:26 Lovely gift to himself John Lewis “everyday champagne flutes”: so now we have to have a bottle everyday. Of course!

Sat Apr 24 17:59:36 Great #SNP video gets to the heart of the issues http://ow.ly/1CCnq and I mean Heart! Even plugs #Plaid! #ge2010 Go for it Scotland/ Wales

Sat Apr 24 17:51:31 RT @jamieandlouise: BBQ time!  B quick, it’s clouding over and getting chilly.

Sat Apr 24 17:49:59 Thanks @llwynog for Bangor Pier circa 1915 (faked) http://ow.ly/1CCis Love the music

Sat Apr 24 17:46:43 Don’t try Vistaprint.com special offers (eg via Amazon) get to the end of order and they charge stupid delivery and 21 days for lowest cost!

Sat Apr 24 16:20:02 RT @cardiffblogger: Worlds largest hen party just traipsed down Caroline Street, easily 40 of them. | Cardiff night out health warning eh?

Sat Apr 24 15:56:18 Plaid video – Who do you trust to stand up for Wales: http://ow.ly/1CB1b Bit long, but the message is strong. And spot on. RT pse #ge2010

Sat Apr 24 05:05:02 @Drywsdad    Penblwydd Hapus hubby. Big woofs from Dryw of course. Hope you get lots of tweety best wishes too.

Fri Apr 23 15:53:08 RT @GdnCardiff: let us know what you thought of the blog this week (and the seagulls return): http://bit.ly/deW9bV | Duly commented upon!

Fri Apr 23 15:46:05 @GdnCardiff Weekend? Off? During Election? Cool job you got then! 🙂 Enjoy

Fri Apr 23 15:43:20 @cardiffblogger S106 money is for ratepayers benefit, so we are still ‘paying’ when it’s wasted. Council comment disingenuous therefore

Fri Apr 23 15:34:44 Cardiff traffic a nightmare apparently due to M4 (again). Stay at home is my advice.

Fri Apr 23 12:24:35 RT @aliguana: Flintshire Council to launch TV channel via Sky and Virgin Media http://bit.ly/dqUMo8 | But Kent CC folded http://ow.ly/1C8T6

Fri Apr 23 12:19:13 RT @huwthomas: RT @rhodri Just look. Look at the bloke to the right of Nick Griffin. Hilarious. http://twitpic.com/1hqgk3  Plonker?

Fri Apr 23 10:15:02 Row continues in bike press over Bay Pont y Werin bridge http://ow.ly/1C60t Chris Fram Plaid AM blames Glam Council who rebut.

Fri Apr 23 10:00:03 RT @4020ReUse: looking forward to welcoming colleagues from Cardiff today as they want to see how to run a successful ReUse scheme.

Fri Apr 23 09:50:02 Weirdest Tweet find today: @ICD_Cardiff Logs who’s up in Crown Court in Cardiff, minute by minute. Didn’t know I needed to know this!

Fri Apr 23 09:40:02 RT @Childrensfood: Head in Cardiff school defends selling junk food to kids despite parents petition to stop http://bit.ly/b0L0yQ

Fri Apr 23 09:34:48 @SMOCKFORD am following.

Fri Apr 23 09:30:02 Let’s hang ’em. Parliament that is. Great new video. http://ow.ly/1C5CP

Fri Apr 23 09:25:40 @SMOCKFORD no Welsh speaking web dev’s in Cardiff? More info please.

Fri Apr 23 09:21:16 RT @Adrian1Robson: Also Cllr Berman confirmed #cdfcouncil Exec meeting 6th May was cancelled. What election? | They’ll be up late hoping 🙂

Fri Apr 23 09:15:02 RT @CardiffRoundTbl: Three #BNP candidates in Wales will not be using the party’s name on ballot papers at the election http://bit.ly/ds5wYa

Fri Apr 23 09:06:32 @Adrian1Robson Adrian, noticed Delme Bowen referred to Cllrs behaviour – doesn’t seem to stop childishness #cdfcouncil. Leader by example?

Fri Apr 23 08:40:30 @jamieandlouise almost certainly there are other lawnmower freaks, but not many, I bet! 🙂

Fri Apr 23 08:39:21 RT @aliguana: Just for the record, St George never slayed our dragon, and never will 🙂 | Phew, and me worrying about it!

Fri Apr 23 08:38:19 RT @roathcardiff: Busy this weekend? Why not go on the Cathays Cemetery Heritage Walk – 25th April http://ow.ly/1s0NG

Fri Apr 23 08:36:46 Racism is alive and violent in Anchorage Alaska http://ow.ly/1C5jI Isn’t Alaska where that awful woman who wants to be president comes from?

Fri Apr 23 08:16:19 So, did St George kill any old dragon, or was it a Welsh one? We need to know. Sounds very suspicious to me.

Fri Apr 23 08:07:18 #cdfcouncil Missed this at last night’s meeting: Council justifies flogging junk food to kids http://ow.ly/1C4Xx LibDem fuzzythink! hashtag?

Thu Apr 22 20:30:42 RT @djleekee: RT @jocaulfield: OMG I just switched to the “Best Cameron Poster EVER”  topic and saw this. Incredible: http://bit.ly/9S6sXW

Thu Apr 22 20:29:21 RT @joniayn: Not many people tuning into the great debate  on Cardiff’s Hayes. http://yfrog.com/j6vpfvj  Great shot of awful tv though!

