Eat your heart out Nigel

Ok, so the wondrous, never to be slated Nigel did it first. And wrote a bloody good book that we use all the time to feed our faces with. But I have been meaning since the beginning of blogtime to focus on food, recipes and stuff, but only intermittently covered it in my other blog (here).
Lots of people, especially those who have eaten Chez Cox have said, “why don’t you do a food blog?”
So here it is. With all due deference to the amazing Nige.
The rules are simple:
– it’s food what we’ve eaten
– if home cooked you get the essential on how to replicate (not quite the same as a recipe note …)
– we confess if it was ghastly
– sometimes I’ll do historical entries eg stuff from the hotel I ran
– plagiarism will always be acknowledged.
So, here we go, and guess what … the first lunch is influenced by ……