Real Sardines on Toast

For this you need some left over (or specially done, worth it) grilled sardines, not a tin (delicious though they are in their own right).
Carefully fillet the by now cold fish – you can be picky about only using really nice bits, free of bones, they are so very cheap.
Toast a slice of good bread per person – we used tonight a seven seeds, wholegrain; sourdough would be good, Ciabata if it’s your thing. Butter. Cover with chopped crisp lettuce stuff (or posh leaves if you want, but I like crunchy for this).
Now lay the fish on top, be generous. Sprinkle on a good quantity of chopped red onion and finish with a dollop of salsa – shop will be fine. Stick a gherkin or two alongside.
Eat and be surprised.
It was an occasion when the starter was infinitely better than what followed – an indifferent stir fry of fresh vegetables, hair noodles and spicy sausage. The spicy wasn’t, I’d held back on the black bean sauce, the vegetables didn’t shine and the hair noodles were just – well, hairy. Win some, lose some.