Thu Apr 22 20:12:30 Not sure it’s a good message, but fun foster non the less: Little Britain http://ow.ly/1BUE0

Thu Apr 22 20:08:28 RT @Amanwy: RT @j_freedland: Smart of Brown to score a point on civil partnerships. Lab govermnt has done remarkable things for gay equality

Thu Apr 22 18:56:24 RT @Wales_Screen: Fox cancels plans for US Torchwood: http://bit.ly/9TZ00D | bad call Fox!

Thu Apr 22 18:13:24 RT @CllrJohnDixon: it’ll all be lovely when we’re back in City Hall | hoping … more members, better debates, no block votes #cdfcouncil

Thu Apr 22 18:08:58 Camera pans #cdfcouncil meeting. Oops, as @JayneCowan says, row upon row of empty seats.

Thu Apr 22 18:01:43 LDP for Cardiff Delivery Agreement “may” come to #cdfcouncil in July or September. “Officers working hard”

Thu Apr 22 17:02:53 #cdfcouncil Manual vote! OMG. Paint dries. Block vote out in force to save Executive face. LibDem/Plaid save their own day. Classic.

Thu Apr 22 16:55:35 RT @JayneCowan: The Lord Mayor said the leader was being “a little bit childish”!|Quick apology to @rodneyberman I missed “a little bit” off

Thu Apr 22 16:50:42 #cdfcouncil Watching webcast is better than real thing: make tea, turn off sound, vent at Twitter. Mayor tells leader he’s being childish!

Thu Apr 22 16:44:56 #cdfcouncil Area working: Craig Piper – framing concepts beforehand is too narrow an approach for a green paper – exactly

Thu Apr 22 16:40:36 @JayneCowan lol. Sorry about voice, thought is was usual sound problem with webcast!!

Thu Apr 22 16:35:39 #cdcouncil Councillors complaining they didn’t even know about local pilot schemes for neighbourhood management. Says a lot.

Thu Apr 22 16:32:31 Cllr Goodway says #cdfcouncil was either over advised or under advised over LDP process.

Thu Apr 22 16:28:21 RT @CllrJohnDixon: – not sure the Conservatives understand the green paper process. #cdfcouncil Loaded consultation equals desired answers

Thu Apr 22 16:26:02 #Cardiff Council: astonished LibDems are surprised opposition are against hand-me-down consultation processes! Wait for block vote

Thu Apr 22 15:52:50 Rumney Campaign to launch legal fight over building plans for recreation ground. Council to fight Village Green status http://ow.ly/1BMDP

Thu Apr 22 15:49:44 Cardiff Council cuts mean no boats on Roath Park Lake .. yet http://ow.ly/1BMwq When did they announce that one?

Thu Apr 22 15:33:52 RT @aliguana: “Will Murdoch lose Britain?” Interesting story about Rebekha Brooks: http://bit.ly/9MEucv Will not be reported unless we RT.

Thu Apr 22 12:54:41 No explanation yet for BBC Trust rejection of Plaid SNP complaint re election coverage  http://ow.ly/1BG7O Off to Court?

Thu Apr 22 10:48:45 Dogs get banned from 72 parks in Notts: http://ow.ly/1BDwZ Council says affects only 8% “of natural space”

Thu Apr 22 09:30:02 Nice Guardian story about upcoming Cardiff Civic Society Election Forum http://ow.ly/1BBaP Full details here http://ow.ly/1BBaQ

Thu Apr 22 09:15:02 RT @chriscsefalvay: So Nick Clegg was bankrolled by senior businessmen… http://bit.ly/b9Rxij | Funny how this took a long time to appear

Thu Apr 22 08:35:02 RT @jboitnott: World’s Tiniest Protest, in support of gay marriage equality http://bit.ly/doQvfE /via @Dallas_Observer | Oh, life’s a bitch!

Thu Apr 22 08:01:46 .. and yet, the BBC is running scared of the BNP getting more air time http://ow.ly/1BAFx it gets worse

Thu Apr 22 07:58:38 Plaid thinks it’s hard done by on tv – see the poor Mebyon Kernow coverage on BBC http://ow.ly/1BACo less than BNP! Scandalous

Wed Apr 21 19:27:17 RT @Drywsdad: Watching baseball practice in Llandaff Fields http://yfrog.com/50z2nj – with his new haircut too. Aaaah

Wed Apr 21 19:22:33 @ciaranjones1 shepherds’ pie mix  | Try tinned mince, frozen mashed potato, should be suitably horrid.Or buy cook book <G>

Wed Apr 21 19:21:22 @chriscsefalvay  35-pass secure erase on a 150GB | Blimey, what you trying to hide!!!

Wed Apr 21 11:42:33 RT @speedupdating: Brown basking in sunshine at Swalec stadium… scene of last year’s Ashes draw | Brown should see this http://ow.ly/1zWld

Wed Apr 21 09:31:24 Cardiff West election  nominations simplified http://ow.ly/d/2W9 #ge2010

Wed Apr 21 05:29:53 RT @todayspolitics: WikiLeaks facebook page deleted along with its 30,000 fans http://bit.ly/9FzSMI | extraordinary! time to leave?

