A salad by any other name

Start the dressing in a big bowl: olive oil, fish sauce, lime juice, chopped red chilli (sans seeds) a grind of pepper. Add chopped red cabbage (those pointed Cambridgeshire ones are ideal), strips of red and green pepper, a handful of tiny florets of cauliflower, a couple of chopped tomatoes. Stir and leave a bit.
Now for the smoothy textures: small chunks of ripe avocado and fresh mango – stir about so that they start to flavour the vegetables and are a bit squidgy.
Eat. Notice the hit of chilli, the crunch of veg, the softness of the fruits, the tingle of lime and the saltiness of the fish sauce. Salad hardly describes it.
We carbed out with cappelletti stuffed with meat and cheese.
An easy peasy Friday night.