Wrapping it easy

Turns out today was a double leftovers, so not much cooking involved, but non the less memorable for that.
We don’t normally do lunches together when I’m working – the office is just five minutes walk – as our body clocks don’t seem to say ‘food’ at the same times during the day. So my eye was caught by the two left over chapatis and the knowledge that there was leftover vegetable curry from last night. Wrap the two up and zap – scrummy indeed.
Supper, pasta and salad. Lazy is good.


Virtuous Sunday

Chaos still abounds so the soup came in handy for lunch: lots of cheese grated on top and chunky bread beside. Easy and a great comfort after yesterday’s efforts. Masses left over too.
Supper, another one in the bag as it were: a particularly special dried pasta from our friends Napolina (passim) called torchietti, mixed plain and spinach, and a freezer box of home made meat sauce. Positively the last of the salad ingredients laying about: red cabbage, cucumber, grated carrot and celeriac all with a nice olive oil and a splash of balsamic.
Two very nice and very easy meals reaping the benefit of earlier hard graft: virtue rewarded indeed.

Emptying the shopping bags

Ok, so I mostly don’t get the horror of the supermarket shop, but I do get the job of emptying all those bloody Bags. Do we really need/eat all this stuff? Apparently we do.
Rarely do I feel like a proper cook after this – just too much food – and the exercise usually involves finding stuff hidden in the back of the fridge that has to be eaten now!
So there was a less than a portion of roasted vegetables, and half a tin of tomatoes that demanded attention. And a pack of shop made (Tesco Finest) cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach. They all seemed destined for each other.
The left-overs were bunged in a saucepan with a glug of mushroom ketchup, a splash of balsamic vinegar and attacked with the hand held blender until pureed. A handful of chopped purple basil (again nearing the end of life) and parsley perked the whole thing up. Voila, instant sauce to cover the pasta which went into a dish into a hot oven for 25 minutes. Oh, and a grate of cheese on top.
Not half bad too it turned out. I have done the stuff your tubes with cheesy spinach mix: comparing effort to result the shop ones came out on top. The sauce, well a happy happen chance of leftovers.