Tue Apr 20 15:56:10 BBC election exclusion clearly hitting Plaid http://ow.ly/1ANj3 Whether you support #Plaid or not, this is bad for democracy. BBC wake up!

Tue Apr 20 14:49:06 RT @Drywsdad: Bursting http://yfrog.com/eulv3jj Llandaff Fields, worth fighting for?

Tue Apr 20 11:20:40 CCS News: Great Launch event – report – Cardiff Partnerships is go! that’s the outcome of the event held at the Big… http://ow.ly/177l5e

Tue Apr 20 11:18:15 RT @mediaguardian: The election video not to miss  http://bit.ly/bsnxT5 | It’ll be shown at CCS Election Forum http://ow.ly/1AEnz no doubt!

Tue Apr 20 11:00:50 Massive regeneration scheme in Penarth gets go ahead http://ow.ly/1AE7f includes affordable homes,  open spaces, sustainable transport

Tue Apr 20 10:44:50 Test Valley Council in trouble over its sole trusteeship of parkland http://ow.ly/1ADTf

Tue Apr 20 10:21:41 RT @RepublicStaff: Parties silent on civil list increase as they compete over public spending cuts http://bit.ly/aznKic #ge2010 | Wonder why

Tue Apr 20 09:56:54 @jamieandlouise bet you hurted today!!!

Tue Apr 20 09:55:19 I’ve elected to hang parliament http://ow.ly/1ADdW

Tue Apr 20 08:24:00 Names, details of Cardiff Civic Society’s Election Forum Chapter 29 April 7pm, free admission http://ow.ly/d/2Uj Poster http://ow.ly/d/2Uk

Tue Apr 20 07:50:14 TODAY is the last day to register to vote: if you know someone who hasn’t, encourage them NOW http://ow.ly/1AByY

Mon Apr 19 21:05:52 RT @chriscsefalvay: Lab left this gen without pride & Tories left it without principle. No wonder so many without either voting LibDem| Ouch

Mon Apr 19 21:03:39 @charlesarthur RU sure it’s not indexing Time Machine drive (been there, done that!)

Mon Apr 19 20:40:45 Just discovered @GdnCardiff infers I’m over 25 http://ow.ly/1AqoD and still tweeting. How comes I missed that whilst away!!!!

Mon Apr 19 20:33:02 Such a fanboy for Millennium Trilogy: GWTDT was so good, lots of book missing, but good calls by director and Lisbeth amazing. Bring on 2&3!

Mon Apr 19 16:28:47 @gdncardiff why don’t your links work properly on iPhone? Pretty pse

Mon Apr 19 16:22:43 Really excited. #chapter to c The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – at last!!!

Mon Apr 19 16:21:18 RT @GreatSociety64: @JayneCowan  you are hard working and dedicated councillor. Many other Cllrs need to follow yr example | well said !

Mon Apr 19 15:27:29 RT @djleekee: I’m at Bute Park Cardiff (Castle St., Cardiff). http://4sq.com/bWO1jJ | But see here too http://ow.ly/1zWld

Mon Apr 19 15:25:25 Cardiff council’s Carbon Policy is Hypocrisy letter in today’s Echo http://ow.ly/d/2Tf  highlights the multicoloured St David’s Hall fins

Mon Apr 19 10:41:39 @SophiaIsabella Stand corrected re Brit Gas. Even more reason to realise where they are: Wales! When in Rome etc etc

Mon Apr 19 08:51:47 RT @commsabilities: RT @Twitter_Tips: Alert: Malware attack targeting Mac users comes back from the dead: http://j.mp/9J7kev | panic now/not

Mon Apr 19 08:47:15 RT @CardiffRoundTbl: Gr’t coverage of Cardiff Partnership event http://ow.ly/1A6Sq , organised by @cardiffcivicsoc Cardiff #roundtable there

Mon Apr 19 08:42:11 RT @aliguana: RT @aledwg: http://bit.ly/oY2zR   VERY IMPORTANT. you’ve got 2 days to register to vote.  DO IT NOW. takes 3 mins.

Mon Apr 19 08:34:14 @sorafferty appreciate details of WAG presentation

Sun Apr 18 18:24:53 RT @dantyte: Dear Marquess Of Bute, many thanks for bestowing your beautiful park on the people of Cardiff |  See http://ow.ly/1zWld

Sun Apr 18 16:28:29 Need sponsor for Election Forum at Chapter programme for Cardiff Civic Society £125 and name in lights! chair at cardiffcicisociety dot org

Sun Apr 18 13:47:56 @MattRosser shame, might be worth it!!

Sun Apr 18 13:45:32 http://ow.ly/i/19nw British Gas HQ Cardiff do they have a Welsh language policy? Do they care?

Sun Apr 18 13:33:56 St David’s 2 Cardiff drains me of any desire to shop

Sun Apr 18 10:35:44 So Conservative Welsh shadow Cheryl Gillan spent a night in Cardiff?! #walesdebate How terribly, terribly kind/brave of her.

