Spanish omelette to the rescue

The plan said roast chicken, the realities took over as time and energy ran out. With a fridge full of vegetables and a box of eggs – oh and some left over potatoes, what about a Spanish omelette?
For me the spuds are a distinguishing feature of this dish: ideally start with raw ones, cube them small, fry in shallow oil until browned all over and cooked. Set aside on kitchen paper putting into the omelette pan when adding the eggs.
We however had some left over ‘yellow’ potatoes, so these were just cubed and got ready with the other veg. For four people you need a small non stick pan that is going to be full of veg before you add the eggs, but frying the veg is easier if you use another, bigger pan. So, start with some strips of bacon , lardons or bits of chorizo, then the onion, peppers, some finely sliced fennel, chopped aubergine and courgette (very small) and celery if you have it Sweat for a bit then add some mushrooms. When you think that everything is cooked add the potatoes and a good handful of frozen peas – for me these are as essential as the spuds.
Put the veg into the clean, smaller pan and bring up the heat. Beat your eggs – six will do for this sized pan – with some cream/milk, lots of seasoning, chopped fresh herbs, pour into the hot vegetables. You should now have a pan dangerously full! Stir the egg into the centre as it sets for a minute or two keeping the heat high. As soon as it looks as though it is setting, turn the heat down, smooth off the top and leave to cook for a few more minutes, the bottom should be nicely browned.
Did I say the grill should be on? Mmm…. You might want to grate cheese on the top of the omelette before you put it under the grill for final cooking. Unlike a quick omelette we are looking to get this cooked right through, so a few minutes under the grill may be needed. When done remove from pan onto a board or plate. Do not eat!
Why? Because like a lot of food it really tastes best neither hot – straight out of the pan, nor cold – straight out of the fridge. So leave well alone for fifteen minutes whilest you prep a big bowl of salad, it’ll taste better for the anticipation.
PS: Of course leftovers go in the fridge to keep: if you haven’t got time to let it warm up naturally, 20 or 30 seconds max in the microwave should do the trick but don’t overheat ‘cos it will be rubbery and horrid and such a waste of all that effort.