Western Mail Letter – Reclaim our space

Reclaim our space
SIR – Business Wales reports (September 6) that a property developer has plans to redevelop the cinema and bar complex outside the Millennium Stadium into new flats and a casino.

It is nearly ten years since Wales’ only Olympic size pool was demolished and the publicly owned land given away because, it was said, that it was essential for safety to have a large open public space outside the stadium.

Instead we have one of the ugliest buildings in Cardiff (a feat hard to pull off when there are so many) that now doesn’t make enough money as bars, glee club and cinema so it has to be turned into a casino.

Where today are the Cardiff councillors who gave away the city’s heritage for peanuts and under false pretences? Where are today’s Cardiff councillors who will stand up to the greed upon greed of property developers and say enough is enough.

Take the space back and make it a public one. And get on with your promise to build the new swimming pool that was supposed to be opened years ago (sorry, I forgot, that too is dependent on building a casino in Cardiff Bay, silly me).