Sat Apr 17 16:22:19 @keithmichaels have you been hijacked for spam? Hope so of you’ve lost a follower

Sat Apr 17 12:34:18 RT @wmjohn: I’m in England | stuff happens, go with the flow

Sat Apr 17 12:28:25 The New Civic Voice (for England) goes live today http://ow.ly/1zEG4 and launches Love Local campaign

Fri Apr 16 13:18:25 Now it’s the Digital Economy Act the fight goes on http://ow.ly/1zht6 my ex-MP voted for the gov’t: let’s hope he stays ex-MP #debill

Fri Apr 16 12:45:11 Greens go for Public Schools’ charitable status http://ow.ly/1zgyA a policy that every one should support but vested interests prevail

Fri Apr 16 10:20:06 Help Spillers Records celebrate in Cardiff tomorrow http://ow.ly/1yg9t

Thu Apr 15 21:11:21 Avoided tv debate. Came back to my tweets and it’s got nothing but …. urrrrrgggghhhhh

Thu Apr 15 19:06:46 Waiting for Gareth Bonello to start his set at National  Museum- nice crowd

Thu Apr 15 15:45:04 RT @charlesarthur: Ash closes UK airports – continent cut off. | And we in Wales thought M4 crashes cutting us off from England was bad

Thu Apr 15 15:30:05 @peterdcox has earned a #TweetGrade of A+. http://tweetgrade.com/peterdcox  Ok, silly, but irresistible – nothing higher than A+?

Thu Apr 15 15:09:37 Three gallery shows Cardiff tonight: Llandaff at 6; Oriel Ty Coch in Pontcanna at 7; Artes Mundi at National Museum with Gentle Good at 8

Thu Apr 15 15:04:20 Big City project to focus on Cardiff http://ow.ly/1yRd3 get involved now

Thu Apr 15 14:52:35 #Nestle shareholders will understand about palm oil and orangutans when they don’t get dividends because we’ve stopped buying their products

Thu Apr 15 13:40:02 RIBA judges are in town http://ow.ly/1yN0g will it be #Chapter or WJEC? Hope judges consider context, not just size/money

Thu Apr 15 13:10:02 Great coverage of Cardiff Partnership event last night http://ow.ly/1yMUa Thanks @ed_walker86 We don’t need a minutes secretary after all!!

Thu Apr 15 12:59:16 See the pictures from last night’s Cardiff Partnerships event http://ow.ly/1yMTp Free to use in your newsletters etc

Wed Apr 14 21:32:07 CardiffPartnerships, packed, energetic, galaxy of Cardiff groups at kick-off. Brilliant. Big thanks to all. Watch this space

Wed Apr 14 15:19:27 Not much positive comment (none) for the ‘fins’ on St David’s Hall http://ow.ly/1yosk Hope Cardiff Scaffolding know which bits are their’s

Wed Apr 14 14:35:13 So no Birthday present for him after all http://ow.ly/1ymNe as Apple delays iPad launch in UK (prior to price hike for us as well?)  #fail

Wed Apr 14 14:30:21 Reminder: Tonight CardiffPartnerships kick off Big Sleep 7pm  http://ow.ly/1ymG7 Ring or text if you want to join us there

Wed Apr 14 10:50:02 RT @Adrian1Robson: …Or here: http://bit.ly/adCuGs  on flaws in LDP. | Nothing to stop creative local authorities taking initiative, Adrian

Wed Apr 14 10:40:02 RT @TomosL: Clegg says new “stop unit” in Cabinet Office will have to approve creation of any new criminal offence #ge2010 | It wd be busy!!

Wed Apr 14 10:30:02 Your friendly British Tesco store resurrects VAT dodge http://ow.ly/1yg3y no wonder they don’t want to pay higher NI, they avoid UK taxes

Wed Apr 14 10:03:30 Catholic church goes global on claim that being gay causes pedophile priests http://ow.ly/1yg1Y in Chile where priest attacked young girls!!

Wed Apr 14 09:56:40 Civic Voice (the phoenix of England’s Civic Trust) announces new board and chair http://ow.ly/1yfWW – Croeso/Welcome from Wales!

Wed Apr 14 07:52:10 RT @libcon: More voters want hung parliament than Tory or Labour win http://bit.ly/diYg9N  Be careful what you wish for!

Wed Apr 14 07:50:24 RT @CBICymru: Low-carbon market must be at heart of Wales’ economic reforms says new CBI Wales report. Download: http://tinyurl.com/yyu2l5j

Tue Apr 13 07:18:45 Off to Cultural Leadership sponsored Integrated Leadership workshop. Quiet reflection and learning. Welcome change from doing it …

Mon Apr 12 09:48:27 Cardiff West a forgone conclusion? http://ow.ly/1xhBe Maybe not quite so obvious at its seems #ge10

Mon Apr 12 07:30:03 Is UK – with US and France – ignoring plight of gay Iraqis? http://ow.ly/1xaeC Report says 700 men have been murdered since 2003 occupation

Mon Apr 12 07:00:06 Interesting comments – pro and con – after article about WJEC on RIBA Awards shortlist http://ow.ly/1xa65

Mon Apr 12 06:57:15 Shambolic, undemocratic #DEBill provesWales needs control of broadcasting http://ow.ly/1xfq2 Agreed, let’s ask GE candidates to support

Sun Apr 11 21:50:03 @ed_walker86 cheers …

Sun Apr 11 21:46:08 And not only are they broadcasting on the net, they tweet too! @radioredhill

Sun Apr 11 21:41:08 @ed_walker86 perhaps you could put your slideshow on slideshare

Sun Apr 11 21:35:31 Listening to Radio Redhill (hospital station) online http://ow.ly/1x8Vh V impressive! Well done all.

