Does a great kitchen a good cook make?

Not sure that it does, but I need a good reason to mention our’s today ‘cos it’s up for sale. Not just the kitchen either, but the whole of the aptly named Pendenis House around it!
We’re learning just how important the kitchen is by looking at other people’s. We’ve decided that whatever its fittings and posh work surfaces, the first requirement is that it fulfills a role as the hub of the house. Ours is visible from the front door, inviting you in, it’s the natural place to go when you arrive. And it runs into a breakfast room conservatory so that for informal eating the food has just seconds to the table and you can eat every meal with a wonderful view of the garden.
These are requirements that we won’t want to give up.
Of course you need lots of work surfaces if you are to do decent stuff: but hey, my first bedsit had a sink and a tiny Baby Belling and still I did three course dinners! The fact is however that surfaces just attract junk in inverse proportion to their surface. And who’s got room for all the appliances that you really need right there if you are going to use them?: ice cream making, espresso machine, toaster, juicer (citrus), juicer (vegetable), microwave and the Magimix.
While we have lots of storage cupboards, again, enough is never enough. So we’d really like a new house with larder (with a proper cold slab), utility room in which to store all the machines, the pots on shelves so they don’t get bashed, and all the laundry junk. Wishful thinking? Probably.
Still we’ll miss this one. Go have a look.
We won’t promise a discount to Past Food readers, but we might manage a light lunch while you look round!