Subject/Title: Surrealism, casino dependency and urban regeneration

There has been precious little effective debate about the politics concerning Cardiff’s political dash for a test match. This month however, there’s a very perceptive comment piece in Planet Magazine In it John Lovering focuses on the City’s application for a Super Casino – actually heard yesterday – but astutely puts that in the same context as the development at Sophia Gardens.
He – accurately in my view – lays clear blame for the current passion for “culture led projects” on Russell  Goodway (he of the investigation that purportedly cost millions of pounds in legal bills) and his Chief Executive Byron Davies. BBC news story also Goodway – now heading the Chamber of Commerce can still be relied on – as in the GCCC case – to roll out rent-a-crowd-quotes. And Byron Davies is still there, with an exceptionally malleable leader in Rodney Berman.
Planet have very kindly posted the article so it can be read here in full.
I particularly warm to the statement:”Despite articulate local opposition the obedient Leader led city councillors by their underinformed noses to vote their approval, only one dissenting”. But we would, wouldn’t we?

FOOTNOTES Saturday 2 September:
John Lovering pops up at the hearing to question impact assessments of the Casino effect.
And the Daily Mail devotes its front page to the impact of casinos.