Sun Apr 11 18:44:28 RT @Amanwy: RT @ns_mehdihasan. NotW buried stark fact that Labour ahead in marginals http://tiny.cc/v7r3o There’s news!

Sun Apr 11 18:17:19 New RG show podcast Show 38 RG part 1 – Started where we left off last week with Joan Armatrading’s new album, Duff… http://ow.ly/172C8A

Sun Apr 11 18:17:18 New RG show podcast Show 38 RG part 2 – The Patrick Jones (original interview sequence here), interview continues. … http://ow.ly/172C8z

Sun Apr 11 18:16:17 Great review for iPad as work machine on the move http://ow.ly/1x6wk which generates 100s of rabid anti-Apple comments as usual

Sun Apr 11 10:02:12 Can Pope be arrested during UK visit? http://ow.ly/1x09P Top lawyers think so. Go for it, I say. We got Pinochet and Livni.

Sun Apr 11 09:43:56 RT @malpate: Clegg calls one of parties governing Wales, “irrelevant, two-bit”! London-centric and out of touch! #Libdem #fail

Sun Apr 11 09:41:57 Post #DEBill we all need to move to Iceland http://ow.ly/1x03q or Mandelson cd repent and copy their #Immi bill and protect whistleblowers!

Sun Apr 11 07:08:58 Countdown to Weds kick off meeting of Cardiff Partnerships at Big Sleep not too late for interested orgs to register http://ow.ly/1wZab

Sun Apr 11 07:06:31 RT @guardiantech: I was shown the media’s future 16 years ago: now with the iPad, it’s here http://bit.ly/aDYElX | More enthusiastic now

Sat Apr 10 09:38:10 Comment now online re monarchy, privilege, titles etc http://ow.ly/1wMRN (Great thread on WalesHomes)

Sat Apr 10 09:32:34 RT @ChallengeWales: Skipper’s update: Aiming for Lundy Island, but we’ll see | please miss it, it’s big and hard

Sat Apr 10 09:30:01 RT @connectionsprep: How to purchase Seventh Gen environmentally friendly products http://s-a.cc/2lD47 | and 8th generation coming soon?

Sat Apr 10 09:26:57 @ed_walker86 forgot to say goodluck ed. Will it be online later (remark involves multiple layers of discourse!)?

Sat Apr 10 09:21:15 @adders still like Hootsuite

Sat Apr 10 09:20:20 @cardiffblogger stop boasting skinny boy – see previous dietary dilemna

Sat Apr 10 09:19:03 Diet issue 647: how to spread teaspoon peanut butter over  a slice of organic wholemeal (doesn’t say how thick bread has to be, te he!).

Sat Apr 10 07:42:06 Western Mail letter from CCS on housing, developers  and the failure of the Local Development Plan for Cardiff http://ow.ly/1wM6S

Sat Apr 10 07:18:09 RT @connectionsprep: Catholics Outraged Over German Cartoon (pic) http://s-a.cc/3lD40 | As in priest cleans crucifix? Lol

Sat Apr 10 07:15:39 RT @JoshHalliday: CJR: The New Yorker currently has 16 fact-checkers, Der Spiegel has 80 http://j.mp/btxtbX /via @NiemanLab |Picky Germans?

Fri Apr 09 18:28:12 RT @RamblersCymru: Seen walking in shorts and flip flops@rodneyberman | Is this a good look? Will it make Echo fashion pages? Just a thought

Fri Apr 09 18:21:10 RT @sdgln: VIDEO: Rally on Sunday to demand equal Social Security benefits for same-sex couples http://ow.ly/1wyun | Good luck all

Fri Apr 09 18:19:31 @joniayn enjoy before motorway ruins it (according to Guardian)

Fri Apr 09 18:16:27 @lockylive and @ed_walker86 might even be seen to be having fun, and that’s most surely not allowed …

Fri Apr 09 16:06:38 RT @Adrian1Robson: Disappointing that shuttle bus Rhoose station/airport will go. Links are crucial to Cardiff | integrated transport plan?

Fri Apr 09 12:51:39 On air 10 mins can’t reside Joan Armatrading new Best Dress on to kick off

Fri Apr 09 10:05:20 Terrific Echo front page blasting Cardiff Council over three policies (variously online). If  Western Mail like this it might not disappear!

Fri Apr 09 10:00:15 Noticed nasty WJEC building in RIBA shortlist http://ow.ly/1woBd but missed Robert Sakula’s wonderful Chapter revamp (declare interest!)

Fri Apr 09 09:56:52 @jamieandlouise so why didn’t you send Sian Phillips round to me afterwards? I’d make room for her on my show any day! Adore her!!

Fri Apr 09 09:55:09 RT @aliguana: 90 minute Scottish TV debate will be shown throughout the UK, not just Scotland. Where’s the Welsh one? #sky #ge2010

Fri Apr 09 09:50:26 RT @cymruyfory: Hywel Willliams MP on Housing LCO – ‘this system is clearly not fit for purpose’ http://tinyurl.com/y6z5my2 | and he is??

Fri Apr 09 09:49:52 Today’s show goes big on Laugharne Weekend http://ow.ly/1wour with interview Patrick Jones (it’s great repeat but worth it!)

