A late Sunday lunch thanks to Waitrose

There are only two Waitrose supermarkets in Wales. We couldn’t afford to shop there much anyway, but that is still bad news. Our nearest at Barry is always empty (of customers that is) but well stocked and personed (how do we do without manned?) by very nice staff.
Enough of adverts: we were starving having been walking at Pothkerry Country Park and needed a quick fix when we got home.
Thinking of the success we’ve had twice with feeding people with various of Nigel’s Chicken Rice Salad (done with duck once for posher friends), I cobbled this together as I ran round.
This was a substantial two: double rice and stuff for four, there’s enough chicken for four easy.

Lazy warm chicken salad al la Slater

Grab: one hot chicken, pouch of Tilda cooked rice (I used lime and coriander), bag of leaves – ought to include rocket I feel, spring onions, tasty tomatoes. (The last two items had come previously from Darts Farm very excellent shop. We also ate there really good – as good as you get – fresh fish and chips. Recommended)
You will also need lime juice, fish sauce, decent olive oil, a fresh chilli or two, some flat leaf parsley and fresh mint: but you have all those things lying around, don’t you?
How to: snip of top off rice pouch and microwave (yes, we have one! I know ….) for two minutes or a bit less. We only want it warm not piping hot.
In a big bowl mix two glugs each of oil, fish sauce, lime juice. Add chopped herbs and onions and finely chopped chilli to taste – it needs a kick.
After the rice has calmed down a bit add to the bowl and give hearty stir to ensure all the rice has a chance to soak up some more flavour. If you are using left over rice (hell of a lot cheaper of course) you may want to boost the seasoning a bit more.
Now you’ve choices. If you are following the Slater route you’ll chop up the chicken nicely, add to the rice and add sprouts. That’s good. Today I did it easier. Into deep plates I piled the leaves, made a bit of a space and put the rice in the middle – yes it wilts the leaves a bit..
Then some nice chunks of the quite warm bird on top, some slices of the flavoursome tomatoes, a splash more oil and off to table. Crunchy bread, red wine, sleep (well it is Sunday).
Prep time less than ten minutes. Cost, extravagant ‘cos lazy, but it was Waitrose so it all tasted great.