Fri Apr 09 08:29:51 Classic spammer “Fraud prevention nitification” (sic). Don’t they have spell checking in China or wherever?

Thu Apr 08 21:14:19 So I need to vote Green/Lab/LibDem.  But no choice to vote for Plaid? http://ow.ly/1wepK Bring on transferable votes

Thu Apr 08 20:46:31 Lower abortion limit: more real truths from Cameron http://ow.ly/1wdVQ So he needs the catholics’ votes

Thu Apr 08 19:41:04 At least the wash up failed to get clause 43 #DEBill through http://ow.ly/1wc7G I still own my photos.There, didn’t hurt did it Mandelson?

Thu Apr 08 19:36:37 Turns out that a Vegetarian Food Studio fab samosa wasn’t all that naughty to the diet. No banana now.

Thu Apr 08 19:08:45 So OS4 for iPhone will be on iPad in Autumn, sounds like Apple just killed iPad sales, or am I too simple? http://ow.ly/1wbks

Thu Apr 08 19:00:08 @carlmorris might have guessed: a synthesised gogg!

Thu Apr 08 18:09:30 @arusbridger have you found  iWork for the iPad yet – that might get you to 9!

Thu Apr 08 16:14:50 Example of Welsh speaking synth voice http://ow.ly/1w6qa (click gwrando) Too fast for me lol!

Thu Apr 08 14:33:44 RT @GdnCardiff: Council approve proposal to go ahead with option 4 for Whitchurch schools reorganisation despite objections from community

Thu Apr 08 14:32:59 Anyone want to sponsor Cardiff Civic Society’s election forum at #Chapter on 29 April? Will sell out (but it’s free) so need some income!!

Thu Apr 08 12:36:20 Trying to get all parties on board for a Cardiff Civic Society Election Forum @chapter 29 April 7pm so pencil in the date. Details later

Thu Apr 08 09:30:00 Wash up also killed sex education in schools than to tories blocking it http://ow.ly/1vWr0 Read Times readers’ comments to understand why!

Thu Apr 08 09:19:43 RIBA shortlist for best designed buildings in Wales includes – incredibly – WJEC building that blights Llandaff Fields http://ow.ly/1vVWi

Thu Apr 08 08:00:19 And, just for the election record @kevinbrennan Labour candidate for #CardiffW voted for #DEBill. Govt cannon fodder to dying breadth eh?

Thu Apr 08 07:55:46 Latest update to govt’s Digital Economy Bill #debill website http://ow.ly/1vUcF dated March 30th. So much for the digital/open government!

Thu Apr 08 07:48:57 So that’s something else sorted #CardiffW is the Twitter hash for my new MP whoever he might be http://ow.ly/1vU9g except it’s a shoe in!

Thu Apr 08 02:47:13 How democracy works in the digital age: live blogging of #deb: http://ow.ly/1vQXx Well done Guardian, badly done MP’s. Sack them all I say.

Wed Apr 07 20:33:53 RT @ukseries: How not to miss out on tickets for the London 2012 Olympics http://bit.ly/dnZ74I | As if we want to know!!!

Wed Apr 07 14:47:13 RT @mediaguardian: Apple iPad: Alan Rusbridger’s review http://bit.ly/dDy3GD | He obviously didn’t find Pages/Numbers/Keynote (or budget?)

Wed Apr 07 13:56:45 OK, so no campaigning necessary, whatever I did my MP gets back http://ow.ly/1vyOv 3 out of 4 Cardiff seats ‘safe’. Democracy it’s called

Wed Apr 07 13:45:20 So, what’s going to happen to Welsh news on commercial tele now? http://ow.ly/1vynn further wash-up casualty

Wed Apr 07 13:39:14 More pressure for inquiry into council run ‘newspapers’ like Capital Times in Cardiff http://ow.ly/1vy9w they fuel demise of real papers

Wed Apr 07 12:11:55 Is this the ultimate sandwich? I think it might be http://ow.ly/1vvNs Thanks Tim Hayward, but how many’s it for? Two, four, six

Wed Apr 07 07:40:02 Digital EconomyBill gets the rush through treatment http://ow.ly/1vrOX This will come back to haunt everyone

Wed Apr 07 07:19:43 WAG minister plans strategic approach to mega events in Wales http://ow.ly/1vrN8 Hopefully distributing the pain/gain more evenly

Tue Apr 06 20:23:36 #iPhone is great for dyslexics http://ow.ly/1vidp I’m not, but enjoying reading Wizard of Oz (one of those never read books)

Tue Apr 06 20:19:27 Hey, Plaid Cymru have woken up to the election http://ow.ly/1vi7c not that you’ll find this on their website, so here’s helping a bit

Tue Apr 06 17:05:34 @cardiffblogger join the ranks of the dishwasherless, welcome

Tue Apr 06 16:51:14 RT @aliguana: RT @Rablenkov: UK Digital Economy Bill Turns To Ashes http://tinyurl.com/ybsy8u8  Mandelson scores an own goal.

Tue Apr 06 16:37:45 Welcome to Cardiff Business Online http://ow.ly/1vbZT not much there on day one of course …

Tue Apr 06 16:30:51 Big read, but excellent Ten Myths of Apple’s iPad http://ow.ly/1vbN0 If you want to argue the toss, better best this guy

Tue Apr 06 12:51:33 @caravangallery at least it’s dietary – sure keyboard appreciates lack of calories

Tue Apr 06 12:08:50 #Plaid Cymru website still not aware that an election looms http://ow.ly/1v3Jq Didn’t they read the runes or something. Digit remove!

Tue Apr 06 11:07:53 @aliguana Yes, there’s a good “Maybe” Slate video here http://ow.ly/1v2JN “seems to hide Windows 7 quite well” says story. Lol

Tue Apr 06 11:02:32 It’s all too short: that time when Cardiff is covered in daffodils. Enjoy

Tue Apr 06 08:18:06 Cardiff’s Victorian Arcades fight recession http://ow.ly/1v0AN hoping pedestrianisation will help footfall

Tue Apr 06 07:50:57 Can’t resist a go at the iPad knockers and Guardian moaners http://ow.ly/1v0k0 Sorry, but sometimes, you just have to rise to the bait

Tue Apr 06 07:30:03 One week to kick off of Cardiff Partnerships get invite details http://ow.ly/1uQDx

Tue Apr 06 07:28:37 If you haven’t already, email your MP NOW to stop 2nd Reading of Digital Economy Bill http://ow.ly/1v048 bad draconian bill. Stop it

Mon Apr 05 20:32:15 See Cardiff at 4am on 04042010 http://ow.ly/1uQQL Great idea, great pics

Mon Apr 05 20:17:47 Aljazeera carrying Wikileaks video of US military gunning down Iraqi civilians – including journalists http://ow.ly/1uQkH More than shocking

Mon Apr 05 17:50:33 What my website looks like on an #iPad http://ow.ly/i/YBy Having to resist the urge, but him indoors is v keen

Mon Apr 05 17:23:59 One man and 30 years later San Francisco is a lot greener http://ow.ly/1uLVs See, it can be done!

Mon Apr 05 17:03:14 I knew he’d do it! http://ow.ly/1uLm6 Yes, the iPad can be blended. Microchip soup anyone? Ouch, ouch.

Mon Apr 05 16:58:49 LaugharneWeekend awesome, includes Nicky Wire in conversation http://ow.ly/1uLcN :Gentle Good, Patrick Jones – all will be on my Friday show

Mon Apr 05 13:35:07 Anti-bullying poem by @cotterj99 http://ow.ly/1uFs7

Mon Apr 05 12:46:35 RT @connectionsprep: The one new swimsuit you need this summer http://i.s-a.cc/BkL41 | Won’t do anything for me. Disappointed

Mon Apr 05 12:21:06 LGBT support for Cameron continues to plummet even before Grayling remarks http://ow.ly/1uCpY

Mon Apr 05 10:40:02 Cameron comes out decisively on the side of fox hunting http://ow.ly/1uCoN Don’t say you didn’t know

Mon Apr 05 10:02:00 @guardianstyle – I’m following, but it’s tweetless: is that capped up, or not? They’d know surely ….

Mon Apr 05 09:58:11 Con MPs to block Housing LCO http://ow.ly/1uCkW Another reason to hold Wales referendum soonest and ditch Westminster control

Mon Apr 05 09:45:57 In dying days Labour will force Digital Economy Bill through so it can cut internet connections and steal your photos http://ow.ly/1uCeT

Mon Apr 05 08:45:02 Doubts abound about Welsh Referendum this year http://ow.ly/1uBrK Everything is doable if you want to: so, this says someone doesn’t …

Mon Apr 05 08:15:32 Echo highlights Llandaff Fields (may mean Pontcanna?) still out of play nearly two years after Eisteddfod http://ow.ly/1uBuH

Mon Apr 05 08:08:36 It’s In Denial Monday: Pope on paedophiles, Grayling on homophobia, Met police on phone tapping http://ow.ly/1uBqm So, whatever, I didn’t!

Mon Apr 05 08:04:27 @jamieandlouise Who on earth said anything about being up and doing anything?

Sun Apr 04 18:35:02 Recycled textiles worth historic high so check for bogus collections, especially in Cardiff

Sun Apr 04 18:18:50 @jamieandlouise Mother’s daughter eh? We have been given special low calorie, dietary chocs which I’m sure are wonderful (maybe)

Sun Apr 04 17:22:13 Ok, Observer magazine, we tried to like the revamp, but it’s rubbish. You got  fonts horribly wrong and changed them. Now bin the experiment

Sun Apr 04 15:56:28 Radio3 in 5mins: Discovering Music, Ravel concertos from Hoddinott Hall – we was there – brill playing from Roger Muraro. Go listen now.

Sun Apr 04 13:36:41 @cardiffgirl987 Is it any good? What does it cost? (ScanSnap 1300)

Sun Apr 04 13:31:59 Pullman says Blair is a boggart or hobgoblin http://ow.ly/1ur7i “Leading stray travellers into deeper and deeper mires” Brilliant analysis

Sun Apr 04 09:17:08 @MattRosser something wrong with link http://ustre.am/:oYk4 no intrigued .. viral marketing eh?

Sat Apr 03 21:43:58 Archbishop gets it right on catholic priest child abuse, then has to express ‘regret’. What, in heaven’s name, for? http://ow.ly/1ukXP

Sat Apr 03 21:39:56 Now, shadow home secretary says it’s all right to discriminate against gays http://ow.ly/1ukVi Tory policies tumbling out of closets eh?

Sat Apr 03 21:23:16 So Dr Who lands in Llandaff Cardiff where an ENGLISH flag flies!!! Wrong, wrong.

Sat Apr 03 17:16:02 Got to visit at 6.20. Who are these people? Don’t they know about Dr Who? What planet they live on? Video better work or it’s junk.

Sat Apr 03 09:00:02 RT @Drywsdad: Check this video out — Chocolate Chip David http://youtu.be/IMHKjg0T4vo | Great discovery, look this guy up

Sat Apr 03 08:40:02 So, in spite of Ashes, Millennium Stadium and Starbucks, Wales fails to make top UK cities list for most people http://ow.ly/1uhdT

Sat Apr 03 08:35:02 Pope’s personal preacher (eh?) fans flames in Catholic priests scandal http://ow.ly/1uhb8 Even at Easter they don’t get it

Sat Apr 03 08:15:02 RT @aligoldsworthy: welcoming the lovely and fabulous Mark Williams MP @mark4ceredigion to twitter | Is there a Tweet verb for brown-nosing?

Sat Apr 03 08:05:02 Cover(?) acoustic of “This Charming Life” http://ow.ly/1uhhn My Joan Armatrading interview with the real thing  http://ow.ly/1uhhM

Sat Apr 03 07:23:21 English minister for communities proposes transfer of public buildings to ownership by voluntary groups http://ow.ly/1uha7 Parks, castles?

Sat Apr 03 07:19:46 Underneath the Cameron smooze and smile, the homophobic, eurosceptic, abortion limiting, actual right-wing candidates http://ow.ly/1uh6J

Fri Apr 02 20:18:31 New media podcast: Joan Armatrading – New Album, new tour and visiting Cardiff. What’s not to like about interviewi… http://ow.ly/16XRlT

Fri Apr 02 19:35:31 The great, wonderful, generous and altogether lovely, Joan Armatrading http://ow.ly/1u9BR (Sorry about first half technics blame BT whoever)

Fri Apr 02 15:47:07 If you are luck enough to be seeing Joan Armatrading tonight in Cardiff then you’re in for great time. Interview with me was fab – link soon

Fri Apr 02 10:44:33 Joan Armatrading’s in Cardiff tonight – and on my show – can I avoid being too gushy, lifelong fan and be the professional interviewer? Nah!

Fri Apr 02 10:41:49 @Alexander_Jones Is off to the province of Cardiff… 🙂 You mean, like Ely, Llandaff ???

Fri Apr 02 10:39:42 RT @fraserspeirs: This coffee is so strong it’s even making me feel a little queasy. | Ditto, must be bad friday

Fri Apr 02 08:40:01 Now completely stuck trying to find ‘chocolate’ tracks for today’s RG show that aren’t by Hot Chocolate, Sugar Babes et al; or too sweet

Fri Apr 02 08:20:02 Maybe, just maybe, one good legacy of the Olympics will be Anish Kapoor’s tower http://ow.ly/1tWdv (Only maybe, mind you ..)

Fri Apr 02 08:00:02 Joan Armatrading interview today on Radio Glamorgan; only allowed 3 tracks in a hour; five hours to decide which ones … help !!!!!!

Fri Apr 02 07:36:03 Affordable housing quango on Riviera junket http://ow.ly/1tWcd Conference possibly good idea, £1,400 per night for a bed inexcussable

Fri Apr 02 07:33:17 Great article on Cardiff’s vanished communities http://ow.ly/1tWbq

Fri Apr 02 07:28:27 RT @jamieandlouise: our producer’s come into work today “to tidy her drawers…” | Now, if a man said that ……

Fri Apr 02 07:26:30 @jamieandlouise but don’t hold the two bare wires together (Me trying to be clever at 9 – with frizzy hair and convulsions)

Fri Apr 02 07:25:18 @jamieandlouise Well, clearly you’ve got electric ‘cos you’re tweeting. (Eliminate the obvious – my dad, was electrical engineer).

Thu Apr 01 18:01:45 @stephenfry love in with Steve Jobs http://ow.ly/1tIN1 Lovely, lovely

Thu Apr 01 15:49:41 Monbiot blog over police acquittal http://ow.ly/1tEnk led me to this http://ow.ly/1tEnI Something to be really angry about

Thu Apr 01 15:39:07 and US study says no link with being gay and sexual abuse in catholic church http://ow.ly/1tDZ0 obviously papal infallibility required

Thu Apr 01 15:37:22 Catholic league in US says homosexuality is the problem not pedophile priests http://ow.ly/1tDUY but, you can’t be catholic priest and gay?

Thu Apr 01 12:39:59 Tomorrow on Radio Glamorgan it’s Easter eggs and Joan Armatrading prior to her Cardiff date! Rockstar superhero of mine

Thu Apr 01 08:01:22 Three cheers for Cardiff Trading Standards catching bogus charity bag collectors http://ow.ly/1tsTQ We had another just yesterday!!

Thu Apr 01 07:51:59 RT @maplintweet:In stock for today only – 10 pack of high quality spirit level bubbles. Available in clear or transparent… Ha Ha Ha